Thursday, March 21, 2013


The Tech Team is still working on bringing TFMR back online this morning. Their making significant progress and I hope to have the site back online later today. In the meantime, here's a quick update.

We've had a very nice rally this morning, one that is extending as I type. Of course, this is very encouraging and gold, in fact, is building a very nice "stair" accumulation pattern on the shorter-term charts.

Everything looks positive as $85B/month of QE is confirmed for the foreseeable future. To that end, the metals appear to be coiling for a breakout move here. They look to be ready to extend toward the current downtrend lines that extend back toward the highs of early October last year. As you know, I've been calling for such a move for about the past 10 days and it's looking increasingly likely. For now, though, there are two key questions:

  1. Will this happen? As stated all week, these gains are nice but nothing of significance will have occurred until gold break $1626 and silver trades through $29.40. Will they do so soon? I think so but we'll see.
  2. What happens when the metals encounter those down trendlines? Will they roll over again as they did in November, January and February OR will they burst through and begin to establish some new, UP trendlines?
For now, getting back to question #1, can the metals break out of their recent ranges? Amazingly, silver has now spent 4 weeks between 28.40 and 29.40!

Have a great day. I hope to get things back to "normal" at TFMR very soon.


  1. It almost feels like a vacation day when the site is down. Fun to realize I actually have a life outside of Turdville!

  2. At least the movement today is positive; may not be out of the woods yet but the trees are thinning. Hope *springs* eternal; Happy Equinox.
    aka Question

  3. Hope you bought some shiny during that dip we are leaving....

  4. Thanks TF.

    Saying good-bye to $29? Looks that way to me right now.

    Everyone keep the faith and try not to let this bug you.
    The sites issues will be in the rear view mirror soon enough and it'll be full steam ahead at some point.

  5. RE: JS's comment about silver not doing quite as well as Gold. Does that mean going forward that we will not see a G/S ratio below 50 anytime soon. I missed trade last time and was about to pull the trigger when I could get 3oz for 100. I have a few 100oz bars I would like to swap and wonder if I should go ahead and do it now just to balance out a bit more. I finally liquidated my 401K today and should have a bit of powder to go towards some gold this time around as well. Any thoughts on swapping out now though or anyone going to still hold out longer to make a swap or are you thinking about it now after reading Jim's comments on that.

  6. Thanks Turd - C'mon $1626 ... lets get the show on the road.


    Part of a zero hedge article.
    They can't reopen these banks, they are broke, and since many of the accounts are well over €100,000, these people have no recourse. Their funds are stolen.

    This is really starting to get interesting.

  8. Nice to see EO & Larry on the old thread.

    I agree Larry, I don't like what I see as possible either. I don't see anything imminent but then again, who does?
    We're not a bunch of Edgar Casey's (sic?) but if I or anyone of you starts to get visions and feels a need to lay down in a dream state and start mumbling vivid scenarios I'll take!

    Yawn! Lol!
    Ttyl...going out for lunch.

  9. TFMR Update:
    We are considering switching server companies and making several other changes to not only "fix" the site but attempt to protect it from these malicious attacks in the future.
    Please continue to utilize this blogspot site today and, perhaps, through the weekend.
    Thanks everybody for your patience with this very frustrating matter.

    1. Amazing, You are thanking US. You are quite the man TF! The real appreciation, gratitude and kudos go to you and your incredible support team. Well done sir, and ladies !

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  11. Hey all...another happy day in the old library, ay???

    Hey, I was just listening to a podcast on with Kerry Lutz and Bill Murphy from GATA.

    At the end of it Kerry invited Bill to attend a conference in Dallas/Ft. Worth he called the "Liberty Masterminds Symposium" that will be on June 28th and 29th at the Double Tree Inn in Dallas/Ft.Worth.

    Bill agreed to show up since he lives in Dallas. Among some of the other speakers Kerry mentioned were:

    Chris Duane
    David Morgan
    Mike Kreiger
    and......DRUM ROLL...

    TURD FERGUSON baby...yeah!!! lol

    I sure wish I could go...might try and save up to make it, but Kerry said the details won't be up on his site for a couple more weeks yet, so we'll see what the costs are.

    Is that true Turd? Hope I didn't spill the beans...I just thought it was pretty cool that while trying to convince Bill to come to the conference that Kerry threw your name out there for some "clout".

    Anyways...any Turdites in the Dallas area should definitely look into attending if you can...sounds like it will be very kick ass! Spread the word!

