Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Monday Update

OK, what do we know at this point?

1) The open interest numbers basis Friday have finally been released to the public. Yes, a/o Friday there are still 50,848 open March contracts! This is why the EE have so aggressively raided last night and today.
Also note the rise in open April gold was a huge +5610.

2) The raids have been sharp and predictable and Blythe has since decided to protect 33.25 and 33.50. Gee, where have I heard those levels before...

3) Ahh....but look...someone or something has decided that the area around $32.70 is a pretty nice price. Blythe has hit that level three times and each time we've rebounded. There was even the pre-dawn raid to 32.40 that was repelled and pushed back above that level.

So, again, the question is what to do next. Watch 32.70 very, very closely. If you believe in WB and the BoS, that would appear to be your entry point.

I'll be here, watching and waiting. There are 60 minutes to go. Its going to be very interesting to see how this all plays out. TF

I've been asked to provide some perspective on copper. Here you go.
DrC is getting washed back as part of the "risk off" trade. This trade is obviously working to Blythe's advantage, too. The long-term trend remains intact, however.


  1. From "caramel" on prior thread:

    Pat, wish every CEO/chairman/executive strived to emulate Jim Sinclair. Here's a few snippets from the early part of the CC:

    - Chinese business philosophy: have a plan, work a plan. IOW's, the chinese mean business.
    - they've agreed to 3% royalty over 30 years;
    - Chinese taken all expenses/costs – elected TRE to be political partner – stay on base for work permits, permits to mine/explore, relationships with locals
    - Sovereign company has elected TRE as political intermediary even though Chinese have best possible connections having supported Tanzania when west (not Canada) US viewed Tanzania as opposition
    - 3-5 yrs production - Jim said this is a realistic goal -
    - Chinese put in communication line – dug it by hand in 2 months – again, they mean business
    - Lot more than a royalty arrangement
    - Short position that existed in Canada come to a point down to nil b/c read 43-101 dealing with properties
    - This is a war & I am defending for you
    - Inexplicable takedowns occur unless someone seriously short
    - Short in Canada is closed – read report, this company has serious properties, for which serious work/results; downside, upside risk
    - But shorts still open in the US – they are less discrimination (nice way of saying stupid) meaning they don’t read material but modestly coming down
    - Don’t understand why major mines sell everything they have; must believe gold will lose value
    - And I believe, b/c I know in being in the industry for 50 yrs, know gold is going to $1650
    - Difficulty in choosing right currency has become unmanageable – gold will continue to become currency of strength without liability; storehouse of value; medium of exchange
    - We have finest technical board you can have
    - goal: If producing 320 tons/hour, 2 shifts of 10 hours, 20 hours/day X 320 tons = 6400 tons per day
    - Wouldn’t go near it if we thought it was a waste of time

  2. And here is more from caramel:

    - Was hoping to say we are producing; believe me it’ll only be a few weeks
    - Reversed strategy on financers/traders to make sure not screwed over
    - $24.5M invested in the company – wanted us to know – will contribute everything he has/everything he is – remains 100% commitment to us
    - Education site is important – understand jsmineset has a place & it’s a teaching forum – read international – under 30,000 as top sites
    - Traderdan taking care of it, Eric will become one of the most important persons, Monty – not surrounded by yes people – challenges you to constantly review & examine conclusions – to be absolutely sure what you’re telling people is truth
    - No one knows everything; can’t be sure won’t go into sov’n default…but must understand underlying characteristics which company is built up upon…that all circumstances meet need that $1650 is real – not b/c of chart, not b/c of mathematical…b/c of makers & shakers – those that are causing great problems will be greatest profit centres
    - Build a major concern without further financing/dilute SH interest; picking up a little bit here & there
    - not out of acquisition business
    - focused on not carrying anything that doesn’t have potential to be significant addition to company
    - company will be progressing & earning, if successful in endeavours, don’t need add’l cash, expanding exploration, as taking values, # of exploration, mgmt will be expanded, move up from exploration into junior producer, constantly carrying on exploration for big cahuna, so total transformation
    - not a 1 property company; largest landholder of potentially mineralized property in Tanzania; own or control 10K sq Km’s
    - very important to remain reasonably liquid so he’s there if absolutely necessary - in other words, Jim will step in to fund the company as a safety net
    - Live in an environment of destruction – don’t want to see anything being built but want to see everything taken down (is Jimmy an Ayn Rand disciple?!!)
    - Leadership in gov’t – free markets, going after corruption, president fired whole cabinet; this is the country you’d want to be a part of – growth & business supported

    that's the pertinent stuff imo prior to the overview of the properties & Q&A (still ongoing as I type)

  3. Yes, Sinclair is the real deal. My only hesitation is......Tanzania?? oy

    If it was in Mexico I'd be all over it like a cheap suit.

