Friday, April 8, 2011

Into The Close

We should all be very enthused by the action today....a little sad and apprehensive, too. Days like these just make it more obvious that we are correct. Yes, the current economic system is ending. Fortunately, there is still time to prepare but prepare we must. Hard times lie ahead.

Here's your gold chart with a level to watch into the close. Watch $40 silver, too. I'll be traveling this afternoon so I won't be able to update again until this evening. Good luck!! TF

A very impressive close. Has anyone else noticed that 4 of the past 5 Fridays have seen significant, Globex buying after the close. The pattern continues today. Recall that we discussed this yesterday:

Silver, ahh silver. Some have construed my flat position in silver to be a lack of faith. I assure you it is not. I could not be more excited about the next three weeks. I'm simply hoping for a dip so that I can leverage back into an even bigger position. We all made a lot of money back in February. The buying panic as we approached "first notice" day for the March contract took silver UP about 15% in 8 days. In the end, the Death Star did not technically default...but...The Cartel still doesn't have the silver to satisfy all of those who will stand for delivery in May. In fact, the way that they have been settling for cash, instead, almost guarantees that those standing for delivery will only increase in May. IF we can get a dip here, buy it. I'll be buying it with both hands. The next three weeks in silver are going to be great fun."

In fact, you might want to go back and re-read that entire post:

Later in the day, yesterday, I wrote this:

"As you know, I exited all of my silver calls two days ago. I expected some mid-week selling pressure that could take us back toward 38.25. Hasn't happened. The darn PMs have tried to roll over but that keep catching bids at the same level every time. Because of that, the levels are now reasonably stout support that may not get violated. Throw in some WTI at $110 and ole Turd is itching to buy some May silver calls. I still own all of my June 1500 gold calls. Not touching them for a while. However, as described in this morning's thread, the May silver train may be about to leave the station. IF the pattern from February repeats, we could see $45 silver by the 21st or 24th of this month. As always, I will let you know what I decide."

Fortunately, I did get back in. I own some May 40s, 41s and 43s in addition to my June 1500s. I sold the last of my May 110 crudes this morning and currently do not have any crude options.

We'll have a lot to consider over the weekend as we prepare for next week. Though I'll be occupied until late Sunday, I will try to sneak away from time to time to add thoughts and links of interest. The rest of this month promises to be crazy. Crazy fun but also crazy volatile. I have to admit that I was a little apprehensive yesterday when I first typed that silver could see $45 before the end of this month. Now? Not so much.

Have a great Friday. Relax, be happy and have fun. TF


  1. 1st???

    CIGA= Comrades in Golden Arms...which I happen to be.

  2. Good luck in your trip Turd!

  3. Xty first the too good to be true $40 hit, then a TEP! You're on fire.

  4. Damn...number 2 again.

    Yep Turd...happy and sad.
    It's tough to watch it all disintegrating around us.
    The poor $$$ is just hanging on by a paper/cotton thread.

  5. book some profit here......don't get greedy

  6. Someone in the previous thread asked where a good place to buy silver.

    If you don't want to buy 500 oz from Tulving I have been happy with our purchases from these two sites:

    Lear Capital - Premiums on ASE are $4 in any qty, Maples are $3 in any quantity, Englehard rounds are $1 in any qty. You pay $24 shipping + $13 per thousand of silver. But there is coupon code 8CC2F for $70 off the order ($1500 minimum, new customer).

    Gainesville - Premiums on ASE are $3.80 in tubes of 20, Maples are $3.10 over in tubes of 25, Philarmonics $2.40 in tubes of 20. You pay $25 shipping. Coupon code NIAUS gets $5 off the order ($2000 minimum, new customer).

    If you do the math, if you want rounds in any quantity <200, or Maples, then Lear Capital is better. If you want eagles or philharmonics, or rounds in qty > 200, then Gainesville is better.

    Hope that helps. I have no stake in this either way.

  7. Salud & DeepPurple

    I guess we're all comrades in golden arms now. ;)

    General question from previous thread: what the heck is DrC? (Or was it DcR???)

