Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Another FUBM and Another New Movie

What a great day.

It is now inevitable that 28.50 and 1350 will fail as resistance. Take a look at this latest FUBM. Please don't underestimate the significance of these formations. In the past, Blythe would attack and buyers would run. Now, buyers fall back to support levels and then counter-attack!! We are winning!!!
Also, copper is screaming higher and just made a new closing high for 2011. This is huge and portends great strength in the PMs. The HUI is UP over 2% at 517 and the CRB is up again today, confirming yesterday's breakout. This is all very positive for the PMs.

Blythe and the monkeys are now fighting a losing battle and they are getting so nervous that Blythe called in Ruprecht  for an emergency meeting. Ruprecht is so frightened that his voice has changed. Please enjoy and pass along:


Also available on youtube:


More later as we watch the Globex and early evening trading. TF

p.s. Just a great, great post by Trader dan today. An absolute MUST READ.

11:00 pm EST Update:
Whew! Long day. Wanted to check in before night-night time, however.
Things are cooking along nicely in the overnight trade. Gold is at 1344 and silver is drawing clear of the pivotal 28.50 level. I have a last of 28.68. Copper continues to rally and its almost to 456. The $ just looks like dogshit.
Not much new to report other than this. Harvey mentioned the ongoing, big drawdowns in our fraudulent, POS ETFs. Read this:

Main gold, silver ETFs post major monthly outflows
LONDON/SINGAPORE, Feb 1 (Reuters) - The world's largest gold-backed exchange-traded fund, New York's SPDR Gold Trust , posted for January the biggest monthly drop in its holdings since April 2008 and its second-largest outflow ever.
The main silver ETF, the iShares Silver Trust , also reported the largest ever one-month drop in its holdings in January. The amount of silver it holds fell 495 tonnes to 10,426.43 tonnes, its lowest since early November.
The SPDR Trust, which issues securities backed by physical stocks of precious metal, said its gold holdings edged up to 1,227.153 tonnes on Jan. 31 from 1,224.118 tonnes the previous day, the first rise since Jan. 21.
But they still fell 53.6 tonnes or just over 4 percent in the month as a whole. This accompanied a 6.2 percent drop in spot gold prices , their worst monthly performance since December 2009.
Philip Klapwijk, chairman of metals consultancy GFMS, said that while gold would retain support from low interest rates, concerns over the global economy and waning confidence in paper currencies, ETF outflows may weigh on prices in the short term.
"If there is selling out of ETFs, it will put downward pressure on the price," he told Reuters. "(Though) I don't see this as the big turning point in the market."
SPDR Gold Trust holdings hit a record at 1,320.436 tonnes on June 29. The ETF is still the world's sixth-largest holder of gold after the central banks of the United States, France, Germany and Italy, and the International Monetary Fund.

OK, in light of that, please go back and re-read this from FOFOA and connect the dots.

That's it for tonight. Big day tomorrow as it'll be Wednesday and, as we all know by now, the EE likes to raid on Wednesday because the next CoT survey won't take place until next Tuesday. Watch for continued, significant volatility. Let's see if 28.50 can now act as support.
Turd out.


  1. I'm riding this crazy train all the way to the promised land. God I only wish I was able to buy more metal than I did... but don't we all?

  2. I just keep repeating to myself: miners and physical, miners and physical...

  3. Aaron,

    suggest you see my earlier post on how to use pm explorers investing to generate returns you can direct toward buying more PM than you'd otherwise be able to afford. It's worked for me.

  4. My spidey sense says the time for total annihilation of the shorts grows near.

  5. @ewc58

    Would you be so kind as to post a link to that? I am interested...

  6. Love the self deprecation Turd and look forward to the unveiling of the new site.

  7. The r3VOlution will be held in moms' basements across the land! V for victory! Long live Turd.

  8. JCT could either blast us off tmr or embolden the shorts depending on his inflation spiel.

    Buy the dip, but prob still not time to chase the rally.

    When the Chinese start raising rates that's probably when the markets turn, give or take some initial vol.

    Much like how QE2 was front run, we are witnessing the frontrunning of "tightening" by "everyone" except the states.

    While its all BS, look at Chinese M2 (hah), the spin will sucker in retail at the worst time.

  9. Just Purchased 5 - 1oz Au Canadian Maples from my guy in T.O. He has absolutely no silver. Gee where have I heard this before? Keep the faith folks, fun days ahead.

