Thursday, April 21, 2011

And The Winner Is.....

I just got off the phone with Lind-Waldock. They have confirmed for me that the official Comex closing price for today in the May11 silver contract is $46.06.

This means that the winner of the autographed, Big Yellow Hat is...........


Mr. Smoke had a guess of 46.08 so he barely beat out R Man J at 46.00. The official spreadsheet can be viewed here:

Mr. Smoke (may I call you Monkey?), please email me at with the address to which I can send your prize.

This was great fun. I'm very pleased that so many participated and that I rescued my minimal reputation by only missing by $0.25. Have a great rest of the day. This being the final trading day of the week, it should surprise no one that silver is trading higher on the Globex. This has been the case for about 6 or 7 weeks now. Maybe we can see $46.50 and onto new highs before they shut things down later this afternoon. I'll have a full weekly summary either later this evening or tomorrow. TF out.


  1. Quick question - Yuan devaluation bad for US dollar? and thus good for silver/gold?

  2. Goldline is advertising on this blog DON'T BUY BULLION FROM THEM!

  3. Turn those machines back on!

    CA Lawyer falls to the ground, whimpering, $46.66, $46.66, what happened . . .

  4. i hate to bust your bubble but your bid is over, so 46.00 would win.....remember spay and or neuter your pets

    bob barker...the price is right bitch

  5. Congrats Monkey Smoke!

    I am distraught at missing out! Retail therapy is called for... off to the coin shop ;)

  6. OH COME ON ... I chose 46.44! but I thought it would be at close of the spot market! :/

  7. Congrats Monkey Smoke! We need a picture of you striking a pose with some blingin' shiny stuff.

  8. Congrats to Monkey Smoke...

    If anything else, the ID name alone cracks me up almost as much as Turd's always has. Classic!

    Turd...maybe I've missed it over the last few weeks, but have you kinda stopped including analysis of Copper lately?

    Does it no longer fit in with all of this? I ask because I was wondering if you own any or if you recommend buying any. Those big copper bars on some of the sites are just very freakin' cool looking. But I wasn't sure if it was worth it for future value. There aren't copper shortages yet are there?

    Thanks much! Great week again as usual!

  9. Let's hear June 30th predictions of Gold/Silver!

  10. Well done Monkey Smoke!

    Apropos as well because I thought there would be more poo flung at Silver by The Flying Monkey Brigade.

    Good fun though. Thanks Turd.

  11. Missed it by $.24... Well, at least I was closer than Turd.

    All in all, a good week.

  12. Congrats Mr Smoke

    Silver is on a Runaway and the dollar on the brink of collapse

  13. atlee-

    Yeah, the AGQ action is addicting in itself, but I'm also getting the feeling that there's a tailwind developing, lots of folks getting on board before "it's too late".

    I actually picked up a little more AGQ at 335, thinking "OK, I've just picked the top" and I'll go into the weekend negative ....but it keeps going up... truly amazing.

  14. Way to go, Monkey boy.

    I was only 15% off, lol. I guess I should be more realistic next time rather than hopeful.

  15. Goldline is a total scam. There are so many more better places to buy bullion. It's Google looking at your browsing history and keywords, though, so that's why you're seeing that ad. Everyone sees different ads.

    $61.13 for ASE? Yeah I don't think so.

    But wait! For only $77 you could get this lovely painted ASE!

  16. Congrats Monkey Smoke...Glad I was way low at $44.75

    Eric#1...Bacon will do strange things to the mind after awhile...only kidding:-)

    I'm looking forward to Monday and onward at this point. No fear here, just patience and I know I'm right about it. (self pep talk there)
    I don't have much choice regarding SLW because I will not repeat a mistake I made once already with it.

    I'm encouraged by GG also. It is hanging in there and not really budging downward at all. It just wants to rise at any Au strength. I see that as consolidtaing and ready to break out to $60 soon enough

  17. From Stewart Thompson

    22. Silver tagged the $46 marker last night. I believe we are very very close to a short-covering frenzy. We are probably in the beginnings of it now. The shorts are in agony. A hard hit could follow such a frenzy, once they finish bailing.

    23. Short covering is buying. It is demand. The old highs of 1980 for silver sit in the $52-54 area. Price could fail before that level, or there could be a super-blast of shorty pants loss booking right thru there, that could take silver to $60-80 in days. All is possible, all is real, all is now. The bottom line? Shorty, shorty, pants on fire, hanging on a bullion wire!

    24. Attention gamblers. The odds of a gold parabola occurring right now are higher now than at any time in the whole bull market. Call options are your weapon of choice. I’ve already told gold and silver hedgers that were earlier CONCERNED about a FALL to buy 70% put options and 30% call options. How many listened? Do NOT play top caller in this market. When price moves into a parabola, it takes no prisoners. Speculative gamblers who want to take action should buy 70% call options and 30% put options, preferably using a range pgen, as I am. In a parabola or crash, the COST of the option is DWARFED by the rise in the price of the option. In a monster move, it’s possible that even if you are on the wrong side of the trade, the 30% position makes hundreds of percent or even thousands of percent for you, making the 70% wrong side of the trade irrelevant. This is very rare in markets. Then again, so are lifetime winners in markets a very rare type of person…

  18. I am calling $64.75 for COMEX close on June 30 2011.

    If we are not within $2 of this either way, and someone sends me a Turdhat, I will eat my Turdhat on video and post it on youtube.

  19. congrats monkey smoke

    @ kiwi
    if we are wrong it will be momentary. The Trend is our friend. Relax monkey smoke just told me we will be 46.50 spot at 4 pm.

  20. But but, in my mind the real closing price is when all trading all over the world stops at the close of the Globex at 5 pm EDT. :)) So, I could still win.. hahahahahaha

  21. Yes if the Chinese allow their Huan to be revalued by +10% THIS WEEKEND, Gold, Silver (and all commodities) will explode.

    Given the trading holidays in Europe and US, this could be their good opportunity to do so.

  22. FOAGQ...

    I agree with all of your comments post my post.

    I figure by leaving some in and Monday opens gapped up, I caught a piece of it and if it gaps down, even big, I know it's coming back and I've got 75% dry powder ready to go back in.

  23. Monkey Smoke

    I want your call for next week Wednesday.

  24. @kindabluzzay

    Some weirdo named "Evil" posted something to that effect in the last thread, saying the situation with China is out of control and we should all go long asap. I take that with a shake of salt :)

  25. Where are you in the Pyramid of Capitalist System?

  26. @Pablo

    So we're making calls for June now? Haha, Turdhat. I like that word.