    Wow! Word Ver = pyriatic - as in "We're on FIRE!"

  8. Shouldn't we get a CME margin hike here pretty soon.

  9. Irene: I believe DrC is copper.

  10. Irene - Thanks! My thoughts exactly on the TGLDX. Could have done better in Brazilian farm land. Opps, didn't do to good in that either. Did much better with the GPL I just flipped from below $4.

    Eric1 - Great find on the canned bacon. It is hard to have something around the house that the kids don't eat before I get a chance at it!

  11. Thanks for the continued updates, Turd. I'd be interested to hear your 6-12 macro projections, too. If I missed them on a former post, could a friendly commenter point me in the right direction?


  12. Check out ZH and the silver /JPM article

  13. Greetings,

    We have as of this morning paid off our highest-rate credit card. Two more cards to go and we are home free. We will celebrate by visiting the coin shop this afternoon to blow more cash :)

    We could not have done it without your help Turd!

  14. Hey Chin,

    I went out and got Idiot's Guide to Technical Analysis

    It's a great primer and overview of the basics, very helpful in building a general foundation

  15. Robert Leroy Parker, Justin, Scott,

    Even as a holder of Aurcana, I haven't kept up with what's going on there, and in the longer term, dillusion may not be so bad if they are using the cash for prosperous capital/mine investments.

    Maybe I'm being a little "romantic" with AUNFF, but I really like their story and potential. This article mentions an investment from Sprott Management, and getting out of their commitment to Silver Wheaton.

    Again, sounds promising and I continue to accumulate.

    Link to Article

  16. trollercoaster-

    You always bring a smile to my worried face, keep it up!

    And all-

    Here's an odd trading psychology question.... I always find it easier to add to a position when it's well into green... logically, I should buy low, but if the position is already profitable then the little fluctuations into negative after I buy don't seem to bother me as much.... anybody else feel this way, or am I just quirky that way?

  17. You have to wonder how close we may be getting to a signal failure. We've had an unbelievable run. Any hedged miners will be under significant increased duress to buy back their shorts or add additional margin to their accounts. Are we approaching the tipping point where they start to panic buy causing AG to go "more parabolic"? What is that tipping point?

  18. Irene DeepPurple Justin

    Yes we are all Comrades in Golden Arms! As are most others here.

    As the master speaks so eloquently, it does make us sad at the same time... I thought it was just me!

    Justin... I feel as you do I'm taking some profits today and going to the ethnic grocery stores and buying some of Irene's great recommendations for canned goods for the less fortunate ones in the family who are struggling just to keep up with heating bills, gasoline and high food prices!

    Isn't that what Golden Arms are all about?!

    Thanks for the great ideas!

  19. @badu

    If you would have charged two monster boxes a year ago, you could have paid off the credit card and had one monster box left over. I only wonder if the same applies to this year vs. next year?

  20. Same Justin, new pic. Decided my BFF needs some lovin' since xty and swampfox inspired the pooch theme. He's a goofball but I love him. ;)

    I guess if Turd has to leave us for a while I'd rather it be on a good day than a bad. He's no fair weather fighter, he's here thick and thin! I'm sure we'll all be looking forward to what you have to say later.

    The only watch list picks I'm getting rid of today are ones that have been lagging for a while anyway and don't look to be coming out with good results anytime soon. Time to move on to some new prospects. Always nice to hear your perspective though, whether it's replying to me or someone else. I appreciate it.

  21. Can anybody throw some light on this? I know after Chernobyl, mushroom and all berries were verboten for 25 years in the affected areas, but if CA is already hit? Wow....

    Strawberries, mushrooms with Cesium-137 found in Northern California; 5 of 6 items in food chain sampling test have radioactive particles
    April 8th, 2011 at 05:59 AM

  22. Salu,

    "Irene DeepPurple Justin" : I know you are referring to 3 bloggers, but combined, that name rolls of the tongue quite nicely., on trading psychology, I'm voting for "quirky". Personally, I'll wait to BTFD almost every time.