  10. Mr T has done it again by giving us a great site for free! Click the ads and feed the turd!

  11. Turd, how are the volumes looking? SLV and AGQ are a little light.

  12. flaunt: Coming off of a bottom. volume will follow price not the other way around.

  13. Deucedude, of course here in Turd Town only the Sheriff gets to "post" (he's be the guy with the Big Hat).

    I'm just a ranch hand here. This is what I replied to our friend Kliguy38's comment earlier today:

    "If I may, I've found by investing in primo exploration companies I can easily double and triple my investments within 6 months. This is easy to do with stocks you buy below 75 cents per share. I buy PM, REE, and Uranium players.

    Once I hit a 100% return, I generally sell half the position. That keeps my original position intact while giving me an equal amount of House Money to reinvest elsewhere.

    I most often use the gains to plow back into:
    a. physical gold and silver
    b. primo "core holding" miners like SLW, GG, ABX, FNNVF, etc

    3 of my favorite explorers are each doing well today- - Pelangio, Golden Predator, and Rye Patch. Tarsis Resources and PMI Gold are 2 others I own. I expect all of these to kill in 2011. Timberline Resources too.

    As you like mids, you should really check out Tahoe Resources. but right now you can buy AG, SVM, MVG, AUMN and other fine mid s and near mids well off their 52 week highs.

    All I can say is that by harvesting explorer gains, I've come to own much more PM in the past 24 months than I'd have been able to afford without it.

    And isn't owning more PM the goal in Turd Town?
    Use it if you think it can help your own situation."

    Hope it helps mate.

  14. Turd and friends:

    Do I have a vastly wrong notion of how this works? As far as I know now, Blythe is simply putting out a sale offer at a predetermined price so that the market moves in the direction of her sale offer

    It could be that too much of this would immediately induce buyers to turn around and sell for immense profit and her sale offers would simply be overwhelmed with buyers, prompting her to have to sell still more short contracts.

    Is there a limit on short contracts Blythe can sell and the price at which she can sell it? What factors produce this limit?


  15. I picked up 4 Oz Au this AM. Just dribbling it in. Mostly I've picked up as much as I want right now. I only started buying Early Dec (Silver, Gold and Plat). I'm shaded into negative territory right now. When I see I'm shading more pos, I'll go more in...

  16. Bought 2x500 1oz maples this morn. Price may bounce around, don't really care.

    I've had enough of the currency manipulation, bank fraud, and bullshit from this gov't.

    F'em. I'm keeping my wealth in my hand, not in some gov't sponsored "fund" or pension.

    Gov't is Assholes.

  17. I'll be adding to my inventory tonight too. Going to take a break from Gainesville and try out Monarch this time since I can't stop thinking about those poured weights! They also seem to have pretty good buy-back rates, but I really have no idea what price other dealers buy back per oz...not that I'm anticipating a personal sell-off anytime soon though. :)

  18. There are three job reports coming later this week that could move the market, which may explain why the alleged hedge fund squeeze waits til next week.

  19. Dollar @ 76.96 lowest since Nov...

  20. Is it wrong that I sit here and hope the dollar goes down? I'm just tired of waiting for the inevitable, it's like staring up at the guillotine and waiting for it to drop. We all know the house of cards is going to come tumbling down. All it gives me is just a little more time to prepare. I want to stop being so damn cynical already!

  21. DXY 76.99...ruh roh! The dollar is teetering on the edge of extistence,,,watch out below!

  22. BTFD while the getting is good.

    QE3 is ready for launch.

    QE3 on Deck

  23. Good video Turd. Excellent way to get the word out. I feel like an Egyptian. Something big is building and you are at the leading edge of it.

  24. Looks like silver is set to recapture the 20 and 50 DMAs today. Does that look right?


  25. Sorry wrong link


  26. Watta day!!!!! let's see how this week goes now. So far turd so good....

  27. "Turd Town"... that's a good one!

    Yeah Maw - things is lookin' up in Turd Town now that we're done scrapin' Turd's bottom.

  28. Justin - There's our Bernanke Put.

  29. I'm feeling pretty good about this. If Blythe can give us one more good beat down this week yet, it might be our last best buying opportunity. IMHO

  30. Whoa - Just skimmed a new GGR report released by Gene Arensberg and he thinks rather than a correction this might just be a consolidation within a definition move. If so, he thinks it has another 10+ bucks to the upside.

