Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Wisdom of Santa

Just read this from Santa. Decided it was worthy of its own post and comments here. Please read and consider. If making similar plans, perhaps you can share them in the comments section.
As always, Santa can be found daily at:

Posted: Mar 30 2011     By: Jim Sinclair      Post Edited: March 30, 2011 at 6:14 pm
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My Dear Friends,
Truth be told, the major theme of JSMineset has been one of self reliance in a monetary, physical and Emersonian sense. Our focus has been on your assets, your debt positions, legal matters and investment.
I have, with my dear friends here at JSMineset, tried to share what we know with you. We also pride ourselves in that we not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk.
Has Trader Dan not moved from Houston to an undisclosed location in Idaho? I am writing to you from a farm in North Western Connecticut, a rural part of the state. We provide our own water, can provide our own power, have a radio system fallback for communication, satellite phones, furnaces that burn coal or oil, an indoor pistol range that can take up to .50 calibre cartridges into a Detroit bullet trap, perimeter lighting, 16 camera day and night camera security and much more.
We have focused on conservative financial structures which were in truth taking you into the position of being your own central bank.
I have received from many people on my 70th birthday greetings plus small letters telling me how they have benefited from this link. Let me mention but two. A lady in the minerals industry lost her job and is the mother of two children and only bread winner in the house. She had very little money, but saved up a nest egg. She admits she did speculate but used the Angels. She now has $2,000,000 and has finished her period of speculation.
Chris from Canada told me that his portfolio, now mostly fully paid gold and silver, is worth $5,000,000. It was nowhere near that when he started.
Every effort here was to make you your own central bank which resulted in financial self reliance for many.
There is one more step that you really need to consider. The housing market is in a black hole from which it very well might not recover for generations. Land is cheap. When homes or small farms have been foreclosed on, resulting in bank owned property, they are sold in a fire sale to buyers with cash in hand.
Do as I have done. Do as Trader Dan has done.
The pictures below are on my maple syrup operations and my build it yourself greenhouse. The vegetables for my garden are already sprouting. I have fruit trees and am adding mature nut trees.
I strongly suggest that if you have benefitted from JSMineset, as many of you have, consider buying yourself a hobby farm and seriously go for the exercise of self reliance. I am certain that if even to cut costs you are going to need it.
The financial system is screwed up beyond any repair. On top of that there is no desire to repair anything because the wise guys know it is impossible. It is the world that the flushing of Lehman Bros. has created. It is not a brave new world. It is more like an audition for a world of Mad Max and the Day After.
It does not matter whether or not there is more QE. The damage is done and there is no solution.
Earth shaking events are taking place in the Middle East that the media would have you believe is a spontaneous outburst of democracy. Like hell it is. It is a move from some sort of rule, like it or not, to chaos.
Now that you are financially in good shape, please get physically self reliant.
Jim (Santa)


  1. This hit me pretty good. Glad you posted it for comments

  2. Amen, brother Jim. I am so glad that the good people I have grown to 'know' and become awfully fond of here on this forum have eyes wide open. I hope every one of you survives and even thrives.

    Full disclosure:
    Long a 1958 Farmall 450 and 17 tillable acres
    Long my barn, my garden, my chickens, and my woodstove
    Long my 'square' job, long my mad PMs trading
    Long physical. Long lead.
    Most of all I am long my wife, my children, and my friends.

    I am short the arrogant pricks who destroyed our currency, our markets, and our liberty.

  3. Me thinks Uncle Jim sees revolution and chaos coming this way. I saw it and got out of the paper market and into physical.

    I have several places I can go to where there is food and water. I don't think folks should try to go it alone or move to a place that is new and strange.

    As a Christian, I have Christian resources. Look at Acts 2 and 4 where Christians came together to help one another and shared what they had.

    There are a lot of communities (communes) that are forming.

    The question is whether you will make decisions in faith or in fear. Do you believe in God? Well do you? Is Christ coming back when this world is at its darkness? HE tells me not to be afraid or let my heart be troubled, that He will be with His people. Psa. 46; 91 and John 14

    Take a look

    Directory of Communities:

  4. Good timing?:
    "George Miller, who has directed all the Mad Max films since the original in 1979, has started filming the provisionally titled Mad Max 4: Fury Road - expected to be released in 2012."

    If you are into cars and Mad Max, check this:

    New Mad Max car?

  5. Was browsing some articles over at jsmineset and started thinking. Speaking of higher commodity prices, as the USA is one of the largest food exporters in the country, doesn't raising commodity prices actually help the US trade balance and weaken the oil producers? I always hear about peak oil, but didn't Malthus propose peak food to some extent? We don't even need a weak dollar to increase US manufacturing exports, we just need other countries to give us more ipods and tvs and oil for the food we grow...

  6. Everytime I read articles like this I get the heeby-jeebys. I've been preparing and slowly accumulating canned food and water. Bug out bag is pretty much done in the event I need to leave immediately. But no matter all the planning, I always get those butterflies in my stomach. I won't be able to achieve the setup Santa has (or some of the people on this blog), since I started only 6 months ago. But better late then never.

    I plan on ordering some long term freeze dried food from a semi-acquantance from when I had a survival deal site.

    Emac is a good guy from the correspondances I've had in the past. Not only does he have good prices, but unfortunately a bit of backlog. Shits getting real people. Six-seven week delivery window when normally he ships immediately. Big demand is surfacing and people are preparing.

  7. M.H.T. - Good point about ag production being a natural advantage for the USA, but keep in mind that our enormous yields/harvests/exportable surpluses are only possible because of enormous inputs of petroleum. As oil prices increase, so do farmers' costs. As a result, it's still an open question as to where we would end up on balance.

  8. If the system is beyond repair.....God helps us and all innocent people.

  9. Thanks, TF, for the post. You cover all the bases, so there's no need to look elsewhere.

    If you read this and get the heeby-jeebys, imagine the shock for those who have ignored the warning signs and believed the powers that be (and soon won't be).

  10. TYF: I have read where we have depleted our reserves of things like corn, wheat, rice, and soy beans.

  11. Everytime I read articles like this I get the feeling I'm reading some SF novel about another planet. Are there really a significant number of Americans actually preparing like Santa advises?

    Where I live (Melbourne, Australia) we STILL have a property bubble and expensive European cars are selling like hot cakes. We are already gouged by our duopoly supermarket operators so they don't need to increase prices much. Our paper money is now worth more than yours, and the MSM thinks it's something to do with us doing well... Any able-bodied person can find a job if they want one. Little does the average person realise that this could and probably will change overnight when China sneezes...

  12. Something important that is not mentioned too often with regards to life in the future:

    Make connections with your neighbors, your local law enforcement, your church, and any other organizations and groups you can.

    A person will not be able to survive well by him/herself. A group or a society are much more powerful and can survive many things an individual cannot.

    Search out connections and make yourself known. Make preparations for yourself, but don't plan to just hide in your bunker.

    If things get really bad, you will need your neighbors and your neighbors will need you; it's the only only way things will improve again.

  13. One of the tough things for me personally is balancing what I see vs. what WE know. I own a business which operates on the beach and caters to vacationers. (Pretty upscale beach area in Florida not too far from Denninger. St.Joe country.) A total discretionary economy. I earn my years salary in about 4 months during the summer and the winter is dead but keep myself busy in the shop winterizing equipment.

    So anyway, I have to spend money now to purchase more equipment because my business has been growing every year for the past 4 years. Great right? Then why does the voice inside my head say, "sell the business now because these sheep giving you cash to lay in the sun will not be around much longer!" Well, every year more of them come.

    Water storage, 3-months food supply, armory, PMs at home. Kayaks, beach chairs, surfboards, sunscreen and smiles at work. America, what a country!

    I had a point but got lost in the ether. Just trying to mitigate risk while clutching hope.

  14. @ Pining + Others

    For those in ideal conditions for the coming days, I wish you the best and hope for innovation to stir from you, as you will have an opportunity to be a leader/model for the future rebuilding process.

    However, life isn't ideal for all, and the 1 in 6,775,235,741 chance that you are your unique individual should be thought of often, as those in ideal conditions are on the upper percentiles of living standards for future conditions. This is not to say that one should feel guilty, or is undeserving (as each story I am sure has sacrifices and responsibilities others are not taking upon themselves), but I am just merely offering for everyone to understand the opportunities you may have presented to yourself that others do not, and I hope will be able to take responsibility when the time comes to lead the way into better days.

    Take this factor into consideration, age. I am 22 years old and have not had time to be in a position as ideal as I would be in if I was even 5 years older than I currently am. Even though I have been aware of a situation like this subconsciously from an earlier age, just by the mere fact that I am younger. However, I have skills that older generations do not, such as a deeper connection with the internet, since my whole life I have spent a considerable amount of time on it, and was raised on it (when I was ~8 the internet came out... never had conscious life without it really).

    Fun fact about me (and what my generation has within it): I had ~150 days of GAMEPLAY in World of Warcraft in the a little over a years worth of time (yes I know it was excessive). As strange as it sounds, I met internet friends in which I bonded with and worked as a team to conquer a common goal. When in the history of common man has a 16 year old been able to lead 39 other players through teamspeak (online microphone chat) through dungeons on a high caliber. While this seems trivial or wasted time, I learned dynamics of teamwork and leadership that transfer to "real-life." Why shouldn't I be able to put this on my resume? (sorry for my nerd rant, I just find it interesting this exists now compared to say 100 years ago).

    However, the most obvious factor that prevents people from achieving these ideal conditions is current fiat wealth. I think this is so obvious that I won't go into much detail about it, but I want to say this...

    Human nature has evolved to where individuals tend to look up and say "I could, I wish, I want," instead of "I am thankful & I have all I need within me, I will). If you are participating on this blog, dollars to donuts says that you are skewed towards the upper percentiles of wealth (compared to the world), or will be the future upper wealth of the world (when pm's moonshoot). Do not let greed take the best of you in this journey, as this is about a transformation of society (or the worse outcome which I assume will not occur in the end).

    In the coming days I am looking for what I should do with my time, and if I should stay where I am at currently (suburbia with family). I do know that whatever happens, I will be at all the Ron Paul things that matter, and will be actively promoting him throughout my community and through my website (when I finally gain the motivation to start again). I am definitely not as prepared as some on this board, but for those of us out there who do not have many options, our best ticket is knowledge... with knowledge we can make the best decisions possible, and hopefully lead ourselves.

