Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I have to keep this brief as I am on a business trip this evening.

Silver just looks fantastic. The next key level is 26.50, which may initially see overnight. It will probably take a couple of thrusts to burst through there as you can expect lots of EE fortifications at that point.

To me, however, the only question is when we move through 26.50 and back on toward 27.50 and 28. Could be as early as Friday but, more likely, late next week.

Big brother gold is being more actively restrained because of its headline-grabbing ability. As I've mentioned countless times before, however, silver has been dragging gold along now for over 90 days. That trend will undoubtedly continue. As silver approaches 26.50, gold will approach 1350. As silver moves back toward 27.50-28, gold will see 1370-75.

Again, last night I began to strongly believe that the bottoms were in. All that were needed were successful tests of 25 and 1330. We got em and now the charts look very promising.

Keep the faith. Rest well. Feel good.


  1. Spot on so far. Hope it doesn't get out of control before they have to, the markets make a correction. Flying? Enjoy the groping.

  2. Excellent news! Thanks for the update.

  3. Anything above $24 is above pure cookies and cream.