  31. Ready for this?

    January 2011 Silver Eagle sales: 6,422,000


    Must be a record, closest I can find is 4M+ last November. Nothing in prior years is even close.

  32. David - HOly crap!@!@ It was already a record at 4.7M... This blows that out of the water.

  33. Mubarak staying for now but won't run again.


    Might take the sting out of the protests.

  34. In fairness, December 2010 had a pretty low sales number compared to November, so maybe they pulled some of those sales into January.

    Also, looking closer, since 2008 every month (except Feb 2008) has had 1M+ coins sold.That hasn't happened as far back as 1986. I'm not American, were those coins sold before 1986?

  35. Turd, thanks for everything you do. Been following along for a little while & thought I'd join in on the fun :)

    David, that's a crazy # - as Harvey pointed out, looks like they're importing silver at a intense rate.

  36. Levito,
    Exactly what free men do!! Free themselves from the shackles of corrupt government!! Should we not be free in choosing the better and walking away from a government not representative of we the people!! I could see it for certain with TARP; representative government dead! I started making my way out of the corrupted system unto self sufficiency near a year before!! We can't let the government's chosen path to eventual financial destruction be ours!! We are free to choose and I; it appears you, have chosen to avoid the future financial destruction by turning individually out of the way!! As many have; here, and as sovereign individuals, within our states, before it's a total coast to roast!! All that paper fiat gets torched at some point and a free people with a knowledge of honest money gold/silver will need work hard to keep it constitutional thereafter!!

  37. @Caramel
    > looks like they're importing silver at a intense rate.

    Actually "American Silver Eagles" are by law ONLY domestic USA silver. They are not allowed to import silver to make those Eagles.

    So that puts even more strain on the domestic producers.

  38. Ok...i'm probably that guy that sits in the back of the classroom and should probably be listening to the teacher(you all), but every time I read "Turd's Bottom" i just bust out laughing. Funny stuff.

  39. So, Mubarak staying....economy is going to continue to be screwed up, just hope these poor people don't get "IMF'd" at the end of the day.

    Because that's how we take over "one economy at a time"...great book with that in the title...

  40. David,

    1986 was the fist year that gold and silver American Eagles were minted.

    By the way, we all have Ron Paul to thank for this, he sponsored the legislation that created the American Eagle program, got it through the house and then worked with the senate to get it passed.

    Mr. Paul knew the the importance all those years ago. It may be the one good thing the US govt did in 25 years, and Ron made 'em do it.

  41. Surprise Surprise

    The Federal Reserve could debate extending its bond-buying program beyond June if U.S. economic data prove weaker than policymakers expect, Kansas City Fed President Thomas Hoenig said. Another round of bond buying "may get discussed" if the numbers look "disappointing," Hoenig told Market News International in an interview published on Tuesday."


  42. Did anyone catch the ZH article today on GM?


    I know this is not PM related but to me this is one of the reasons I purchase PM's. These bastards will do anything to give the illusion everything is fine. Whatever happen to honesty & integrity?

  43. Holding above 28.50... barely. I jumped in earlier today, got 2011 SE Monster Box and $250 face of 90%ers. Jumped in big for a first time buyer, I'm nervous but I don't want to miss the boat...

  44. @David-

    According to the earlier ZH article describing the previous 4.7 mil. in January numbers, they stated that prior to 1986 no such data was kept on 1 oz coins from the US mint.

    So basically, the 6 mil is truly unprecedented, for as far as the records go back. Anyone else feel like the earth is shifting beneath our feet?

  45. @ewc58
    Thanks for the info, gonna see if I can put it to use.

  46. so much action today, awesome, and its only tuesday

  47. Hey Turd,
    you forgot to post the most important chart of all - the one that shows your Bottom ;)

  48. By the way, wasn't Tuesday meant to be the day the EE smashes down prices on the COMEX?

  49. It's getting serious again:

    Audio: Gunfire erupts in Alexandria as protesters clash (AJE), via ProducerMatthew http://bit.ly/eudEwT

  50. reefman, thank you for the clarification.

    Justin, you know Q3 is in the bag when Hoenig's pitching it already.


