Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Welcome Back

Its been a long, three-day weekend. If you haven't yet, I strongly suggest you re-read this from last night:

"An absolute classic EE beatdown tonight as Blythe tries to claw back all the gains that were made on the Globex earlier today. Take a look at this 2-minute chart for tonight's action:

This is 100%, no-doubt EE manipulation. Some may claim algo, $-related selling. Nonsense. This is exactly what I was looking for when I made that "movie" last night. Blythe likely stored up some fresh ammo by covering some shorts back on Friday. She then unleashed some new shorts on us tonight in a blatant attempt to scare some March longs into selling. So the question is...what happens next?
I doubt she's done. I would initially look for support around the 33.25 level. We struggled with that area a little this morning (remember...broken resistance becomes support and vice versa) and it served to contain last hour's attack. It may hold again but don't be surprised if, at some point overnight, silver trades all the way back down to the highs of Friday, somewhere just below $33. If I were a BoS, intent upon taking delivery and shoving my silver auger right up Blythe's patooty, I'd be waiting right there for her with giant bids. Let's hope we see one, final, massive FUBM begin there and rally us into the morning. If I were trading tonight, I'd sit, cool as a cucumber and let Blythe come to me."

And you must also watch this, from Sunday night:


OK, now you are prepared for this day. Silver is already about 70 cents off its lows so we may be in the process of building the biggest and most important FUBM of all time. Watch out, though. Blythe is still lurking.

I'll have more in about an hour on this very important day. TF


  1. Look at silver and gold climbing back up. Demand for Ag and Au this morning, one would think, will be very really. We'll know in about 30 minutes!

  2. I have noticed a few posts from some seemingly informed investors who know far more than they are sharing.

    Most recently, bsjm said:
    "Did you really think it would be that easy?
    You boys really have no idea what your up against."

    Well bsjm, you are correct. I am just a sheeple who finally is becoming a bit informed. I have no idea how deep the rabbit hole goes. This is a once in a lifetime event and I am rooting for whoever the big players are that are really the ones up against it.

    But "they" should be nervous. Protests on Egypt brought down a stable system. How many put their bodies out there? 1/82 of the population perhaps? In the silver battle, that ratio could go much higher when the general population puts their money in silver.

    I only matter as part of a collective group. Its TPTB who should be unsettled with Turd's blog going viral and thousands of amateur investors, each with a few dollars, acting in unison to BTFD and hold for the long term, all listening to the collective wisdom of some very competent members of this community. And we can fight this safely from our computer desks and coin shops--no need to face down brutal regimes in the streets.

    Please join us wholeheartedly. Share your wisdom. I don't need to know who we are really up against or who you are. I am glued to this blog for good advice on price levels, trends, and stock tips and some encouraging commentary that keeps me on the roller-coaster. I suspect you have a lot to contribute. Your advice is your resume. I am happy to listen and learn.

  3. Looks Like they let the Wicked Witch come to them at 33, now lets get this thing done!

  4. I also wanted to pass along a stock recommendation. Gold Resource Corp. has an operating mine in Oaxaca Mexico, has only ~55M OS, is run by very experienced miners, has large institutional ownership by Tocqueville Gold and Hochschild, is targeting paying out 1/3rd of cash flow as a dividend(will pay a larger dividend than any other company), are just getting started on exploring their properties, and have some of the MOST AMAZING ORE you will find.

    You won't find all the best elements in one company usually but I think GORO comes about as close as you can.

    I mention the stock because they put out a PR last night that showed astounding mineralization in their ore body which they're about to begin mining. http://goldresourcecorp.com/releases/GRC-2011-02-22-1.pdf

    I've held the stock for 4 years now and it's the single best investment I've made and I have a lot of confidence that the stock will be multiples of its current price in the next 2-3 years.

  5. Day 1 of the New Battle of Kursk is about to commence.

  6. Talking of wicked witches if you have the time to watch a documentary on the monetisation of silver and the symbology in the story of the wizard of oz then this is interesting...


  7. Simply amazing the action over night and what is happening in London. Crimex open should be wild. Not sure which way it will go. Panic buying to cover? Massive EE paper? Longer term, I believe the sheeple are waking up to the difference between paper and physical.