    There you go folks. Eric is staying away from TRE, that's like ringing a bell to buy it with both hands. I can't give any clearer signals than that.

    Gonna have to put it on my watch list alongside CZN to remind me of what I missed...

  4. caramel,

    Many thanks for your TRE summary.

  5. Very interesting piece on King World News blog;


    Embry says:

    1. NOW is the time to leverage with mining stocks

    2. Suspects short squeeze in under way, but "we will know" if we see big gains over coming week. Guess the weekend was just "coming attractions"!

  6. Tud,

    You continue to impress with your simplicity and willingness to help others understand what is going on.

    Lindsey Williams on Alex Jones very soon, and there is some VERY VERY interesting talks about oil. He will have an interview and I will be posting it on my website tomorrow when it gets on youtube, but he is under the impression that the whole "middle east revolution" is a scheme to run prices up in oil to 150-200$.

    When this happens, Lindsey believes that America will open its field in Texas, Montana, and the mother load of oil resources in Alaka. There is enough oil in Alaska to supply the U.S. for 200 years. He believes that once oil is 200$+, these will be opened up and the oil companies (rockefellers?) will turn over some of their record profits and buy t-bills.

    Very interesting if you are interested in "conspiracies." I will be writing an article on this soon, just thought I would throw this in for people interested in a bigger picture...

  7. @Eric

    you haven't missed CZN yet. Maybe when it hits 5 or 6 you will have. :+)

  8. sell Algos set, this isnt going anywhere today, under $33 and $1400 is what I hear

  9. Antrobus

    O man you are killin me...

    Like Harry Schultz says "wake me up at $2,400 gold".

    When we get there, we'll all be happy...

  10. Pssst.. Eric,
    *Whispering*...you haven't missed CZN!!

    ...It's down .15 off the day's high RIGHT NOW. .............Go sell some more o'that SLW and getU some. (of course...some here would say you'd be crazy tho to trade swl for czn)

    Ok.. ..when it's doubled.. or tripled.. or MORE from here. ..You Will Wish You Had.

    But ..then again.. ..I'm not pushing it ...just *sayin*

    Thank you.. ...I bought a small position of TRE last week. ...wondering now why.. .Thanks for the summary.

  11. @Eric

    There are a few well-run countries in Africa. I understand Tanzania is one of them. I think Santa must know who he is dealing with and likes them.

  12. looks like you could be right Turd about the 32.70 level, getting vigorously defended...

  13. Kirkland Lake is really pissin me off...

    I'm only about 3 hours late for work right now( I'm the King of Flextime).

    I'll check back in with all you guys and gals late tonight and see how much I've screwed up so far...

    One thing I promise everyone on this blog: I'm just going to throw it all out there. Not shy. Not interested in looking smart. I own my mistakes. And there's plenty of them. Just one guy streaming his thought processes. Ignore or trade opposite as you wish. We are all on the same team.

  14. Ginger, Re: RAREF, I'd just posted this to the last thread when Turd updated...

    Sorry can't help there, not familiar enough to provide any helpful input. Based on a quick look, the share structure looks good at 81mm o/s. One reason I like MLLOF so much is their 44.5mm shares o/s. What a little keg of TNT.

    Along those lines, be aware that my favorite little monster Tarsis (TARSF) has only 24.7mm o/s, yeeha! When Tarsis breaks out, fuggedaboudit :-0)

    In terms of evaluating any miner, I'm a big disciple of Mickey Fulp's People/Projects/Share Structure method. Does the company have top quality Mgmt with a track record of gettin' 'er done and making $$$? Do they have projects to make your mouth positively water? Most importantly, can their Financials match the promise of the other 2- -- this is SO key as it's here where most companies fail.

    For any fellow residents of Turd Town who don't already know, Mickey Fulp is a source of some of the best PM, REE and Uranium analysis and picks available to we plebs. Best of all, it's 100% free. If you register your email address on his site you'll also get exclusive "Mercenary Musings" that do not appear on his website (www.mercenarygeologist.com).

    Honestly I cannot recommend strongly enough that all TT residents at least be aware of Mickey and his work. Great information given in a timely manner is the key to winning this game. Overall Fulp's picks have been excellent, thanks to him I made lots of money on Almaden and Tasman. Of course I immediately turned it into Ag and AU. My strategy is to use most of my Miner gains to buy more PM than I'd otherwise have been able to afford.

    Playing "home Alchemist" and turning paper frns into PM is maybe the thing that turns me on most about all of this. I mean how sweet is that? Does it get any better?