    1. This is bad info.
      I have not been invited and I will not be able to attend on those dates anyway.

  12. The week's CoT will be interesting.
    For the reporting week:
    GOLD was UP $21 but total OI was DOWN almost 5,000 contracts.
    SILVER was DOWN 33¢ and total OI was UP 3,300

  13. damn, really? Well, Kerry definitely dropped your name in the interview.

    Sorry about that man. Hell, I was already checking flights and prices.

  14. I see that there is now a new thread on the main site.
    But as usual, every time I tried to post, the site goes off-line.
    I have made many such attempts this morning.

    Some others do seem to be getting through, I just wanted to speak for the ones that can't.
    It is far from fixed.

    1. I know. And we're likely going to be taking it offline for 48-72 hours this weekend to make permanent fixes.

    2. Looks like we'll be having a camp out at the old Watchtower this weekend folks.

      Bring the smores, beers, some good campfire stories, and above all else please don't forget the bacon! :)

  15. Sorry if this doesn’t fit here – don’t know if Cyprus is EE planned or EU whimsy?

    With all the ‘immediate” backpedalling and back and forth, it looks ill-planned and ad-hoc, but is it? How about this string of thoughts:

    In line with JS – gold has been manipulated down for what feels like years and more importantly, the people (hedge funds) who could help it go up are short and not inclined to chase the market. They’re being paid in stocks and retail buyers

    Didn’t the EU just this month pass a bill making bail-out money a choice of theirs to cram down, not at the country discretion?

    Doesn’t the EU have a couple of messes to clean-up in Spain and Italy – wouldn’t a forced cram down make it easier – protecting against the bank run that has probably been going in for years / months, letting the incumbent or incoming politician off the hook with the populace or even pushing the populace toward the incumbent politician who needs a little love (Rajoy not that I would mention anyone in particular). Isn’t putting it all together the final goal anyway – Cyprus and Greece don’t count.

    You think Mario was telling the truth when he said OMT legal was still in the works – does that at all make sense – about 6 months plus after the announcement of it.

    Would this cram down be superceded in news coverage by the upcoming US budget sequestration debt ceiling man-made event? Aren’t we in a one hand washes the other or pass this hot potato game.

    No comments or opinions on this Cyprus thing – because its too small to count. The Bernanke passed the buck yesterday – he just “feels” for the EU and the prez/vp are out of the country – yeah good timing on that.

    You think the JPM roasting doesn’t just disappear after Cyprus and the US budget thingy. You notice they got beaten up but beat the silver manipulation rap at the same time – kind of off-putting – I mean off-setting.

    I want to dig into the recent stress tests more – because I think there’s a message there but it was funny how the comments did only cover the severely adverse scenario – the others don’t count – and when asked yesterday the Bernanke said so because the severely adverse scenario was just extending the adverse one – but I read it as going from an inflationary and low growth environment to a deflationary and subsequently high growth environment don’t go hand in hand. And the growth in 2014 / 2015 is actually quite a bit more than in their FOMC forecasts – its puzzling to say the least.

    Was Cyprus a cost of doing business with the other guys ( We, the China-Russian empire think you should give up something for all the printing and usurious tax you the American etal empire are putting on us and going to with the US budget fairy tale)

    China swap lines to UK in place - we cover you on the Cyprus fallout if your troops keep things in control til we get there. Done with flow through of money to Cyprus via military base

    Another leg on the Middle East reconstitution – Syria whatever; Iran nuclear talks progressing – oh did you see how we can blow up a nuclear bomb in North Korea to let you know where Iran really is; Israel calmed down with Obama visit – “… sorry guys we’re not allowed to go to war this year - we were told … but we got a great deal giving up Cyprus too – you should see all the money we get to print and we have a working bypass of deposit guarantees – we don’t need no stinkin law, man…”

    Japan – oh yeah we giving them some cover or teaching them a lesson – we don’t know what the heck they’re up too – they been directly buying US government paper so no need to put the deposit levy on them – well we can’t commit to that – maybe!!!

    China – they gonna have to print like mad to keep up with all of us – and we kinda hope they build one too many empty cities or trains to now-where says the US as a comeback

    Tin hat on too tight – can’t stop ... must stop. Strap release Breathe Breathe aaaaaahhhhh. Thank for putting up with this and now back to the light spa-turd music

  16. Hi Sam, I think your post fits perfectly here.

    Something to add to the mix, someone who I read regularly, who I feel has a fairly good grasp of the situation, is Jim Willie.
    In his past few updates, he has been saying that the global economic collapse would most likely be triggered in Europe, by a seemingly small to medium bank failure.