    I don't know if this makes sense, I started to ramble.. there is just so much to say about this topic that only this entire thread will do a decent job at tackling the many subject areas that need to be known about this very real future on the horizon. Hit me with your best stuff people, I appreciate it.

    Ron Paul 2012 (or sooner please)

  15. Prize Fighter:

    "I had a point but got lost in the ether."

    suh-weet! I'd echo those who have said 'Nobody ever made money betting America short.'

    I say ride the goat til the goat quits bucking. I have a similar set up with ten or so days a month repeated monthly. I think I'll stop when I need glasses.

  16. @ Prize Fighter

    Might be way off base, but I remember in my schooling that luxury good demand still remains in tact during recessionary periods. Not sure if that idea still holds water, but the fact you cater to potentially to that sort of crowd might help weather the storm. But then again, I could be talking out of my ass considering that this next financial hit could be the mother of all.

  17. I ordered a Condor urban day pack with molle, an Ontario Afghan knife, a Katadyn pocket water filter, and some other necessary stuff like a flint, some emergency blankets, etc. I suggest that everyone build your own bug-out-bag.

  18. The ethanol scam will be using up a majority of our corn crop soon; look for beef to double (or higher) in the next year, even in fact if it is still available. The elites will be crashing the market soon, it's all part of the agenda. PMs will drop but be the first to rise to at least double existing levels. HOLD TIGHT.

    Look behind the curtain and understand that Libya is just a practice run and one of the true agendae is to destroy Israel.

  19. There's some really easy things anyone can do to be more self sufficient. Here's just a few examples:

    Get rid of the decorative trees and put in fruit/nut trees.

    Get rid of all the decorative bushes and plant berry bushes.

    Cut down the lawn size to a minimum and plant a garden. Learn to grow things!

    Cut your costs. Get rid of the TV. Collect and read books (real books not this Nook shit). Buy in bulk. Don't buy packaged meals. Make them yourself from scratch.

    Get prepared. Stop taking trips to Vegas. Start taking camping trips - it's cheaper and you might be doing it sooner than you think. Learn a skill like gardening, beermaking, etc.

    I could go on for days. Here's the most important thing. Start doing something today - anything to prepare. Even something small like buying some candles will help.

    Take the first step.


  20. I take JSM at his word and that was sobering because I feel he's right as usual.

    Two points of my own...most of us (maybe not) can not afford anything close to that type of set-up. It sounds ideal but out of reach.

    Secondly, I would like to know more specifically on how to go about investing to the point where I made $2-$5,000,000 to actually start to become self sustaining etc.

    Turd helps quite a bit and I get bits and pieces from all over but never really a solid comprehensive model to follow. I guess it's that way for most of us who don't have professional advice guiding us. I'm trying to learn on the fly the past year or so but I'm nowhere close to what JSM speaks of. And now I feel pretty unprepared in a overall sense.

    He's right, things are really F*#!@'d up and about to split at the seams. We have a nuclear catastrophe thats still expanding and the MENA is about to blow at some point.


  21. Scott,

    You are a most amazing and intelligent young man, way way beyond your 22 years. You are infinitely ahead of some of the most senior members of this forum. It appears to me you have a great future as a leader in the world to come. Hopefully, it will not be too difficult for you to make it into something better than the very big mess we old foggies have made it. The future is going to need men like you to rebuild. Please honor us again with your rants, they are so fascinating and enjoyable. Its such a beautiful thing when we older ones can actually learn from someone of such a young age. Keep up the good work son.

  22. Very well timed and topical post from Santa. Turd, thanks for selecting this for our perusal and discussion.

    I have been fortunate as well to be able to make the transition to rural living. It is a preparation strategy I would highly recommend investigating to see if it would fit your personal situation, especially if Canadian RE is still smiling on you.

    We are seeing people who work in Federal Govt jobs relocating from high cost urban areas to SE New Brunswick and NW Nova Scotia to similar jobs and same pay. They are selling city houses in Toronto, Calgary or Vancouver for beaucoup bux and buying abandoned family farms out here for cash from equity.

  23. Scottj,
    I've said it before.. I'll say it again.. YOU are a blessing to all here and all who know you personally I am sure! You continue to amaze me with your insight, knowledge, instincts, common sense, humility, and intuition. You nailed it. It's what's inside each of us that will ultimately matter.. not our financial bottom line.

    I'm also with coloredsky in that these posts usually strike a chord of terror within me. I don't want to believe where we are going. I almost feel frozen sometimes ..sort of paralyzed and like I can't make any moves at all because I'm not ready. I'm just not ready for all of this. Not in any way that matters ...except for the ways that Scottj mentions. Those things I've got covered somewhat. ...and precious little else. I pray for more time for all of us to prepare and to help awaken others to prepare.

    I want to be where you are right now! ..Wish I would have woken up before last October. How long did it take you?..How long have you been wise to the ways of our leaders and why (didn't I?) and others see before now?? ..That part makes me angry actually. Our 'leaders' are perfectly content to sell us all out..keep us in the dark..until it is too late.

    Just like Scott's post.. you nailed it. We need to keep others in mind.. not just ourselves.. .which I think most on this blog know and are striving for. Thank You.

  24. well said Pining!

  25. DarkPurple,
    I'm in your camp. ..Not nearly enough time, money, resources, etc. Just doing the very best I can for my family and anyone else I can alert. I wish all these crazies would just leave us one small part of the earth where reasonable people could congregate, live, work, thrive. ..But no.. ..evil is not like that. Evil by it's very nature wants to consume all ..not part. Make no mistake ..we are dealing with evil in the world.

  26. Dear santa, can I have a million dollars for christmas?????

  27. Jake,

    You are so right. Lowest world stocks of commodity grains in history. 30 to 60 days supply depending on which grain. That is one of the drivers behind surging AG commodity prices.

  28. These doomsday posts just bring out the rosey sunshiney optimist in me!

    I'll end my comments with this (because I'm feeling that paralyzing freeze again)
    ....WE WILL MAKE IT.... if HE is with us ..who can be against us? I've chosen sides. I know where I stand.

  29. Hey Santa,
    some of us (the latecomers) will be in better shape financially when your TRE starts to perform!!

  30. I have made a video of my preparations. Most all of it in the last 6 months.

  31. It'll feel like End Times for all and will be for some. It will probably not unfold as any of us imagine, chaos never seems to follow a script.

  32. I like many on this thread am a Christian.

    I have food, PM's, cash, gun's, etc. Somehow I sense it takes more then that. I have been blessed in this life, great family, good work, health, enjoyed some travel and lot's of memories. I sense sometimes like preparing is trying to hold on to a life I gave away a long time ago. So, I'll use common sense but, I'm gonna try to enjoy it all even the tough stuff. Looking back, somethings that looked terrible, ended up being the best things that could happen.
    So, as you prepare keeping loving those around you. Don't waste a chance to tell them that they are gifts send to you from above.

  33. Scott, I also think you're way ahead of the game just by being here. I don't however believe that playing video games, even leading a team as you say, will really be worth much in a real shtf scenario. Do you know how many 10s of millions of your peers have exactly the same skills? I would say that your time might be better spent learning useful skills such as small engine repair, welding, reloading, raising livestock, even brewing and distilling would be valuable skills to know.If someon showed up at my place and told me they were really good at WOW and supported Ron Paul, I would probably tell them to move on. Not trying to diss you in any way, just sayin.

  34. marcel: thanks for the ping

    the ones running things are doing so according to plan

    it's good to have a plan

  35. Scott- I hear you, partner. Hang in there. This is a tough time to be starting out, in many ways. Just know that the best prep you will ever have is between your ears. Try to do a little something each week, and you will be surprized how it will add up. And trust that if things ever get dicey, good people will band together and carry each other across the finish line.

    Ginger and "Hammer" Martel- Many thanks. I started getting wise in 2008, and oddly enough it was trading that opened my eyes. For 10 years I did pretty well for a small fish, beating SP 500 every year- my trading style was a combo of fundamentals (which companies to buy) and chart-fu (when to enter). Worked great, even through the crash, it was the aftermath that killed me. Terrible forward earnings potential for a company and it rises 20% so I would short- and it would rise another 20%. I finally realised that I was rationally trading an irrational, rigged market. I started reading ZH, and connected the dots to potentialialities that I didn't think I could get my family through, so I just started doing things one at a time. The first time this city boy ever sat on a tractor was the one I bought at a country auction (cheap!). Chickens are my latest foray- I just try to do one thing at a time, and keep moving forward.

    The great people here on this forum will be light-years ahead of most. So don't despair- the people around you might just surprise you if/when things get rough. I guarentee you nobody around me thinks that this jovial college professor lives a secret life as a PM's trader and burgeoning subsistence farmer.

  36. Ginger,
    Could not have stated it better.
    I've been out of work due to work injuries (neck/back) for "quite" awhile and have been hanging in there. Doing what I can when I can. Buying some Au/Ag coins incrementily. Some options acivity and some regular miner shares also.
    But no farm like spread or rural land in the near future for me it seems. That would be a sweet feeling. Glad for all of you who have that going on:-)
    But I will keep trying and hopefully things just gradually degrade instead of a sudden event scenario where the $USD just collapses.

    Investment wise, all it will take is a few investments to start to move and then keep parleying that into the next holding and keep leveraging winners into the future or into physical outright. It's all timing.
    I can see where it wouldn't take too much timely luck and skill to really hammer the options or miner shares into a bigger bankroll and then into physical when possible.
    We could all use a liitle help from the EE and the Fed to keep out of the market manipulation game everyday. I know I'm not the only one who has to be getting somewhat foiled by the rap that goes on

    I remain positive and hopeful and will get better at it. I just hope for a little more time.

    I suddenly have the urge to buy 20 more silver Eagles at APMEX and look for my first firearm this weekend. Half kidding about the firearm.

  37. Just posted on ZH

    "Skunked": Bill Gross On How "The U.S. Will Likely Default On Its Debt"
    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 03/30/2011 19:26 -0400

    So much for wishing for more time!