    As reported by CMI Gold & Silver

    3/28 … 37.14 … M
    3/29 … 37.04 … Tu
    3/30 … 37.57 … W
    3/31 … 37.93 … Th
    4/01 … 37.77 … F … w/e tude +

    4/04 … 38.53 … M
    4/05 … 39.22 … Tu
    4/06 … 39.43 … W
    4/07 … 39.59 … Th
    4/08 … 40.66 … F … w/e tude ++

    4/11 … 40.65 … M
    4/12 … 40.10 … Tu … tude - (trolls)
    4/13 … 40.30 … W … tude + (trolls vamoose)
    4/14 … 41.72 … Th
    4/14 … 42.61 … F … w/e tude +/- (option expiry)

    4/18 … 43.02 … M
    4/19 … 43.95 … Tu
    4/20 … 44.56 … W
    4/21 … 46.28 … Th … w/e tude -+ (frazzled stocks)
    MonkeySmoke @ 46.06
    4/22 …………… F …. Market Closed

    And a Tribute to the Big Yellow hat winner ...

  28. Really, I would like to hear from you and I will post the results at the end of April.

  29. FOAGQ...

    I think another thing to keep in mind going into weekend, and I always have to remind myself of this, is that while I might miss a gap up with my PAPER, my PHYSICAL never sleps and it catches every move, good or bad.

  30. Blythe's monkeys go up in smoke.

    ... Good one.

  31. Wacthing the selling in GPL is amazing. Their are 7 lots of 10,000 + shares just sitting there. No way its going to blow through that with current bids at 2,000 shares.

    SLW is a little different. Every time it nears 42.35, a mystery 14,200 ask order pops up. Price drops to 42.23.

  32. Congrats Monkey Smoke!

    FOAGQ I'm done leaning. In for the weekend with 25%.

    Word Ver: Kittain. That made me sad.

  33. Monkey Smoke-

    Do you do lottery ticket numbers? Tuesday and Friday please for the Mega Millions.... I want to swing for the fences... ;-)

  34. From Daniel FCB:
    What's this? More incredible/miraculous than any spike in silver? GGCRF is up 3.2 cents! OMG! Looks like pushing through 46 put the paddles to SilverMex's chest.
    Ha! The word verification was TROPHI.

  35. Smoked monkey on a stick is delicious in the P.I. CONGRATZ -

    @xty -Very old and very ugly GIF. But don't be hatin' cos we didn't have PhotoShop back in 1993 :-)

    *** Warning over use of psychedelic colors and patterns may induce nausea and seizures in some folks.

  36. On Level II, who is ARCX? They are behind a very large ask that keeps popping up for SLW. Every time it hits 42.30. It appears.

  37. Sucks that the Markets are closed for a long weekend. Think I'll get out for some fresh air and take the Harley for a beat run.

    Happy Easter to you all. May God shine his perpetual Silver upon you.

  38. GPL is a dog. Bought in at $4 and it hasn't moved at all. Somebody help me.

  39. Hi guys. Long time no post. Coin Shop Report - local guy has a shipment of eagles coming in 3 weeks. Everything he has now comes in and goes out all within a day. However, they're amassing quite the bucket of weird generic rounds. Limited edition stuff, odd 1 oz bars, a couple 10 oz bars, it's all coming out of the woodwork now. Quite the selection if you want to dig through the generics box. Selling is picking up speed, everyone is bringing in any silver they can get their hands on and cashing it in. Buying is slowing down. I guess not everyone can afford 1 oz anymore!

    Oh and premiums on eagles are $5.50. Eagles are $51.50 today. My goodness. Over $50 for one eagle. I was getting them for $40 a month ago.

  40. @atlee -- you staying in for the fun this weekend?

  41. Just picked up 4 lottery tickets. 2 May SLV 46 calls and 2 May SLV 43 puts. Only paper silver I'll have into the weekend. I used to be indecisive, now I'm just not sure.

  42. It is amazing SSK,
    I saw the same yesterday when it went up above 4.10.
    30-35k lots every cent upwards from 4.10 (roughly).

  43. This is turning out to be the best week, month, and year for silver ever, and I have been following silver for 47 years. The last time silver hit 50 dollars was so long ago, and was at that price for such a short time, I was barely aware of it. I was not as smart as Scott in those days, but then I didn't have the internet either,, hahaha. It appears that we have an incredible seven UP days in a row for silver. What is even more incredible is that everyone of those days was up more than .30 cents. This is truly unprecedented. I will post the results after the Globex closes at 5 pm EDT.
    This is price and time I use for my spreadsheets.

  44. Calvin, rest in peace.

    I think the POSX bounce is done at 74.20. Laying down buy stops on XAG now, before Globex closes. Also laying down buy stops on AUD.

    It's hard to believe POSX can bounce when Philly's number is a big miss. Fortunately correlation between POSX and PM prices are not 100%, like T-bond and S&P index.

  45. CD... I think all of us FOAGQers are leaving skin in the game over the weekend.

    Figure at worst it gaps down and what, takes 1-3 days tops to be up again. At best, you catch a bit of upside.

  46. @Silver Cell

    Amen, buddy, especially on #24. In a market that you know is going to be volatile, trade both ends. Long slightly OTM SLV calls and puts. The only way you lose money is if the price doesn't change. OK, sure, it's a gamble, but the odds look awfully good from where I'm sitting.

    I just can't get into the miners discussion here. Why would you trade against the trend? That's not even gambling, that's just hoping.

  47. We're talking 650,000 asks sitting. ANd we just exhausted it only for the bids to dry up. Something's gotta give this last 45 minutes.

  48. wait hong kong london and sydney will still be open right? They don't have 'good friday' in China do they?

  49. SSK My hubby says it is the ARCA electronic exchange, one of the ECNs. Different exchanges interface over the ECN's. ARCA executes stock transactions for its clients, who would be different brokerages. Different brokerages use different exchanges, and you can even change the routing of your own bids. There are rules about how bids and asks get routed too, and the first part of an order might be executed on one exchange and the rest of an order on a different one. There are others like NSDQ, ARCX, BATS, BWX, etc.

  50. Hedgehog trader is going long Metalline Mining Co. (MMG) into the weekend

  51. So, what's the last half hour going to be... profit taking or shooting straight up as folks fear some dollar destruction event over the weekend?

  52. to answer my own question, forgive my ignorance.

    New York

    Closes in 41 mins.

    Opens on Apr 26th, 2011

    Opens on Apr 26th, 2011

    Opens in 4 Hrs. 41 mins.

