Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Birthday, Turd!

I told you last night that today was a big day. It is!! Its the anniversary of The Turd's birth!

Like most of you, I have found that birthdays are less fun to celebrate as I get older. There's always this looming reality that I'm now statistically closer to death than birth...but...what can you do? Time marches on. Fortunately, for me, I am surrounded by Mrs. Ferguson and the two pre-teen turds and, really, who can ask for more than that? I am blessed in so may ways that I try to thank God every day for my family, my friends and, yes, even all you Turdites. This blog is growing so quickly, I am struggling to keep up. I have some very interesting ideas of where we can go from here but I'll leave that for another day.

For now, I'll close this note with a personal favorite musical interlude.
Everyone says that "music was better when they were younger" but, in my case, this is definitely true. This song was written and released back in my college days and, at the time, was just simply part of another cassette in my cassette case. (If you're near my age, I bet you had one of those, too.) In the years since, it has become a bit on an anthem for me and I seem to always find myself listening to it around my birthday. Its about hopes and dreams and how the battering ram of life can beat most everyone into submission. You and I are different, however, but like "Peter" in the song, just because we've seen our dreams come true, that "don't make us no hero, just one of the lucky few".

Upon further review, I felt I needed to add the rest of the lyric from the best verse:

"And Peter's seen his dream come true
but that don't make him now hero
he's just one of the lucky few.
If a man can't change the world these days,
I still believe a man can change his own destiny.
But the price is high
and its gotta be paid.
For everyone who survives
there are many who fail.
I've seen my friends caught up
in that cross fire
all their dreams and hopes smashed
on the funeral pyre.
I will never give in
until the day that I die.
I've got myself some independence.
Carved out a future with my two bare hands.
Oh my friend oh my friend oh my friend...

Give me a few minutes and I'll be back with a usual morning take. Until then, enjoy:


  1. happy b-day tf!
    i'll think about getting you an 8 track to play those tunes on as a gift.

  2. Hey guys,

    Jamie Fucking Dimon( JPM CEO) is on CNBS right now! Boo!

  3. Yes aren't they a lovely couple. Young Cabal members in waiting........

  4. Happy birthday TF! Ohh the glory days of cassette tapes and vhs videos :)
    This blog and its comments just keep getting better and better quality wise.
    Keep up the good work!

  5. Happy Bday Turd. Not really sure if this the area to post following comment but here it goes:

    Hello TF.
    Pivot points can be used to calculate Price Support & Resistance levels.
    PV's can be calculated based on specifc time frames ie: Daily, Weekly, Month time frames.
    Rick Ackerman uses Pivot Points consistently.
    To my understanding also many floor traders.
    The formula / calculations are as follows:

    Pivot points can be expressed by the following formula:

    DP = (H + L + C) / 3
    R1 = 2 * DP - L
    S1 = 2 * DP - H
    R2 = DP + (R1 - S1)
    S2 = DP - (R1 - S1)

    Thus for the $Gold$GOLD&p=D&yr=1&mn=0&dy=0&id=p77273712505
    the calculations from the peak of 12/7/2010 to low of 1/27/11 are:
    Symbol High Low Close Range WP R1 R2 S1 S2
    $GOLD 1430.60 1310.30 1313.50 120.30 1351.47 1392.63 1471.77 1272.33 1231.17

    For $Silver$SILVER&p=D&yr=1&mn=0&dy=0&id=p10481158832
    Symbol High Low Close Range WP R1 R2 S1 S2
    $SILVER 31.21 26.56 26.81 4.65 28.19 29.83 32.84 25.18 23.54

    According to these calculations for Gold Next support level would be $1272.33
    For Silver the calculation yields $25.18

    According to Rick Ackerman "I’d categorize 1296.50 as a back-up-the-truck price where February Gold could — and should – be accumulated aggressively..."
    Above another way to sort of calculate support / resistance with some mathematical precision.