  38. repost from my blog last nite.....So do I. I spent over four hours after the market closed just perusing articles and blogs trying to find them. Then I went to stockcharts and put up charts of various sectors, indices , and stocks. I listened to CNBS overseas. I listened to Fast Money DVDd. Still the same thing kept coming up. We are on the pecipice of one of the most historic messes in history. How does a country and the world for that matter get itself into one of the most overleveraged liquidity nightmares known to mankind. There has to be an answer right? You just don't wake up one day and find out that your country allowed itself to charge its children's future and their children's future into debt you?? Did 1.25 Quadrillion of derivatives just show up out of thin air on the world's financial sheets without anyone being aware of them?? Was Warren Buffet's letter to his investors about financial weapons of mass destruction just hyperbole in 2006. Were home price appreciations of 300% in just 8 years normal? Certainly in 2007 a certain Central Banker publicly said they were. That same Central Banker is telling you now that the economy is on a sustained path to recovery and that the monetization of debt ( a euphemism for international debt fraud) will ultimately lead us to full recovery albeit slowly.

    So I am looking. My search tonight reminds me of some kind of surreal madness. Finding an answer to a mathematically insurmountable debt mountain is metaphorically trying to climb K-2 wearing a tutu. Watching the world literally unravel in front of our eyes while we watch American Idol is beyond surreal. Riots and civil war are breaking out in over a dozen countries simultaneously as we sleep tonight. The public here is virtually unaware of the magnitude of this problem because the main street media serves it up like a dish of fried chicken. Dark meat or white?? We are flooding the world with dollars which is creating increasingly severe price pressure in essentials throughout the world. In developing countries there are literally BILLIONS of people that being impacted by this stagflation and are losing the capacity to FEED themselves and their families. This is creating a sense of hopelessness not only for their future but the present. This will continue as long as the dollar's status as the world's reserve currency remains. As our weak puppet governments continue to collapse in the Middle East and North Africa our control of cheap oil prices unwinds. The resultant higher prices in oil/gasoline will begin to drag down a fragile/faux recovery as reality meets ponzi.

    So I am looking.... I know that we are going to receive some kind of hopeful statistic....surely. I know that we are going to have meaningful structural improvement in employment. We have to. After all, we have put 14 Trillion dollars over the last 2.5 years into this debacle and that has to create a strong recovery. Consumer CONfidence dropped like a rock today. Why??? We are recovering. Housing numbers are horrific after over 3 years after the collapse began. Now we are being told to expect another leg down for housing. Why?? We've put hundreds of billions into housing through various program. What is out there? What is out there that I cannot see? What is making the world turn into an inferno. In my entire life I have never seen World governments breaking down at this pace. WHY?

    Watta mess!!! We are literally playing in this casino while Rome burns all around us. It reminds me of the poker game Redford was playing in the movie Havana. This is all a dream that somehow will end well when we wake up. Just remember there is a clock ticking and there is one thing that no ammount of money can buy. gl

  39. Pining,

    I have been skeptical since a child. Raised Catholic and questioned that authority early. Benn questioning ever since. 9/11 and Katrina is where the dots really started connecting fast and furious for me.

    2008 found me "all in" physical silver and silver miners. I got decimated to say the least, but have stuck to my thesis.

    As much as I hate the current system and the people that control us, the thing I wish for most of all, is that we go down nice and slow. Get as many into life boats as we can.

  40. kliguy:

    "I spent over four hours after the market closed just perusing articles and blogs trying to find them."

    I think I might have put my finger on the problem. Now, I'm going to lick my finger and rub it around on your problem. Try to concentrate and remember that it doesn't matter.

    Keep repeating, ""It doesn't matter."

  41. Marcel- VERY wise, sir. People who want this thing to 'happen already' have no idea what that will really mean. Long, slow descent and many gold and silver lifeboats, for many people. Couldn't agree more.

  42. TF,
    Sorry, trying to catch up. Tuesday you posted the email from Jeff at Minyanville about Au and Ag leasing. He may not know this of the 1999 Washington Agreement on Gold (WAG) clauses was a "cease the lease". Take home message: the CBs (lessors of last resort) no longer back the Bullion Banks in the Au contracts. Not sure of impact on Ag. Believe the CBs or not, it marks the beginning of this 12yr bull run...and probably the financial crisis. Therefore, CBs and BBs are not synonymous.

  43. Bought my first ounce of silver on a family vacation to Alaska in 1984. Still have it. Actually I gave it to my son.

    Bought my first 10 ounces of gold around 1995ish. Paid around $400 I think. Doubled down at around $300. Kept buying steady through around 2005 or so. Felt like maybe I had enough for a while, but 2008 took care of that. More than doubled my entire holdings, counting both gold and silver over the course of 2009-2010. I have a love/hate relationship with mining stocks, but I've never regretted a single ounce of physical.

  44. Jim Rogers on CNBC 3/30/11:

    "Actually I bought some silver and gold last week."

    Interesting. He usually says, "I own it; I'm not selling; I don't like to buy things at all-time-highs". First time in a long time I can remember Rogers saying he recently bought gold and silver.

  45. Titus: That's about as good an indicator I need.

  46. Titus

    Yes, I remember that's what Jimmy always says. If he just bought more that's huge to me.

  47. xty

    Are you out there? I saw you got your picture to work earlier today. How?

  48. This is going to sound trivial compared to all the very good, but very heavy posts tonight, but our family always had fun with a little garden.

    It's only about 6 ft by 12 ft, and sits right in front of the main picture window in the front of our house. It was the one spot in our yard where I didn't think we'd get much of the neighbors weed 'n feed washing into it. We always grow popcorn. It grows fast, gets huge, and we eat A LOT of popcorn. Great family project for the kids. Plant it, grow it, harvest it, get it off the cobs, etc. So there we are with this mini cornfield right smack dab in front of our house. A little weird, but that never slowed me down before. All our kids friends and everybody in the neighborhood knows "the house with the corn in front" lol

    Our record harvest has been around 8# of popcorn. And it's the best popcorn you ever had. It's something our kids will never forget.

  49. Turdle

    Did I tell you my sister just got Australian citizenship and is now a dual national? She was born in Sydney and figured it was worth getting her status reinstated. Probably just in time.

    Frankly, if the US goes to pot, I don't care how much money you have, or what preparations you've made, it isn't going to save you from roaming bands of brutes and other miscreants. I've dealt with some before in the city and it's a losing battle. I'd rather leave if possible. No way will the police be able to protect the average law-abiding citizen. And in order to stave off riots, our government will take us all down. Rule of law out the window. I've seen it in LA and NYC and Hartford, CT. The "law" sure wasn't able to control the situation in any of those 3 cities. Curfews, national guard, riots, fires. And that was nothing compared to what might be coming.

    Living in the countryside sounds good, but where's the protection? Maybe you can put together an armed militia with patrols? I don't get what 16 cameras around your property are going to do for you except give you - hopefully - a little bit of advance warning to get the hell out of your house or call some nearby neighbors to help defend you if marauders come knocking.

    *sigh* Very bleak. Very bleak.

    Really, the basis of all this is that Americans no longer agree what America is all about and it's become a f*ckin' free for all. Is it the land of the free, the land of the entitled, the land of anything goes? Until we have a general consensus - general concord - nothing is going to save us. That's what depresses me.

  50. @ Pining

    You are not by chance my college macro-economics professor? I really got this strong vibe that he was in your situation, as he taught real information about how companies lie about their numbers and used riddles/puzzles to teach problem solving in the class for the for 20-30 minutes. He mentioned he owned a farm... no way he didn't see it as

    If this is by chance you (taking a wild stab because these things happen), let me know :). That or there are more teachers out there that know what is going on than are able to let on (because of tenure and school guidelines).

    Can't exactly have an opinion in universities...
    Orange and Blue...

  51. Some are putting off converting their yards to gardens thinking the can will be kicked down the road a few years... big mistake. Do it now, it doesn't happen easily or quickly. And for those of you who can afford it, add a greenhouse so you can grow food year-round:

  52. MHT

    finished mt DD on the lifesaver water filter donation for Japan. Couldn't find any red flags that would send me away shaking my head so count me in.

  53. has anyone wondered, why Obama made his energy independence speech now?

    Here is my take, more printing soon and the dollar has a rather steep decent.
    If you know the dollar is headed low fast then to ease the pain you produce energy in dollars to be paid for in dollars. Food is already in dollars, lot's grown here and people can produce some of there own to off set. Also send the message that one deficit will be shrinking even if the budget is not.
    Don't think it will matter one bit. He has finished what little confidence was left in gov't

  54. Ferd: "has anyone wondered, why Obama made his energy independence speech now?"

    nope, we got what we wanted: the oil, a central bank, and a deal signed with Oman.

    so it's a legitimate country, right?

  55. I think really farming and self-reliance is the ultimate way. Jim Rogers has been saying that for years. I wish I could do that but I live in a sprawling city state.

    Meanwhile from Jamie Dimon: "Corporate America is in very good shape. It's well-financed, it's well-funded," he said. "The consumer is spending ... housing is better than it was..."

    How is it better you thief? How are YOU getting YOUR money to fund YOUR massive ponzi ops?

    I feel like throwing up.

  56. This comment has been removed by the author.

  57. Scott- No, sorry, but that would have been a stunning coincidence! I go days without commenting here, but read virtually everything and you are one smart dude. Keep doing what you are doing, my libertarian friend- your generation will need leaders and frankly I am not sure the rest of us are at all worthy.

    And your comment "there are more teachers out there that know what is going on than are able to let on" describes me, at least- no way I could talk about any of this with colleagues at work.

  58. I have read probably 10 books in the past 2 years about what all is going on - got 2 more today from Amazon (When Money Dies and The Day After The Dollar Crashes). One of the books that was really good was "Surviving the Economic Collapse In Argentina". The author also has a blog where you can pick up a lot of information and he too will answer questions. Here is the web site:

  59. THE "manual" for if TSHTF good and hard is "Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse" by James Wesley Rawles. It has a bit of a plot so it is readable and you will learn an awful lot about preparing for about the worst that might come at us. VERY highly recommended although not for its literary qualities. BTW, the author has also stated that he does not believe it will get as bad as portrayed in the book - but it could. You can probably get this from your library but you will want your own after you read it.