  51. TF,
    I can't decide if I like "Turd Town" or "Turd University" better. Leaning toward "Turd Town" as our unofficial moniker, but then if you upgrade your site I think "Turd University" would make a great tab to click for newcomers to click to get archived basic education stuff. Also, you really aught to try to hit up oft-mentioned places like APMEX and Gainesville for some ads right on your site. That might really let the good times roll for your wallet.

    For favorite youtube I just can't get past "Looking Good, Billy Ray!"

    For favorite revolutionary screed I'm still savoring Mike Krieger's piece from a few days back.

    Congrats on a blog that has truly come of age!


  52. Turd,
    Trader Dan said:
    "The HUI is trying to muster a close over the 517 level but thus far has not quite been able to pull it off."

    I see a HUI close of 520. Nice bounce off the 200dma. Maybe Dan writes his report early?

  53. Just wow!!


  54. For anybody getting stressed about whether to buy at 29 or 26, or 1350 or 1320, I think you need to soak in this ZH article:


    Long story short, if the (fraudulent) CPI is reading 6.2% a year from now, and we know that the chances that the Bernank will raise short term rates are...um...zero, that means that real interest rates will be getting more and more negative. That means it's a slam dunk that gold and silver prices will be getting higher and higher.

    That's all you need to know.

  55. flaunt-

    What can you tell me about Arensberg's GGR? I've been considering subscribing but haven't decided if it'd be worth it. I love listening to him on KWN...

    Any info at all is much appreciated

  56. Some people believe all this silver shortage is Morgue buying like crazy from US Mint to mining shops across nation to cover their naked @$$ at CRIMEX. Gonna be a heck of fun in March and May delivery months.

  57. Did my small part today, 100oz. Ag to be buried back in the ground...
    Bleed Blythe...

  58. Converted a good friend of mine last week! He's a Marine Captain who's been in the shit for 4-5 tours. He's seen enough outside of our bubble to understand how the real world trumps bullshit.

    "No man can enter the same river twice." - Heraclitus

  59. Just changed my bookmarks list to read "Turd Town".

  60. Just settling in for this blizzard that's blowing outside. Got a fire in the fireplace, a Crown Royal on the rocks, a British Sovereign and a 10 oz Engelhard in my pocket. Life is good.

    Let the next beating begin...

  61. OMG!! The greatest word verification ever!


  62. "Just settling in for this blizzard that's blowing outside. Got a fire in the fireplace, a Crown Royal on the rocks, a British Sovereign and a 10 oz Engelhard in my pocket. Life is good."

    I had to check twice. I thought I wrote that! Eric, you might be a brother from another mother!

  63. Patrick-
    It's a virtual "belly up to the bar at the Turd Town Saloon"!!

  64. Thanks Eric, now I feel compelled to crack open a bottle of wine... :)

  65. Pick52,

    I like hearing him on KWN as well, I just wish he was on more often. His reports are almost exclusively centered around gold and silver, and some very tiny gold stocks. I haven't followed the latter very closely but more his general views on the gold and silver markets. He recommends trades in both gold and silver when they are favorable, so he isn't one of these "if you don't buy physical you're a GD idiot blah blah blah" people. I believe he recommends physical, but he recognizes it's possible to have multiple positions. He's more measured in his approach, which is one of the things I like about his analysis. Also he keeps up with the COT reports each week and incorporates them into his analysis.

    The fact that he is pretty measured in his approach makes me all the more flabbergasted about his comment that silver may just be consolidating and have another $10+ in this move.

  66. Could someone clarify What's a fumb formation is? :D

  67. Here's an idea, after the Au & Ag rocket ride we should all meet at Turd's Town Saloon and enjoy our beverage of choice. Naturally, we'll pay for our drinks with Ag. Turd, after your new website is up and running start drafting up the plans for your pub.

  68. Thanks a lot for taking the time to reply, flaunt

    I might as well subscribe - the price is more than right


  69. Done--

    FUBM stands for "F**k You Blythe Masters". So named for the extremely common chart pattern of late where Silver takes a big dump in the morning (thanks to manipulation by the powers that be, we presume), then spikes right back up again ( thanks to truth, justice, and the American Way).

  70. typically the big dump happens in an instant, and move back up again takes a hell of a lot more work.

  71. Done-

    Since Turd doesn't seem to be around to serve up drinks and answers, I'll give it a try-

    FUBM stands for "F*ck You Blythe Masters", the chick we love to hate, and the FUBM chart is when there's a serious beat down of the price, followed with a vigorous buying response (like today)...yah!

