Thursday, February 2, 2012

Denial of Service

For all who might be wondering, the site is currently being maliciously attacked by someone or something. The common term for this is a "Denial of Service" attack whereby the site is shut down by an overload of requests for access. The servers get overwhelmed and the result is a site shutdown.

Who is doing this and why are the questions we are trying to answer. In the meantime, please keep checking the site to see if it has come back up. Hopefully, by later today, we'll get back to business.

On a side note, you've surely noticed that silver has finally smashed through $34. With the BLSBS coming out tomorrow, I expect this rally to continue, probably all the way to heavy resistance between 35 and 35.50. Gold has broken out to and should continue rallying all the way to the major downtrend resistance line, somewhere near 1780.

Thanks for your patience. TF


  1. that's shady - I have this still in my RSS reader for a reason!!

  2. Turd is the word! Thanks for the update. At least old trusty here is working :)

    P.S. Thurd!

    And for the old timers, captcha was "guessing".
    Turd is guessing who attacked the site.

  3. dos attacks are part of running a site. I dont know who would do that to you but it can only go on for so long, its just a temporary thing. Hope you dont take it personally Turd, it could have been worse. I bet whatever the cause it will be over in a few hours. Keep up the great commentary!

  4. I had it in my rss reader too. thanks for the update!

  5. Thanks for the update, Turd. Good luck with the battle. (Blythe probably saw the video and went nuclear.......)

    "FIRST" - Nice touch!

  6. I was suspecting something like this was happening. Glad to have the old site. I wonder how many new turdites don't know about it.

  7. Was wondering what happened to the site. Thought it was only my mobile device which was having problems. Glad I checked in. The post before announcing the move has been overrun by spam bots! Anyone care to group buy some bootleg Cialis with me??

    Wordver: scrotumlicious

    Oh c'mon!!!!

  8. I wondered what happened. My friends had it happen to their blogs too.

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