Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Quick Note On Silver

Even with the EE manipulations of late Tuesday, I was confident that the Dec10 silver would hold $26.50. It did and on the chart below you can clearly see why.
What's next? With $8B in POMO tomorrow, I'd expect silver to trade through the $28.20 level and finish up a very strong week. Next week brings $31B more in POMO. You can bet your betooty that the Dec10 will make new contract highs, well into the 30s.


  1. Thanks for starting this blog Mr. Turd. Btw your picture on Zero, its funny. I like your precious metals calls over there, and I agree that we are going higher for the next 30 days. Pomo rocket time.

  2. Thanks Turd,

    I have been lurking for some time watching your calls... You make great points and good sense.
    Please continue your efforts! I appreciate them greatly.

    It takes a good point to knock me off my thought seat... You get me scrambling frequently! Kudos!

  3. Thanks for blogging Turd.
    Are you a fan of MacDonald or am I the only one who thinks Dirty Work was a funny film. Tom

  4. Red: I've just always thought the "Celebrity Jeopardy" skits on SNL were hilarious, particularly Darrell Hammond as Sean Connery. "That's not what your mother said last night, Trebek".

  5. Welcome to the blogosphere, Turd. I just started one myself back in August.

    Though I've been reading ZH for over a year, I rarely post comments, but have read yours on many occasions over the past several months and agree with you the majority of the time. On my blog I'm actually midway through a post on Silver that I'll probably complete over the weekend. I'll drop in a link and a call-out to your new home here for any of my readers who want more details on PMs. Thanks for your insight and good luck. Cheers!

  6. Are you expecting another correction after it passes yet again the $28 mark, or is it to infinity and beyond from here?

    Thanks for the blog; I will be following you from now on. Perhaps you could share with us your background in your profile.

  7. Yeah thanks Mr. Turd, saves the trouble of having to wade through all the superfluous comments at ZH just to find yours! Keep us updated.

    BTW are you familiar with this site?

    I actually don't trade, just a simple buy and holder but the blogger running that site is pretty good short term csller imho. Cheers again!

  8. Glad to see your blog starting up T... Do you mind if I cross post to my blog on occasion? I like your posts and had read your post on ZH.

    Question: Do you trade options against SLV? How do you typically create a set up for a silver play? What mechanism do you use?

  9. Nice to see another PM watcher start his own blog. I frequent Gary Savage's Smart Money Tracker.

    Long AGQ.

  10. TF,

    Do you watch the USD closely? When do you think the recent rally is going to end?

  11. Hey Turd- Thanks for blogging. I respect your thinking (along with Cheeky and CD) such that I always catch your posts. And as to 'moot' vs 'mute'...most moot comments would be better off mute.

    And i'm really struggling with creating an icon to post with the username is screwy...

  12. I've got to figure out how to respond to specific notes. For now...

    Sten: Thru 28.20 signals a move back to the highs of Tuesday. $30 will be a psychological barrier, too. There is nothing on the chart, however, to slow silver down until about $35 or so.

    Paul: I'll check it out. Thanks!

    Canary: Cross-posting is fine. I primarily trade options on futures through my accounts at Lind-Waldock. The leverage of options provides the most bang for my buck.

    Cat:I do watch the USDX but never forget that it is only an index of the US$ vs other fiat currencies. Therefore, up $ = down euro and vice versa. To really gauge the damage inflicted upon us by our "leaders", check the charts of the various fiat vs gold. Its quite telling.

  13. TF,

    Yeah, I hear you. I've just been watching the USD like a hawk because of the implications on my silver. (I haven't sold one bit in the aftermath of Tuesday's scary plunge.)

    If the USD rises above 78.36 it will make a new short term high, which kind of concerns me.

  14. I've been buying and following silver on e-bay for the last month or so. Liberty ounces have become more scarce in the last few days and are now typically selling for about $34. There is a noticeable increase in demand and lowering in the quality of silver offered. Just a refence.

  15. Day one @ Turd's

    All the best!

    Fast Twitch

  16. Congrats on your site, TF. Your calls have been dead-on. You are on my short list of "must read" sites.

  17. Glad to see you've started your own blog. Always enjoy your info and comments over at ZH.

  18. Good man Turd. Glad you finally decided to join the blogsphere.

  19. Silver might have an(other) advantage over gold here: in silver we had the margin increase already ...

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