    Opens on Apr 27th, 2011

    Opens on Apr 25th, 2011

  53. From Daniel FCB:
    Been suffering lately from SLW remorse. But I just checked it out at and it looks like it's been sitting on its 50 DMA like a cat ready to launch itself up onto a table. The MACD seems to have have started a move off its bottom as well. Then again, over the last year the 50 DMA hasn't meant much. Hope it's not just wishful thinking on my part.
    But I have gone in the last couple days and bought some more 2012 calls. GLTA!!
    Can't decide if I should buy some May puts as insurance.

  54. RE: AGQ

    I sold half yesterday at close and I'm holding the other half through the weekend.

    Grats Monkey Smoke.

  55. FUBM to end the week?

    How about a HUIBM?

  56. Where's our entry point for silver - 42???

  57. It's not going to be easy but I'm going to hold onto my May 45 SLV calls over the weekend. I'm pretty sure this $1 a day trend will continue.

  58. My risk tolerance is rather low, but I did leave on a minimal lottery ticket base in OTM SLV May calls (50 & 55). Despite my horrendous timing and fuzzy strategy, I made more profit in calls these past 2 days than the previous month in AGQ.

    While I am wary that 'they' own the casino and change the rules whenever it seems like they might lose, it certainly looks as though the hitherto immovable object is encountering the proverbial irresistible force.

    Good luck one and all, enjoy the holiday weekend. I am off to spend the paper gains on more Morgans. Big thanks to Turd for making this community possible, and to the members for making it even more interesting and rewarding.

  59. Just hit 46.50, I am a 8 month amateur, how can I track the price during the holidays this weekend please? Apologies people!

  60. Silver is hitting all time highs as we type - 46.51! As all in as I ever am - holding my miners, keeping my PHY.U, PHS.U, CEF. And the physical is just sitting there, growing in value. I almost expect to see it glowing.

    And Hubby's SLW is staying in, and he bought more this morning.

    word ver: chesse

  61. Repost from bottom of last thread -

    @ Xty

    Here I am. Two emergencies in the family. One taken care of the other very, very serious and we don't know what to do, thus my absence.

    Dehydrators. God, I love them! Make everything from dehydrated fresh polenta (made from fresh corn on the cob) with cilantro and jalapeno peppers (yum!) to sprouted grain bread and crackers. Takes time, but great to have.

    Yes, food prep would be a wonderful topic.

    My position, pms-wise, is just to sit tight. No buying/selling. I feel I just can't time the market and have confidence that it is on an upward trend, even if my miners are just stagnating for now. So, given that my head is spinning from family emergencies, and things are changing minute to minute, I'm so emotionally drained that it's just not smart to s

  62. SSK said... EXK taking it on the chin this morning.


    Word verification: trushi :-O

  63. Daniel...Same here.
    I'm sitting on a bunch of Jan 12' SLW calls for now. Feeling pretty good about it.

  64. Okay, I'm betting straight up for the last 30 minutes.... we could hit my call of 47.50...

  65. Irene...Good luck.
    Hope it turns out well for your loved one's.

  66. This Engineer’s guess was $44.44, No wonder why everybody here is always bashing EE’s – we are too damn conservative…
    Good discussion about preserving food today.

    Canned Cheese: Here is a link to the best damn canned cheese there is – Cougar Gold Cheddar!
    The other side of the equation is producing food, though.

    For anyone who has access to some dirt, now is the time to start gaining hands-on experience in growing your own food.

    And if you have small children, giving them their own little garden-spot will help teach them the value of producing their own food. (as well as help motivate them to eat their vegetables!)

  67. I heard a low-pitched humming sound coming from the basement gun safe, I opened the door to find my stack of silver comex bars glowing and giving off a pleasant radiant heat.

  68. Catseyenu,

    I think the take away word was "this morning".

  69. $1510 looks like a slam dunk at this point.
    This is great.

  70. $46.60... A couple of days ago we were still worrying about breaching $36... Insane.

    Tweet from Zerohedge:
    Some may be delighted know that $46.60 is where American Eagles pass $50 on the Monex.

  71. congrats monkey smoke!

    geez, $46.62 on my screen - wow.

  72. GPL just had a big sell off. Again!

  73. My PM's don't glow.
    They just smile back at me :-)

  74. I asked my wife this morning:

    "I really need some good sleep. Please watch the computer while I'm sleeping; if the daily balance drops below $0, come wake me up so I can look."

    I slept like a baby. I sure needed it.

    Gold and Silver: the gift that just keeps on giving.

  75. kiwi - 47.03 that's my bet for 4 pm. I was wildly enthusiastic on the Turdhat contest, going over 50. But I am happy to take what we got. Congrats to Monkey Smoke - I hope you will pose in the hat and change your avatar.

    Irene - sorry to hear about your troubles. Hope you find your way, and you are right not to make big decisions right now. Sitting tight is fairly popular here, but not necessarily the majority.

  76. I own 900 shares of Gpl in my Roth Ira. Should I sell them?

  77. Trading strategy I've been doing for those interested.

    Just sold PHYS at 13.50 with NAV premium nearing 6%. Bought when the premium was 1% just a week or two ago.

    Moved the position to SGOL, and now will wait for the premium on PHYS to drop again and then switch back.

    I think this is a good strategy especially given bullion's collectible tax rate.

  78. @Xty

    I made a prediction of 47.03 as well.. ;)

  79. NG hits a new low for the day!

  80. Sold my AGQ at $330.71 today, now it's $338.53, so I left 2% on the table after a 20% gain since the 11th. I keep feeling like I screwed up now that silver keeps on rising. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed for the TURD BOTTOM sometime next week at around the $45-$43 range.

  81. @ Chin Music

    Thank you for the Comex info... it is so surreal I forgot what the spot was April 1st ... no fooling LOL!

  82. The last 26 day rally we had was after the $2 drop on March 14/15, we then rallied up $8 from $34 to $42 before experience another $2 drop to $40 on April 12th.

    I pointed out that $2 drop similarity in a comment here on April 12 and two days later said that this current rally we are on is moving twice as fast as the last one and that we would see an $8 rally in 13 days, putting us at $48 by the 25th of this month. That pattern appears to have stayed the course as we are at $46.60 as I type this.

    Prior to the March 14/15 drop, we had a similar $8 rally from $28-$34. If we get the $2 drop this time at $48 taking us to $46, the next rally will shoot to $54 before seeing another $2 correction. Just some food for thought going into the weekend.

  83. Question for all:

    Does anybody have knowledge as to whether the which of the following is more profitable: The average producing gold mine vs the average producing silver mine, if they were to get average yields for the same tonnage processed?