    More than a rhetorical question for those preparing bug out bags is what good will it do if you don't have a prepared place to bug out to with that place being protected until you get there?

    I live in the Rockies and am prepared for most events but loss of power for an extended time might well do me in. When it's 40 below or so heat is not optional for those unaccustomed to living in an uninsulated cabin with a wood stove.

  60. We don't have enough money to buy land and a farmhouse, much less to put in solar/geothermal/hydro/whatever, we both still work regular jobs in the city, what is a family in our situation to do?

  61. Ferd, Jake,
    I don't know about you, but I am sick and tired of all the sock puppets. Have been since the hot air balloon aka "Contract for America" popped back in the 1990s.
    When is someone gonna have the balls to ask the real questions:
    "Mr. President, whose hand is up your ass and what tune is he gonna play on your strings next?"

  62. Scott,

    Just showing up is half of anything you ever do. Having your mind right for the reality of what the future may bring will put you in the top 1 percentile of the general populace. And if things do get tough, being 22 is probably the best asset anyone could hope to have!

  63. ALCON:

    " ya gotta know when to hold'em-know when to fold'em-know when to walk away-know when to run, never count your physical-while you're settin at the table, there'll be time enough for countin- when the dealings done'... The dealings done my friends,per Santa, be ready! You know the routine, if you have been on this site, don't fear tomorrow-prepare for it.

  64. Badu,
    We are just like you ...only probably more broke. lol. What we do is gather with community, family, friends. Sounds so repetitive but that's got to be one of the keys. I would LOVE to move.. ..almost am desperate for it. 5 houses on our street have been for sale for a year and we don't even see anyone coming to look. We should get ours listed but it feels like a losing battle. I even asked my husband to put himself on the list with his company of those that are not opposed to a transfer.. out of state.. out of country. ..But then I stop and take a deep breath and just try not to panic. My saner, more thoughtful mental processes take over and I go to bed at night just knowing I'm doing all I can.

    We need to take this back down a notch because it's easy to get a combination of panicked, depressed, irrational.. etc. There are folks in all stages of preparing. Some (most) doing nothing at all.

    Pray for more time.

    I found it strangely comforting that a college professor would hold your world view. Academics are one place where it seems we've broken down. So.. just wonderful to know there are those like you out there in places of teaching and influence.

    I need to overcome my fear of firearms.. (fear isn't your's mine).. ..My husband loves to hunt.. has taught our 2 kids to hunt and they both know how to use and respect firearms. It's me who has never even held a gun. BUT.. I've come to know it's like any other skill. No worse no better. It's what you do with it that counts. In the world approaching I don't think a healthy knowledge of firearms will ever be a bad thing.

    Your post just drives home for me that all of this going on in the world right now is no coincidence. This whole mess is either a well thought out plan coming together or the biggest set of mind blowing events that have ever come together to form the perfect storm. I don't believe in coincidences.

  65. One of the things Ferfal points out in his book is that it will not be "Little House On The Prairie". Life will go on. It will be a lot tougher and a lot more crime. Neighbors will get to know each other and neighborhoods will work together to help each other. In fact the most vulnerable folks are those living out in the country where they are isolated and no one can hear when the call for help. He heard horror stories of gangs moving in for days and raping and torturing folks to find out where valuables were hidden. He devoted quite a bit of space in his book to self defense - how to drive, how to handle your self out in public etc.

  66. I do love the "be prepared" mantra invoked by Rogers and others. But they are always typically written by someone with above-average financial means and an established home, wife, and family.

    For a single, apartment-dweller in the city, of limited financial means, it is a much more daunting task.

    One can only do so much being anchored into the city complex, which will be the most un-safe in a SHTF scenario.

  67. I keep beating myself up over the fact that I should have seen it all sooner, but I never saw it until December 2010. I should have seen it coming sooner. And now it's probably too late.

  68. This comment has been removed by the author.

  69. @ everyone
    you all must study the ways of the native american if you really believe a shtf scenario will play out. The earth will never harm you as long as you don't panic. Do not put faith into anything but your own nature. Why do you all think the natives could not be enslaved? Because they knew the language of nature. Get Tom Brown Jr's field survival guide if you really feel like the will swhtf.

  70. Pablo & Ginger

    Never too late. Keep on swinging. Do what you can everyday. Just by being awar you are still way ahead of 99% of the sheeple out there.

  71. The funny thing is Pablo.. ..I never considered myself a 'sheeple'. Many good people do not and are not. They just simply Don't Know. ...Not excusing us..we should be bettr in tuned to what our leaders are doing. But for various reasons we are all busy leading our lives.....raising children....managing marriages......working at jobs.... and all the while never dreaming for a moment that TPTB could or would sell us down the river for world power/domination or whatever their reason du jour is.

    I was actually nieve enough to believe that United States Leaders were 'one of us' and that they would never harm the United States citizens. We were safe with them in other words. What a tragic revelation to me as it unfolded in my consciousness.

  72. Well said Eric. ....And with that I'm going to bed. ...Don't know how you night owls do it with the late blogging!


  73. To me all this prep talk is sad on so many levels.
    One of the better books I've read lately is
    "The Rational Optimist." Our life/quality of life is so much better than it has ever been in human history.

    At the same time I can see the collapse coming and I fear what that means. I don't fear it on a personal level and I'm skilled, handy with tools, and somewhat prepared.

    I fear for mankind, on the brightest day I see this as a three month reset while the world figures out a new reserve currency and the U.S. sees a major reduction in quality of life.

    On the darkest days I see this as the beginning of a long dark age, where people retreat to their private farms and break up into small waring tribes.
    The trading and specialized exchange that gives us our wonderful standard of living slowly dies.

    How many of you can make a functional tire?
    What happens when the infrastructure that makes tires dies? It takes a lot more than some vegi oil to keep functional transportation.

    Will we be riding horses again?

    Yet at the same time we will have records and knowledge that we once had so much more.....

    How does that effect the outlook and psyche of the humans still here, after 10 years,after 100 years when no one alive remembers the magical times, 200 years when no one alive ever met anyone that remembers the magical times?

    I personally find this triply sad, I was born in 1962. I remember the first lunar landing. I eagerly read everything written by Oniell about space colonies, not some far fetched star trek impossibilities, but things that were withing our engineering grasp. We could have had unlimited space, resources, energy, we could have had it all we could have literally had the stars.

    If we fall back from our technological pinnacle its just so sad and so unnecessary. Man has always had a frontier and a need to explore. We really don't have a viable fronteer anymore. No place for the productive and fed up to move to.

    The space frontier is a hard one to jump to, but its also clear that after the hype of the early 70's society has rejected this dream and its the saddest thing of all.

  74. One more thing.. ..thought this was worth reading today.. Nothing overtly new here.. ..just emphasizes what we already know.

  75. Go look at the picture of Blythe that Jesse has photoshopped --

    Perfect. This is a keeper and should go viral.

  76. Im only telling you guys this cause i've taken freely from this site and repect the community.
    In the realm of self-reliance, dont rule out a sailboat and the sea.
    Sailors are one of the most self-reliant, community-minded groups around. When the political winds shift, they have the option to hoist the chain, and find a more favorable climate.
    The clouds provide water to be collected from your sails. In certain climes, breakfast can also be retrieved from your sails come morning when you find a smattering of flying fish who didnt have the benefit of night vision goggles.
    I know a family who hauled out 700 pounds of fish on their cruise from the South Sea via Hawaii to the Pacific Northwest.
    'I must go down to the sea again...'

  77. To Ginger and all:

    Nobody can say what the days ahead bring for us, but for us who have ventured down the rabbit hole, it is safe to say that most will call us pessimistic. My whole life I have been called pessimistic by most, even though I feel I am an optimistic guy. Here is the thing about understanding the volatility in the future that most certainly threatens and will create the largest financial event in the history of man-kind. Never before have we all been so inter-connected, and never before has there been such hope for the world.

    For you see, the pain and fear that you feel and are paralyzed by cannot overwhelm you. This fear is the very instrument that the powers that be use to suppress humanity from achieving its ultimate capability that many would not believe me if I told of what I thought is easily possible and will occur as a result of changing conditions. This is the first and foremost fear to overcome as it is their most powerful technique. We must understand that this is all a game to the elites, and the game can change very easy if we change how we speak.

    Many people don't realize the power of the words we speak. How many of you look through what people are saying, and try to understand what the author's intent and perspective (Being as truly unbiased as you can be)? When you look at how people react to words, it is simple to witness the sheer magnitude of power they carry. When you fear your future your words are filled with this fear which shuts others out. We must look into the future with confidence understanding that this is beyond our control, to bring people closer to us.

    I know sometimes it is hard to take, as it becomes overwhelming and it's hard to just let it all over-run you. However, usually thoughts that snap me out of this mentality are the people who have no chance at freeing themselves, and are helpless to defend themselves against the coming future. For there are people that already live in servitude in China making our happy meal toys. For the people impoverished by our system all around the world as we have taken over their economies and destroyed their wealth. For the innocent caught in our military conquest. For the dead that have fought for this country with the right intentions with mal-aligned leaders. For the children who are innocent and will be scarred forever. For the future, as there are very few times that liberty is challenged to this proportion. For you know, it is the western world's banking empire that is already impoverishing and torturing too many individuals in this world. For those who say the world cannot be a better place, well these people will be hit the hardest, and the prevailing mindset will win out. The prevailing mindset must be one of resounding truth and genuine intent to do good to others. And for these people who are trapped, they need it all to change.

  78. Yukon wrote:

    "...Get rid of the decorative trees and put in fruit/nut trees.

    Get rid of all the decorative bushes and plant berry bushes.

    Cut down the lawn size to a minimum and plant a garden. Learn to grow things!..."

    This was ROUTINE for my grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles when I was a kid. EVERYBODY grew some food: potato, tomato, citrus, beans, peas, strawberries, lettuce, celery, pumpkin, citrus, herbs...

    Big garden, small garden, it didn't matter. You grew *something*.

    Now, no-one I know (face-to-face) grows food, including me.

    What happened? Did food get so cheap it wasn't worth growing in small amounts?

