Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Buck Me, This Is Getting Old!

Our PMs can't seem to shake off the sporadic bouts of dollar strength we've seen overnight as every uptick in the USDX is met with algo sell orders in gold and silver. Not coincidentally, gold is struggling with pretty significant resistance at 1385, too, which is serving to keep a lid on things. Silver also got stopped in its tracks at its last level of resistance. Having cleared 29.60, the 29.85-90 to 30 area is all that stands between here and 30.60+. Whether or not we are able to best these levels seems to rely solely upon the next move in the USDX, which still looks to be down. Here's a 1-hour March USDX:
I still gotta believe that the March USDX is headed to 80.40 or so, which would put cash at around 80.10. This kind of move down in the $ should provide the spark for the PMs to finally clear resistance and make that run to 1400+ and 30.60+ that I've been predicting for about 48 hours now.

Two quick media items for you to ponder this morning. First, and article by Patrick Heller on Far Eastern physical metal demand. Never forget that this is all about the fundos!

Second, this interview took place on Kudlow's show last night. The topic is the Fed's balance sheet and its implications, which is interesting to ponder. More fun, however, is hearing Kudlow mutter the term "vampire squid", which he does several times. What an old, cranky, statist, supply-side shill douchebag he has become.

More later as I sit and hang on every tick in the USDX...


  1. 1370 is the target for today Turd....

    Looks all very strange today...

    Battle on all fields all day long ...

    Equities up - Bonds down - Currencies up and down..

    No Direction to see

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  3. you need to check your second link turd

  4. The junkie's getting the DT's ahead of today's announcement on the next round of POMO.


  5. Anyone know why the NYSE boys invoked rule 48 this morning?

  6. I cannot find anything specific on why rule 48 was invoked this morning, but it certainly is odd. No obvious news or giant movements in futures prior to the open, yet they do this to counter "extreme volatility"? Could it be that POMO is going to be far larger than consensus, and they were worried the news would leak early...?

  7. OK,we got to 92+crude and dollar fell under 80.40 support.
    Copper also rising.
    Looks good..

  8. OK, so we basically have lift off in commodities across the board. Oh, except for gold and silver of course.

  9. George and Barb: We are thinking alike. I got so pissed I made a new post out of it. Sucks.