Wednesday, March 20, 2013


As we continue to work on getting TFMR back online, I figured I'd simply type up a new entry here.

All is (relatively) quiet this morning as the markets await the Fedlines and Bernank presser at 2:00 p.m. EDT.

It's always fun when The Bernank issues statements after the Comex closes and it's going to be a very wild ride again today.

Coincident to that, our pal Santa will be hosting his "chat" in NYC this afternoon. You can bet that, if given the chance, The Gold Cartel will try to jam prices down while Santa is talking, if anything just to remind him that they are still in charge...for now.

So, anyway, expect significant volatility this afternoon. On the bright side, though, is this: In between outages, I've posted two separate quotes/interviews from The Brenank's lapdog, Jon Hilsenrath of the WallStJournal. Hilsenrath has twice emphatically stated that the FOMC will not be swayed, that QE will continue ad infinitum and that The Fed will keep "hitting the gas" in order to wring out as much growth as possible from the moribund U.S. economy. With that in mind...maybe, just maybe...we'll actually get some UPside volatility. Maybe. Just be sure you're paying attention at 2:00 p.m. today.

Lastly, about the outages. It's not just my site that has been hit. You likely noticed that Max's and some others have been having trouble, too, and this appears to be related to the attacks on KWN, SD and others last month. The Tech Team is working overtime to try to fix things and we all should be extremely grateful.

I'm hoping that a forensic investigation will yield actionable results because I am fully intent upon pressing charges, if possible. These malicious attacks are designed to disable this site (my business) and they are doing significant financial damage not only through the downtime but by the cost of repairs. If this were to happen to a brick-and-mortar business, authorities would be called and arrests would be made. However, because this is the internet, the hackers feel safe behind their anonymity. Not if I have any say so in the matter, they're not. I will keep you posted in my efforts to bring them to justice. It may take a while but I'm going to try.

That's all for now. I will be traveling again today so, even with all of the Fedline volatility, I won't be able to make an updated post until this evening. Remember, nothing of significance has taken place until gold moves through $1626 and silver moves through $29.40.



  1. What happened with that $800. billion dollar program to help the banks avoid bankruptcy, & why are they printing more money than we (United States Citizens) agree to? Lets put it back in their faces the system is no working.

  2. Sonofabitch.

    Every time I try to post something on the regular site, the site goes down.

    I'm fed up as it is with all the crap going on - metal suppression, global insolvency, MOPE, etc… now they think it's time to start taking down the websites where people who see through it all communicate? Isn't that swell.

    I hope TF is able to identify them. I'd be glad to contribute to a fund to help prosecute the hell out of these delta bravos.

    1. I agree. It seems to be "taking down the websites where people who see through it all communicate". Though, I don't hang out at Dancing With the Stars, so I don't know about those types of sites. ;-)

      If true, I would not blame foreigners. It would seem more likely our PTB would try to keep us from talking about gold and bank runs.

      ZH was down, ever so briefly, also.

  3. Mud,

    I SECOND your motion to help our gracious host prosecute these b*stards

  4. You know that things are about to get interesting when somebody keeps trying to disperse the yahoos. Communication disruption divides, diffuses indignation, and prevents the transmission of actionable information.

  5. Hey, this is like going camping. The little sacrifices, the bit of change in environment, a little uncertainty about what tomorrow may bring, but then at some point you return home and climb into your own soft familiar bed and have your comfortable routine back, thankful for what you really have.

    TFMR will be back soon I'm sure, and then we will all feel better and be thankful for what we really have over there!

  6. hey billhilly - pass the beans, woulda

  7. Thanks TF for all you do. If you manage to get the name(s) and address(es) of the attackers to your site, you can also sue them for various federal and state law/tort claims. If you can forensicly link the attackers to an institution, you may have a viable lawsuit. Otherwise, if the attacks originate from abroad, or from individuals, your attempt at justice may likely end in despair.

    Another angle is an FBI complaint. If it is international, then a site attack could be linked to a much larger, international agenda.

    Good luck man!

  8. I'm just hoping the old troll member "Bernanke" (or whatever his name was with Ben's avatar) shows up here today... it always made me smile, especially when he got his "first" post in once.

  9. How long will it be before they decide to attack this alternate site too?

  10. FOMC days really prevent the market from functioning properly - just an opportunity for those in the know to position themselves for profit.

    If the data released by the government were legitimate, there should be no need for the Fed statement on the economy. Publish interest rates and be done with it.

    The statement releases throw around algo hot-phrases like a pageant queen on a parade float throws candy to the crowd, and shows how they relish their ability to influence the markets by their mere presence.