  79. We need to speak of the world we want, for that is how we will bring upon the change we desire. When Ghandi said "Be the change you want to see in the world," it is because when you set your subconscious to your true self, your conscious starts to develop in ways that we call maturity. We must speak the change we want to come, and if we speak fear, we will bring upon fear.

    Know that being in this moment right now should feel empowering. This is as close as David has ever come to taking on Goliath. We are at a historic crossroads for human kind, and we have a chance to right all of the wrongs that our usurped political powers have created on the world. In the short term it will not be the world that we are used to, and that will frighten most. However, know that this is actually a good thing, and for a lost, tortured, innocent-bystanders, yearning souls that exist in the world that never will get a chance to speak up, know that there are better days around the corner for humanity.

    We know little about who we are, and what purpose we have here. Relax, and be the change you want to be in the world.

    Change happens quick when you set your mind to it, 8 months ago I knew nothing about precious metals besides it was where I needed to be. I insta-bought physical and then found out about miners. Now, apparently I am Ginger's source for bouncing ideas about miners. It all started by my journey with a woman who goes by the alias of Bag of Gold.

    What you should take from all this is that we are fortunate to have comfort taken away from us (but we can prepare still!), while many are at the mercy of their destitute life (Chinese slave-labor for our American lifestyle really is a bummer... This is the type of thing that the 1:6,775,235,741 stat bugs me the most). Help others that are less fortunate... there are a lot. Be sure to look down once and a while, and remember that if everything went black right now, I bet you can say you were not afraid to live life. You have more than you realize right in front of your eyes (so do I... we all need to open our eyes to these things).

    People get ready,
    There is a train a-coming.

  80. @Paul Breed
    I'm not leaving terra firma, sorry. But by all means go for it. I have a good friend at NASA and I think space exploration has many more benefits than war. I'll gladly vote for a transfer of cash from bombs to rockets. Many great inventions have resulted from space travel (like TANG!!!! :-) ) I can't think of any right now but I know they are out there. But I like the way you think and here's why: We all need to think LONG term. What do we want our world to look like in 100 years. I know it's hard to get excited about it because we'll all be dead. But that's the problem. Everyone is so short sighted. Bankers trash the economy because they want an instant cash fix. Politicians won't do anything that will harm them when election time comes... etc etc. Let's all be futurists. I'm a space cowboy but I'm more in the mold of Commander Cody:

    @Insight - Thanks for the info, I gotta check that link out and I'll let you know if I get one. What do you like about it? I've seen a lot of sites about making your own but there are a lot of problems.. too long to cook, no tracking reflector etc.

    @g_owen_home: hell yeah dutch ovens are the only way to go. My cousin Tal makes the most awesome cobbler deserts with them on our camping trips. I got De Luz covered - all the way to Santa Margarita Creek.. I catch rattlers there all the time ;-) But my emergency go to canyon is a little south of Temecula Parkway near the avocado groves... Good shelter, small fish, cactus fruit, water and more. I can make it there in 20 minutes by bike if necessary. It's a steep enough hill that most folks won't go down it. I run down laughing hahahah! Hit me up next time you are in town if you like. I'll buy you a beer or coffee.

    Jeff - Fairy tales sometimes come true. I know there are a lot of issues about the cellular processing problems with switchgrass but I think there are more efficient NON-FOOD crops out there that might be worth checking out. Maybe they can even be created.. Franken-Fuel anyone?
    Come on Monsanto.. give us something better than poison.

  81. @everyone
    "the best plan is no plan", Sun Tzu. We all still have instincts, I don't care what the learned people think, for any of you that have not become trapped by your own habits REMEMBER, Only walk in the most RELAXING direction. If you let your past and "Logic" do the feeling, your in a world of hurt, if you have children with you, LISTEN to them, they are closer to the source(GOD). You will run out of food, Bullets, Bandages, need I go on?

  82. Irene,
    your sister is a little fortunate in being able to have a choice of where to live. Things are not a lot better here, believe me they are probably the same as in the US, it's just that you are a little further down the track than us.

  83. if you are reading this blog there is no excuse for being unprepared. If you have ever had a $100 bill even for a moment in your life, you are in the top %5 of the wealthiest people who have ever lived. I sped a lot of time being thankful for what I have. I never worry about myself, I worry about the hungry hoards of roaming people others have mentioned here today. I can't imagine having to shoot someone even in self defense just because they are starved to the point of being willing to do the same to me for my food supply. I don't have enough food for everyone any more than i have enough bullets to put them all down when the mob comes over the hill. i envision a scenario just like all the zombie movies that have been coming out the last few years, only they aren't zombies, just real hungry folks whom i'd like to help if i could.

    I just finished reading "when money dies" the parallels to what is happening right now is stunning. Reading that book is like looking into the future through a crystal ball, if there is anyone here who has no yet read it, you can do so free online at this link:

    "a hungry man is an angry man" - Bob Marley

  84. Gack - I was trying to catch up but it is way to serious and deep - I will go back later. First the incredibly important thing - Eric - I just went to the top of this blog, and there was the tab 'dashboard' - took me to my google account - then edit picture - search computer - and it worked. I re-formated to make the picture squarer. This time I got the flashing exclamation point, but waited and then there was Mouse, wearing her hockey jersey.

    kliguy - you write:

    'My search tonight reminds me of some kind of surreal madness." I can only sympathize.

    Scott - excellent ramblings for such a young man. But remember you are young, and the WOW stuff really does sound that way. But your hope for the future is wonderful.

    I am in the same boat as Ginger and Dark Purple and Pining and others - the farm life (or living on a boat if you are married to a pirate) is going to have to wait. And so while I worry and try to prepare for life in the city if things collapse, I also have to life in denial partly I think or else tear my last kid from school and really tighten the silver hat. I am working on enjoying life, loving my family, taking care of my aged and confused but delightful mum, and of course, exercising the inexhaustible Mouse.

  85. Long essay on what is a dollar:

    Nice quote from Alexander Hamilton:

    "[t]here is scarcely any point, in the economy of national affairs, of greater moment than the uniform preservation of the intrinsic value of the money unit. On this the security and steady value of property essentially depend"

    I don't care what the collective IQ and SAT scores are of the Fed apparatchiks. They are cowardly dumbfucks compared to the Founding Fathers.

  86. Turdle

    But I thought the Aussie $ wasn't encumbered. Is that not the case, or are you talking about the socio-political situation? (I think it's a given that all western economies will slow down to below depression levels.)

    I'd also be interested to hear about drug cartels and the depth of drug usage in Aussieland. One thing that frightens me is the total geographical saturation of America with violent gangs and their drug trade. Doesn't matter where you go, there they are. That's why I think being out in the countryside isn't so safe. These are mean, mean people and most Americans can't really fathom what they're capable of.


    James Cramer buys physical silver!

  88. @silverblev
    If that time ever comes put your guns down and walk, if you relax into the deeper parts of you mind, none of the zombies will notice you, for the technical, I'm talking about the brain wave states that occur during sleep and coma. And don't for one second put those thoughts in your head. The law of attraction has brought me very far in just the past two years. I'm not an optimist or the other, I just create the reality I wish to live in.

  89. @ the chrishtians
    Ask and ye shall receive right?

  90. If you all haven't scared the Turd out of me yet, this offically means the end of the world:


    Sell it all....he's the greatest contrarian indicator in history.

  91. I have limited fiat for investing and buy as much silver as I can (and will continue to do so). However, I do not have a sizable war chest like many here likely do. I have a fairly decent job but have not prepared beyond silver - and I'm getting fairly nervous. I am middle-aged but healthy and live in New England (renting) and my fiance currently works and lives in NJ and owns her home. We will be living together in NJ in the near future. I am rambling, but bottom line I am not prepared beyond some silver. I am beginning to do the small things like educate myself and buy other things like candles (as Yukon mentioned) to prep as best as possible, including purchasing a firearm.

    All that said, my limited resources will prevent me from being sufficiently prepped when the shtf. So, if anyone can recommend things I should focus purchasing in bulk (in addition to silver) that will also be the most valuable items to barter with it would be appreciated. I am trying to complete my preparation somewhat silently as my fiance is not tuned in and I don't want to alarm her. She supports my silver purchases because only because she sees prices rising, and not beyond it. Thanks.

  92. @ a

    +1 For creating the reality you wish to live in.

    I really enjoy your comments, spot on.


  93. ok ... I've read most of the stuff going on here and I would like to throw in my 2c

    this isn't over for any of you ... because Santa allready has his getaway does not mean you are out. You or I don't know when the end will be. Do you want out of the city ? Do you want to purchase a farm ? Fine, then that is your goal.

    You are involved in the investment of a lifetime. This puppy has a long way to go with much, much more upside. Silver has just entered phase 2 of the 3 phase bull. Phase 2 is the longest of the 3 stages.

    Where is silver going $100, $200. Ultimately I don't know but much higher than here. Did you read what Marcel said about farms in New Brunswick. People are buying them from banks for cash. Guess what ... the down draft in property is still going on and will continue for the forseeable future. Your silver is going up and property is going down people !!!

    Set your goal ... keep buying miners ... convert some of your profits to physical silver ... six months from now you'll have more silver in hand ... a year from now even more ... will you catch Santa ... no but you sure as hell can get yourself in a great position to meet the goal.

    You haven't missed nothing ... but you will if you don't set the goal. I don't have a farm .. I don't have a house (lost it) ... I don't have a job ... I don't have a boat load of silver either ... I need more and I am going to get it because I'm in the bull of all bulls ... chance of a lifetime never to be seen again.

    ok ... done with my rant ...

  94. This comment has been removed by the author.

  95. @808state
    WOW I don't know what to say, Cramer was acting very unuasl compared to himself. Was he just saying this, that way when the price does go up he can say I told you so?

  96. Folks, as of 11 PM, Wednesday, 30 March, silver is approaching $37.73. We could see $38/oz. before 8 AM, Thursday. I am going to bed now -- and hoping.

    -- Paul D. Bain

  97. kliguy,
    You nailed why many of us on this blog are in precious metals for the end run. "trying to climb K-2 wearing a tutu"--would that also include ballerina slippers? ;)

  98. xty

    I've had that flashing exclamation point a few times. Maybe I just never waited long enough. Patience, grasshopper!