    I do not believe he has commented on this one in particular, but it seems to me that this fits the definition of what he was describing fairly well.

    He expects the contagion to be completely uncontainable, and after wiping out the European Union, the American banks will also collapse.

    As far as who started this?
    It's hard to say, but an economic collapse has been in the works for years,
    it had to come sooner or later, whether it was triggered or not.

    I do not believe that all of the powers that be are still on the same page,
    there may be a few rogues, in fact it's highly likely that one of the biggest rogues is the Obama administration.

    While they are printing the dollar into oblivion, a euro collapse to prop up the dollar one last time might be useful to unwind some long-standing positions.

    There is definitely a plan being executed here,
    I'm still trying to fill in all the little pieces of it.

    but unlike most stories of this type, that just go away in a week,
    unless World War III is declared, this story is going to snowball.

    and Sam, by any chance do you have a different username at TF metals report?


    1. schlepps

      JW is good. I probably don't follow him closely enough

      MS going under - comment at that time about all auditors in NY working for them on transfer of liabilities to John Q. Public ala Bank of America. They didn't go down, so we know how the transfer of liability to the public went.

      Saudi royals aborted move to California - my thought was to coast of Spain - I hear property cheap and hey throw in an unused airport or two. My reasoning was related to growth plans of casinos for Spanish market. Its close to Monte Carlo. Whales on the beach, offshore, and at the table.

      Black Hole and Leaning Tower of Babel still work now.

      I think you and XTY had a bit of back and forth on the depth of conspiracy. I wanted to chime in about that and to me the related dependency of what level of the Keynesian Beauty contest you at - try to PM you if you're interested. I'm kind of formulating thoughts at the two empires level. Fofoa also got me thinking about the the long term role of gold in all this lately.

      Hat tips to you for all you do here and from what you have said in your community. And everybody I've seen on this thread

      Saw the 40% levy comments - do you think they want the Russians to step in and 'save' the day?

  17. Bleeding gold OI.
    In the three days this week (post-Cyrpus), gold is UP but total OI is down over 12,000 contracts.
    Just goes to show you what a joke The Comex has become.

    1. ... and in the meantime, the poor folks in Cyprus are lined up at the ATMs trying to get cash to live on. I guess most folks won't think there's a problem until the ATM stops dispensing the fiat.

      Interest in PM's should be going through the roof and the Comex OI drops. I know it's just the EE and hedgies in there, but you would think that logic would dictate its time to load up.

      Damned frustrating - something is going to break - and soon.

  18. German "riot training drills" commence in Berlin. 2 police copters collided in air and crashed during "riot training drills". Hmmmmmmm....

  19. This has to be a joke...but it's not!
    A 40% loss imposed on all accounts above 100,000 euro?!? Seriously???

  20. Sorry about the site Turd. Hang in there. Lots of hacking. Seems the wicked are getting that much bolder and more desperate to destroy anything good.

    Just found out yesterday that my scanner was not sending a pdf email to my inbox as usual. After talking with Comcast, they informed me that it was all ISP's and all cable companies that were instructed by "the Federal Government" to notify all clients that they needed to change their email Port settings from 25 to 587 or 465 if using SSL. I let them know that I never received notice, but if it was an email from Comcast I probably glanced and trashed thinking they were selling something as usual. Of course I asked why the gubment would do such a thing. He said "they discovered that hackers were somehow able to use old settings".

    So, should I believe this? Well, he seemed honest enough and he believed the Fed line, but I don't believe it. I think we are seeing all manner of hacking and disruption due to governments, particularly our own. It's not hard to imagine why they might do this.

    So much going on. Lots of Bizarro World News:

    Christine Legard being investigated for a 20-year old issue out of the blue. She have the same maid as Dominique Strauss-Kahn in her apartment? Or...


    Cyprus literally has a choice between two evils. Poor souls. This may just turn into the brush fire that spreads through EU then throughout the Western "Empire".

    The Bernank hints again, saying buh-bye to the Fed. But no worries, he still has plenty of time to add to his stack while destroying the world economy. Or was Benny just trying to engineer a Japan-like 20 year "recovery"? Or just throwing as hissy fit because the IMF wasn't so discreet about theft? Time will tell.