  23. Poster Blythe

    If you are out there and reading this, please give us another cryptic hint. The last few have been very helpful and I thank you. What about Monday?

    work verification byein

  24. I agree with accumulation SilverRun.

    Bought my initial stake at .30 and sold 1/3 at .60 and 1/3 at 1.00. The rest is a core holding. I have a buy order for 1/3 of the initial at .75 and will continue to work it like this.

    Much of the dilution is for construction costs on the texas shafter silver mine which is ongoing. But dilution is a significant issue nonetheless to me, and shorting is also an issue with so many shares available.

    However, if the texas mine goes into production on schedule next year, then the upside is considerable. Also, the higher silver prices run, the better off they'll be with the current production from the mexico la negra mine.

    I'm a big fan of cheap north american miners in production. Got great panther at .60 and was dumb enough to sell out at $3. Won't do that again.

  25. Who caught this buy signal?

    Kidynomite and your minions eat your shorts

  26. I think I've just decided what my risk tolerance is - thought I'd throw out for kicks.

    Since the next angel is 1521, and 1500 is an awfully round number from an EE psychology standpoint, I'm thinking of taking almost all my profits around 1495.

    I haven't see any downward pressure in silver for days, so I'm thinking 1500 gold will be the next EE hill to die on?

    It's almost spooky-quiet. Trying to stay a strong long.

  27. @kiwi...

    "I have often said that to buy on a rising market is the most comfortable way of buying stocks. Now, the point is not so much to buy as cheap as possible or to go short at top prices, but to buy or sell at the right time. When I am bearish and I sell a stock, each sale must be at a lower level than the previous sale. When I am buying, the reverse is true. I must buy on a rising scale. I don’t buy long stock on a scale down, I buy on a scale up."
    Jesse Livermore

  28. Comex margin hike coming, bang the close?

    WTF? They fought so hard at $36, but they stand aside at $40?

    Atlee, your thoughts?

  29. Robert Leroy Parker,

    I think you nailed it an Aurcana. I didn't always, but I do now regularly check the short interest, regsho, and FTDs on my stock holdings. I try to use these "negative" to my advantage.

    Aurcana is definitely being attacked currently.

  30. Justin: love the new pic. My dog Buddy is now 10 1/2 and competes with Nancy for the role of soul mate. Don't tell Nancy.

    Eric: if we're talkin' bacon, here's the Nobel prize candidate for best food fusion. Bacon and mayonnaise, r u kidding me?:

    How's everyone enjoying the ride? What a blast!

    Turd: you da Man

  31. pekar-

    Thanks! I haven't gotten to that in the book yet....maybe tonight if I don't fall asleep early after last night's late night. Sounds like Jesse is confirming my approach.

    And all-

    Anybody long GPL? I still like the stock, but I don't *trust* it.... I think it's likely to snap back to the 4.20 offering level until the offering closes next week. Maybe if it goes to 4 again....

  32. Stefan

    how are you doing? I went to Amazon and checked the comments on the book. Over all it looks to a very good book to start with. Let me know how it works for you as you move along.

    I was glad to see GPL move up today, finally. This go around was my first buy in. I don't remember if the share dillution became public before or after my purchase. The RSI still has plenty of room to the upside so the hopes are that next week they are through with the additional shares.

    EXK has performed very well and my GLD calls (1st) are great .... It's a bull market ya know

  33. @Summo

    My thoughts: AMAZING! You have to be in. Every time I get small it takes off and I am immediately buying back. Any dip is well bought and I don't see that changing. And everytime I buy back in, it just keeps rolling. I am in buying every dip hoping for a good at the close. ZH article says who would be stupid enough to buy at $40. Well, me because Turd told me $45 in weeks. I hope this makes it go down some now so I get abetter dip to buy.

  34. If I were blythe, I'd wait for the CFTC to shut down before I released the flying monkeys over the weekend on the london and asian exchanges.

    That being said, I'm flat right now, I never bought back in so, thats probably just wishful thinking on my part. damn. Whoda thought 39.50 was a DIP one week ago besides the Turd.