    All the best

  8. New on this site but very enjoyable read. Love it. Back up to $33.30

  9. myth, good on ya. To pick GORO 4 years back, man that's a classic. GORO and AUMN were just amazing in 2010...

  10. Turd, any thoughts on Bruce Krasting's prediction that QE3 is "dead on arrival"? Read his article on Harvey's blog last night...

  11. This is exactly what I was afraid of with AGQ.

    33.22 = 172.27


  12. sorry i now see 33.07 and 172

    slightly better

  13. and now i see 33.10 and 180 which makes a lot more sense. sorry i don't know why all my charts weren't working.

    good luck everyone today!

  14. Ladies and Gents, it looks like today is shaping up to be quite a show in silver, gold and all things metal. Hell, all things commodity. Maybe all things not nailed down.

    While the cats slept last night the rats were hard at work. Looking at the overnights tells a tale. As is so often the case, these short-tailed varieties of rodent require the cover of darkness to do their dirty work.

    Now as surely as the sun rises in the east, we will soon see if they’ve been emboldened by their late night raid and continue chomping away despite the light of day and the opposition.

    If you have an inclination to watch for global intrigue and conspiracy, you may see the dubious rodents receive help from one or more of the usual suspects (Fed, Treasury, IMF, World Bank, etc). Don’t be surprised if you hear massive MOPE (management of perspective economics) this week, to borrow an oft used acronym and phrase from the esteemed Mr. Jim Sinclair on JSMinset.

    Music to read by: http://vimeo.com/7776726

    So, what will come to light? Perhaps the lost city of Atlantis has been discovered with its solid gold and silver mountains of bullion? Surely this news would drive the metals prices lower. And they wouldn’t want to leak news about something like that until the vast megatons of treasures were secretly and securely tucked away in the vaults of the World Banks. Sounds reasonable, right?

    Atlantis may be a bit far fetched, but it’ll be interesting to see if the bankster rats get cover this week. Can’t have all that gold and silver in the hands of the bourgeoisie capitalist cats and other pesky unwashed hoi polloi around the world. No, no no... that would upset the balance.

    Whether this is a last grasp of Marxist Progressive strategy, the global Elites or simply the greedy, dirty underbelly of crony capitalism - or all three conveniently in cahoots in an unholy trinity - there is or will soon be a move to separate you from God’s own ultimate currency.

    We shall see, maybe today, whether the cats are of the domestic lap variety or a hungry pride of lions that smell blood.

  15. @ Dr Jerome... Wise words and wisdom. Learning is a life long process regardless of your "Letters and Credentials".
    Our foe has been honing the science of mind control and the "milking of the sheeple" for centuries. Our only defense is knowledge, understanding, and rational counter moves to sidestep their slow motion train wreck which we are at this very hour experiencing. I was aware of the inevitability of the events unfolding before us over forty years ago. I started preparations in earnest 11 years ago. The tipping point and writing on the wall for me was Waco. Timing has been the most difficult part of the financial aspect of this disaster in the making.
    The truest indication that a mind is active and intelligent, are questions. Lots of questions, never ending questions. It's always better late than never. The rabbit whole is extremely deep. Don't get lost. Honest caring people will always be there to assist you in escaping the intricate convoluted pathways of this intellectual abyss. So, ask away !

  16. caramel: on Harvey's blog, the article by Ambrose Evans Pritchard caught my eye:


    Real interest rates in Germany heading negative, due to inflation:

    "A reader sent me this link from Focus, for those who understand German. It is warning by the HWWI Institute in Hamburg that German inflation may reach 4pc by 2012 and stay high for several years."

    That prospect should increase the money flow into PMs. Ever since Weimar, Germans have had a morbid fear of inflation.

  17. If the Wynter Benton story has any merit, the show should begin shortly. Fasten your seat belts, grab your popcorn, and make sure ou have a vomit bag handy...or not. I guess we'll see soon.

