Friday, February 3, 2012

Backup Post

Just in case the site goes down again, here is a reprint of the main post from today:

Getting Caught Up

After yesterday's nefarious activities, I had hoped to create a lengthy, comprehensive post for you this morning. The BLSBS has gotten in the way and, since things are moving so quickly, I figured I'd better just post what I have and worry about going into detail over the weekend.
Before we get started, thank you all for your patience in dealing with the nonsense of yesterday. The attacks continue today but Ron and Stephanie have battled through the night (seriously, I don't think that either of them slept) to get the site back up. Their efforts are greatly appreciated and, since their efforts aren't inexpensive, all of those who have donated to the "TFMR DoS Defense Fund" are greatly appreciated, as well. We don't know for certain who is behind these attacks but we have our suspicions. I, for one, would like to bring in the FBI and/or Interpol but, apparently they're a little busy. Maybe we can simply organize some type of TFMR Goon Squad to go have a "visit" with the perpetrator. wink
OK, first the BLSBS. All you really need to know can be found at ZeroHedge. (What else is new?) Go there to find the truth. Here is just one of the links:
Additionally, in the spirit of seeking the truth through the manipulation and the propaganda, you are really going to enjoy the next podcast. I recorded it yesterday and it is quite timely. It will be posted later this afternoon so please be sure to check back later or over the weekend.
Here are the only charts that matter. When reviewing them it is critical that you remember this:
I am diligently following the daily changes to open interest in the precious metals. In doing so, it has become quite clear that there is very little, regular trading left in the PMs. All we have are The Cartel and the EE alternately covering and adding shorts as well as some HFT WOPRs that swing back and forth depending upon which way the POSX is moving. This is a double-edged sword.
  • This makes movements in the PMs even more easy to predict than usual.
  • This also brings significantly greater volatility which can wipe you out fast if you're not careful.
Anyone attempting to trade (and I do not encourage it) must trade cautiously and use well-defined stops.
To that end, let's start with the POSX charts. It looks like The Pig has, in fact, found a short-term bottom this time. I thought it had double-bottomed at 79 earlier this week. Instead, it has formed a rounded bottom. Nevertheless, you can clearly see on the one-year daily chart that 79 functions well as a technical support least for now. I still have a hunch, however, that Pigatha will soon head even lower, toward 78 and maybe even 77.
Next is gold. Unfortunately, the trend from last Wednesday's FOMC minutes is now broken. Oh well. It had to happen sometime. As you can clearly see, however, gold could fall quite a ways from here and still NOT violate its trend from 1/1/12. In the end, all is well. QE is going to infinity. BTFD.
Lastly, silver might actually be in a tradable position. Maybe. I still think that the real Battle Royale will be at 35-35.50. IF that's the case, then it may be possible to trade some March calls from 33.25-50 up to 35-35.50. Maybe. Again, trade at your own risk and be on guard for some nasty volatility, to the UPside and the downside.
OK, I'm going to stop there, cross my fingers and toes, and pray that when I hit "SAVE" that this post actually appears on "Main Street" and simply doesn't disappear into the ether. Thanks again to all who have donated in support of the Tech Team and security improvements. Be sure to check back later this afternoon or over the weekend for a great and timely podcast. Have a fun day!!  TF


  1. Is the main site down for everyone or just me?

  2. Down for me too.
    All my other websites are online...
    this is too weird!
    gold down 60 bucks! turd's site down?

  3. what a coincidence? I think not. bunch of crock if you ask me.

  4. Hi, guys. I'll post something here in a while if the site doesn't come back up.

  5. Is it back up? I am trying to post there, but it is taking a long time...

  6. still is down. Thanks for all you Turd! This has been a vicious attack. I'm guessing it was from Bernanke conference? Haven't gotten to see any. working all day trying to make some fiat along the way for these dips.

  7. You know, as many times I've watched this happen.... I still shake my head in disbelief sometimes.

  8. Turd wrote about the audacity of the MFers the other day. They obviously read it.

    Has clever as these evil bastards are, they're still a stacker's best friend. BTFD!

  9. Any one else having trouble w/ tf metals right now?

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