    I read the news today, oh boy...

  21. Nice to be back among the books :)

    1. How very nice to see you old times for sure :-)

    2. Thanks DPH - didn't think it would be under the circumstances of an escalating crisis in Cyprus & concerted attacks to the home of the metals fans quite so soon! Our tinfoil hattery must be causing them some disquiet don't you think?? Nothing to see here move along now ;)

  22. we have a must vote NOW!

    3:15 PM ET

    The Governor of the Central Bank of Cyprus put out a statement to outline a plan to save the nation's struggling banking system and is seeking an immediate vote on it by the House of Representatives. The plan includes protecting bank accounts under 100,000 euros.

    This story is developing. Please check back for further updates.

  23. WOW... 40% off the top! And we thought our banksters were blatant thieves.

    When The Levee Breaks the Street Fighting Man will cue up.

  24. I don't think there is any way to tell how this will go. The EE and the EU and the US and the Russians all have competing interests which are at odds with the banks (or not), who are at odds with each other and the bullion banks. It's a big ugly mess, there is precious little solid ground, and the stakes couldn't be higher (world domination). And this all comes down to a little tiny island nation. Of course we knew that already but I don't think we have one chance in a thousand to know what will happen until it's all over. I don't think they know how it will turn out. The fat lady sings, then it's over. Somebody wins and a whole bunch of people lose. My long winded point is they're still throwing punches.

  25. Just got back from TGIF'S after enjoying the company of my son (and a delicious long island iced tea & jack daniels burger/yum!) and checking in here to catch up and I'm seeing a 40% haircut being mentioned....WOW!

    I better hurry up and get to SuperCuts before that offer expires :-)

    Seriously though...holy smokes. Cue the riot cams in Nikosa.
    40%!!!! Wow!

    I'll be back...some surfing needs to happen quickly on my end.

  26. Well THIS is BIG NEWS

  27. via SilverDoctors and Green Lantern:

    Recap of Jim Sinclair’s NYC Meeting: You Have 2 Years to Get Out of IRA’s, Silver to See Orgasmic Rally!

    Thanks GL!!!

  28. I wouldn't have thought we had 2 years left .. but then I didn't think we had 2 years left 5 years ago either.

    1. Yeah, no kidding. Maybe that's two years in a dogs life.

  29. Been working all day but I'm happy to say there are no gaps as of close! That's a big accomplishment IMO given how common they've been down here. Looking good Billie Ray...

  30. Watching the news today (and the past few) makes me start to believe that this timed (scheduled and planted) attack of TFMR was planned to keep us from communicating at this pivotal time.

    We have the pressure building in Euroland and the fuse is lit on Cyprus and god-knows what else when the banks there either fail or steal all the depositors money. Which ever way that falls, it's got to be nasty. (Derivatives triggered?).

    We have the situation in Syria continuing to build - slow grind of pain and rumours suggesting that chemical weapons will be or have already been utilized.

    We have rumours of Iran now having a secret lab where they are 99% of the way to completing a proper nuclear weapon.

    We have the situation in the Koreas ramping and building (although its been out of the headlines for a few days).

    And through all of this TFMR is attacked and crippled. How coincidental.

    1. But we are talking, in fact even for the main site, this would be a pretty long thread.

      I agree with you, there is one heck of a lot going on this week, and the pace is accelerating exponentially.

      At least for the time being, we still have the library, and we still have an Internet.

      When things get serious, I doubt we will have either.

    2. And as a reminder, is another spot to catch some action for just .50/day.


    and since tfmr is down i found the lastest from martin a to keep busy for awhile.

  32. Fractional gold bullion banking coming to mainstream -- CBC documentary on the topic coming next month, featuring appearance from Sprott, among others.

    "Some claim that much of the gold held by the Bank of Canada, the Bank of England, the Federal Reserve and Fort Knox is gone — that for every 100 ounces of gold traded, there exists only one ounce of real, physical gold. So, where is the gold — and who really owns it?"

  33. We're upgrading memory on the server right now...the server will be back up...well, as soon as this memory upgrade finishes. Which we hope will be soon, but we're not sure just yet.

  34. Memory upgrade completed. Site is back online.

  35. #1 My first TF post of the week. Yahoo!

    #2 Notice that tightening Bollinger Band on the silver chart. Someone might have pointed this out but I want to talk about it regardless. Any time the BB tightens a sharp move is cooking. We are just not sure which direction it is. SILVER OE is coming up next at the end of March so it could be negative but today's COT is showing SI improvement so it could be positive as well.