  99. Irene,

    by "wasn't encumbered", if you mean that it floats quite freely without constant central bank interference, yes you are right. But that is not a panacea. The main problem here is private sector debt, not government debt. We all know what happens when a real estate bubble bursts: the losses are socialised, so the government takes on the debt-load, the banks take no hits and the indebted consumers can't access debt anymore so GDP falls and can not recover because the system can't be levered up again (the situation you are now facing in the US). I give it about a year for the real estate bubble bursting to be in full swing. It's started now in Queensland and Perth.

    Here, just like in the US, the banks are too big and connected to be allowed to fail, whilst the general population is too lazy to keep politicians honest.

    Sure, bribery (aka lobbying) is not as rampant here, but it doesn't need to be because we are a smaller country, with a smaller business/government establishment.

    Just like in so many arenas, you Americans do it faster, bigger, stronger, bloodier, and more explicit than the rest of the world! BUT, you also adapt and innovate quicker, so that is where you could maybe find hope right now.

    On drug cartels and drug useage, my comments in the previous paragraph are probably the best answer I can give.

  100. Holy crap! Cramer recommends physical silver??? We are FD'd (Freakin Doomed)!!!!!!


    Long as much silver as my wife would let me buy without it costing me half. :-)

    Long my business (Gun Shop).

    Long my silver miners.

    Long lots of fresh water - crown land out my back door and plenty of ammo.

    Most importantly - long in family, love and friendship. Always remember the important stuff and don't sweat the stuff you can't control. Like QE infinity and other government insanity.

    The next few years won't be easy but with people like y'all around you have made it a whole heck of lot easier on folks like my family and I.

    Thanks Turd and thanks everyone here for your insight.

    Swampfox, the missus and the pups.

  101. a: .. Hmmmm the ENTIRE text of the ART OF WAR is a plan. I admire the hell out of the timeless wisdom of Sun Tzu and there is knowledge in plenty for the trader who studies his words. But one short quote will not enlighten me to your plan (or non-plan). When you finish TRUELY reading Sun Tzu, take a shot at Tao & Zen and maybe you will find what you are looking for.

  102. Eric - I did use a smaller file, but that was the only difference. The previous time Safari crashed, which almost never happens. And the time before that my whole mac crashed! Patience indeed.

    Paul B - The Rational Optimist author spoke at length on a webcast thing by the Cato Institute - delightful and most reassuring. All about how man has improved his lot through time and things are in many ways improving - true despite the truths of this blog.

  103. I miss afrum. He was actually very knowledgeable about the timing of the mechanics of the market and how that would affect the price of silver short term. And the rat bastard stinking vermin are still out there on their sinking ship.... no not the same.

  104. @kiyotei
    We vibrate similarly;however Sun tzu is or was a living work of the TAO, I have found what I'm looking for the GAPT(great and powerful turd) Yeah new acronym.

  105. Turdle,

    I just lost my response, but here are the highlights. Hope I don't lose this one too....

    Wow, I knew Australia had some kind of a real estate bubble, but not that serious.

    Even so, having a currency that is not starting from 100% GNP deficit levels is still something to be thankful for.

    Australia is also protected by oceans. If they want to close the border, they pretty much can. And that's not something to sneeze at either.

  106. sumo: I believe Alexander Hamilton also helped create the first "Central Bank."

  107. a: nuff said my brother. I shall await Satori along side your esteemed self.

  108. @ xty et al.

    Yes, where is afrum? Inquiring minds want to know!

  109. @kiyotei
    How do you think Napolean almost took over the world? the french translated Sun Tzu first out of all of Europe. I know sombody out there will correct me please ,don't want any dick battles just sayin

  110. Trying out my new pic--Danger! Flying Monkeys!

  111. Chin- A+ brother. We are in the early innings, and have a once-in-a-lifetime bullmarket to work with. This ain't over by a long shot, so get working, get gardening, get reading, and get trading. Trade the shit out of this market and, to quote our fearless leader on this blog, "we're going to make some serious frikkin money". Great rant- keep 'em coming my man!

  112. a: Hmmmmm I thought you were advocating peace. Please allow me several centuries to ponder the sound of my hand and I'll get back to you.

    Bro D. +100 for awesomeness above and beyond the call of duty.

  113. @kiyotei
    yeah your right. if I truly had satori I'd really be in the Sierra Nevada right now.

  114. I wanted to mention a prep that some may want to give thought to: natural family planning (NFP). Whatever your beliefs about artificial contraception, those methods may not be available (or reliably available) in a post-collapse scenario. NFP always is, and requires little more than a basal thermometer (if that) to use.

    But it does require instruction, whether in a class or from a good book. And the time to learn is while things are "normal." I highly recommend Couple to Couple league as a resource in this regard.

    Yes, I've heard the jokes about NFP's supposed ineffectiveness. But in our own 13 years using it, and in the experience of our many friends, it's been nearly 100% effective. What it really comes down to is how strictly you follow the rules; "surprises" come when you bend them.

    Following all the rules every cycle requires self-discipline, but that's another survival prep that's always good to practice.

  115. Cramer says no $400 silver in Bear S short clip?

  116. Xty,
    nice try but not enough of these !!!!!!!

    If I could choose the protection of the oceans or the protection of the world's largest ICBM collection, I'd probably choose the latter.

  117. @kiyotei
    I was using Napoleon as an example of Sun Tzu's wisdom, We can Apply the same principles to peace.

  118. Cramer says buy silver.


    Jobless claims on Thursday just after the Comex.

    Employment report on Friday just after Comex open.

    "Golly gee Mr Wizard, who will be selling into the retail buying?"

    "Jimmy, there are some things we are not meant to know."

  119. kiyotei,

    Thank you, sir! By the way, is your name pronounced like coyote?

  120. And to go along with TYF learn the ways of the primitive, Weston A. Price quotes an anthropologist that says" IF you find a jaw with dental cavity's there is no way it can be regarded as ancient". Listen Afrum aint here, you all are stuck with his evil twin me, unless the GAPT(great and powerful turd) has a problem with it?

  121. a: True. As I said. Sun Tzu is used by many a wise fellow in finance and other industries. I use his principles in ART. Some of his best advice involves the clever use of spies and deceit. But basically... I believe his most sagely writings concern how to win a war without losing a single man on either side. That is the battle we all should fight.

    Gandalf for trolls:
    Sun Tzu for everything else:

  122. Asian silver buyers took it up to $37.69 but couldn't push through recent highs at $37.72. Now backing off a little. Maybe 3 hours now until the European buyers come in - let's see if they can take through that level.

  123. Worth a read check out the link,

    I love your blog Turd, many thanks

  124. @keyoti
    YES,YES,YES your AWESOME, a WAR on WAR? Or maybe Peace On war I don't know.

  125. Bro D. YVW. I like your graphic a lot. Do you have a larger version online... like on flickr, twitpic or twitgoo? If not.. why not :-)

    yes sir. coyote. I use kiyotei because it is unique (in all the world) and I've used it as my online moniker since 1992. Google it sometime if you have several hours to waste hahahaha.

    Have a great night friend!

  126. Jim Cramer??

    Aint that the guy in dummer and dummer?

    No really , Jimmy's just there to shake the tree a little bit,They know very well that when everyone knows about it and when Jim says buy some will sell .

    Im not so sure about Napoleon reading Sun Tzu.
    The principles of war have never changed.

    Then again, he studied the art , so he might have run across a copy .

  127. We should invent a new game of chess where the goal is to lose as little pieces as possible, wait, that is chess?

  128. Wow, this is a pretty heavy conversation. I wanted to share some GOOD news that not all hope is lost and there are still folks out there fighting the good fight. Some news came my way of some very interesting things happening in Montana that I've posted on tonight's "Nightcap" on my blog. It looks like folks are slowly waking up. Please check it out as I think it will give some of you a nice jolt of hope.


  129. Ok i'll stop, i'm beginning to wonder if people think I'm trolling, just never blogged before. so I seriously will stop blogging here, I'll just watch as I have been.

  130. Did any of you ever watch the television programme "Jericho" a couple years ago?

  131. Ruh-roh....

  132. I am a latecomer to this party ,and I am woefully unprepared , a few months of food stuffs and a few thousand in silver , no rifle no place to go and I live in the city .

    These posts, and from what I read on my own and what I see on the news have me concerned .

    Being that I live in the city , I fear what might happen the day the welfare and SSI checks, pension checks stop coming, even for a short time.

    I dont have any extra jing to move right now.

    And I cant help but think that a collapse is not only imminent but was designed, In order to restructure the country and world economies .

    I dont have an education in economics, but if you asked me if NAFTA was good for the US worker, or the bailouts or the QE1,2.
    the deindustrialization of our country and destroying the tax base while fighting 2,3, different wars overseas.

    I have to go ahead and say that would be pretty bad for the workers and middle class in this country.
    What Im saying is that you dont have to be a wall st genius to see this is bad for the working class, but they went ahead and did it anyway which leads me to believe that there was clear intent , and it was no accident .

    It further worries me that the Bernanke has his finger on the interest rate trigger that could start the whole dam thing whenever they choose to do it.

  133. It also seems like if a collapse did occur, it would thoroughly and effectively hide the theft of America by the banks.

    They then have the means, motive and opportunity.

    Yukon could you post a link ?I would like to read it

  134. Well the end of the world crowd has come out like Norway rats tonight. My goodness. So much paranoia and fear. Listen, I have read Jim Sinclair every day for seven years. Fascinating character. Great advice with the angels. A true believer who has given to his flock. But Jim Sinclair was dead fucking wrong. For years he promised gold would breach $1650 by mid-January of 2011. It did not happen. If you continue to listen to him like he is a prophet, you will be led astray. His failure must make you acknowledge that he is a false prophet. His prophecy was wrong. If that does not give you pause, what will?

    Which leads me to my next point. By nature of your presence here, you are by nature a skeptic. You do not believe in the fiat currency, the Federal Reserve, government statistics like the jobs numbers or inflation rate. HOw can you be a rational skeptic on this yet believe in Sinclair and the rest of the End Times peddlers? How can you loathe the Wall Street banker and yet rail against government regulation. As Thomas JEfferson wrote: "IF all men were virtuous there would be no need for governent."

