Friday, January 14, 2011

Some Friday Fun

This has been such a long, brutal week that I needed a break and I figure you do, too.

Inspired by, The Turd has created his own short film. It won't win any Oscars but I hope it provides you with a few laughs to ease the pain.

I'll update all the weekly charts with fresh commentary tomorrow. Until then, enjoy. Turd out.


  1. LOL reminds me of Star Wars. Is that what you were going for?

    Darth Masters.

  2. what pain? it's only pain if you got leveraged buy positions with busted stops. for everyone else its a buy opp and a good one. Cheer up Turd good times area coming

  3. you want me to copy that vid and post it to youtube? no probs if you do

  4. hung like an anaconda? hmm. maybe this is our "in" to blythe's domain! are you up top the task, tf?
    of course, she could have an anaconda herself i suppose and negate our efforts...

  5. If anyone needs to be talked back from the ledge, I invite you to checkout the Great Peter Schiff's radio show ( He's on 2 hrs/day. Listen to him regularly and he'll put ice water in your veins. PMs could drop 50% next week and I'll be cool as a cat knowing I have physical.

  6. yeah Schiff does a very good job.

    he said hes looking forward for a price drop :D

  7. Good stuff. I'm with bpblb on this Turd. You need to take one for the team and win Blythe over. Put that weapon to good use and, eh, infiltrate her, eh, domain. There is no way she can resist that pornstache. You'll have her thinking "looong silver" in no time.

  8. JC,

    I'm with you. I listen to Schiff every day. I'm heavily invested in junior silver miners & I'm not selling for a long, long, long matter what. I don't care if the price drops 90%. When you know you are fundamentally right then you stand strong no matter how strong the headwinds are. I'm actually happy prices are being suppressed. It gives me more time to buy more each month when I get my paycheck.

    If you are trying to churn out quick profits form PM's, you are a fool. You have to have a longterm mindset.

    For those of you that have shaky feet, take a look at a 10 year chart of gold or silver. Look at all of the gyrations. If one sold every time the price dropped, they would have been a total moron. If you want to make money, you have to have a pair balls.

  9. "Gensler is my bitch"


  10. Bahahahaha.....hung like a donkey!!!

  11. We haven't even tested 28 yet this week and now we are getting 50% price drop predictions. Unbelievable!

    With respect to the jr miner stocks, there is more driving their price now than just the price of silver alone. There is much more attention being placed on them and investors actively buying dips. Look at the volume over the last few months. Depending on the stock there is also earnings, exploration and other news that drives their prices. If there were to be a large drop in silver prices it doesn't necessarily correlate to a huge drop in the miners as well. There are a lot of buy and hold investors getting in for the long term that will not be shaken out. There is only so much selling pressure that will come from any drop in silver prices IMO.

    I am sitting with higher profits in my jr mining stocks with silver at $28.xx now than I did the last time silver was at $28.xx and the time before that. The miners are trending up. I find it highly unlikely they would retrace to their levels from last fall given fundamentals and investor activity.

  12. HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!1!!!one!!!!

    that video made my week turd, thank you!

  13. Go right ahead

    here's your vid Turd posted to youtube:

    I did offer to turn this blog into a really great looking site for free a few weeks ago but got no reply, the offers still open if your interested. We on the same side here

  14. took me 15 mins to download convert and post. I'll make this site, with it's summwhat dumb looking book collection background, into a real good looking site. gimme the nod if you want it doing or else any future random visitor can continue to assume they they just stumbled onto a 'librarians united for freedom' blog. which is what it looks like.

  15. Not ignoring you
    your offer is very generous
    too busy now to pursue
    In a few months?

  16. Tsk, tsk, tsk, Turd. Apparently someone did not pay careful attention to my post yesterday.

    Did you really think Bart's little rants were going to make a difference, Turd? I'll let you in on a little secret, Turd: Bart and I play for the same team. We are the CFTC and the CFTC is us. We are the Government and the Government is us.

    Never forget, Turd, we own this market. I am invincible in the paper market. The spot price of silver is and will always be exactly what I want it to be and not a penny more or a penny less. I am like the ghost of FDR in his bed setting the price of gold every morning, I simply have to work a little bit harder. The sooner you learn this the less money you will lose.

    Blythe would write a longer post but I have much work to do on the Globex.

    Loved your little video, btw.



  17. Good job on the video Turd and thanks for converting to YouTube pmn. We all needed a laugh!

    PMN - I LIKE the books. But I'm just a somewhat dumb looking logger from Maine.

  18. you don't need to do anthing. I'll do it all, all you gotta do is tell me roughly what you want it to look like. Charles Hugh Smith @ oftwominds would give me an excellent reference I did his for free too

    up to you, leave a comment on my blog on the open thread/welcome post when you got 10 mins, simple as, and cheer up for gods sakes. go and get drunk put the week behind you and start afresh next week. we going up next week :')

  19. and his blog looked far crappier then yours before I redesigned it. took me 4 hours

  20. Turd,

    In keeping with the erudite bookish background, here is a favourite poem by W B Yeats; combines fishing, sex and precious metals:

    and the money verse...