    I'm thinking about which sector will be more effected by rises in energy input costs.

  84. Edit: very poorly worded first sentence, but I think you'll get it.

  85. Thanks DPH and Xty. Coming here - even if only for a few minutes - has really helped brighten my day.

  86. atlee,

    I'm in for this weekend. Thanks for the fortifying comments. I put a small SLV hedge on, but I've learned the importance of not giving up my position in an anticipation of a short term swing. I probably would be up 3-5x my starting capital if I had learned that earlier.

    SLV puts for plausible dollar amounts are ridiculously cheap.

  87. Typo on that last $8 rally part, it was a rally from $26-$34(not 28-34) starting at the end of January going up to the middle of February, about 26 days. So it was two 26 day rallies each good for $8 dollars, and now with the doubled speed, $8 dollars in 13 days with this current rally.

  88. Just as I said imminent, bam, profit taking or a small attack happens.
    Ok, safe to resume the march after 4:00 I guess.

  89. JNG,

    I jumped out yesterday morning and then back in during the evening on a dip. I just could not miss out on this move, even if it meant losing some money.

    Jesse's Cafe, Endless Mountain (silver log), and posts here helped me to decide to stay in. A good decision.

    I'm staying in over the weekend.

  90. @Justin

    Perhaps with the faster time frame of your pattern, the dollar increments will increase, in both directions, in other words, more volatility.

  91. JohnboatCat

    Someone was asking about the canned butter and cheese. You got some didn't you? Good?

  92. Price of Silver now solidly above the stock price of JPM now. Doesn't mean anything, but it's fun anyway.

  93. There, finally, $46.66. Right dead nut at 1:00 p.m., pacific time.

    Turd, can I have an honorary mention, maybe a photoshop Yellow Hat mounted on top of my profile American Silver Eagle? Pretty please?

  94. kiyotei said...Man, some of you cats fight like hummingbirds!
    Newbies need to learn the art of scroll not troll.


  95. @mammoth - Thanks for the cheese link. They sound delicious but it looks like they have an issue with heat in certain areas of California so I'll have to call and get more info I guess. That would be a problem because when the lights go out and the A/C is off (can you say blackout) it might seriously affect the quality. Of course, this is a possibility with all food storage so I'm trying to figure out an option for this situation. Wish I had some land so I could dig a root cellar and also build a hogan. Oh well... that's what my end game is anyway. Silver to gold to land! :-)

  96. SOld some SLW at the close. 42.39. Awful. Going to put some more on the AH market. If there is one today. Pretty fucking lousy week this silver and gold miner trader.

    Got to go plant 25 more raspberries, blackberries, gooseberries and currants. I'm going to have a goddamn fruit farm if I keep this up.

    Have a good weekend.


  97. FOAQG uh oh I didn't stay in. Put in what I thought was crazy price around 3 when I was leaning and got it in the last pip of day.

    lol - atlee I'll have to do the buy and hold all over.

    Not too shabby all the same.

    too much discipline I guess.

  98. Eric-

    Canned Butter? What are you, some kind of weirdo?..... ;-)

    Man, what an ending to an amazing week....

  99. The way mining shares trade it's like some HF monkeys have got the words of an imminent raid and set their shorts ready and yet EE could not pull the trigger so far to get a meaningful sell-off.

  100. Wow, too much too fast? I wonder if the general public is becoming aware.

  101. Robert Leroy

    Just off the top of my head, it seems a lot of gold miners are talking about cash costs of $500-$600 per oz. While a lot of silver miners are more like $5-$7 per oz. Would seem to me that the silver miners should be swimming in cash relative to the golds.

  102. borte said...@EVIL
    So what do you see in your crystal ball then?

    Your wallet in his pocket?

  103. Aw screw it. Let's just go for 47 on the globex close.

  104. Justin - interesting, a good simple pattern.

    gniuz - and I meant 5 pm not 4 pm (I think I am going to go into withdrawl when this stops trading.) But I am still expecting a last minute upswing, as people decide they want silver over the weekend.

    The thing about canned butter and cheese I don't understand is how you 'cook' them without cooking them.

  105. Much4Him

    you are welcome ...

    as you know silver and gold are God's money ... after being in this for quite some time (2005) I did a bible study on the significance of gold & silver and their underlying meaning ... gold was easy as it speaks of our Lord's Kingship ... what was surprising to me was silver spoke of His blood redemption thus my attraction to silver now and back in 2005 ... I had all the info saved to hard drive but a computer crash wiped it (no backup duh!). A dilligent study around silver in the O.T. & N.T. will reveal this though.

  106. Our only thing left that we really need to stockpile is water. Does anyone know where we can get freeze-dried water at reasonable prices? I heard it doesn't take up much space and it's easy to rehydrate when you need it.

  107. Oversimplified as usual but my mind has been skipping beats after the doc prescribed meds for my tick bite (and potential Lyme disease) BUT... If you believe that the "True" GSR should be 16 to 1 and today Silver is 46.50 and gold is 1507... Is gold overvalued and should be $744 an ounce? Or is silver undervalued and should be $94 an ounce? Answer this correctly, make your play and you will win big ;-) My guess is without the current manipulation in the markets, the real prices (as driven by supply/demand) should be closer to S:100/G:1600.

  108. Pablo, I'll sell you some. Just tell me where to ship it.

  109. Izzy Freidman has predicted that someday one box of silver eagles will buy a Manhattan Penthouse. Mine's gonna be in Combover Towers.

  110. Gold is getting kind of whacked right now. That was not my theory.

  111. I picked up some extra specs during the morning and lunch time raids and have decided to hold through weekend. Monday morning we may be waking up to 48 or 49. I'm still relatively light, and can weather dip to 35 w/o margin becoming an issue. I find that sort of dip in only a few trading days unlikely :)

    I just finished "The Great Silver Bubble", loved it. A ton of detail, even though the author's bias against the Hunts is shot-to-the-nose obvious. If you can get past that, the rest is a treasure.

  112. Here's a lesson on listening to your gut and having confidence, which I did, and following through, which I didn't.
    I mentioned Orofino Gold (orfg)down in Colombia about 7-10 days ago.
    It was $.10 when I mentioned it. It went up to $.18 today. Damn!
    I had 30,000 shares going into February 11' and sold them off at a small profit to move some capital around. It's been on my "buy" list the whole time just like a bunch of other stocks.
    This one is bugging me as the history of the region and the miner next door to them should have forced me to buy back in with some of my other profits instead of some physical (gasp!)

    Oh well, hinssight is 20/20 and it will come back down I hope. This a a very early explorer and I think they are going to really nail it once drilling results and some preliminary operations unfold. This is a low mkt. cap pure spec.

