Monday, January 3, 2011

Setting Your Watch

I have much to say today but time is limited and I feel this info deserves its own post.

Many were on vacation last week and may have missed some of the items we discussed here. One of the most important was the emergence of daily EE attacks at around 8:20 EST followed by FUBM formations on the charts.

First, here's Wednesday, the 29th:
Next, here's Thursday the 30th:
Blythe gave us Friday off and look what happened...both metals soared to new highs. Well, we can't have that now can we? So, today, we get this:
Considering the attacks all begin at roughly the exact same time, only Stevie Wonder could fail to see the obvious manipulation. On the plus side, the fact that it is so obvious should only embolden us as it shows the utter desperation of the Evil Empire. If they attack and create fresh paper shorts every morning, they are only able to hold price steady. If they don't attack, all of their current shorts get deeper and deeper under water. Quite a dilemma. Well, too bad, Blythe, you created this monster and now its about to eat you alive! HAHAHAHAHA.

Everything else is kicking fanny. My wheat is clear of $8 and headed to $8.60. Beans are over $14. Crude is over $92. Another FUBM is forming. The sun is shining. Its a new year. Be happy.
More later.

10:05 UPDATE:
see below


  1. My new year's resolution was to BTFD :p

  2. Excellent Analysis, I was just about to post about at least 20 days where blythe does her dirty work so obviously to trigger stops and crash the price of silver and gold.

    Gone are the days of margin raising (any attempt again would surely be taken as the wrong signal after the initial damage...)
    If you notice, the manipulation was able to get the open to be at Friday's close.

    The Asians and Europeans have already given silver a nice lift, we now have room to gap up thanks to Blythe.
    Great Buying opportunities early in the morning and sometimes late in the day!
    Fun Fun Fun times... I wouldn't want to be betting against this raging bull...
    - for my blog
    Scott J

  3. Isn't it possible that these "raids" are just partially European traders taking daily profits before they quit for the day?

  4. My Cherie Amore....

    The EE Raiders of the Lost Monie are on full tilt. Precious metals get bought up and then dumped like London and New York are dropping the batton on purpose. They did. They are throwing the race and by the end everyone will notice. They dropped the baton with fraudclosure, derivatives, and now manipulating the precious metals market at the height of the financial storm. Keep bird dogging them Turd, and everyone use your monies to snipe Blyth!

    Buy silver.

  5. Oh look the dollar is climbing with gold and silver. Risk off, time to go to real monie, hahaha


  6. CMT, from what I can see you might get a .10-.20 cent swing in the price of silver when the profit taking happens, not .20+ cents. Furthermore they would have to be selling a cr@pload of silver to do even that.

    Turd any guess as to how much Blythe has to offload into the system in order to drop the price like? That would be an interesting stat to see.

  7. To do this at the same time every day is so dumb that, to me, it cries out for some other explanation. What's the point of doing this if you don't even bother to conceal it? If you want to suppress AG, this is simply inviting your enemies to profit by buying at 8:26 every weekday.

    I even understand desperation. But .. how does desperation lead them to do it at 0825 Monday-Friday?

    I am extremely uncomfortable assuming that my opponent is just ... dumber than a bag of hammers.

  8. Oh.. and....

    Fed delenda est.

  9. Mick: All I can do is present the facts and hypothesize.

    CMT: At the same time every day?

    Nate: Size varies. Enough to overwhelm the bid down to their desired effect.

  10. Hey Mick,

    Maybe it is all done by one guy and he has a daily routine of coming in, dropping a morning deuce, grabs a cup of coffee, logs in to pc and hits the "Short Silver" button the computer geeks setup for him?

    Hehehehehe.... I say it jokingly but if it turned out to be true I would not be surprised at all.

  11. I am kind of stuck between "Never underestimate your enemy." and "Never explain with a conspiracy what could be explained by stupidity."


    Here is an inspiration.

    Near the end of the game the Powers will appear to become inept.

    Why? Not because they are stupid. Because, near the end, they are ready for the suppression to fail.

    Because they have been buying PMs with their private hands, while they have been suppressing it with their public hands. Effectively, looting nation-states.

    The plan is that, when they have all that they can get, or when the worldwide fiat system just collapses, the world will get a 'new' monetary system -- PM backed.

    And some of the people calling for it will be some of the same people who were stopping it from happening for as long as possible.

    There! Phew! I feel better now.

    I really prefer to believe in evil, rather than stupidity.

    Oh, and .... Fed delenda est.

  12. OK, *that's* disturbing. My captcha-word for the previous post was "arson". :-)

    If I never post here again --- you'll know that I was right.

  13. @nathanabbott:

    That's quite a visual.

    Would make a great cartoon.