  36. In a potentially historic move in that direction by China, Russia or BRICS group or the West the thought of gold being used within the banking system again seems likely to me.
    1.) I don't believe the gold siphoning from the US to the East is cut and dry or mathematically as simple as Sprott outlines. We can make assumptions but they would be just that.
    2.) Let's say for sake of argument that the US has little to no gold. Does anyone think they'll allow it to be proved if it weakens them significantly?
    See my post recently at TFMR regarding war and the psychopath sitting at the table. If gold push comes to gold shove what is the likely response from the resident maniac?
    3.) If the US is holding other countries gold and it reaches a moment where they see the writing on the wall...does anyone think they'll actually give it back?
    It would akin to asking a gorilla to give you his bananna back....the same one he's held in his grip since WWII and even previous to that. See reason & likely response No. 2
    4.) What I see as likely is that "IF" the world (led by whomever/doesn't really matter) needs to go back to using a gold backed or implied at a much higher valuation then the US will do so and use a gold implied currency.
    If the US has little to no gold ( or much more then anyone can imagine because they have everyone else's for the most part) it wouldn't be hard to imagine that given a gold backed currency that they'll have banks locally serve as gold redemption centers where you'll trade in your gold (and maybe even silver) for gold implied GFRN's like they used to have EXCEPT that they'll never be redeemable for phyz gold.
    It'll be a one way street.
    Quite simply, the fractional part of the system is going to be the GFRN's made available to you. If this does come to be I'll voluntarily redeem my gold or silver as much as I need to as the price of gold elevates in price as they expand the GFRN supply as the inflow and pile of gold becomes bigger as redemption by the public feeds the banks.
    5.) I don't want to get this last part wrong but I'm pretty sure I just read this in the latest Sprott newsletter and it blew my mind that it was uttered by him and it goes a long way regarding assumption and certainty regarding US gold.
    I could be wrong about this and the comment might've been attributable to someone else but I think I have it mostly right.
    Did Sprott actually ask or assert that if the US does indeed have the gold they claim that they should allow an audit?
    Doesn't a guy that smart realize at this point that an actual audit ( sham or not) was just officially conducted that asserts (non-proveable) that the gold they say they have is in place and of fine quality as is believed?
    Keep in mind that no one ever (NEVER) will be able to use a 3rd party to ascertain the truth? that end his beliefs/assumptions mathematically are void of a realistic and proveable answer and especially so if he thinks those reserves should proven to him or anyone else.
    Ain't going to happen. So to that end, his assumption is just that. And as the old saying goes about assuming anything it goes like assume something of this nature leaves him and anyone else in the position of making an ASS of U or ME.
    In the end when some type of redemption at bullion banks happens I 'll be one of many in line redeeming some of my phyz and enjoying the new GFRN system and life itself.
    If someone or some countries try to hold the US hostage we'll have scenario No. 2 above happen and my Inquisition post will be the result at some point.

  37. It is looking a lot like the minute there was a new post the site crashed again.
    in the meantime, same old, same old.
    I'll check back later.

  38. Wow, it's getting hard to post here too, I wonder why?
    Seems like the page keeps refreshing itself, and if I don't work really fast, my post is gone.
    The main site is down too.
    I'll keep trying.

  39. Site is down for me too - doesn't even try to load.

  40. Good evening Reach West, I'm glad it's not just me.

  41. Okay, new approach. The page here keeps refreshing itself, and when it does, my attempt at making a comment disappears.
    I was having a discussion on the main site, and it was starting to get interesting, specifically, it was about the powers that be, (the global elite) and their plans for us.
    The main site occasionally does load for me, and I can see “the most recent comments” section, and over an hour ago, Xty responded to one of my posts.
    Also, apparently, AgAuthaChristie is upset with me again.
    I can't read these posts, because the site crashes if I click on those comments. Then it will not reload.
    It has occurred to me, that if I take the time to write out my post in a different place, and then copy and paste it into my browser, I might be able to get a post up.
    Obviously, this is just an experiment, and I don't know why my text just turned red.
    I suppose I have a relatively narrow focus of interest when it comes to discussions on the main thread, and specifically, it has to do with what the elite are up to, and when they are going to proceed with their established agenda.
    Such discussions usually end quickly, for a large variety of reasons.
    I don't want to go get all conspiratorial on this, I'm just stating that it is becoming difficult to maintain such a discussion.
    Keep stacking, my sources tell me we do not have much longer.