  113. @i1
    I'm of the mind to eventually swap an Engelhard 100 oz bar for a house down TX way. And no, I won't be using a/c :)

  114. @Eric,

    From your cash costs, if the miners werent hedged then gold would be getting about $900 profit per new ounce and silver would be getting about $40 per new ounce.

    Disregarding other minerals that are mined, what would the industry average #ounces/ton mined be for each type of mine?

  115. @ kiwi, FOAGQ

    Sorry catching up on posts still; but speak of addicting, I played the same as you Kiwi and picked up at 332.86 in between classes this morning. Staying strong into the long weekend.

    Congrats Monkey Smoke! Beat me out by $.03. Can we have a recount Turd?

  116. Eric#1

    seeing how you are a CPA ... if you can figure out a way to get a tax deduction on canned bacon I'd be all in :-)

  117. @RLP,
    I was expecting more volatility during this current run, but with all of the hype around gold/silver lately on the internet and with CNBC touting gold/silver to sheep like these two metals are going out of style, I expect the pattern to remain until we see if the next cycle is from $46 to $54 in 13 days or if it reverts back to 26 days.

    CNBC touting gold and silver, the dollar in the dumps and rumors of a 10% Yuan revaluation, I'm holding everything until the end of the current cycle to $48 which should be by Tuesday at the latest.

    $54 is the number to watch if the pattern holds and we dip to $46 after touching $48. If it gets to $54 in 13 days after that dip then the cycle is going to shift again and will either reduce or extend cycle time by 50%. Should be interesting!

  118. As of the Comex pit close:

    Silver up 8% for the week!

    Holy Smokes! I still need more physical! I better buy fast!

  119. I can only hope (hard to say this) that the other spec I had in the Yukon doesn't hit it big. I hate to wish such things which means I should maybe buy some back.
    It's fractional and I had 1,000,000 shares.
    Actually, I just wanted to own 1,000,000 shares of something once in my life. Better listen to my gut again but I think it's a dog overall due to the ownership but the history of the area has produced the largest placer nuggets in Alaskan history. They claim to have found the source. H'mmm?
    Pretty torn up about that Orofino right now.
    Oh well, can't own them all at the same time.
    Pretty sure this has happened to all of us at one point. Still sucks.

  120. @ Robert, RE: Silver miners vs Gold Miners

    There have been arguments in which I read that miners are not going up because of the energy is going up as well. This supposedly will cut into "profits" into miners, I laugh at this (at least in the case for silver miners). Clearly they are not seeing simple algebra...

    Let us say that 50% of the cost of mining involves energy costs such as oil (even though I think this is closer to 25%). Now, various silver miners can mine an oz of silver for ~$4-$10 an oz. Say the cost of energy doubles (as oil will do when it heads back to $150+). This would give a new range of cost of mining from previous levels to ~$7-$15 dollar an oz.

    Now if you do the same type of calculation for Gold, this tends to get a bit more pricey, but gold's price increase should outpace its higher cost to mine. After all, the market can easily factor in the higher price to mine when it understands the importance of physical. We have a new perception to undergo within the world financial markets with respect to currency.

    The underlying asset of silver is outpacing the cost of production to leave a profit margin that is truly a breath-taking opportunity for silver miners. Never before has there been this level of profit margin for silver, but these levels are known for gold. Expect the market to react in my opinion....

    Full Disclosure:
    I am in all silver miners....
    Except for Rye Patch, which has a nice silver resource on-top of its oodles of gold in ground...
    (It didn't start like this, I just see the most upside within them though. Their in ground value is rising very fast... I have companies that are sitting on fat stacks of silver resources)

    I like silver miners better for their profit margin potential comparatively to gold.

    Apologize for some of the re-post from earlier, but it should be on topic.

  121. Hey has anyone gone on before?
    They have some unique coins. They sell some .999 fractional silver coins in 1/10 and 1/4 oz sizes that look pretty cool. A bit more than buying 90% junk silver coins, but was wondering if anyone thought they'd be as good to have since they're coins in smaller amounts and .999

    They also sell some very cool looking copper coins of buffalo, liberty, morgan, and other designs. Anyone know/think if copper is worth it to buy for future value?


    Thanks much!

  122. Robert
    that's the part I don't know either. From doing DD on stocks I occasionally see some data on actual mining costs per ton, but don't know where I'd find that right now. Seems to me I've seen it mostly in relation to polymetalic deposits where they want to throw in all the value of the gold, silver, lead, zinc, copper etc. and then they say "it only costs $XX per ton to mine the stuff, so we are going to make a fortune and that's why you should buy our stock!"

  123. @Chin Music and Eric

    Tax deduction should be on "swine asset eaten" not canned bacon. ;)

  124. Chin-

    No problems on the deduction, just list it as a PC (Pork in a Can).

    Yep, a little silly at the end of a profitable week.

  125. Canned butter as yet unopened. Cheese on the way with my second case of pail piggy. Going to experiment with freeze dried, vacuum packed, oxygen tabbed grilled bacon and cheese samitchs.

  126. Eric - now I am getting silver porn in my email from APMEX - beautiful Mexican silver onza's - this is going to kill me. But the good news is they sent an email saying they received my money order and will ship in 1-5 business days (first time I have cursed a long weekend!).

  127. @Scott so it looks like the profit margin is better for silver miners, but what about total profits based on typical mineralization for an average mine?

    Gold is ~17 time rarer than silver, so if say a silver miner gets 3oz/ton then a gold miner would get .18oz/ton.

    This give me $135/ton for the silver miner and $270/ton for gold. But given that golds input cost ratio is about 2.6 times more than silver according to Eric's numbers, this means Silver is slightly more profitable. And should become more profitable as energy prices increase.

    Of course these numbers are based on silver's recent huge move. So if it were to drop then it might move in golds favor.

    Thanks for the help!

  128. SSK said...I think the take away word was "this morning".

    I'm holding not trading, my last buy in was a little over $12.

  129. Gold is limping along, compared to silver. Must be massively manipulated as silver breaks it manipulation chains.
    The Gold/Silver ratio is down to 32:1 and falling.

  130. monkey.smoke is on fire! congrats! beat my $46.00 call by $0.02.

    Up 150% since $18.62 on 8/25/10 when I began literally screaming at friends/relatives to buy! Thankfully some did.

    @Chin music! I did a similar bible study, silver has always been money. 1,000 shekels (about 500 oz) could buy a very large and potentially profitable field. Always been money. There's a direct correlation between evil and hatred of silver.