  35. Summo
    I am using stochastic indicator on live charts. 1 minute now in AGQ and spot silver. 5 and 10 minute in miners.

  36. Atlee: I've been adding to XAG today. The buyers just keep turning up.

    My miners portfolio is so green it glows in the dark.

    I'm as nervous as hell about it all. Talk about wall of worry - mine!

  37. Metals Gone Wild!

    Copper's lifting her shirt! Don't look!

  38. SK guess you call what I do "swing trading" where I hold for 2 or 3 days and 2 to 3 weeks to catch major moves. I plan to slowly build core positions as I increase my account value (so long as there are paper trading accounts). With the slow economy I have also been using my winnings as income (lots of things I need money for including postponed dental work and auto repairs). My construction company overhead nearly bankrupted me when the work stopped in 2008 and now the credit card companies have cut back my credit limit to about 10% of what it was making it difficult for me to fund a larger project should when one comes along. There are a lot of small business owners in my boat who use 30 day credit on their CC's and cutting back our credit really hurts. I'm just lucky I bought my home before the peak of the real estate boom and it's still worth more than I paid for it (barely). Had I not been a financially conservative business owner who grew his business very slowly I probably would not be here posting on Turd's blog today. I mean if I had borrowed money gotten big fast I would have crashed and burned right away. Anyway my need for liquidity to stay in business or to hold onto my house brings me to this blog.

    The PM's have been the silver-lining of my financial cloud. Thank You Turd.

    I always appreciate the completeness of your answers SK; your replies to my questions are much appreciated. I am currently long ITM options in SLW GDX GG and ABX. All are May contracts except ABX is April which I plan to sell today to put cash back into my account. I wish I would have loaded up with more SLW yesterday; but I'm just glad I was able to watch the market enough yesterday to know to start loading the boat since I don't hold a core position. I'm another one who sold tuesday and bought back in about the same price. Ouch!

    DPH I did catch the comments on ABX thanks for starting that discussion. I bought some GG this morning to replace my April ABX I'll sell later today ahead the weekend. Haven't sold ABX yet but watching. ABX has lagged GG at first this morning but eventually ABX is looking good today too. I didn't add to SLW today but almost did when it pulled back to 46.50 (in hindsight that looks pretty good now) but I'm glad to hear you're waiting. Your advice: "Hang tough and be patient. Time is on your side regarding entries and exits." is just what I need to hear and be reminded. I'm usually selling too soon and buying to early although this time my entry was OK; but I'm sure i paid more than the more experienced traders here for some of my entires. I'm here scrambling to buildup some much needed cash and I often feel guilty that I don't offer this board much other than my self serving questions. That's why my posts offer so many thank yous; thank you DPH!

  39. Uh oh, CNBC discussing the Rare Earth Element fiasco right now with Rep. Coffman who I referred to yesterday in my REE blog!!! REE's WILL be the next sector to take off thanks to China owning 97% of the market and hoarding their resources. This is the only reason I haven't sold Ucore even though I lost 20% on it right after buying it. I've got a kung-fu death grip on that stock, I don't care how long it takes to turn a profit. I still feel the only thing holding it back was the rumors that Molycorp had it's sights set on it, but there are some other REE miners out there that I would recommend looking at since they are still undervalued and haven't caught on yet: Lynas Corporation, Great Western Minerals,Avalon Rare Metals, Rare Element Resources, etc.

    Not trying to push any of those, I have no vested interest in them. Just throwing some names out there for anyone interested in doing some DD this weekend on new miners. Ucore is my only REE holding and I admit that others probably have more potential at this point in time. I'm in to Ucore for their Dysprosium and Thorium resources.

    Boehner on TV again as I type. Still a no-go on the budget. Good for our holdings, bad for the country. Bitter sweet.