    Buona fortuna all.

  15. The conference call is still ongoing and is fascinating. Loved the part where Sinclair answered a question about how active he is in buying ITM calls on his own company and taunts the shorts.

  16. Sheez - I might just get my 39.00 buy-in price on SLW at this pace.

  17. I'm down to only 1 March 33 call but I have an order in to buy another if we drop again near 32.70.
    St-st-stoopid, I know, because they expire tomorrow. Just have a feeling that the BoS are setting a trap for Blythe. We'll see.

  18. xaritas, I especially liked the part when Sinclair stated his goal is to, instead of cash dividends, offer warehouse certificates of gold itself which are tradeable - said could start a market on this so certificate saleable anywhere & deliverable anywhere & same opportunity to turn certificate to cash. He received a nice round of applause from the SH's...

  19. Turd,
    I am confused about just (someone said that) 5 trading days left for Mar 11 silver contracts.

    Feb Silver OI is only 113, Mar 11 Silver OI is 53,125 and last Trading Day is 3/29/2011.

    Ami I missing something ?

  20. Harvey says: Wednesday night the official March contract goes off the board. Also all option-holders with in the money silver that wish to take delivery of metal must exercise his option and then wait for a delivery of a March future contract and then stand for delivery. The March contract continues to trade as the stragglers must decide whether to roll their contracts or stand for delivery. On the 28th of February at precisely 1:30 pm, we get to see how many open interest will eventually stand. http://harveyorgan.blogspot.com/
    That's when the shaken stops and the short baken renews!! Can't see a silver shake out, when no shake out necessary thereafter!!

  21. I hope you are right, Turd. Price has failed again to fall under 32.65.

  22. G: Next Monday, the 28th, is put up or shut up day for delivery.
    To stand for delivery and continue to hold the contract to expiration, you MUST HAVE 100% margin in your account by the close that day. Therefore, next Monday is the day when we'll know for sure whether or not the silver Comex survives at least until May.

  23. Yes, I had heard that rumored but good to hear it from the horse's mouth. Nice side benefit of paying dividends in gold--it destroys short interest. I really like the vision of turning the company into a creator of generational wealth, by supporting the issuance of paper certificates.

    Very impressed with what I'm hearing so far... honestly if they were hiring, this junior military officer would be on an airplane with a map of Tanzania.

  24. Gawd, my heart goes out to you paper traders. Fighting all that counterfeit POMO money coming in on the short side.

    These are the days when I am glad to be a physical buyer sans the leverage.

  25. Intersting from Eric Sprott:
    Speaking at the Casey Research Gold and Resource Summit, Eric Sprott told investors that there is no more silver left to go around, "There's $22 billion of silver available in the world, of which the ETFs already own half, and between you guys and us we probably own the other half... Which means there's nothing left."

  26. Antrobus , Ginger ?
    Have you posted your thoughts here before on CZN? If so, would you be so kind as to do so again? Would like to take a look at it.

  27. If Comex dies, what will happen to the spot forex market? Will it continue to function with the other players such as London, Zurich, Hong Kong, and Sydney players?

  28. Showing over 117,000 futures contracts traded so far today.

  29. Hi Turdle GG - thoughts on CZN Canadian Zinc? I personally figure it's a great lottery ticket. If (when) they get that permit in the next couple of months or so, it's a triple in a heartbeat, and once that huge mine starts up (all ready to go) it's a 20 bagger - if that metaphor applies to numbers over 4 that is. :+)

    And heck, it's just a good story - a super rich silver mine, in the middle of nowhere, set up by the Hunts in the 70's, mothballed but absolutely ready to go (turn-key), and not yet valued correctly - a cool story, check http://www.canadianzinc.com/ - just the video of the flight in is worth the price of admission.

  30. Rob, 119,000 futures contracts were trading yesterday and today together.
    Whenever there is a holiday is the US they count it like that.

  31. saso,

    I'm looking at 27,746 volume for 2/21 and 121,382 for today, 2/22.

    OI of 53,090 and 50,848 respectyively.

    Using thikorswim on Ameritrade futures account.


  32. Just added to mom's portfolio of shares at 1.26 of CZICF. Off 15% of today's highs... I am a believer.

    Nice time to add imo, but really nothing more than an educated guess.

    Good comments going, keep them flowing!