  131. Save_Am

    Provident is one of the regular sites that gets talked about around here all the time. Seems like people are generally pretty happy with it. Thinking about using it myself if I can't scare up a Mexican 50 Peso gold piece locally.

    Personally I wouldn't bother with copper. You could buy a chunk as big as a shoe box and it wouldn't hedge your future inflation costs any better than an ounce or two of silver.

    Premiums on fractional silver are generally pretty high, while that on 90% coin is nonexistent. What fills the niche for fractional silver better than a 1964 dime?

  132. @johnboatcat - keep us informed please. Was thinking canned butter could double as cooking oil for fried rattlesnake in beer batter. Yummy NWH! My great-great grandma Polly (a Mormon pioneer who was half Algonquin) left us an excellent recipe using cornmeal but I took the liberty of jazzing it up with the addition of Polygamy Porter from the Wasatch Brewery in Park City.

  133. Blythe must be swearing up a storm at the CME today for no margin hikes! Unbelievable!

  134. XTY...I just got the same silver porn (lol) from them a few minutes ago.
    At some point if you order frequently enough you get a $10 shipping rate all the time on every order. A frequent shopper marketing tool.

  135. I regret I closed a large (paper silver) position today. I hope silver doesn't spike up beginning next week on news from China or whatever.
    Taking (part of your) profits seems unwise when the uptrend continues, but you can't have it all. There seem only buyers in this market and the raids by JPM are merely blips on a daily chart.

  136. My opinion on the silver mining stocks:

    I think the silver mining companies are being forced to hedge. Until they start coming out and stating that they are hedging en masse (signaling the top in Ag), they will not move. They will not get a proper valuation and they will all be held in place.

    When the big silver miners start to hedge, I will then go short the metal. Until then I'm accumulating miners. No sense in throwing them out when they are all worth more each passing day.


  137. xty

    Here are the ones I really like. I have a couple rolls worth tucked away in the "never to be sold" box. I should look around for a better picture though.

  138. Congratulations MONKEY SMOKE!! .....*Speech!..SPEECH!!* :]

    Re: GGCRF ..I almost had a heart attack seeing it close UPward a few cents. Silver only had to get to nearly $47 for it to react positively! "/ ...Maybe this is the start of something beautiful.

    Whatever it is...I hope everything turns out well with your family situation. I'll lift up a prayer for you & your family tonight.

  139. Xty,
    The hummingbird photo is gorgeous. My SIL loves birds and loves to take HB photos as well. Those little critters are sure fun to watch!

  140. Re: GPL - I finally gave up on that yesterday. Took a loss after buying around $4.56. Luckily, I wasn't too far in. I'll be moving the money into bullion. I'm still holding onto MAG and LSG, both of which have been very good to me. There's supposed to be an arbitration decision on the conflict between Mag and Penoles sometime in the next week or two, which I'm hoping will fall in favor of Mag and surge the price. If all else fails, they're probably about a year or less away from being able to produce, and I'm hoping they'll give out a dividend at that point. Also possible that they get a buy out, but I think it's unlikely with silver going parabolic. LSG just put a poison pill in place, which I think implies a buyout is in the air.

    @Pailin - Sounds good. I'll report back my impressions after reading it this weekend.

  141. kiyotei - They sell that canned Ghee for cooking oil. It is Clarified Butter.

    Got some, but have not opened it either. I par-boil my rattlers to get the meat off the bone. Then I cook it with BQ sauce on the grill on some aluminum foil. Makes a Rattl'n good samitch.

  142. xty

    Here's an eBay listing with great pics of the older Libertads that I like. Nothing wrong with the newer ones either.

  143. The daily chart for gold makes me think it is hitting a parabolic moment. I still think silver is going to outperform it, but I think there might be a catch up moment for gold. Just like silver left 36 in the dust, and blasted through 40, I think gold might go straight to 1600, and prove Turd actually is a witch, as his Memorial Day call is pretty much on the money. Being a quarter out on the Hatbid was awesome - even if Monkey Smoke actually brought home the bacon.

  144. Eric#1 - VERY NICE! I simply must get some of those now. The back is my favorite side. What a lovely edge pattern and the snake-eagle eating eagle is sweet! Also makes me hungry for nopales :-)

  145. johnboat/kiyotei

    the great thing about clarified butter is you can use it at higher heat than regular butter and it won't burn. Maybe that's the ticket for fryin' up those rattlesnakes.

  146. Just got back from my local dealer, he said he has to rely now completely on what people bring in to sell for everything but %90, and even when he places his next order to his wholesaler, its a 10 week delay! He can't bring himself to make the order yet because the price is so volatile. Sounds like we are going into a phase transition to the third leg of the silver bull going by Israel Friedmans predictions! To the moon alice! Here is a clip:
    Price Points and the Coming Silver Squeeze
    To define what I mean by shortage in silver, I say categorically that I’m not interested in the level of world inventories of silver, COMEX inventories and the guru’s stories. I am only interested to know if the users are receiving their shipments of silver on time. When a delay of silver shipments occurs, and affects most the users, I will consider this as a shortage.

    Let’s see the stages of a shortage.
    1) Pre-shortage – the users will have to wait 3 to 6 weeks extra for shipments. Then the prices can rise to $20-30/oz.
    2) Shortage – the users will wait an extra 6 weeks to 4 months for silver. Then the prices can rise above the old all-time highs of $50/oz.
    3) Super shortage – the users have to wait more than 4 months for their silver shipments. The price will range from $100 to prices you won’t believe.

    If this last scenario occurs, and gold has plenty of supply, the price of silver, at a minimum, will equal the price of gold. And my crystal ball tells me that silver can exceed the price of gold by a great deal.

    And a link to the full article (written years ago but spot on so far)

  147. kiyotei

    The eagle on a cactus, eating the rattlesnake is a recurring theme on all Mexican coins. National symbol of some kind. Something to do with the birth of the nation. Very cool.

  148. Anyone have any idea what is going on in GGCRF?

    10 Minutes before close, someone dumped 200,000 shares with a last trade at .74 (bid was .78 and never moved). It proceeded to trade up until .80 cents where it closed for the day. Then, after close another 130,000 shares were sold at .745 (with the bid still standing at .78).

    Over half of the volume was at below-bid prices (by 5% for that matter) at the end of the day. What gives? Anyone who has access to better software, I am dumbfounded by what I see.

    Is something shady going on or is this just the worst trader in the world?

  149. Eric and DPH - that first coin you linked to is the one they just sent me the picture of that I was drooling over. I also like the look of the gold 1 oz onza's and they had a low premium over spot too - I think the lowest I saw the other day.