  40. Go Silver!!

  41. Can't help seeing the similarity to 2004 and 2006, especially 2006.

    Start of rally mid August 2005, ending mid March. Gain: almost 100%

    2004 Rally starts October, ends April 7th. Gain:100%.

    This time it will be different. Yeah :)

  42. Never surfed the ocean, but I know what it's like to ride a wave! All of those monkey battles are paying off big time...

  43. Eric,
    I'm just now catching up on threads and saw your bacon/birthday gift post. Well..LOL. As the mom of a teenaged daughter I can only say I know full well the looks you got on that day. lol. and pathoekstra are now my go-to guys for canned meat links. :D

    On a non canned meat related matter... I sure do wish I had put more $ into that SLV May 37 call I was so worried about over the weekend! ...As an options trading newbie here though.. I am as cautious as ever and always in need of some good Turdling advice. I was thinking that since Turd Hisself says that $43-45 is anticipated over the next couple of weeks in silver.. should I not just sit tight and hold these options for now?? ..But then I read kliguy who says don't get profits.

    Don't get me wrong.. you'd laugh at how little money I have tied up. But because I'm learning I still don't want to lose even a small amount of $ as it would crush my fragile options confidence I got going now. Advice solicited and welcomed. You May SLV peeps are holding for now.. right?

  44. @kiwi

    I like GPL - it is my largest holding and has performed well. I sold PSLV yesterday and bought GPL @ 3.84. by todays action I think it was a good move. I will continue to accumalate it until the high $4.00 range which might not be far away. they are a no debt miner and since hitting the US markets have exploded upwards. I suspect they will consolidate until this dillution thing is over then make legs higher.

    Of course having no crystal ball could make me very worng and admittedly there are people on this board (many of them) with much higher trader IQ's than me that may know a lot more about this company than I do.

  45. So, after the bankers have had their meeting today at Bretton Woods in NH, looks like that they may have come to some agreement on the formulation of the new world currency - guess it doesnt matter anymore about the price of things? Looks like oil and PM are going atmospheric - dangerous times.

  46. Justin: have a look at Quest Rare Minerals (QSURF).

    Large short interest. A squeeze is shaping up.

  47. Wow! Crude blew right past $112 no problem and is gaining momentum.
    I know Turd is smiling at that.

    Looks like the EE has given up this week. Too many external circumstances to keep throwing money/paper at the situation.
    I see our PM's etc. just cruising steadily higher the rest of the afternoon except for maybe some profit taking that may come.

    I'm tempted to sell the GG and SLW calls I just again yesterday as they are really, really in the green (Yes!)but I'm holding tight.
    Monday may just be surreal first thing in the a.m.
    Just my opinion.

  48. Strong into the close, damn!

  49. Atlee,
    I was asking myself that question last night: Why no fight at $40?

    1) Gold just passed $1444 and has strong breakout momentum. Silver must make a sympathetic move and can't be stopped right now.
    2) Oil and the Dollar.

    If the EE doesn't fight, it must be that 1 and 2 are overwhelming the "even number syndrome".

    On the other hand, the EE could still fight $40. Or we could go up a few bucks and then back under $40.

  50. Just heard...Venezuela power black out. Crude production halted.
    Holy smokes, what next?
    Dare I ask?

  51. Thanks Sumo, quick look at that one and it looks promising, adding to my watch list. 600% in 9 months, what price did you hop on that train at?!

  52. Someone is buying at forty. I still haven't added. I'm stuck right now. Been stuck for a week. Sure is frustrating, atleast I have STTP. And core holdings are doing great!

    And really its not so much that silver is worth $40 but the dollar being worth CRAP!

  53. Given the CNY is pegged to the USD, more or less, how is China going to cope with commodity price inflation?


  55. Titus
    I am past trying to understand it. I am just going with the flow. Think myself right out of the mkt. Hundred reasons none matter. What matters is trend.

  56. Justin: $5.71 basis for QSURF

    AVL and TASXF have been my best REO performers.

  57. What's going on with my baby Silvercrest? Huge volume today.. It's lagging a bit this afternoon but I don't care. It has been my most profitable miner, together with Arian.

    Took profits on Canadian Zinc. Tnx for the info Scott! Decided to diversify a little more.