  42. We Buy Gold Report

    Went coin shopping yesterday and the day before to pick up a few bargains. I found 2 different we buy gold shops I have never been to before. They both sold me standing liberty half dollars and Kennedy's in very good condition, not like the slick culls I sometimes find at my main LCS. Also picked up some very good condition Washington quarters all for 20 times face and no sales tax. Hoping to find some more bargains tomorrow.

  43. Had just finished writing a new post as gold collapsed. Then my site crashed. Connection?
    Hopefully TFMR will be back up soon.

  44. FIRST! lol

    oh well, you know we don't mind. Are you going to post it here?

    1. I can't. It's stored as "pending content" at the site and I can't get on the site.

  45. Seriously, this is really starting to piss me off. Site traffic load was low and under control and then it crashes at the same time as gold and silver are smashed...and I'm just about to publish a new post warning everyone that the chances of a major washout are now, at a minimum, 50/50.
    In the meantime, read this:

  46. I see that The Doc's site is down, too.

  47. Yes, all is well...we're just hangin out in the back room

  48. Things are seeming very frothy right now.. there is more going on IMO than the metals being smashed.

  49. Turd, I really feel for you here. You and all your fine support folks have got to be going batty. Sorry for your troubles.

  50. I've been on silverdoctors since TFMR went down and have not seen any interruptions. Must have been a quick hit.

    Bummer about your write-up. Hey, on a side note Turd, Kerry Lutz did another podcast (w/ Chris Duane) and once again he name-dropped you as one of the key speakers at the conference in Dallas.

    I know you said that was false info when he mentioned it during the Bill Murphy podcast (and I subsequently announced it before verifying it first).

    I guess Kerry didn't get the memo! Are you still not going to be there?

  51. that's funny...we used to laugh about the odd "captcha" phrases this site used to give us.

    I just wrote you about whether or not Kerry was accurate about you being at the Dallas conference and the "captcha" just like an old Magic 8-Ball was "newsknot"

    So I guess that will be a "no", right? lol

  52. I ran into some odd computer trouble last night after refreshing the main thread. My internet connection was active but my browsers were effectively locked out. I had to preform a system restore from the day before and my browsers worked again.

    However, since last night I cannot bring up any of the TF sites. I can connect to any website except TF sites including the blog, main site or talksmetals.

    Am I alone in this problem?

    1. Err, obviously I can connect to this site so I didn't mean to list "the blog." I haven't seen anyone else post here so I'm assuming it's on my end but I'm at a loss as to why the only site I cannot connect to is TFMR.

    2. Nevermind. I poured Draino into my router and after it stopped smoking, everything seems to run better.

  53. It is looking a lot like TF metals is down tonight, just thought I'd stop by the watchtower to see if anyone else was here.

  54. Just like old times...
    Back in 2012, there were three instances where The Bernank spoke before Congress and my site simultaneously crashed.
    And now it has happened again this morning.
    I'm sure it's all just a strange coincidence. Bastards.

  55. Sort of a back handed compliment; even truthing to the believers is more than the ptb are willing to let be. A little light dispels a lot of darkness. Shine on captain.

  56. is unavailable. Is it under attack or is it just me?

  57. No, it's been down all morning

  58. TF metals report appears to be down, this website used to work as a good backup in the past, I'm just seeing if I can still post here.
    Net neutrality anyone?

  59. Hi, Fix.
    Not sure what the deal is…will find out, though, as the site is down within hours of me posting that "Imperial Presidency" column.
    Will keep everyone posted here.

  60. Thank you Turd, I will check back later.
    Good luck, and have a great day.

  61. Everything old is new again! Back to the library.

    Turd, you shold post your column here, just to screw with whatever is targeting the site!

    1. Life was sure a lot more simple back when we just had this site.
      Anyway, TFMR is now back up and running.

  62. Hi Pining, I agree, for the couple of minutes it would take to add a new post here, a lot of people would find it very quickly. You really got to know where to look down here at the bottom of this thread.

  63. Gremlins in the system over at TFMR. Not loading at 9:35 AM Nov 10. (From ReachWest).

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  66. Saludos cordiales, disfruto mucho esta clase de contenido, te distrae, felicidades sigue así.

  67. Hey, anyone else checking out the old watchtower while the new site is getting set up?