  18. augiegld, check out this post:


  19. Yes, we need a "Turdville" dictionary.. Fuck You Blythe Masters = FUBM. BM leads the EE, Evil Empire, at JPM, J.P. Morgan. FUTF = Fuck You Turd Ferguson, our illustrious master of market timing and "Knight in Shining Armor". There are more, but I don't know them all. I am still learning here too. :)

  20. augiegld

    Blythe Masters runs JP Morgans commodities/bullion team...a sudden surge in price sends an FU message to her. She is known to retaliate with an FU Turd Ferguson occasionally...the two titans of PMs in a battle royal.

  21. "I am glued to this blog for good advice on price levels, trends, and stock tips and some encouraging commentary that keeps me on the roller-coaster."

    Dr. Jerome:- Entirely agree with your comments. Otherwise I am sitting in India Glued to this blog for last month or so. The write-ins in the blog was so encouraging, that, I could not stop myself from taking the obvious steps.

  22. Dr. Jerome, great reply to bsjm.

    bsjm .... Many followers here on Turd's blog are well aware of the fact that it is not Blythe & JPM that we are fighting but it is the "system". Blythe & JPM are made out to be the fall guys. We are up against every central banker back by their respective gov't in the West. So yes, we know what we are up against. The question is do they know what they are up against. By the market action lately I would say yes they do.

  23. Augie and Bob: It was written some time back and found here:


    You might also check out this:


  24. @augiegld
    Turd's glossary:
    More info:

    got some 40$ calls for May. My only concern is the COMEX won't make it til expiration (Apr 26). How about shorting CME as a hedge ? ;-)
    Thanks for your awesome lively work!
    Chuck (a "canadien")

  25. CME CDS (credit default swap)? Might be showing a buy signal soon.

  26. @sumo :

    i am from germany and the cpi is definitely more than the predicted 4%.

    The ECB says 2.2 % - in real life bread just jumped by around 10 % - milk the same
    diesel is nearly an ATH -- coffee + 20%

    but as we use things like budgerigar and caravans in our official CPI (i buy that each week ;) ) our inflation is quite low.

    So no worries at all

  27. Dr. Jerome said , "I only matter as part of a collective group. Its TPTB who should be unsettled with Turd's blog going viral and thousands of amateur investors, each with a few dollars, acting in unison to BTFD and hold for the long term, all listening to the collective wisdom of some very competent members of this community. And we can fight this safely from our computer desks and coin shops--no need to face down brutal regimes in the streets."

    I completely agree Doctor!

    Perhaps a new term Turd?

    TMSSTF - too many smart sheep to F%#+

  28. Net of the hellacious roller coaster ride, I'm still seeing SLW, PAAS, CDE, HL up an average of 3.5% in premarket. Not bad.

  29. Mr T We been right along while others sold we were buyers. FRG was my baby and I won!!! The price action and volume are truth tellers. And you sniff out the truth everyday for us.

    Thanks again for your work her.

    Standing Salute!

  30. Implied vols in AGQ options will be interesting this morning.

  31. Is that an inverse H&S I see before me? Out, damned spot price.

  32. Looks like we won the coin toss , EE will be reciveing .

  33. Take a look at the 180 weighted moving average on a one minute live price chart this am. Silver

  34. I have a regular am update for you.

  35. Blythe didnt sleep last night, giving out commands like a fuckin general right now

  36. Looks like the EE is still at it. Perhaps they think the sheeple will be "wide receivers" this go round.

  37. For Turd and anyone else could help me.
    Hi I'd like to know if what happened today in the morning, here in Europe, was an EE attack too.:


    Consider that here in Italy the "Borsa Milano" was cloes for some not specified "technical problems"...

  38. Tyler,

    What are you using to track spot price? It sounds like you're watching something that's on a delay.

    Things seem fine at this end

  39. Hillsie, thanks for the Wizard of Oz link. It's a keeper.

  40. 50% retrace (hourly) @ ~$33.32 appears to be the "Maginot Line" to bust thru.

  41. @Dave-

    Borsa is closed because of Nat Gas interruptions in pipeline supplies between Libya and Italy knocked the price of that firm's stock (sorry forgot who it is and we are very close to the OPEN here in US EST), more than the 7% move limit, closing the Italian exchange(s)for today.