    I can say with confidence that many of you have cottoned to the idea that the President of the United States is a Muslim and not a legal citizen. Surely many of you believe that school teachers exercising their right to collective bargaining have destroyed the economy ruined yoru states competitiveness. How did you internalize this propaganda? Seriously. YOu have been played for fools by a political party. Where has your skepticism gone?

    My friends, be weary of the voices that preach the end times and self-reliance in such times. Only one wise soul has posted tonight and he said to befriend your neighbors. Without the aid of your friends and neighbors you are dead man with a stash of silver in your back yard.

    Be weary of apocalyptic messages. Just last year I purchased a bee hive from a man who thought the end of the world was Y2K. Remember the Y2K hysteria? TSHTF!!!Except the shit did not hit the fan. This guy had a garage full of lanterns, tools, freeze dried food long past its expiration-- and he point blank told me what a dupe he had been. Perhaps you are 2011's latest dupe. Something to consider.
    I do not like guns. Moreover, I do not like gun nuts. THeir fascination with firearms, I find, juvenile and tiresome. And yet, these folks believe that the US (Obama) government will not only take away their guns, but also their ammo. These gun-nut dupes (skeptics of all things government) have fallen hook, line and sinker to to the marketing and hysteria of the right. As we stand on "the precipice" THE PRECIPICE as others above me have written, you'd think that bullets would be like loaves of bread in Stalin's Russia— nowhere to be found. Except that they are everywhere. And someone has made a fortune off your paranoia.

  135. I have a hobby farm. I live in the middle of nowhere. Not ought of fear or some Ayn Rand nonsense. I put in an orchard, a half acre garden, a chicken coop, a beehive, and a cistern because I believe in sustainability. I enjoy my garden. And I share every last bean and every last egg with my neighbors. Christmas brought honeycomb in a jar to my friends. I did none of this because some false prophet told me to do so. I did it because I love the lifestyle. If you do not, believe me, you will fail as a farmer, an orchard grower, or a beekeeper.

    If you are here out of fear you are here for all the wrong reasons. Ferdinand posted to us that he was a Christian. Like that means anything. In fact, in my state of Indiana, I have come to this very skeptical truth: if your license plate says: "In God we Trust" then you are not to be trusted. In fact, you are the last one to trust if the shit hits the fan.

    The world will not end. The beans in your basement will never be eaten. The price of gold did not hit $1,650 in mid-January 2011. Ammo will not be yanked from the shelves. The President will not start speaking Arabic. The teachers are not to blame for the economic mess. The gospel of Glen Beck is not only retarded but also ahistorical. And dupes will always believe in the next TSHTF scenario.

    For the love of God, be as skeptical about the prophets of economic collapse as you are about everything else you so fear.

    Tomorrow, I intend to make a killing on the stock market selling gold and silver stocks. Life is good. And I have a wine cellar to make it through TSHTF.


  136. All,

    Wonderful conversation tonight...I have something I wanted to share that relates back to Turds Ag post:

    Regardless of your feelings for Puplava, this audio interview, I feel, is worth your time if only that it's sort of rare we get one on the Ags, and with Turds post being on ZH, this interview is just another timely indication that food supply and pricing is bat to get more volatile than any of us has ever seen

  137. Turdle GG said...
    Asian silver buyers took it up to $37.69 but couldn't push through recent highs at $37.72. Now backing off a little. Maybe 3 hours now until the European buyers come in - let's see if they can take through that level.

    India is going to open in 8 Min. Let's see Indians can lift the mood on Silver to 38 ;)

  138. I laughed at the Y2ker's and end of the world types myself , but what scareing the shit out of me is some of you guys are pretty dam smart, and are very concerned with the dollar.

    I think something is up this time

  139. a

    I didn't think you were trolling. Come on back anytime.

  140. F,

    You can click someone's name and it will show you their blogs and what they follow. I don't like posting a direct link to my blog too much.

  141. SSK

    Interesting post. Sinclair is maybe not the best market timer available to us, sure, but he has accrued more than enough wisdom to be more than worth listening to.

    I've heard it said that it's sad to be prepared and not to be called, but it's tragic to be called and not be prepared

  142. a - I think you are on to something in your search for a title for your new book - have you tried War AND Peace? Has a nice ring to it.

    Re the end of the world - while I am occasionally pessimistic and see the worst not the best in my fellow man, I am not selling all I own and running for the hills. But I see much good sense in speculating on the worst and being prepared for tough times. If all is well, so much the better. I do want to get out of the city - but I am going to be logical about it.

  143. Short term correction is probably over people. For everyone who didn't buy the ~34$ dip, I hop you took the chance to buy around the 36,5$ dip.

  144. @ssk
    you have a point. Do the rulers of the world really want a SHTF thing going on? Don't we all make them the rulers? So a SHTF thing is unlikely;however in my spare time when I do think of that posibility, I can olny do what Bruce Lee says,"you must apply your self", meaning going through dancing routines won't do a damn thing to a zombie's skull. One should be able to do knuckle push ups on gravel. One should know what the birds are saying, After all they can fly without ENGINEERING degree's?

  145. @XTY
    Good one,like the title idea HaHa... Use your logic, just as long as your logics first rule is listen to your body. Anyone here that agrees with parts of evolution knows that your brain stem and the part above it are much wiser then our frontal lobe and coretex would like to give it credit for?

  146. SSK - you make some good points but why must you mock people? If you want them to listen to you, then change your tone. You are loaded with opinions and assumptions about others' beliefs - I am glad you have the resources to run a hobby farm and be generous with your results - but you do not come across as charitable in your discourse. Perhaps I sound preachy - re-read thine own post ye of no false prophets.

  147. Remember people, you can't spell believe without a lie in the middle.

  148. @SSK

    So what if Sinclair was off with his timing. Big friggin' deal. That does not make him a false prophet. And he's never once billed himself as a prophet that I'm aware of.

    And guess what! We are not crazed birthers who believe or don't that our prez is a muslim. I couldn't get a flying f*ck what his religion is. But I do know that his policies have been horrific for this country. And I do know that he has been secretive about a lot of his past - from his college records to his friends to his relationship with total shits like Bill Ayers. But maybe you know more about this than the rest of us crackers, so please, feel free to fill in the blanks.

    Neither are we all "by nature" skeptics. What part of $14 trillion deficit should I be skeptical about?

    And don't be so sure about the world not ending. My mom has lived through 3 total (as in complete) man-made societal breakdowns. Millions didn't make it. Go read some history.

    If we gather here, I believe it's because we find community. Yes, it's true, most people out in the world don't see things the way we do. That is called perspective. They concentrate on certain things - like you with your "hobby farm" - and we chose to concentrate on this.

    Occasionally anybody can have a bad night - even collectively. Maybe it's from stress, maybe it's from the onslaught of non-stop manipulation of our currency, knowing how it is permanently damaging our country, our culture and our way of life.

    But I don't think we should be taken to task over it.

    /rant off

  149. @TYF: "nearly 100% effective" ? sounds alot like "90% of the time, it works every time". I just wanted to say I thought that was funny.

    @A: Have you ever noticed the references to silver in the art of war? Gold is never referenced, but in estimating the costs of feeding an army he says one ounce of silver per soldier per day for provisions, amazing to me because thats probably close to what it costs today (I mean for the food ONLY) but that shows silvers staying power. 5000 year bull market with 5000 years to go, only silver is the same price, its the dollars it takes to buy it that goes down/up

    @SSK: Thank you for your calm voice of reason, I like your style and we need more like you around. Still keeping my guns though, just in case:)

    @Jim Cramer: why are you still on television? Wasn't the ridicule at the hands of John Stewart enough to show your incompetence? Mad money should be renamed "you can't do that on television"

    verification word "revenues" !!

  150. I bet XTY and SSk are beerin it up with you rbuddy -a-. Or can I change it to the fonze AAAAAAA.

  151. Everytime I read articles like this I get the feeling I'm reading some SF novel about another planet.

    Same here. Who can afford to buy a farm and go rogue like that? Not me. I've got kids to raise, etc. Silver, extra security, more food supplies, and guidance from the All-Mighty. That's about it.

  152. got a letter from the perth mint last night. not taking any more applications for unallocated silver accounts from June, due to space constraints.

    I think I heard it on this blog that the charecter in Chinese for Money and Silver are the same. SUN TZU and all dat chin chin stuff rocks.

  154. I meant $14 trillion debt not deficit. Apologies.

  155. @ jack
    listen to your kids, they are much smarter then you, just sayin. I'm 30 and way smarter then my parents combined.

  156. @ a

    British STERLING (as in silver)
    French argent (money = silver)

    It's a friggin' worldwide cospiracy! ;)

  157. coNspiracy!

    (Purrfect. Word ver = flawlein)

  158. Imagine what Bobafet would say or listen to himself, he would not say what his father told him?

  159. @a: The Chinese word for "Bank" is literally translated as "Silver House".

    They are making indeed making it so for all intents and purposes.

  160. Sorry meant Jengafet, what was I saying, duh...golly

  161. a

    OK, now you are getting annoying.

  162. WoW you guys are really speakin my language or is it the beer thats changing my percep, anyway I'm knew to money and really think ya'll are on to somthin with this REAL MONEY THING. I mean have we ever really left the gold standard? Hasn't gold gone higher for the long ever since the dollar was decoupled?

  163. I get what people mean about not being able to buy themselves farmer hood overnight, but don't understand why anyone would point out to others that there's no need to be or value in being prepared. What's the downside in prepping or stockpiling necessities?

  164. Thanks STEFAN whats wrong with stockpiling brains?

  165. a: Bobafet was a clone himself, but he still called his original 'dad' neither were smart enough to avoid confrontation with the Jedi, and I dont think they qualify as a real parent child dynamic as was alluded to in the post.

  166. I don't know A but I'm pretty sure those beers you mentioned aren't a good start

  167. Irene,

    How dare you try to out cracker me. Demographically, I am the cracker-est person on this site. Excepting Trader Dan, who I have nothing but gratitude for. But you have to worry about the guy. Did he really move from Houston (second only to NYC for its Fortune 500 companies) to Idaho (numero uno in Aryan race tattoo in the upper neck region)? Oh Dan, I worry for you. How will you survive without the taco truck? I'm being serious. Taco trucks are like manna from heaven. I would die for a taco truck right about now.