    Ginger - thx re the picture - it is hard to explain the addiction to bird photography and birds in general to those who don't get it, but my parents were bird feeders and I guess it is genetic. Unfortunately, I do seem to attract a rather large number of pigeons and squirrels too, but we maintain friendly relations with the neighbours as we also have the biggest front yard on the street, and are a magnet for the toddlers. Scare the poop out of them at Hallowe'en, but win them over the rest of the year. There I go, off topic again, but aren't we allowed at the tail end of an insane week?

    Clarified canned butter I understand - that is what I meant about cooking your butter.

  150. Xty,

    I mostly agree with you. Gold stayed over $1500 during the entire pit trading session. It stood up to some pretty heavy selling over the last 24 hours! So there seems to be good base for the blast-off to $1600.

    Did you see the latest comment from Santa?

    But I don't think any investment on the planet is going to match the return of silver. Except maybe owning a central bank. (And that not for long. LOL!)

    word verification: inflowsh (Yea! From JPM's trading account into mine!)

  151. xty

    Depending on the year, I think, the Mex gold onza sometimes has the exact same design, both sides, as those older silver onza's. Those silver ones I like are sometimes called Libertads and sometimes called onzas

  152. Hat tip to eric#1 & johnboat... seems we will have an interesting potential new forum for "prepper recipes" on the new blog. Here's hoping to swap BBQ recipes and cooking methods in the future.

    Sorry if some think I'm trolling but I don't really believe there are scary trolls here.. more like Smurfs from 4chan - who are generally well behaved and probably learning a few things are as are we all.

    One thing to note... a troll NEVER publicly posts their email - especially one that is a domain registered to them personally and has a real phone number listed at the registrar... just food for thought.

  153. Looked alot of mining charts recently. Allied Nevada Gold Corp. (ANV) Looks the most bullish i've seen.;range=1y;indicator=sma(50,18,150)+bollinger+volume;charttype=line;crosshair=on;ohlcvalues=0;logscale=on;source=undefined

  154. Eric - those are gorgeous. But already bid pretty high. Did you bid? I was thinking ever since Brad bought that bowl that we should warn each other if we are bidding on eBay and not outbid each otther!

    SilverBleve - you wrote:

    "If this last scenario occurs, and gold has plenty of supply, the price of silver, at a minimum, will equal the price of gold. And my crystal ball tells me that silver can exceed the price of gold by a great deal."

    I am going to read the article. I have never heard that suggested before. What kind of dollar value are you thinking, if the dollar still figures in the final scenario.

    Scott - I don't understand quite how the bid ask works - SSK was asking about ARCX above, and I read into this awhile back but my memory is rusty. But when you place a market bid (or ask) your broker is obliged to get the best price only on the first 'block' of your order, and then can put the rest out on different exchanges, and they trade slightly differently. On stocks that have high volume the differences aren't as great, but on lightly traded stocks it can be odd. We use iTrade for just my mining account, and it can get you bad strike prices - and that is how I found out what was happening. (I know market orders, but sometimes I am impulsive and jump right in - learning to be patient, haven't screwed up majorly in quite awhile.)

  155. Hey Scott.. You're my Go-To Guy on these stocks.. remember? :] ...You're supposed to explain it to ME! :] ....Very weird ...I haven't checked the stockhouse board.. I wonder if some of those savvy SLX folks might know something..

    Yes.. I get it. I absolutely love photography. I photograph lots of still lifes, real lifes, portraits, and anything at all really. I got into it really when the kids were small through scrapbooking and got a few things published and then I was hooked! My SIL focuses in mainly on nature. She just loves it. Birds are fun and it's one of those things that can become addictive the more you learn about them.. so I completely get your facination with them! I love looking through what others have done too so if you have an online scrapbook that you share..I'd love to see it! ..If not.. just keep changing your photo around and we'll get to see lots of your beautiful handiwork! ;)

    I can't settle on a photo for here. I've had: 1)mannequin, 2)scary woman photo, 3)canned bacon, 4)twinkies of these things is not like the other. :D

  156. Ginger - anything but the scary woman!

  157. xty

    No, not bidding. Just grabbed it for you because of awesome pictures. THose kinds of coins been going for scary high premiums on ebay lately. Glad I got mine last year when they were pretty reasonable.

  158. @Ginger - How about a pic of Ginger from Gilligan's Island?

  159. I hope this hasn't been posted yet, but it's local news for me.

    Who is right and wrong is not in question here. The interesting part is this:

    Across three counts, Wray-Kanes lawsuit requests no less than $450,000 - in increments of no less than $75,000 - to be paid in gold.

    Interesting times we live in.

  160. OT Political comments.
    I personally strongly believe that government has gotten far too big. I also believe that its probably too late to fix the U.S. before a collapse. That said I'm not above trying to help people that believe in smaller government.

    About a year a go I got the chance to have dinner with Gary Johnson and talk to him for about an hour. If I got to personally appoint the president It would actually be a toss up between Ron Paul and Gary Johnson. Gary was called governor veto when he was governor in NM. The NM government actually SHRANK when he was governor.

    He has announced that he is running for president, and I ask that anyone whois interested in a smaller government look at Gary.
    I just went to his website and contributed the legal maximum to his campaign. (As I did for Ron Paul in 2008)

    For the Ron Paul fans here:
    When Ron Paul was asked about Gary Johnson he is quotes as saying "I can't imagine endorsing anybody else."

  161. FOAGQ

    I kept everything through the weekend. I did not sell a stich including what I picked up this morning at 326.85. Whichever way it goes, I think the risk of being out of this mkt outweighs the risk of being in. I still have dry powder. Have a great holiday weekend and GTLA

  162. xty

    If you want to take a stab at getting some on eBay though, be sure to search both mexico onza and mexico libertad because people list them both ways. Also "mexican" sometimes too. Or maybe "mexico silver coin" type of a search might find something that others won't. Good Luck!

    Or maybe just say screw it and bid big on those 4 and be done with it. :)

  163. These mining companies may not be running in a SHTF scenerio. TPTB may know this and why physical is rising so much faster.

    Get what you can now sort of thing.

  164. Here's a great (very funny) holiday greeting from SGS:

  165. kiyotei,
    lol.. I LOVED that show as a kid in the early 70s! ....Ginger's are either usually thought of as dim-wits or horses. ..Sometimes dogs. But I like horses ..and dogs ..and dim wits! ..heck, some would say I am one! ....a dim wit that is.. ..not a horse or a dog. :]

    'Ginger' on Gilligan's Island is a happy choice for a photo. Don't know if I can take one off the internet without getting into cyber trouble though?? ....I'll try this one out ...and change it up if I find a better one. ..Or until the cyber police arrest me.