  42. alright guys, i just bought my monthly amount of silver...
    get ready for it to crash.

  43. I keep buying PSLV in 500 share increments as we hit support areas

  44. @cmill.. your comment was timely. You see that hammer come out of nowhere at about 10:21 EST? holy crap. She must be on the rag today.

  45. @UGRev

    Blythe must have a hidden camera in my office or something... every time I've ever purchased silver in my entire life it drops within an hour or less.

    anyone who wants to BTFD, just wait an hour after I buy and you'll be set.

  46. @cmill. I thought I did well at 33.42 last night on that dip. I was sure that 33.25 was pretty good support and I was willing to bet that it would dead cat bounce and then shoot right up again. I underestimated Blythe and Ruprecht today.

  47. cmill,

    What you're supposed to do is buy silver after a massive or sizable decline and do it before it goes back up. Wait for it to happen, and THEN make your purchase. That's called buying on the dips. You make the mistake of buying when it's going up.


  48. @6a1db...

    Usually I buy after a dip... then it dips more... it always ends up going up a day or two later.

    I saw the price go down about a buck from yesterday and thought I better jump in now before things get to ugly.

  49. Dr Jerome: Please don't turn this forum into a political milieau. In one of your posts you made a very empircally false claim about "racism" existing. If there is "racism" it is anti-white. Everyday is this society the forensic evidence categorically shows that white people are being raped, robbed, car-jacked, attacked, murdered and insulted by blacks, one only need peruse the FBI's Uniform Crime Stats to prove this. Government programs routinely discriminate against whites in grants, scholarships, affirmative action, etc.

    You talk about MLK like he was some hero----he wasn't. Multiracialism has been an unmitigated failure, wherever it has been tried.

    Also, the evidence has shown that we don't have a socio-economic problem as much as we have a race problem. The Noble Prize winning geneticist Dr. James Watson, the man responsible for decoding the genome itself, has asserted the importance of white people preserving their genetic inheritance and that multiracial societies are inherently regressive and unhealthy.

    So please, don't turn tis forum into a typical place where we here the same old claims about how white people are "racist" and that MLK was great-----we get those specious lies from the MSM (both 'conservative' and liberal) everyday. It's "racism" to want to live with your own race.

    We come here to get the insight from Turd's valuable offerings----not to hear more "diversity" propaganda that is already ubiquitous.I've been here reading Turd just as long as you except I haven't posted until now.


  50. It's not "racism" when one points out the conspicuous failure of the multiracial society.

  51. I love this community! Thank you Turd, as many of us would be, and have been lost, and taken advantage of before finding you.

    A WARNING for anyone considering BOB CHAPMANS stock picks. Please go to the links below for more info and how his 'must have' INTERNATIONAL FORECASTER has bankrupted many.

    He has a very informative newsletter, but his stock picks are not for your benefit. (small juniors) Now that he's being exposed for the damage and financial ruin he caused many of his subscribers, the ones he didn't care so much about, he's touting a more reputable company.

    Many have lost millions of dollars because of his fraud in the industry, and unfortunately that continues to this day. And yes, despite what he says, he is paid by the junior companies that have cleaned many of us out.

    Trusting in Bob Chapman has cost us our life savings. We should have known better and believe others when they brought this information to us, but we trusted that we were paying for and getting 'expert advise'. We suffered from cognative dissodence.

    Not everyones experience is the same, but many have learned the hard way. I'd like to believe
    our loss could be helpful to others and they won't make the same mistake we did and trust him.
    He should be in jail, and would be had he not fled to Mexico.

    We're trying to climb out of a very deep hole and James West from the Midas Newsletter has helped us on our road to recovery.

    For what it's worth. Negative, but necessary to post this to help others.


    Our experience with his stock picks is below. Sorry it's so long, but it needed to be said.


    Good Luck to everyone here, and thank you Turd for giving us your wisdom and honesty, both rare and difficult to find these days. And thank you for this community of like minded people, who seem to have the best interests of everyone at heart.

  52. and excuse me, I mean to write that it is NOT "racism" to want to live among your own race.