    All have a great weekend! And Turd, you da man!

  58. DarkPurpleHaze

    Remind me, isn't there a problem with Venezuelan crude being dirty or something and therefore can only be handled by a few refineries?

    I went to university with a lovely Venezuenlan. I think of him often living in the land of Chavez. *sigh*

  59. $40.62 10:23 Pacific. Wonder if we will hit $41.00 today?

  60. What site does turd use to make his graphs? Thx

  61. Hi sumo,

    I like QSURF a lot, but think that Medallion Resources (MLLOF)and Commerce Resources (CMRZF) are 2 juniors with tons of growth potential.

    They're like QSURF was a couple of years ago. Mickey Fulp loves Medallion, great CEO there. The Eldor HREE deposit is a big differentiator for Commerce.

    Hi Irene: Venezuelan crude is know as very dirty, tons of sulphur content. Much harder to refine then WTI, Brent, or Libyan (perhaps the cleanest crude anywhere)

  62. Any idea why PSLV is so much on fire today? I sold about half my stake earlier in the week and moved it into AGQ for more of a pure silver play and to cash out the premium.

    And then, as of now, PSLV is up 5.0% for the day and AGQ is only up 4.6%. Sheesh. I can't win.

  63. ewc58: heh, I also have both your picks :-)

  64. Can't wait for Monday's episode.

  65. Irene...IDK regarding Venezuelan oil. I do recall hearing something about their crude but I don't know for sure.
    I might look that up if I can pull myself away from the charts, news, reading posts etc. and my trading accounts.

    This is soooo much fun at the moment.
    ALL of us will never forget these moments.
    Thanks to Turd for providing that opportunity.
    Feed the Turd!

  66. Jesse Livermore was right. I'm finding it hard to sit still and ride this.

    A battle at $36 but none at $40? Just seems too good to be true.

    I know gold is strong, and that will tend to pull up silver, but ... wall of worry.

  67. sumo- - cool, but do you own any Baconnaise, now THERE's the question :-)

  68. US Monthly Oil Imports

    Canada 87,000
    Mexico 42,000
    Saudi Arabia 34,000
    Venezeula 32,000

  69. Irene...Go here, about half way down.
    You were right.

  70. Normally at this point in a rise of silver I would be taking time to complain about how the miners are under performing the metals rise. Apparently I don't need to do that today :) Even PAAS...sinking lagging barely past its 2008 high PAAS is up nearly 9%

  71. Any opinions about Marc Faber out there? He's on ZH today. I heard him on King World News and Goldseek radio the other night saying that pms due for a strong correction. He's supposed to be some huge economic poohbah. Thoughts?

  72. ewc58: Tantalus TEFFF was the one that got away, for me. Couldn't seem to buy it through my stock account.

  73. Thanks DarkPurple. You volunteering to do my DD? ;)

    Word Ver = trally - short for "Terrific Rally"

  74. On this historic day, I wanted to check in to see what condition y'all's condition was in.

    Looking good. Laughter in the streets of Turdville. Good to see. We savor the moment... these don't come very often but I could sure get used to it.

    Blythe is either going long silver or packing for a long trip.

  75. Irene: Marc Faber is a legend in the investing world.

  76. Can't JP Morgan borrow/steal any more metal for shorting? Who knows...that may be it. LBMA, Comex, and SLV may be empty.

  77. Irene, any big correction will probably not occur until after this current momentum is exhausted in a giant, parabolic blow-off top sometime next month. Until then at least, there's nothing to worry about.

  78. A little too much Rhum in the Kool-aid for me right now.
    I sold some SLV April options I got yesterday afternoon for 80%, still holding my may calls for fear of being left behind in case I am wrong ;)

  79. Got some info from the stockhouse forums concerning Silvercrest:

    It IS being held back. Anon is filling everyone at $1.85. Anon is playing the market maker and selling lower than it could. Just this morning, there was 100k shares on the bid at market and 20k shares on the ask between $1.85 and $1.89. Who stepped up to fill all the market bids at $1.85? You guessed it, anon...