  168. Lucas was asking a question with those two. If you had a copy of your self, knowing that you where hearing yourself, what would you think about your self?

  169. I have a knot in my stomach and am on edge all the time.
    I worry about the 1/3 of my mother's money being under management, just as much as when I had all that cash staring me in the face. It's in an options account, growth and income, and an alternative portfolio of foreign countries, those "paid in fiat currency ETFs (Canadian, Aussie, yuan) and NO BONDS.

    I do have physical metals, no debt, can grow greens during the winter, have my solar cooker, have a Berkefeld filter on the way, just bought a gas grill, have wind-up flashlights, candles, security system being upgraded to wireless, and our whole house solar system will be installed within the next two weeks. Bought 5 of those camping 5-gal water "jugs".

    I'm on a low protein diet, so I've got the rest of this year and all of next year stocked in my corn pasta, bean threads, and a few months of my special breads and crackers. I've got Honest Kitchen stashed for my dogs, about 6 months worth.

    Now getting ready to order more food...mostly vegetables and fruits. I grow some in summer but the desert is Jersey, I canned like crazy but I don't have the yields here. Have joined a new CSA and if I work there a couple of hours a week, I could get paid in food. No time now, as my mother is 89 and facing an angiogram/possibly stents.

    Nervewracking, to say the least. I just turned 60 and am petrified! I'm a lousy trader...but at least I did get most of my metals a couple of years ago at better prices! I even worry about when to get out of them!

  170. I'm sorry to pick on you, Irene. Bless your heart and all. But this is too precious for me not to re-post:

    "And don't be so sure about the world not ending. My mom has lived through 3 total (as in complete) man-made societal breakdowns. Millions didn't make it. Go read some history."

    You're right. THe world has ended three times.

    My apologies.


  171. Look if any of you want to explain how this day trading thing works I'll spend some more time on that.

  172. Stefan - nothing at all. Lecturing from the sanctity of hobby farms. But I do want to get out of the city. Bad times have come before and they may well come again and possibly sooner rather than later. I would rather slowly prepare and be thought a tad weird and be wrong than not prepare and be wrong.

  173. nite nite all.

    Let's all get up in the morning with a more cheery disposition!

    Roving gangs of starving murderers? Mad Max time? I don't think so. That's not what I'm prepping for. I just sock away some gold because I think the currency is headed for the dustbin of history. It really doesn't need to be more complicated and/or politically driven than that.

    Currency regimes have come and gone throughout history. It's a regular cycle. From metals to paper and back again. Think the classical gold standard was some kind of utopia? Think again. You just need to know where we are on the cycle and invest accordingly.

  174. Insight - you sound very well prepared - much better than most.

  175. Insight- Get Nourishing Traditions by sally fallon, you might live longer, all tose carbs are spiking your insulin level. Not saying carbs are bad just saying some are way better then others, and lets not forget about our grey matter. Which is one GIANT BALL OF FATTY ACIDS. Whose in Biology out there correct me please, tell me our brains are made of water or somthing rediculous on that line.

  176. Along those cheery lines, silver is creeping up. Maybe touch 38 by morning?

  177. @ SSK

    Don't bother apologizing.
    You're not sorry to pick on me.
    My heart doesn't need or want your blessings.
    And I never said the world has ended three times - the count is a lot higher.

    Did I forget something?

    Oh yes. How about answering some of my questions?

  178. Currencies have come and gone, but that's tossing those events off a tad to lightly, IMO. Yes, they've happened, but what do you want your life to be like While one is happening? Much different way to look at a currency collapse none of us has the slightest expertise in

    Agree tho Eric, sorta heavy handed around here tonight

  179. Eric
    you might be neglecting the perceptions of past history's? When the roman fiat collapsed they were over populated and so on and so on? I'm really starting to think the ones that make the GOLDEN rules don't like the high retard factor in the masses right now.

  180. SilverBlev: Good catch on the Sun T. - silver connection. One more reason to love that text.

    SSK: I was raised with guns and think of them as a tool not a weapon. I hope you are right and I think the majority of humans are inherently good. I once had a Libyan man buy me a drink in a Yugoslavian bar a few weeks after we unleashed a battleship of pain on GADAFFY's lap. We talked a lot about politics and we both agreed that those in power are the problem. The average person just wants to live a good life and be as happy as possible. I am one of those fools who freaked out a bit at Y2k.. not so much as some. I just had some extra food and water and a few other survival items. Convinced my wife it was no different then prepping for earthquakes or floods or any other natural disaster. One need only look no further than Katrina to get it. BUT I really stressed it out and made myself almost sick worrying about it. I've learned a lot since then and I'm a lot calmer and logical about the possibility of chaos in the future. Why worry about it? Prepare as well as you can for what you think might be a reasonable risk and go on about your life. Put your faith in what ever spirit you trust and reach out to those who share your ideas and ideals.

  181. Stefan
    yeah, I was trying to lighten things up a tad before I hit the sack. :)

    Apparently without success! LOL

    Well, like Scarlett O'hara said, "Tomorrow IS another day!!"

  182. Irene,

    You are right. The world has ended AT LEAST three times.

    I stand corrected.


  183. I'll say it again the world will keep spinning without us MONKEYS

  184. Irene and many others, you might like the book 'when money dies' as others here have referenced, in the death of the mark in germany, there were a few (too few) who understood what was happening and actually profited aka became wealthy as a result of the inflation. For me that was one of the main things I took away, and it became very reassuring to know that 'the end of the world' in terms of a currency is not really the end of the world.

    In Germany at the time just as now, most people had no idea what was going on. In their minds the money was still good, there seemed to be some invisible force making the price of everything go up, it was inconceivable the value of their money could go down. I get that same feeling now from people I know now who really don't understand inflation now. To them its some kind of magic number in the sky and they don't understand why the price of food keeps going up.

    I'm trying to say that reading that book will help you relax and to realize how well off you are. I prepare for the worst yes, but still hope for the best.

  185. nice rorshach quote silverblev!

  186. LOL, I hear ya brother

    If you wake up Thursday and find this, here's a brand new audio interview with our national treasure, G. Edward Griffin...genius, as always:

  187. All this mess we are in is more than likely an orchestrated attempt at global depopulation from billions back to a sustainable 500 million. Seems like the easiest way to do that is to put the world on a fiat dollar system, make everyone dependant on it, centralise power and wealth then crash the system. Tangible wealth, farmland, military machinery and industrial capacity remains but the billions of people who can no longer acquire enough "dollars" to buy goods and services are erased, via war, plague, pestilance and famine....sounds familiar.

    Those with the power and resources will sanction aid to the productive members of the society during this global reset. I wrote a screenplay about this scenario called "contract utopia" where global society becomes fragmented into city states with those who san sustain society do so by admitting productive citizens into secure areas in a kind of communist enclave on a "contract utopis". This then morphs over time into an orwelian big society resembling the fascist Nazi state and areas given up to anarchy are retaken in violent methodical re conquest.

    All great stuff really, what got me thinking about it is the unsustainability of the current resource base for the population and how i would solve the issue. I figured that actions like birth control, withdrawl of medical care for over 70s, breeding liscences and all the other practical solutions for maintiaing a stable system were clearly outside the ability of society to implement for its own good. If you take away all the practical things that society can do to maintain its balance then you are left with the other options on the list of things to maintain population, ie war, disease famine.

    I am not advocating doing anything but it seems to me, if as a society we choose to do nothing to solve our problems then the problems will eventually solve themselves. I saw a statistic that said if the current rate of population growth continues as it is then in 200 years or so there weill be 1 square meter for every person in the world on the available dry landmass of the planet. Clearly this cannot happen so there will be something that occurs to prevent this, as a society we have the choice to take practical steps ourselves (aint gonna happen) or face the natural consequence of not taking action.

    Alternitavely if you believe that there is a system of governance beyond and above the political theatre that we watch then it would make sense that this group would be interested in manipulating the system to effect their goals. Centralisation of wealth, maintenance of military supremacy, draconian repressive fascist laws and utter control over the financial system.

    Life will go on im sure, all be it very differently, but then again if at its zenith you said to a citizen of rome that the entire empire was going to fall by the hand of the barbarian vandals im sure they would have thought you insane.

    I really enjoy listening to the Harvard professor of history Niall Ferguson and his thought on the current system in the historical context of the rise and fall of nations. I urge you to take a look at this lecture below as it effectively sums up this entire thread - the operation of complex systems in chaos in relation to empire.

  188. @SSK
    I like some part of your post, imploring a reasonable approach to preparedness, but I think you go too far with your condemning peoples fears and concerns. I have two words for you...

    "Hurricane Katrina"

    Complete societal breakdown, looting, robbery, rape, martial law, criminals and cops and nat guard shooting both criminals and innocents alike without warning, month+ long imprisonments without charges - rights - recourse, hundreds of deaths from starvation and lack of clean water... all this in a major metropolitan city. need I go on?

    To be prepared to be self sufficient in such a crisis is smart. To be prepared to help friends and family in such a crisis is generous. To be prepared to help the unknown masses would be quite amazing. To be prepared to protect one's own life, the lives of those close to you, and the lives of innocents is pretty American if you ask me, and nothing to be ashamed of. Can it be taken too far? Of course. 16 security cameras seems a bit overkill to me... But having a plan to get out of New Orleans with your children, your family, with enough food and water and gas and cash and protection from the elements and criminals is not some radical right nutcase philosophy - it is common sense.

    Don't say it won't/can't happen here, because it has, and it will again in some other form.

  189. Right on Hilsie

    That system also includes petro-based Big Agra as the backbone of a food distribution system we'll rely on for 9 billion people by 2030ow

    We won't make it through that timeframe without some type of ghoulish shakeout of population

    How out of touch are those just in time tomatoes of the future IBM is promising us...geezus

  190. You are one irritating troll. Ever heard about shutting up if you don't have something positive to say?
    We all have now seen and know you demonstrate a severe lack of maturity and manners.
    Try classing up a bit.

  191. Oh yes...That's for SSK, if you didn't already guess.