    On the other hand, the FUTF ("F*ck You Turd Ferguson") is characterized by a vigorous price beat down usually followed by an even more vigorous beat down, with repeated beat downs until some of us (OK, maybe just me)are wiping the tear stains off of our krugs....

    Lately the price beat downs seem to happen right after Turd makes a positive comment on the blog....I think Blythe has a secret crush on Turd and is trying to get his attention... ;-) ...maybe if Turd just sent her some flowers she'd leave the PMs alone...

    Hope that helps!

  72. If the great and powerful Turd is not aswering, that usually means he is working on a new update.

  73. Any Aussies out there? I'm finally going to buy some silver bars from Perth Mint. (I'm a trader of spot PMs and own shares in various miners. This will be my first purchase of physical...)

    My question: what's more popular, marketable, recognised here, the 1kg or the 100oz bars? Or do I downsize to 20oz?

  74. Turdle, you should check out this guy on youtube "stella concepts." He lives in Australia and is heavy into silver:


  75. @flaunt-

    My man, you are so on top of things today its ridiculous! I do believe if someone posted a question about buying silver in Katmandu you would produce a link, streaming video, and back issues of Nepalese Silver Quarterly.

  76. Thanks flaunt. The bloke looks like a prolific you-tuber. Will take a look.

  77. ecw58, I have similar strategy for my long-term portfolio:

    1/3 of portfolio is in physical silver.
    1/3 is in physical gold.

    1/3 is in miners, mostly juniors: rare earths, uranium, minor strategic metals, PMs, PGMs, potash, etc. When the stock price doubles, I sell half, let the rest ride, and look for the next likely 2-bagger. Rinse and repeat. Working well so far.

  78. Just had a laugh I wanted to share after reading a quirky observation in Gene Arensberg's daily blog (paraphrasing):

    A 1964 dollar bill is worth 5 cents today
    A 1964 dime is worth 2 dollars

    Nice way to put it!

  79. What a day! Longtime follower, first time posting. So glad to see SLW moving again, I bought in late december and have felt the sting of this correction.

  80. GG, Aussies are about to get pounded by a Cat5 cyclone right on the heels of the flood.


    (Reuters) - Thousands of residents fled their homes and crammed into shelters in northeastern Australia as a cyclone described as the most powerful in the country's history and with a 650 km (400 mile) wide front barreled toward the coastline on Wednesday.

    "We are facing a storm of catastrophic proportions," Queensland state premier Anna Bligh said after Cyclone Yasi was upgraded to a maximum-strength category five storm.

  81. Chris,
    Yes, the Banana Benders have had a rough time of it recently. FX market doesn't care, though: AUDUSD at 1.01

  82. This comment has been removed by the author.

  83. reefman,
    You are absolutely wrong. ASEs do not have to be produced from US-mined silver. You are confusing the American Buffalo coins (and other gold) with silver. It is a common misconception that the silver must be domestically mined, so I forgive you. But please get your facts straight before posting here.

    Thanks :)

  84. Here's some background on that ASE-domestic silver issue. Let's be honest, it is widely misunderstood and misrepresented by people who are supposed to know these things. Honest mistake.


  85. Pick52--

    Working mostly from memory, so don't throw a chart in my face, but two 1964 dimes bought about a gallon of gasoline when they were new. Nowadays they are worth about $4, which currently is that same gallon with some to spare.

  86. Turd's date night with Blythe must be going well. I hope he brought some protection. Totally kidding. Have a good night all! Downtown with the Crowne!

  87. This comment has been removed by the author.

  88. Thanks Pining, I have my moments. I am extremely excited to see that silver has now recaptured the 10 and 20 DMAs. Next up 50 DMA? It's VERY close to the current price.

  89. Sorry google f'd something up recently with their accounts that causes me to have a login problem between youtube and blogspot... So sometimes I accidentally post under the above handle without realizing it. Damn technology.

  90. Love the blog Turd! Keep up the good work!

    I have been buying since 2006. I have noticed that when I feel like I am going to miss out it is a short term top. When I feel scared about buying more it is a bottom. I have been scared these past two weeks. So much so I canceled a bullion order. Probably time to buy.

