Sunday, January 23, 2011

A New "Movie"

Mrs. Ferguson has given me the day off. Before I spend it on my butt watching football, I thought I would finally finish my latest masterpiece. Alert The Academy!
In this short film, our antagonist explains why the J P Morgue does what it does. Its a must -see for all who wonder if and/or why the Evil Empire acts in the way they do.
I'll check in later, after the Pitt/NYJ game, with an update on the evening trading. Until then, enjoy...

11:00 pm EST UPDATE:
A very nice rally this evening which, to me, is being led by copper. Ole DrC is back above the 434 level at 435.55. The March USDX is banging up against former support at 78.45 as the old adage is "failed support becomes resistance". IF copper can hold above 434 tomorrow and IF it can further rally back above 438, we can begin to feel certain that the correction is over and that we will NOT see 1320 and 26.50-65. There is every reason to be optimistic as both soyas and wheat are up about 10 cents and crude is up, too. In crude, a move back above 90.25 would be great. Couple that with copper back above 438 and we'll be cookin. So far, so good.

Thanks to everyone who enjoyed the "movie" today. This is going to be a very interesting week. Get some rest. More in the a.m. Turd out.


  1. if gold would finally take off like everyone says its going to do, i'd be able to hire the same russian hooker as those two and leave a good tip to boot.
    one caveat, i'd want my daily appointment scheduled before blythe's.

  2. Thanks for the movie buddy. I've been following your blog for a couple weeks now after seeing your posts @ ZH. Keep up the good work, I owe ya a beer someday... purchased with silver of course!

  3. Awesome video... love it :)

  4. Blythe: "And if gold were trading at $4000 per ounce, would anyone really believe inflation was nonexistent?"
    Monkey: "Only Paul Krugman."

    Priceless, Turd! That and the Mr. Andrea Mitchell line had me rolling. Like gold and silver, you and your movie are money.

  5. Sould read: you and your movies are money.

    Like Blythe said: you're a dangerous man, TF.

    Hitting a banner (which I do here regularly, but never ever did anywhere else online before) on my way out. Keep up the great work!

  6. Very funny, Turd. The "mine too" comment from Blythe when they were discussing the effects of inflation had me in stitches.

    The only thing I'd change for the future is the reference from "President O-bottom" to "President Oh-blah-blah".

    Worthless sack of shit that he is, the latter is a more fitting description of his penchant for rambling on endlessly to the American people with empty words and rhetoric.

  7. You report on Mar 11 USDX prices, and they appear to be lower than Kitco spot for the dollar. It could be the prices were quoted at different times, but I just wondered if it is possible for the dollar to go into backwardation.

  8. I would not expect gold or silver to do much until after wednesday if that.Next week is Feb option expiry at the close of buisness on Wed.Also it just happens to fall on the same day as the FOMC concludes its meetings .You know they will keep interest rates low and reaffirm the need to maintain QE2 , while probably making a comment to the effect the economy is showing signs of improvement--what a joke.--Bottom line don't expect to see gold or silver do very much, the cartel believe me will not allow it-the objective of the cartel is to keep gold around $1340 -that's the way the game is played

  9. Looking at various sites today, the gold bears are coming out of the woodwork with ever lower price projections. Somehow, I find that a contrarian sense....

  10. Check out Clive Maund's latest at

    He thinks the end of the correction is nigh as well.

  11. Nice open let's see if we come off the bottom and take a crack at 1400 and 30 for Silver.

    I will be buying again on the next......dip.

    Remember BTFD!

  12. On Friday, I went all in on a $100k IRA, 60% PHYS, 40% Miners mutual fund. That being said, I've a lurking feeling I may lose big for a while. Martin Armstrong's latest shows we have to get above $1372 by the end of January or we will test lows in the $1200's. I'm very, very, nervous!

  13. Deft and witty screenplay that illuminates to the neophytes (myself included) the swirling depths of the squid lair, and their nefarious machinations. Keep up the good fight, our morale is all too human, but the truth remains steadfast.

  14. That bad smell... sorry it was me.

    I just farted.

  15. I've created an IRC chatroom for Turdites to talk in real time. No idea if it will be beneficial but its fairly painless in setting it up; so why not!

    Here's the information if anyone wants to join real-time discussions:

    channel: #tfmetalsreport
    password (if asked): Turd

    For those that need a crash course in IRC please see this link:

    A few quick notes from me:

    Favorite IRC programs are:
    1) Firefox has a built in IRC client called ChatZilla which I heard is quite nice,
    2) Others recommend mIRC, hydraIRC, and xchat.

    Another quick note: coldfront server is not mine but I use it in other accounts, it's been stable and frankly is a good test to see if Turdites are willing and interested to participate in real time chat.


    get past the headline and you see the desperation..IMHO..too much ball juggling..those balls happen to be bowling balls btw...let one of those somebeaches hit you in the proverbial face...not wanting to be an alarmist...but it's so over

  17. @ unum - This article on Jesse's Cafe approaches similar questions, but in a more direct manner:
    I agree, it is -- but the death throes of a wounded giant can take a LONG time and are quite dangerous. The reins will be held onto at all costs, against all rationality, beyond any reasonable expectation of a reasonable resolution OR the timely introduction of the 'new' paradigm.

  18. Post numero uno...

    Many thanks Turd.

    I especially like the morning turd.

    I add 100 oz phys last week and hope for a further drop so I can do the same this week.

    I don't care how far they drop them the fundos are the same.

    @thecoloredsky is a web based IRC client.

  19. I posted the start of my own take on it on the site. They're at:

    The first one is also on youtube at The second one is giving an error at youtube so far.

  20. well we are getting a nice lift off tonight. probably get nuked tomorrow in the NY morning.

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  22. Hey turd if you download Real Player(its free) you can download the movie from xtranormal then upload it to youtube and then copy the embedded code and embedd it directly on your blog

  23. I captured it in Stream Transport and uploaded to sendspace. From there it can be downloaded and go anywhere.

  24. look at oil and copper. I think the end is not near but far away. We are going down today.

    Little break as of Tuesday, and then same old shit. until gold hits 1300 or below.

  25. Precious and Citizen: Thanks for your help!

  26. Can you add a copper chart to the right sidebar? Since you mention it as being important to the PMs, it would be good to see it at a glance with the other charts.

  27. I'm with tofurkey. It looks like the wicked bitch of the west (or east?) is intent on attacking today.

  28. Wow. check out that reversal. almost got back to 28 last night then took a dive. Now trading down almost .20c. I think it is safe to say stay away for the time being. Im waiting it out for a stabilization before i jump back in. figure we need about 3-5 near flat days before it is safe to test the waters again. trend is obviously short term down and as they say "the trend is your friend"

  29. ya if they aren't even waiting until Wed. I wonder what that will bring...ouch

  30. I love the headline on right now. "U.S. stock futures fluctuate". What kind of freaking genius wrote that? That bit of breaking news is basically true 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It's like putting up a big headline "Earth rotates".

    Sorry. Just had to vent a little. Go back to whatever you were doing.