  33. "But finally, the most important reason why we have to cease our communication now is that our traders interest may not necessarily align with the retail investors from here on out. In the run up to $37 or $40 or whatever, we may at times be massively short contracts to shake out the average investors. Yes indeed, we may be taking on Blythe's role from time to time. Nothing serious, of course. Our shorts will be quick to see if we can take out some stops. From here on out, it will be very volatile and we may be in a position to take out your stops before we go long again so please be careful when setting stops. Everyone must be at their all time highs so please think of an exit strategy." - Wynter_Benton

    Anyone guessing some of this may have taken place today? WB crew did mention the bulk of there trading would come on the COMEX

  34. Sold my Canadian Zinc at 1.40. Looking for a chance to get back in. Seems to be pulling back already. Still think this is going way higher. They still need 1 more permit in the next couple of months before this stock will really get going I'm guessing.

  35. This is an extremely important article and a must read by all truth seekers here. http://www.zerohedge.com/article/guest-post-fecks-lies-and-video-tape-or-cabal-channel

  36. Bought CZN and TRE today, my biggest PM miner holdings are SLX (bought it in the 0.20 range), OGC, ORV, EVG, SQI, HTR, and NGG. I've had most of these for at least a year.

  37. look for grains to bounce back in a big way. i see them building during the spring and skyrocketing during the summer. it's going to be hot and dry

  38. Cindy/Cynthia:


    I mean really, your comments came out of nowhere.

    And to be perfectly blunt, I was HIGHLY offended by them.

    Trashing MLK, saying "it's not racism to want to live with your own race",

    And lastly this:

    The Noble Prize winning geneticist Dr. James Watson, the man responsible for decoding the genome itself, has asserted the importance of white people preserving their genetic inheritance and that multiracial societies are inherently regressive and unhealthy.

    I mean really... as the product of a loving union between a Latin man and an Irish mother, i thank God for the the fact that this country is multicultural, and I consider that one of its strengths.

    I'm sorry but your comments were offensive.

    please stick to PMs.

    And Dr. Jerome -- I thought your comments were beautiful.

  39. Been building my PM postions for two years now, waiting for the "big move." Like you Turd, I think this could be it... so why do I feel like a revolving target at a Carnival Shooting Gallery?

    Simultaneously one of the most exciting and terrifying times to date (I'm retired and almost all in with sevral PM investments... I don't trade but am re-thinking that with the Ag volitility (even I could make money with $1 swings) just now.

    Best wishes, and many thanks to all for the comfort of a common group goal!

    Speaking of Cu... any thoughts on the possibility JPM was pumping the metal to direct buyers away from PMs?

  40. Turd Said: "I'm down to only 1 March 33 call but I have an order in to buy another if we drop again near 32.70. St-st-stoopid, I know, because they expire tomorrow. Just have a feeling that the BoS are setting a trap for Blythe. We'll see. "

    ANOTHER good call Turd!! SI back up to 33 about 30 minutes after you posted that. would love to see your p/l... and maybe your sharpe ratio too lol

  41. D: I'll gladly accept a "consulting fee" from any hedge fund willing to pay me ;)

  42. I share this from Bix Weir (Road to Roota)

    There has been a lot of excitement around silver and I just want to REMIND you that the market is still 100% controlled by the banking cabal and still running on the computer programs.

    You can easily see this in the SYNCHRONICITY of price movement with the price of gold.

    There are also a few "little issues" still lingering out there:

    1) The Feb 24th settlement date on the COMEX silver contract for March physical delivery.

    2) The March 28th implementation of position limits. I know that many of you are disappointed with the high limit BUT you can easily tell that the BIG silver short is scared to death of it. That is why they have been closing out that position as fast as possible over the past 3 months. It may not take them out BUT it will significantly limit their market rigging powers in the future.

    BOTH of these coming events are GOOD REASON for the Banking Cabal to unleash the SILVER SMASHING HAMMERS for a final-final before silver REALLY takes off.


    You should be counting your silver in OUNCES and not in PRICE.

    Bix Weir

  43. Chris-

    I'm sorry if you felt I transgressed proper decorum but you err in saying my comments "came out of nowhere". In a previous post Jerome was posited misleading, indefensible remarks that claimed "racism" was a problem. "Racism" is always a code word for anti-white animus, it is an invective meant to silence whites from defending themselves.

    As far as your perosonal life is concerned, if you feel "multiculturalism" has benefited you then that it your right to feel that way. But please don't be too offended when others point out to you the prodigious mountain of objective evidence that clearly shows that multiracialism is not working in the aggregate, and it is not working for millions of individuals who have been victims of the incredible amount of black on white crime in this nation.


  44. What about Pd and Pt (but Pt not so much!)?

    Hey everyone... I'm as "Ag focused" as anyone, but when I first started accumulating PMs, my picks were Ag and Pd because I felt they were undervalued relative to other PMs at the time and then add in all the "industrial uses" and the rest.

    Pd & Pt are absolutely hammered down today... is the actual "deal of the day" Pd right now?