    Volume is way up (1 million in two hours!!), the asks other than the iceberg sell at $1.85 is almost non existent below $1.90, but the share price is "stuck" at $1.85. This is clearly someone holding down the stock or liquidating a big number of shares. Either way, stock would be way up without the iceberg.

    When volume goes up big time (we're over 5 times average volume already) but the share price is stuck, something is up clearly!!

  80. I love the PSLV vs. SLV action today. Too often lately PSLV got hammered, but today it's kicking @ass and taking names.

    PSLV +5.02% Today
    SLV +2.38% Today

  81. Faber has been dead on since the March 09 lows. But he has been calling for a 20% gold correction for a while now. When we went from 1430 to 1310, that was about 8.5%, and he was calling for around 1100 then. Maybe 8.5% is all we get, there is a lot of money printing going on after all. Faber is definitely someone to listen to though.

  82. sumo & Harry - Thanks, I'm going to do more investigating.

    My off-the-cuff opinion is that he's knows a lot of financial history cold and he's very methodical. I'm sure his superduper rich clients appreciate his calmness.

  83. first,
    He typically uses Lind-Waldock where his account is for graphs.

  84. What a freakin’ incredible day!

    I just have to say thank you again to Turd and all the fellow Turdites. If I hadn’t found this place back in January and started dedicating much of my reading to Turd’s awesome posts as well as all the great forum advice I would have zero ounces of silver today.

    Ok, looking for some advice here fellow Turdites.

    I have a 100oz silver bar w/ Monex that I locked in at 32/oz a little while back. They are still holding it because I rolled over 1200 Berny Bucks into it at 32/oz and was hoping it would continue to rise in value.

    I told myself if/when silver hits 40/oz I will cash it in and ask for delivery of the bar, and then either roll the profits over into another 100oz silver bar with Monex locking that bar in at 40/oz, or just take the cash profit and use it towards either more silver or gold that I’ll buy locally.

    I currently don’t own any gold. I have about 650oz of silver.

    The way silver and gold are going now I’m tempted to just let it ride and see how much higher I can let that silver bar go as we get closer to June. My thinking is that once QE2 ends Benny will delay more monetization to let the markets tank for a little while.

    So maybe I should wait until silver hits closer to 50/oz hopefully before QE2 ends, then cash it in, take delivery of the bar and take my 1800 profits to wait for a big dip in silver, then buy in when Turd tells us another Turd’s Bottom is around the corner?

    I’m also wondering if I should take about 10,000 Bernanke Clown Bucks and trade them in for gold now, or should I trade them for silver and wait to swap silver for gold down the line when the silver/gold ratio is closer to 20:1 or something like that?

    What do you all think? Thanks in advance! Great day!

  85. I like GPL in the morning.
    I like GPL at night.
    I especially like GPL.
    When I sell it right!

    Ok. All together now.
    I like GPL in ............

  86. Here's a good Faber quote that someone else mentioned here a while back.

    "A company's stock could be less expensive at $100 than when it was selling for $10, because earnings growth has outpaced the appreciation of the shares and therefore its price/earnings ratio has declined. So gold could be cheaper at the current price than when it was at less than $300 because of the explosion of foreign exchange reserves in the world, zero interest rates, the huge debt overhang, and the expectation of further money printing."

  87. a sharpie...
    (and Turd font).

  88. @Pailin

    Only problem is all that premium can just as easly come out of PSLV. At least with SLV you have arbs keeping it tracking the price of spot Silver.

  89. cftc just does nothin on 4/12 Tues and banksters win; temporarily . Can't we just throw them all on the heapin pile of burning dollars as well. Be quite a traitor fry. Compounded with all fraudsters washington to wall street!!

  90. TYF seems to me you can't lose.

    Heading out for some gravol. Watching the chart is giving me vertigo.

  91. You have to wonder where the next major line-of-defense is going to spring up. With a major round number psychological level broken ($40), you have to think the upward momentum won't easily dissipate until 42, 44, or 45 at a minimum.