    Here's a guy who shares my personal optimism we will get to $34 or so, this week or next:


    The GOLD PRICE burst through the last high at $1,415.90, gobbled up $15.50 and closed Comex at $1,421.10, a new all-time high close. Silver added 42.2c for another new high close since 1980 at 3091c.

    Minimum targets are $1,475 gold and 3400c silver. Maximum targets are $1,600 and 3700c SILVER PRICE (maybe 3900c).

  14. CMT "Isn't it possible that these "raids" are just partially European traders taking daily profits before they quit for the day?"

    Only if they are morons who like to sell against themselves and their own profits. It is called 'running the stops' and is designed to flip small specs out of their positions, and to break the momentum of a rally by making the bulls fight back to regain the price retracement dealt out in thin volumes. Only big leveraged players can manage it. It is the reason for the uptick rule in stocks, and the bans against naked shorting.

  15. I would presume that they deliberately do it at the same time every day for a few reasons:

    a) As Turd has pointed out before the Asian dealers are done for the day.

    b) If you do it at the same time then other people who paper trade will notice and will also paper short at this time so BM gets a bonus of extra participants and more bang for her buck. It also puts off speculators who want to go long as they know that this crap is coming and as a result just sit on their hands and wait to see the damage.

    c) That's the time they start work in the U.S. so that's when they get to work.

    But as Turd has pointed out many times this is a completely doomed strategy in the long run. BOS are buying the dips with relish and will win out in the end.

  16. Whoa check this just out from KWN:

    A source in mergers and acquisitions out of Europe has alerted King World News that Carlos Slim may be looking to enter the silver market in a big way. Gold and silver are in big bull markets and this is attracting the attention of some of the smartest money around the globe. James Turk commented, “If this deal does happen Eric, this is going to make the silver shorts choke.” Fresnillo has a current market cap of roughly $19 billion.

  17. flaunt - that is GREAT news! Thanks for the heads up!

  18. So, what are we thinking for resistance everyone? 1390? 1400? And do we think it'll even happen that we'll have another test of lower levels? I'm skittish about where to get in again...

  19. Well James Turks just released his 2011 outlook and here's a quote:

    1) Gold will reach $2000 per ounce ($64.30 per goldgram) in the first half of 2011. Look for gold to exceed $1,800 by the end of Q1. The low for the year will be made in January, probably in the first week. Thereafter, look for gold to continue the hyperbolic uptrend it is already tracking.

    2) Silver will reach $50 per ounce, probably in Q1 2011. It will then take a breather by moving sideways, trading in a range between $50-$38. It will do so in order to consolidate its tremendous gains, which if my $50 target is reached will be a more than three-fold increase in price from the year’s low of $14.82 in 2010.

  20. We are on the verge of another push higher...$32 + coming up!

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. FBV-

    I have this range as $1395-$1420.

    So if we make a move past $1425 the move will continue until $1440. That being said I am sure we will test this range again, possibly the bottom at $1395. The EE like to move throught the whole range and then back again to maximize earnings from both sides of the trade.

    Stay patient.

  23. Look at that dive, fuck that bitch!

  24. Thanks Mr. Hendrix, that sounds like good advice to me. I was thinking somewhere between 1390-1400 looked good. Maybe I'm getting a grasp of this technicals shit after all. I remain patient!

    Best regards, Adam

  25. And oop! Looks like a Plan C access market attack for any Cafe Metropole readers out there...

  26. Yeah Chris, I was wondering if there was some news (margin increase, interest rates, etc) that I missed, because damn... that is one nasty drop.

  27. ***Golf clap for Blythe***


  28. I know you guys like to blame Blythe for the negative action, but the charts and other technical indicators (especially Bollinger bands) clearly showed that silver was probably not going to blast higher today. In fact, I wouldn't be too surprised to see silver move sideways for a couple of days, or even drop to around 29 before resuming the move up. It doesn't matter who or what causes the movements, price, volume and the charts tell me all I need to know.

  29. This is interesting... Correlation between crude drop and silver drop?

  30. Looks like a late afternoon dump no doubt by JPM herself. Things are heating up. Inventory at my favorite dealers is very low, so who else would have something to sell in such volume.

  31. Patience this week......if they drop silver to it heavy...keep some powder ready......

  32. Events of the past week give the appearance that the EE is losing control of this thing: A big run-up on low volume last Tuesday, the Turd "quadfecta" of daily / weekly / monthly / yearly highs on Friday, a COMEX close over $31 today despite a holiday in London, now an after-hours smackdown.

    Something's not right.

  33. RoCoach: Except for technical analysis goes out the window with manipulation like this. We are in a solid uptrend and there is absolutely no reason for it to happen like that unless it's deliberately done. It happens every morning, and now big time this afternoon. Actually we were poised for a good move upward today. Everything technical wise was a solid green GO.