    Someone smarter than me let me know!!!

  45. @eric, yeah, sold my Kinross this morning, finally before it dumped, will plow it into something else soon. I'm hoping for a handle formation in slw/cde in the coming days.

  46. ewc58,
    Thank you (so much) for sharing your strategy and the info on mercenary geologist. I will definitely be signing up over there. I only have the one play that I mentioned above and yours look/sound terrific! Thanks again.. will do some DD.

  47. @Pick52 -- I've been wondering that about WB too. I'm sure I don't know, but if I were to guess I'd say they weren't. Mostly because they appear to be very silver-centric and all PMs were getting hammered. Also because the massive short selling seemed to be met with a lot of strength - and if they weren't a lot of that strength, who was? But I'm just talking out of my hat. Any which way, it's all fascinating to watch as it happens.

  48. Ag Bloodbath: Wheat, Corn and Soybeans all Limit Down


    Stock market way down. Palladium: Ouch.

    USDX is basically steady. I'm not sure whether we're seeing the start of a deflationary death-spiral or whether it's just "one of those days". I tend toward the latter.

  49. The nice graphic on the left shows down...-0.74,
    Yet that was over a weekend with a holiday Monday at the COMEX. Fridays Close was at 32.30
    At this instant I see a green of (33.17-32.30) = +0.87 ! I also think the revised OI of more than 50K AFTER the margin hike is huge!

  50. Dear Cynthia,

    I do not believe that Dr. Jerome had any such intention. This is a political site with economics, finance, and precious metals leading the focus of our discourse in the politically intrinsic nature of all that occurs in those markets.

    One cannot avoid politics when it comes to understanding the cause and effect nature of the markets in general.

    MLK was taken out by the elites in those times along with JFK and RFK. All three of these great men stood up against the elites. I disagreed with many many things that MLK said and stood for philosophically. But what I do agree with, is his concept of peaceful and civil disobedient form of revolution. We can learn from these great men even while having profound disagreements with their fundamental philosophies and politics. Even Stalin and Amshel Rothschild made very profound statements which have become priceless tidbits of wisdom that we should all take consider for their profound implications.

    All peoples are to some degree racist to the extent to which they are intellectually challenged. That is a fact. We are also all here to learn from each other besides Mr. Turd. Politics are not excluded in our analysis of the markets as they relate to the broader global context. I am one who believes that there is a "Unified Field Theory" applied to all human action, or praexology, i.e. all social science are interrelated and each relevant to the other. In a free forum such as this these interrelationships can be explored to their fullest as they are applicable to the science of economics, having respect and consideration for all points of view. Thank you.

  51. Turdle GG,
    I can't really improve on Antrobus' CZN summary above but here is another take on this stock. I sort of hesitate post this source as I seem to get myself into trouble here just a small amount by mentioning NIA. But honestly, they are the ones that turned me on to it at around .40 ..so don't start hating it just because of them! :D

    NIA did a fairly good job of spelling it out and telling the story:


    .......also, ScottJ88 posted a good bit about CZN back on an earlier thread today I believe.

  52. A,

    Yeah, it's all guesswork at this point. The WB Crew is now on both sides of the trade...I hope they show up with guns blazing tomorrow more than they did today

    Thanks for your reply

  53. @CO_Dan...

    Is palladium the real buy of the day? What has fundamentally changed with the need for palladium?

  54. @Cindy - Please keep that garbage to yourself, this is a PM blog. If you want to express your insecure opinions about "Blacks", multiracialism, or whatever, take it over to Silvergoldsilver. There you can rant about the jews, blacks, and PM's all in one twisted little site. Some editorial supervision here Turd?

  55. Turdle

    Yes, I also chimed in on CZN in the past few days, and so far I've been wrong, wrong, wrong.

    I thought I owned some "dead fishes" today, but yeah that KGC takes the cake. Good thing you bailed out. Put that $$ to work elsewhere. You should probably just buy all the things that I've said publicly that I'm not buying. CZN, TRE, RPM. Seems like a magic formula...

  56. Bought TRE today. Thanks for the good info.

    As I look at the /SIH1 daily chart, I see us up nicely from Friday's close. Last night's attack has not really accomplished anything for the EE.

  57. Excuse my ignorance but who/what is "BoS" ?

  58. "If you believe in WB and the BoS..."

    What does WB stand for?



  59. BoS means Buyers of Size. WB, Wynter Benton.

  60. Gad, what a great site! Even the trolls are classy! So much so that they aren't even really trolls - chalk up one for civilized discourse.

    There's hope, folks!

    BTW I like CZN as a gamble but don't sell your SLW to get it, or at least not all.