  11. Grind - grind - grind. The sideways rangebound chop continues on the daily chart.

    Thanks for the update Turd. These hackers must have some agenda.. there is no reason to randomly target a site such as TFMR. I'm not prone to conspiracy theories, but man-oh-man it sure looks liek some entity wants to make it difficult for the PM community to communicate with each other.

  12. I would say not a quiet morning with gold down $6-7, however not surprising either.

    We need Biden to declare its time to unbind the chains holding metals back.

  13. I hope the site finds the IP address or whatever it is that helps them nail those responsible. Seems like just a matter of time.
    Maybe the issue's are from more then one source? Idk.

    If it's an individual with an axe to grind they probably feel pretty good and smart/smug about all of this. As a result that smug satisfaction might get a law enforcement knock on their door at some point.

    If it is someone with an axe to grind they'll undoubtedly look in here to see their impact on the site.
    Foolish mistake number one.

  14. Even though were only a little above $1600 I find it impressive
    that it hasn't been breached in 3 days with no real attempt to do so.

    After seeing $1595 pose so much resistance for awhile and for it to no longer matter (so far) I wonder if $29 could just as easily be rear view mirror thing soon.

    2:00 looms large

  15. Crikey. That's a bigger drop than was needed to fill 28.695, but it will certainly do.

    1. Someone got a good buy there. Candlestick on SLV very bullish.

  16. This by far the most restrained reaction before and after a FOMC statement I've ever witnessed while I've been with TFMR.

    Also...the new ZH article regarding the EU floating the public idea that they'll cut Cyprus loose is HUGE!

    Looks like Russia has won this big time and has secured a country (and military base) in a very sweet spot.
    This is big!

    1. Yes, big indeed.

      I find it funny that the article speaks of letting Cyprus go and "containing the damage". Sheesh, if they couldn't see the damage that their confiscation plan would wreck, how can they even begin to see the larger picture of contagion.

      Arrogance, ignorance and confusion at its best here...and lots o' fun for those of us looking in from the outside.

  17. Now ZH is down for me. Anyone confirm?

  18. Another good way to view all this disruption (with the site)
    is to see it as an opportunity to shake us out of our complacency and realize that we have no real control here regarding our communicative ability. Whether it is an isolated attack or the "pullng of the web plug", or an EMP, we are really just a potential moment away from literally being in the dark.

    This is certainly within the realm of possibility, and I would think likely, as soon as TPTB decide "enough is enough". What better way to gain control (or arguably lose control) than by shutting down our ability to effectively communicate, and communicate truth at that.

    Indeed, interesting times. No boredom here.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Pd +3%
    Pt +1.6%
    Cu +1.2%

    Ag -.36%
    Au -.45%

    Any questions? (yeah, lots!)

  21. My old familiar friend......

  22. Frustrating. Maybe Turd needs to post this site as a backup for the newbies (or did he?).

  23. smoking behind the gym again! im only an original lurker. finally got the ballz to say wtf 'register' when turd got his site up.

  24. I am beginning to doubt ability of Site Admins to ward of and report such attacks. May be it is just a bad design, management. It cannot be such long to get things fixed. Any update ?

  25. So here we are again....well, like I said last night, I like the old library...

    Here's a quickie from Silver Doctors:

    Bernanke States Cyprus Style Depositor Haircuts Possible in US if Events in Europe Become Contagious!
    March 20, 2013 By The Doc 38 Comments

    At this afternoon’s FOMC Press Conference in response to a question posed as to whether the Fed would ever impose depositor haircuts as was attempted this week in Cyprus, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke confirmed that Cyprus style depositor haircut wealth confiscation is possible here in the US if the Cyprus event or another event in Europe were to become contagious and the people lose confidence in the US dollar.


    At 3:18 PM EST Bernanke was whether a seizure of deposits could happen to US depositors as in Cyprus, if the economy gets worse?

    Beranke’s translated response: Only if the Cyprus event or another event in Europe were to become contagious and the people lose confidence in the US dollar.

    While QE to infinity will be pursued as long as possible, the entire Cyprus fiasco is now officially on the table when it comes down to it if unlimited counterfeiting fails. (and gold revaluation which is the next tool in Bernanke’s toolbox)

    1. I can't believe more wasn't made out of that Bernanke comment regarding contagion/US haircuts being a possibility.

      The US MSM at this point is almost complicit in whatever might happen by virtue of trying to keep a happy face on things.

      Apparently, they're not fighting the Fed either.