  6. Hearty congrats Mr. Ferguson! And please thank Mrs. Ferguson and the little ones on behalf of the Turdites- we GREATLY appreciate them letting us borrow Daddy to come out and play here so often. I plan on taking care of my three little ones no matter what the 'end of the great Keynsian experiment' brings, and the info I get here is extremely valuable to that end. Many thanks.

    P.S.- Hey Brad Pitt's brother, that's just cold dude. Very funny, but cold. :-)

  7. Many Happy Returns TF. I was born the day after "Silver Thursday" - I feel like that's some sort of sign!

  8. Jamie is more than a young cabal member. He's the frickin' Emperor himself. He's Sauron. He's He Who Must Not Be Named. That's my take.

  9. Happy Birthday Turd! I wonder how your kids would feel being referred to as "little turds." lol. Have a great day. Maybe you should take a day off.

  10. Happy Birthday, Turd.

    Look to the right. Blythe sends her greetings.

  11. @ bet pharoah:
    i hope that doesn't mean you're a day late and a dollar short!!!
    @ Pining for Fiords:
    well, yeah, but that cuts both ways i guess. its that one item of mine that never seems to sell at my garage sales. lol. so i guess that dates me too.
    could i perhaps also interest you in a herman's hermit's LP?

  12. I bet that was a joyous occasion when Momma squeezed out little Turd.

    HBD TF

  13. Well it looks like our gold "spread closer" has finally been revealed. This was the source of the massive open interest drop earlier in the week. Apparently people started panicking thinking a big trader was dumping their gold holdings, but it sounds like nothing of the sort.

    "But as gold prices started falling this year, the trade, which was a combination of being long and short gold contracts — bets that prices will both rise and fall — started going bad. Monday, he liquidated his position, and is returning money to clients."

    "That Mr. Shak and his firm, SHK Asset Management, could control one of the largest positions in the gold market underscores how leverage can enable investors to control huge positions in many commodity markets."

    "While the drop in contracts didn’t appear to hurt gold prices, it caused some panic in the market. Brokers said they fielded calls from clients worried that a big trader may be dumping holdings."

    So if this one little dude can create panic in the futures markets is it any wonder that a behemoth like JPM can do it day after day?

  14. Turdites-

    Just to make sure I'm not having a hallucination of some kind, Feb gold OpEx is today at 1:30, right?

    @Brad Pitt: Floaters? You are on a roll this morning! The 8-track is a time marker for sure-I am surrounded by college kids all day and get the whole "so what was it like to use a telegraph" schtick. Cracks me up every time.

  15. i suspect some major shorting in slw has helped to further damage the silver case also. that's the bellwether of the miners class as aapl is to the nasdaq. if this thing turns that stock should shoot straight up.
    btw, great links here, especially yesterday.

  16. Happy Birthday, TF. It's not the time itself, it's what you do with it. I would venture that you are already making better use of yours that most -- keep on keeping on.
    And it does look a bit like there is a special FUBM going on in honor of your announcement... ;-)

  17. Happy Happy Birthday Wishes, thank you for the
    time and effort you spend on this blog.

  18. Nice bounce off Turd's bottom, but let's see if it can hold through 10:30.

  19. Happy Birthday!

    I will not comment on flaunt's last missive! Yes, I have an immature mind :) heheheheh...

  20. Woohooo I was right. Buyers of size b4 expiry

  21. Happy Birthday, and many more! Looking forward to hearing your ideas.

  22. Happy B day Mr T !!

    Up 20 on gold BTFD works again!!!

  23. Happy Birthday T

    Transistor radios here, 8-tracks after high school. Seriously.

    Looks like our little friends got morning wood. Yeah, I remember that too.


  24. Lovin the 28.01 silver close. Hopin it was a good day for the Turd. curious of the time stamps on the comments here? Must be a lot of Turdites outside of North Am.

    Best to you and yours.

  25. As we all know, the only alternative to growing old is to die young. Since personally I am past this point, I enjoy every new year all the more. You have a heart of gold, TF. Keep it up. Long live Turdistan !!