  61. @Cynthia, Cris, Dr.J et al:

    For the sake of all, please stick to the subject of the blog. We ALL have other things we could expound upon, but that's not why we are here.


  62. Vedast said...
    211 ask orders at 33.15. SoZ?

    I see that too... i hope it's a lure and those orders disappear once the bidding reaches them.

    oops - typed that and guess what: they disappeared. does this smell like algo trading to anyone? i hope so because the buyers should have the same weapons as the EE in this battle royale

  63. wanna buy some physical silver, what do u guys think of http://www.gainesvillecoins.com

  64. PM'S seem to be recovering nicely in the Globex. :)

  65. Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute (saying it rapidly), Timpa.

    What do you mean the limit is too high for silver? It IS 1500 contracts! Go here to read it for yourself near the bottom. Use the search function in your browser to look for silver, where it says "silver 1,500" for spot month.


    Am I reading this wrong?


  66. C'mon Team, let's keep the focus where it belongs here. To precious a week to lose focus. Please all: bring your best PM stuff, or take your broke ass home!

    Turd, Ag ranging between 33.19 to 33.06 as I peck this out. As options expiry is tomorrow, it was even more impetus for the EE to lay down a heavy barrage off the weekend. As you knew, they came out with guns blazing b/c they had no other choice. But they also had to ratchet prices down to steal from options holders north of the line. Their line.

    So far Ag is holding up well today but I'm sure they'll press the attack in the access market. It will be veddy interesting to see what happens overnight in Asia.

  67. Perhaps a link to this page will be embedded on the top of the front page to explain the acronyms:


  68. trashcan,
    I probably need to get out more because I have only ever bought physical metals from gainesville coins. I like them alot. Never a problem. Not much to compare them to though since they are my only metal vendor.

  69. Now there are a lot of ask orders between 33.145 and 33.18

  70. Politics as it relates to PMs = OK by me. Politics as it relates to other issues, please NO! I have lots of controversial opinions but it is clear to me that this is not the place to bring them forth for discussion. If you are not perceptive enough to understand the difference you likely have nothing to add here. Even if someone else transgresses please refrain from firing back at that individual. Don't feed trolls. I don't want to see Turd forced to become a censor and I bet he doesn't want to either!

  71. @Fortinbras: Palladium is definitely not my forte, but a quick review of the wires shows no news of note. Doesn't look like a pullback from a recent spike. Flat yesterday.

    Looks like everybody got whacked, and it just got whacked hardest (6%).

  72. trashcan: For a comparison site, click on my comment here on one of yesterday's threads, then click Gold Shark in that comment.

  73. VEDAST - Could you please tell me where you get to see the orders? Is that Level 2 quotes you are looking at? I only know to go to kitco. Thanks for your help.

  74. Just market tremors before La Garita Caldera erupts.

  75. Unfortunately Politics has become a dirty word in our societies,because of Public apathy the EE has done what it wants and look at the results throughout the world of their manipulations.In a religous sense this time of chaos is supposedly supposed to happen to allow even worse things to happen after a calming period,hope not.Politics and their effects and results have created the flight to safety in PM,s,as you cannot print or create them to infinity.Price of Silver or is it Paper Certs creeping back up.From what I have seen of the Turd in action I am fairly confident he can look after himself.Silver to infinity.

    Buy Silver,take down a bank its your patriotic duty.

  76. cynthia, et al,
    I will control myself and stick to PMs

    Can't wait to read tonight's commentary.

  77. Here's a brand new release from Golden Predator about their Winter drilling campaign. The results will be just one of the elements of what is expected to be a heavy news flow for GPRXF this season.

    I own GPRXF b/c it excels in people, projects, and share structure. Along with Tarsis and Millrock, Golden Predator is the best Prospect Generator in the Yukon. The thing that most differentiates GPRXF is Bill Sheriff. Do some checking on Google and you'll see what I mean. Sheriff is acknowledged as a Thought Leader inside the industry.

    Same as Ingrid Hibbard (of Detour Gold fame) at Pelangio (PGXPF), Bill is simply one of the best in the business. Never underestimate fine leadership, especially when matched with great projects and sound Financials.

    These 2 people are going to get super rich, and I'm going to ride their coattails all the way to retirement.


  78. I sense that there are many newcomers here each day. It was just put up Saturday, but you may not have seen Turd's "Getting Up To Speed" post. If not, it will help you a lot to go now and read it.

    BTW, big thanks to whoever it was that posted the link to the Wizard of Oz video. It once again demonstrated to me how poorly educated I really am!

  79. Shores, yes, I'm following it at Interactive Brokers (you need to have an account).

  80. Cynthia

    Please go to some other site. There's no room on the life raft for you.