  91. Sorry I've been MIA for a few hours. Blythe's bunions needed some extra work.
    I've updated the blog. Please check it out.
    See you in the U.S. am. TF

  92. Here's a thought: If there is a short squeeze come March via longs standing for delivery and JPM was short physical then I would imagine, since they are an authorized participant eligible to redeem SLV shares for bullion, that they would do just that. In affect giving them access to bullion at affectively off-market prices. By off market I mean having the ability to by tonnage and not move the price. I'm therefore anticipating a continued and increasing drawdown in SLV shares/bullion holdings. Just trying to conceive potential ways JPM can f$ck me. They have enough money to buy as much SLV shares as they need and since buying SLV is paper silver and doesn't move spot why wouldn't they - buy the paper redeem to physical serve the longs standing for delivery,f$ck everyone else. Any thoughts as to why this wouldn't work? is this their insurance policy?

  93. I rarely read that FOFOA guy. It's his writing style...just bland.

  94. Turd, the news of Barclay's SPRD GLD is interesting, but we all saw the price action dictating the seperation between paper and physical coming a mile away. If you have not read my article from Jamuary fifth, "The Price of physical precious metal is decoupling from the paper Price", please do so, if only to read how I state the obvious daringly.

  95. @LH -- I just found one of your gems from the Egypt thread on ZH -- cannot resist sharing. Brilliant. Sorry if repost:

    ""Blythe," Jamie asked nervously, "What is the plan today?"

    She coughed and weezed. "Well it appears it has noticed we do not usually go after silver on Tuesdays."

    "So we go after silver?" Jamie asked in aspiration.

    "Let me finish, boy. We will go after all of the usual suspects." Blythe let the cigarette burn as she talked. "First oil, then gold, then silver, then the dollar."

    Jamie reached in his coat pocket. "I will alert Bernanke." "

  96. Not sure if anyone saw, but Mr. Silvergoldsilver's blog is now (back?) up as of Monday:


  97. Fed passes China in Treasury holdings


  98. Ordered some more silver from Gville tonight. I've seen enough to convince me that it doesn't matter what price I'm buying at right now, long term trend is definitely up! Now I'm back to waiting for the next major dip before getting more.

  99. Hello friends, I guess I'm making a plea for help. I'm hesitating to pull the trigger [uncivil inflammatory rhetoric alert] on cashing out my 401(k), paying the ~49% penalties and taxes, and putting it all in physical. I know some of you have blazed this trail before me ... would you mind a pep talk?

  100. magisoo-

    The definition of monie provides that the currecy is "a store of wealth". If a paper IOU is a store of wealth then I am Michael Jordan. Nations and states will default of their debt, and that will cut the purchasing power of the repective currencies down to little or nothing. Corporate bonds and equities will likely rise, but only in nominal terms.

    Precious metal lasts forever. It comes in a few different forms, which allows you to diversify. This is akin to owning stocks and bonds. Silver, gold, and platinum are stocks and bonds rolled into actual monie. You want to save your platinum forever? You may. You want to give silver away to your friends for their birthdays...you may.

    There may even be a time when PMs replace fiat outright. This will not be a new way of finance, but the one we have used for thousands of years.

    Also, you are essentially paying monkeys to throw darts at a board if you have someone investing your monie for you. Nothing against monkeys and darts...I am just saying.

  101. Guess you have seen this if not, its good...

    SHOCKING! Uncanny 1958 Prediction coming true; America's Destruction from Inside


  102. magis00--

    Please come down off the ledge.

    What you are contemplating is an extraordinarily high risk move, which pretty much requires the apocalypse in order to work.

    You'll need $2700 gold and/or $60 silver just to break even.

    If your 401(k) has just a few plain vanilla options, why not just park the lot in the Cash/Stable Value type option, and do precious metals with outside money only?

    Personally I would rather take on a little bit of debt, maybe max out one credit card, and buy physical with that, than take such a hit on my 401(k).

    Or maybe stop contributing to the 401(k), and buy physical on a monthly basis with the money instead.

    Besides, how do you even access the 401(k) if you are still employed there? Are you going to quit your job just to buy silver? Whoa Nelly! Slow down big fella.

    A loan from your 401(k) I could see. Might even recommend. But not a distribution.

    That's my 2 cents.

  103. Dearest Blythe,

    If you could please, please engineer just one more 27.99 print on silver, that would allow me to buy just one more little chunk of SLW, and then I promise to never ever bother you again.

    Luv & Hugs,

  104. Just added an Overviev for HUI CRB Gold and Silver


  105. All I have to say is... QE3!