    "Though I am old with wandering
    Through hollow lands and hilly lands,
    I will find out where she has gone,
    And kiss her lips and take her hands;
    And walk among long dappled grass,
    And pluck till time and times are done
    The silver apples of the moon,
    The golden apples of the sun."

    Big career in film-making ahead of you, go Turd!

  21. we'll go up next week but only to drop a bit more. stock market hasn't corrected yet and that will surely add pressure. Patience here. Look at the
    action 6/21 -7/27 on a daily gld and compare to where we are now. We have a ways to go.

  22. At first I thought the great BM (good medical analogy) actually said "scrape my bullions", but them I realized, she has none. So it must have been bunions (?)

    You need an XXX version with BM and the Turd's Golden Anaconda! hmmm. could be named "10 Gallon Goldfinger rips the Evil Empire a new one!" This could be a new kind of Anime. Go get em', TurdBoY

  23. "Come over here and scrape my bunions"


  24. In other news, I got a batch of generic silver from "unnamed dealer" the other day, and one bar was really really dirty (covered with ugly crust) and "yellow". Today I tried to polish it up, and the dirt went away but it was still yellow. Wanna guess what the assay mark said?

    Let's just say someone at the "unnamed dealer" screwed the pooch and accidentally sold me an ounce of something for $31.25 that is worth quite a bit more than that...and it'wernt hashish.

  25. The best thing that this manipulating piss flap can do is keep using their toilet paper to keep dragging down the price so we can continue to acquire more discounted physical.

    The dumb bitch is so consumed with her own greed that she will blow herself up, just like the rest of the suicide bankers.

    She can suck my dick!

  26. Well, I was trying to escape reality this afternoon by spending time on YouJizz and then on over at YouTube...

    And low and behold, I found that some dude made an identical video and posted it on YouTube! Word for word! The nerve of that guy...

  27. Turd, great blog. Enjoy the weekend, and I'll be visiting sponsors on the way out.

  28. holy a turd video.

    keep them coming sir.

  29. Ever since the images of the POMO desk were shown on ZH, I figured the Blythe commodity desk was a single intern picking his nose as he hits the return button 3 times every morning at 830am. Then, Blythe stumbles in at 10am slightly hungover, mainly walking with her heels in her hands, as she barks and chirps at the intern waiting for an apology why the market can't dive more than a dollar in silver. With a shrug, the intern places a cup of joe on her desk and she peers out the window, raises her arms and shouts, "THIS CITY IS ALL MINE!!!!"

  30. TURD, idea for an article, maybe one important enough to have pinned separately and updated on occasion.
    Title: Follow the Money- Real Money. Loosely:
    - Gather the best known charts for what countries hold the most gold and silver ( different charts, obviously- not clumped together )
    - Same charts for other holders of size, i.e CB's
    - Then, pull together theories, facts, anecdotes, whatever disputing or at least challenging those public figures ( is Fort Knox empty; do we hold Germany's gold, etc )
    - The end result would be a baseline of understanding, or at least an assumption set, whereby one can assess who are the big dogs, who isn't, and where this might lead.
    - showing debt charts would also be a useful addition, so we could could compare supposed gold holdings vis a vis debt per country
    - this would be a nice unified theory of who's the most screwed, and we can then conjecture on possible endgames.

  31. Peter Schiff has the best explanation I have seen about the recent precious metals weakness.,-Inflation,-China,-Euro,-and-Gold/-402094750403553017.html

  32. That is some funny shit and we know all too well it's probably exactly what will happen come Tuesday.

  33. Although Blythe already said it further up, Jesse (as well as John Williams) also had some succinct ideas on this week's PM action:
    "Those who do not think that the Fed and Treasury watch things like the price of gold are greatly mistaken. Much of the current activity of financial engineering these days revolves around the management of perceptions rather than real productive results. Its the modern American way."

  34. CD: Absolutely! Blythe is only doing the bidding of her Fed Masters. Gold at true value makes rates at, what, 10%? 15%? 20%? The entire ponzi collapses then and its game over. The Fed will fight like crazy to keep gold down.

  35. Chris Martenson also had a good article on the reason why the metals took a hit

  36. Turd, CD: Jim Willie has a quote in his latest (from retail expert Howard Davidowitz) that adds perspective to what you're saying:

    "Look at government securities, and mortgage backed securities. If interest rates go up a point Bernanke’s bankrupt. Everything he has bought is underwater. All the mortgage bonds are underwater, the whole country is underwater. Does anyone see the issue now with why rising interest rates, aside from predicting a supposed recovery, may also, courtesy of its [greatly increased wrecked bond investments], actually predicts the insolvency of the Federal Reserve?”

  37. CoDan: Nice to see so many coming around to reality.
    Gold and silver are actively suppressed by the Evil Empire, at the behest of The Fed, to create the impression that inflation is tame/non-existent, thereby allowing the continuance if rates at 4% or less. Period.

  38. I'm bettin' that if you play with the punctuation, you can make the actors speak in a less stilted fashion. The results, won't look like correct English, but the intent is to make it SOUND better.