  81. @CO_Dan...

    Thanks, that's what I see too regarding Pd.

    I know it's not the same as gold and silver for most on this board (not even for me) in terms of it's use as money or in a revaluation of currency scenario, but many of the things that have driven the price of silver over the last couple of years (and going forward) are the same for palladium... industrial demand is growing, supply is short.

    I'm just a bit surprised sometimes that people talk "PMs" but are usually just talking gold and silver. Again, I get that, but am a bit surprised I guess that no one talks about palladium right now and, to a lesser extent, platinum.

  82. My original post was a response to Dr. Jerome's assertion that "racism" exists. Every racial group has racial interests and when we are all forced unnaturally together the way we are here in the U.S. through forced integration (schools, bussing, etc.), it is unhealthy and regressive.
    Unfortunately this term "racism" is always used pejoratively against any white who points out the unmitigated failure of the multiracial society.

    The MSM censors the facts about the incredible amount of black on white crime domestically. It also censors the findings of geneticists like Dr. James Watson, the Nobel Prize winning scientist also defamed as a "racist" because he suggested that whites should preserve their racial inheritance and that multiracial societies were backwards.

    Look, I'm more than happy to stick to PM's----but let's apply equal rules to everyone. If one sincerely looks at earlier posts, you'll find politically orientated commentary that predates mine.

    Let's not be conformists in here and buy into the "diversity is our strength" dogma that we get from the TV incessantly......every program from OReilly to Maddow to Matthews all talk about how great "multiculturalism" is in spite of the forensic evidence to the contrary..........let's not soak in that ubiquitous false doctrine here.

    Great calls recently Turd-----thank you for your effort.

  83. Looks like pressure building on Ag with higher volume and very little movement. Could bust open either way.

  84. CO_DAN

    Don't want to be a pest, but I would be truly grateful if you would recap what you said in an earlier thread about the OI levels that you would use to determine when to be long and when to be short on silver ETF.

    Others with thoughts on this please respond as well.

    Thanks! :)

  85. Dear Cindy,

    "Dr. Watson, who shared the 1962 Nobel Prize for describing the double-helix structure of DNA, and later headed the American government’s part in the international Human Genome Project, was quoted in The Times of London last week as suggesting that, overall, people of African descent are not as intelligent as people of European descent. In the ensuing uproar, he issued a statement apologizing “unreservedly” for the comments, adding “there is no scientific basis for such a belief.”


    Even minimal critical thinking applied to each element of your "mountain of evidence" in support of your incidious opinions would, IMHO, have similar results.

    btw... based on scientific calculation, there is African DNA in almost every person in America.

  86. The big question is who is going to win the Bang the close competition today?
    In this corner we have Blythe weighing in at 800lbs. The undisputed heavy weight backed by the full power of the printing press.

    In this corner we have the Hedgies. It is said they eat their young as well as their clients. They are lithe and agile. They love to play rope a dope.

    Let's get ready to rumble.

  87. @Pathoekstra - That was pretty good, made me chuckle...

    @Cindy - Please retreat back to your clubhouse, your white hooded cloak is showing under your dress...

  88. Louis: Right on! With the Friday OI still being so high, I like the hedgies chances.

  89. SRV-ES-

    Those latter statements from Dr. Watson were given after a pro-longed campaign of vitriol and defamation conducted by the media, including The Times Of London from which you qoute. He was also hounded off the genetic science committee chairmanship of which he was the founder and primary figure. All this because of his heritical, apostate statements regrading the realities of racial differences. So, in synoposis, your post proves nothing other than what most of the observant already know: those who publicly point out racial/genetic differences are lambasted and harrassed by the PC thought police. No news there.........

    And if you are truly interested in this topic you might want to check out the works of Dr. Glayde Whitney, Dr. William Schockley, Dr. Craig Ventor, Prof Revilo Oliver and many others who have confirmed Dr. Watson's general assertions.

    Perhaps a minimal amount of critical thinking is indeed what is required here.

  90. @Fortinbras

    You are right. I think it is pretty obvious that here PMs=silver and, to a somewhat lesser extent, gold. I for one have almost no knowledge of the other PMs, so any enlightenment you bring is a plus.


  91. Turd,

    Wouldn't the April OI get published today? Are we expecting any firework?

  92. Guys it takes ten minutes to open a blogspot on Google. Take the ten minutes and open one up and take the Klan meeting there.
    Those that give a damn already know what you are talking about those that don't ... Don't care.

  93. oldNavy:

    I think this is the CO-Dan comment you're looking for.