    GREAT (and fun) suggestion.. ...'specially since I have some red-ish hair too! :]

    Will your mac let you post a photo?

  166. Listening to Glen Beck right now and he has been hammering at the Fed and the banks TBTF etc.
    Talking about dolar destruction and daring the Prez. to name names etc. of Wall Street Fat cats that B.O. talked about in his 1st campaign.
    Good stuff inspite of how you feel about Beck and his background supposedly.
    He's right about this subject today.
    Hope he just keeps hammering away at todays subject. Blasting the Fed and how B.O. wants to change the country etc.
    Ok, enough politics. He was preaching to the choir today.

  167. @Ginger - looks good - I believe you are safe with that one. Probably in the public domain.. but add some 3-D glasses or some bunny ears to her and you can claim fair use in court :-) P.S. I am ashamed to admit it but I'm a HUGE fan of that show!

  168. Once again my stock price (sold) is higher than the listed high for the day. This has happened before both high and low but never this much difference.

    HZU (traded on TSX) High = $54.16
    Yet my trade shows sold at $54.25

    It happened to be at the closing bell but other times it has been intraday.

    Any idea how this happens?

  169. Ginger

    I've been trying to do a photo, but no luck so far. Xty is on a mac, and she got it to work, but I seem to be cursed. I'll just hold out for Turd's new site and hopefully it will be easier.

    Maybe if I go to the library on one of their PC's and tinker with my profile, then come home.... ;)

  170. any thoughts on 90% silver dollars if your dealer is out of .999 .. seeing morgans and peace going for $45 some places ... what do you guys see from your locals ...

    thanks :)

  171. kiyotei,
    lol.. I loved it too.. ..and the Brady Bunch and I Dream of Jeannie ..and Bewitched.. ..ack.. I watched too much TV. :D

    Thanks.. ..this one is cuter.. I like it better I think.. ..Will try to figure out how to add the bunny ears. :D

    Ok.... I'll stop posting about this or I *know* I'm gonna get yelled at!

    ;) ..carry on....

  172. Xty I didn't write that quote, its part of the original article but I agree with it 100%. Simple supply and demand, there exists less silver than gold above ground, shouldnt that scarcity translate to a higher price eventually? We are all watching to silver/gold ratio as it goes down, I believe it will reverse at some point. jmho, but the guy who wrote that article was the one who first talked Ted Butler into learning about silver all those years ago and is one of my favorites.

    If supply/demand were the only thing that drove price and there was no ee, silver would cost 10 times gold already today, there is a lot of gold around. Anyone with money can go out and buy as much gold as they want, Sprott got his gold delivered in a week. If you had a million dollars and you wanted to buy gold, you could easily have it in your hands within 48 hours, probably 24 if you live in a big city, on the other side of the coin, how long do you think it would take you to buy a million dollars worth of silver? Its anyones guess really but its going to be a lot longer than two days, probably by orders of magnitude. This is probably all common knowledge by the regular readers of the turd, but I always look for something to contribute, if only so I can feel like I have given back something for all I have learned.

    Loving the coin porn too everyone:) Keep 'em coming!

  173. Rhinestone,
    Gpl is a well managed company with new eqipment and good relations with its workers. Their properties have been mined since 1452 and are still going strong. Keep an eye open for the possibility of mine nationalization. It last happened there in 1952. Don't over trade your IRA account. GPL is a large part of my permanent portfolio.

    America 1st,
    Fractional silver coins are not a good value. A 1/10th oz silver is about 3.1 grams, a silver dime is 2.5 grams. Just get a bag of 90% coins instead.

  174. by gold/silver ratio reverse, I mean gold will be less valuable than silver. just to be clear sorry.

  175. That is an awesomely fun link kiyotei! ..I will be passing that one around!

    Gotcha Eric.. ..The new site will be here before we know it. Can't wait as I think it will organize us all so much better.

  176. Here's one of my favorites you can find on ebay. Usually just singles, no rolls. The great part is the liberty bell. It's in very high relief and in good enough detail that you can read the writing. Awesome.

  177. Glen Beck says he'll talk about the end game of what the Fed and banks are up to in tomorrows show.
    I only listen to him before the 6:00 news goes on. It should be interesting how he slams them.

  178. SilverBleve - that is really interesting, and I cannot see a flaw in the reasoning, at least not at first glance. I will read the article after dinner - you have got me intrigued.

    Eric - I think I would order from APMEX - eBay sucks you in. Eric - all I did was go to the dashboard at the top right of Turd's site, edited profile, and picked a smaller picture.

    Ginger - do you actually have reddish hair? My middle guy does, and there is that awful 'kick a ginger day' here - but luckily he is 6ft and got his Black Belt when he was 9.

  179. Such a busy week makin' $$$, I forgot what my guess was-didn't write it down, duh!!

  180. xty

    I do that, and I log in, and takes me to something that looks like I am trying to create my own blog.

    word ver: dieduche

    that's what we can tell those trolls!

  181. xty

    I just pulled out my crown royal bag with my fav silver for fondling. I got 6 of those Mex Libertads in there! I love how around the edge it says "INDEPENDENCIA Y LIBERTAD"!! How cool is that?

  182. Here's one more that is pretty cool. Replica of the original design of the Standing Liberty Quarter.

    My wife likes to point out that a lot of my favorite coins have a certain thing, or things in common. I never noticed. Honestly. :O

  183. Eric

    Last week xty told me how to create a photo. I tried it and get the same thing you do. I have a mac also. Thought I was doing something wrong.

  184. xty

    I've been in my gmail profile, etc. I have a picture in there, and have even changed it a couple times but that never comes through. When I post it still says "add profile picture" and if I do that I get that yellow exclamation point triangle thing, and then it just sits there forever and doesn't do any thing.

  185. Hey Eric#1 and XTY...Guess what yours truly just purchased from APMEX?

    I couldn't take it anymore and did it! :-)

  186. Here's a hint..."I love how around the edge it says "INDEPENDENCIA Y LIBERTAD"!! How cool is that?"

    It all your fault Eric#1 ;-)

  187. DPH

    Did you take the plunge on the big 50? or some silver Libertads? Way cool either way! tell!! tell!!

  188. Hey, I just saw a bumper sticker with Obama's face on it. It says "Does this ASS make my bumper look big?"

    Posted on another forum LMFAO

  189. OMG I'm totally jealous now!!

  190. Pretty sure you know what you need to do pretty soon. Am I right?

    word ver...Justdoit!