  26. Santa was on fire today in New York City. He held a marathon Q&A over four hours to a packed audience!

    Some highlights

    Cyprus is a paradigm change from Bail Outs to Bail In's. New form of QE from bailing out the banks to using people's money to bail them out. It was planned. Spain and New Zealand doing the same.

    Time's a tickiing. You have two years to get your money out of your IRA.

    Silver will do well but not as well as gold. But I don't want to pee on anybodies parade:)

    Bitcoin-Not practical

    Sprott, A man you can trust to hold your money. PSLV-phewey

    The entire financial system is a ponzi scheme

    When's the tipping point? We passed it. We've entered Wonderland.

    The gold market is bigger than the evil players who are fat, and lazy. The economic shift from west to east is happening economically and militarily.

    Iran, risk off. China and Russia has got their back.

    Why doesn't Sprott take down the COMEX instead of waiting three months for delivery? He's a gentleman.

    The food business. An excellent career for your sons and daughters.

    The Euro to outperform the Dollar.

    The Wise Man with Grey Hair spoke and all listened

    1. Thanks for this report, GL - Much appreciated.

  27. great GL but what did you mean by "PSLV-phewey" is that good or bad

  28. Thanks GL,
    I have IRA and thru IRA I have taken exposure to PHYS & PSLV. How about such a route when Santa talked about "You have 2 years to get out of IRA".

    I don't live in US.

    Any ideas ?

  29. phewey is bad. I'll type full notes tomorrow. Hopefully, other Turdites were there to cover my bathroom and smoke breaks. Santa can talk, talk, talk.

  30. Sorry guys!! I meant all the paper ETF's phewey not Sprott silver. I'm sorry. Sprott Funds Top notch. CEF too. Physical the best. He has some money with Sprott. People who get matching money from company at 50% didn't want to loose free money. He said they have some time to make the switch. Don't store your gold with other people. Most turds know that

    1. phew!!! i got a little PLSV locked up in a IRA

    2. Can anyone throw some lite on pro-cons of having PHYS/PSLV in IRA.

  31. thanks for the notes Green Lantern

  32. WHOOOOOOAAAA!!! Look at that!!!!

  33.'s gone. TFMR I mean. Hmmm!

  34. Good morning Fort and Clink...Looks like today might be a good far.

    I think were about to breach $29 and it'll become like $1600+ has the past week. Hoping at least.

    1. I like The Library and kind of miss it, as silly as that sounds.

      I might start posting here a little bit here and there even when the site's up just to 'shelf' some thoughts/idea's out of the glare of the entire site.

      Like a Back Room of sorts :-)

  35. Well...that didn't take long...

    Rockets Slam Israel During Obama Visit

    Palestinian militants in Gaza launched a rocket attack against Israel on Thursday during Barack Obama's first visit as president.

    1. we have this while Obama is in Israel.
      The timing of this is not coincidental imho.

      Iran's Khamenei says Iran will raze Tel Aviv and Haifa to the ground if Israel attacks it: state TV

  36. There is just a LOT swirling around right now and I hate it when comms go down!

    1. Yep...feeling a bit blind and muted right now.

      The little guy from N. Korea is playing with fire and I believe 'shots fired' will happen soon at this stage.

      Here's a snippet....

      North Korea
      North Korea issues fresh threat to U.S.
      By Jack Kim
      SEOUL - North Korea said it would attack U.S. military bases on Japan and the Pacific island of Guam if provoked, a day after leader Kim Jong-un oversaw a mock drone strike on South Korea.

  37. Replies
    1. thanks....see everyone back here soon...hopefully not.

  38. Replies
    1.'s gone again.

      I have no clue how any of that works but a new and independent brand new server might be the way to go.

      Obviously , I know nothing about any of this and something separate might not even be possible because integration and communication on some level between other servers is necessary.. think we're frustrated a bit? Can you imagine what TF is dealing with right now or the Tech crew.
      It must be super frustrating!!!

  39. Court again all day, alas. . .

    Maybe this time, when I check back, tfmr will be operational? Maybe silver will not have been slammed back below $29?

    Anyhow, I like your idea DPH. Post whatever is on your mind. I like how you are a big thinker. Remember, you were the first one to call the giant rental situation. As you predicted, they are even offering securitizations of housing rental streams.

    I see govt housing and all sorts of benefits that the govt now gives to the free shit army will eventually be dispensed solely at designated locations. In short, govt compounds, or camps, will be the new distribution center. If one wants free shit, one will need to surrender to the camp.

    I can feel this in my bones.

    1. Thanks CA...nice to see you this a.m.
      I'm afraid what you just laid out at some point will happen and like you said it'll be voluntary because of the freebie nature of it. Wow! Sad thought, but you can almost see the lines of people now.