  94. Plenty of sites out there to expound on your personal opinions or bash on someone for theirs. If you cannot stick to the topic or express yourself without personal invective, find another site and go there. Seriously, that crap is deeply unwelcome here.

    Very interesting consolidation day in silver- yes, we've been knocked about, but as I type we are still 40+ cents above the Friday close, so I count that as a nice victory- don't forget, we are three dollars above where we were just 1 week ago. Particularly given the amount of fiat thrown on the short side in the last 24 hours, this is getting REALLY interesting. My own 2-bit opinion? Tomorrow and Wed will be explosive to the upside, and the general sell-off in commodities (particularly Agriculture) will reverse itself... We'll see.

  95. Cynthia, critical thinking is exactly what we are all doing when we refrain from posting opinions on anything other than PMs.

    Just because we don't give an opinion doesn't mean we don't have one. And that's coming from someone with Aspergers.

  96. Don't forget overnight Asian markets...PM's could start busting loose (upwards) again tonight. We shall see. . .

  97. Cynthia & Company-

    Enough, please! There are numerous sites where you can get your fill of political /ethnic /whatever commentary and debate, and that's where I go when I want to read it. I go here to read interesting commentary and debate about the PM world.

    Please learn to accept that you won't get "the last word", and that if you are offended you don't have to rise to the challenge, you can just let it pass and it probably won't come up again.

    Remember, this is not a public forum....Turd's site, Turd's rules, and Turd's delete button.


  98. Another new post for you.
    And can we leave the leave the multicultural debate behind? Please?

  99. @John 97205

    Thanks, John.

    No, there was another CO_DAN post that talked about silver ETF (AGQ, I believe, but maybe SLV) and switching from long options to short at 20,000 OI, I think. I didn't completely understand the reasoning at the time and was trying to get a better understanding of his thinking as I own SLV calls right now.

    I am a novice trader and sometimes the dialog can be a little over my head...

  100. Hope your right Pining. I like the fact that Ag is over Friday's close still, but would enjoy seeing my miners fly some. I guess they're tied more to the overall market than the underlying commidity.

  101. ewc. I own Evolving Gold, EVG/EVOGF, and I have always appreciated the fact that William Sherriff/Golden Predator sold EVG the rights to Rattlesnake Hills,Nevada for peanuts. I bet he's regretting it now but he needed money for his Yukon project, which I believe EVG owns shares of. Sheriff still owns about 2 million shares of EVG...EVG should be coming out with an initial resource estimate in quarter 2.

  102. As it's kind of quiet, I'll pipe up with this:

    I see lots of impatience expressed here about getting to 37/40/50 and/or why aren't my miners doing better. I just admitted that I'm a novice trader, but even I know this market is already moving very fast. This four-day week (one already gone) is gonna have PLENTY of action.

    Early today someone compared this to day one of the Battle of Kursk. For those who don't know, that was the biggest tank battle in history and was later recognized as the turning point of WWII in Europe. It was massive, titanic, and went on for two weeks before the Germans were exhausted and defeated.

    We'll see the result of our battle in the next three days!

    What say you, General Turd?

  103. Miners really sucked today. Geesh - such pessimism out there.

  104. "Miners really sucked today. Geesh - such pessimism out there."

    Pulled down by the drop in the NYSE, mostly, probably. It happens every time there's a big drop in the market.

  105. Somebody posted a link to Zeal, LLC's newsletter. I found this article quite useful in understanding why a general sell-off leads to a stronger dollar and puts double the hurt on commodities: http://www.zealllc.com/2011/spxusdral.htm. Thanks to whoever posted that previously. The other free articles on the site are quite good, too.

    As far as the "what is a precious metal" argument goes, I think it is usually defined statutorily as silver, gold, platinum and palladium, although I don't think the latter has ever been monetized. However, all of the platinum group metals have unique industrial properties (the 30 year chart on rhodium will knock your socks off). I'm looking for a few good platinum miners to add to the basket for this reason. Also on the off chance that palladium-based cold-fusion works out... that would be swell.

  106. @Xaritas: In Canada you can buy Palladium and Platinum coins. Scroll down this page:

  107. Oh, I know well the Platinum Eagle. I believe that legislation was proposed last year to introduce Palladium Eagles, and I plan to pick up a few ounces, Maples or Pamp Suisse bars. I have seriously considered buying rhodium sponge through Kitco's pool.

    I've just started looking into the platinum group miners. My initial research shows that all of the platinum group metals tend to come out of the ground together. Platinum, iridium and rhodium have a lot of uses in catalyzing organic chemical reactions... not only useful for reducing emissions, but also for things like creating fertilizer.

  108. And a bounce off of 33.40...spot on there, bud.