Thursday, December 9, 2010

Opening An Options Account

I'm getting a lot of inquiries as to where I have my options account. Regular readers will know that I deal exclusively with Lind-Waldock in Chicago. The service is terrific and their website is user-friendly.
Some of our global readers have expressed chagrin that they cannot trade there. Aha! That is apparently incorrect. I just spoke with Lind and they will be happy to help anyone, anywhere. Here is the email I just received:

Hi Turd,
It was a pleasure speaking with you today.
You can have your "bloggers" contact either John or myself at the info below.
Tony Klancic / 312.788.2964 /
John Rumsey / 312.788.2975 /

Apparently, The Turd even pockets a little change for up to three referrals so please feel free to mention that "Turd sent me" if you decide to open an account. :)

Tony Klancic also directed me to this story that he helped another blogger write last year. It details the process through which one can take physical delivery. Might be helpful.

The PMs are finishing up the day very nicely. Let's hope they can hang in there for another 15 minutes or so. TF


  1. Woop! Thanks man, I'll get in touch with them right away.

  2. Dearest Turd,thank you very much for the very helpful and interesting post..;)

  3. Turd Ferguson, mind-reader. Thanks for posting this. I was thinking about contacting you about this very subject.

  4. Fiends Brave Victim and Tripp Fenderson any news from Lind Wadlock?I emailed them twice but no answer yet.I am from South Europe but I guess its not a problem for them.

  5. Hi, newb here. I've been contemplating shutting down the 401k for a while and just paying some bills and buying a few ounces of silver. There's not a ton in it, so it's not a huge blow, but I'm mainly just interested in anyone's opinion on the matter. Also, is there anyway to buy physical silver from the 401k, and hopefully not getting a penalty?


  6. The best call on silver futures - very accurate indeed! Thank you. I wonder indeed if July silver can reach $42 sooner than later. Silver doesn't seem to be caring about the strength in dollar at all other than minor short-lived sell-offs only to turn up right back.

  7. turd, what do you think about buying gold?