      On another note, I almost feel like I can relax here a little bit more and express more freely.
      That sounds even odd to me but it's like 1,000's of eye's are off of me and I'm not out on the limbs I tend to create at times. Those limbs have generally supported me far.

      I see silver holding $29 also....or $28.90 lol :-p

  40. When does EO and Ginger come back and start posting about bacon? Morning all.

  41. Big stuff happening....A deal with Russia must be in place albeit not publicly.

    March 21, 2013, 9:44 a.m. EDT
    Cypriots prefer euro-zone exit over EU tax: report

    By Sara Sjolin
    LONDON (MarketWatch) -- An overwhelming majority of the citizens in Cyprus would rather leave the euro zone than accept an unprecedented levy on bank deposits as part of bailout package, Greek daily Ekathimerini reported on Thursday, citing a survey by Prime Consulting. The survey found that 91% of the Cypriots back the government's decision to reject the proposed bank-deposit tax, while 67% preferred a euro-zone exit along with stronger ties to Russia. Former Cypriot Foreign Minister Giorgos Lillikas said the international lenders' suggested bank levy would destroy the country's banking system, and a Cyprus exit could lead to a collapse of the euro zone, the report said. Cypriot lawmakers were scheduled to resume crisis talks on Thursday to come up with a plan to save the country from bankruptcy. The European Central Bank said it would suspend emergency help for Cyprus after Monday March 25, unless the struggling nation reaches a bailout agreement with the European Union and International Monetary Fund. The Cyprus Stock Exchange along with the country's banks remained closed.

    1. The EUR/USD is starting to turn a bit already.

      Same with bonds, bunds, gilts etc.

      Big stuff straight ahead. Watch the metals.

    2. While the above headline is just a citizens poll, the FX and bond rates are starting to signal something I think.
      How could they not?

  42. Thank goodness we have a backup site.
    If the powers that be are behind this, prosecuting the guilty parties will be as useful as trying to sue JP Morgan for my losses in leveraged silver. Not going to happen.

    Nice spike in silver, with the European Union coming unglued, something is about to give, big-time.

    I've got a long day at work ahead of me, or I would just sit here and watch it unfold.
    Just wishing everyone a nice day, be back tonight.

  43. Say what?
    I'm trying to lay off the bacon these days. Too much sodium, etc.

  44. btw, as far as I'm concerned, the metals remain in "show me" mode. I won't believe anything from any of the "permabull metals-permabear everything else" crowd until I start to see it on the charts. Until then...still waiting...and making money elsewhere. :)

    And...Good Morning!

    (yes, I know there's a new thread, yada, yada, yada...)

  45. Friends in Turdville,

    While I've been on a self-imposed sabbatical from the blog (and most websites) for what seems like a month, I've enjoyed checking in from time to time. I'm so far behind I'll never catch up, but just know that there are many like myself that may not be saying anything, but greatly appreciate all of your timely, sincere, consistent and helpful comments. Too many to mention, but thanks to all.

    If you were to ask what I've been doing, I'd have to just say "urgently prepping in every imaginable way for what is coming... which will no doubt be unimaginable for all those not prepared. To say that I feel it in my bones that we are 'this close' would be fair, although I admit to thinking and feeling the same way in 2008. Like so many, I am amazed at how long the usual suspects can keep the charade going. Maybe this time is different. I'd like to get this over with as much as anyone, and I do know what that means to so many that are unprepared.

    See you guys sometime soon. Hopefully at the TFM home, although this one does bring back some fond memories. Thanks again for putting it out there like you guys do. It really helps to read the insights of so many comrades on "our side" of this battle.

  46. RE: JS's comment aboub silver not doing quite as well as Gold. Does that mean going forward that we will not see a G/S ratio below 50 anytime soon. I missed trade last time and was about to pull the trigger when I could get 3oz for 100. I have a few 100oz bars I would like to swap and wonder if I should go ahead and do it now just to balance out a bit more. I finally liquidated my 401K today and should have a bit of powder to go towards some gold this time around as well. Any thoughts on swapping out now though or anyone going to still hold out longer to make a swap or are you thinking about it now after reading Jim's comments on that.

  47. I've tried posting comments at the main site about 6 times today. Now my login went through for about 3 seconds and then I was thrown out of the website.

    So sorry for all your problems, Turd. It must be incredibly frustrating.

  48. Very interesting. Site was working perfectly all weekend but at the start of the Monday work week it goes down? Did I mention there is no such thing as coincidence, only destiny.

  49. I am amazed at how long the usual suspects can keep the charade going.
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