  92. Christina Romer wants QE3:

    "...It's a "mistake" for the Fed to end QE2 in June as planned, Romer continues. "The evidence is it's been very effective. I don't understand why we'd be dialing back that tool."... "

  93. obviously Romer does not look at dollar charts or commodiity charts!

  94. It is still going up...
    41 by 4... sounds like a reasonable prediction to me. I won't bet against it.

  95. folks, the next logical line of defense is $50.00


  96. Okay - I am on board. The silver one minute chart is very encouraging.

  97. Save America,
    Don't sell. Just buy more -- as much as you can reasonable afford. I trade commodities and put all my profits into physical. I got started a bit late, so I'm still working to reach my target before silver hits $50. That's my two cents.

  98. I think the CFTC will have to do something soon, if not on the 12th. It may not be what we want, and they will probably give the JPIG a way to get gracefully to safe ground.

    I also believe that Zero Hedge, Along the Watchtower, and all the great linked articles should be mandatory reading for all of congregational sheeple.

  99. kitco site is slowing down, must be getting hammered right now, whats another good live chart?

  100. Justin & sumo

    here is one REE play that I have wanted to buy but haven't because the volumes are low here on the US side. Looking to switch to IB to open up to the world market more.

    Dacha Strategic Metals. The stock trades on the TSX under DSM.V. The pink sheet listing is DCHAF. The company purchases heavy REEs in China and stores these in South Korea. Whereas light REEs are fairly common and production for light REEs will be coming on-stream in North America next year, heavy REEs are scarce.

    Let me know what you think after DYODD

  101. i think Romer will not be disappointed. They are intentionally sowing confusion to keep us on edge. It is all part of the plan.

    There, I sold CZN too. May seems a long ways away. There are so many other options out there.

  102. silverBleve, check this one out.

  103. OMG, the republicans are going to shut down the govt over women's access to healthcare.

    Yeah, Harry Reid, you are ridiculous. What a freakin' TOOL. And that gives my cresent wrench a bad name. He's spewing as I type this.

  104. Are you folks enjoying your front row seats of this Commercial Signal Failure?

  105. Save America!st...If it were me, I would stick to your plan very soon and convert to gold. It won't get much cheaper at this rate and you will feel good that you have both Ag and Au in hand.
    Having more silver seems like a no-brainer as it will go higher for sure.
    I honestly don't see you losing out either way, but diversification is important.
    Having it in my possesion would be my top priority, whether Ag or Au.
    You'll like the Au in your hand.
    I've had good luck with APMEX but I see others posting about other places on here also.

    Congrats...your in a no lose situation.

    Good for you!

  106. Irene,

    I used to work at a nuclear waste remediation facility during an internship. Although I didn't pursue a career nuclear chemistry, I've always remembered that Cesium-137 was one of the nastiest fission byproducts. So I've been watching for this one. This data is disturbing, but it needs a) confirmation, b) comparison to historical measurements.

    Obviously they need to start work on physical containment right now. For the life of me I do not understand why the world is not jointly working on this.

  107. I love listening to Faber, like anybody he is fallable on short term market calls, but reading him is what got me into the metals back in '02-03. He paints a big picture. In this case he was explaining why the next 15 years or so were more than likely going to favor "things'-- metals,food, other commodities and he saw it as a very long term big time play..much like the previous 25 years had been for long bond investors or the proveious 20 had been for equity investors.

    He's always worth a read or a listen in my opinion

  108. PSLV no coincidence with Sprott in NYC mid week!! Average daily volume gettin taken out again today says we get some announcement after the close or before the open monday!! I said buy it 2 days ago. Nothin surprising here. Crony capitalist and deep fraudster insiders must all be aboard for the rocket ride!!

  109. Reid is talking about cherry blossoms for Christ's sake! Cowboy poetry next?
    (sorry for the buzz kill)

    My word ver is ...nogrog...last night it was nonkeg...Omen? no drinking for me tonight

  110. According to Eric Sprott, silver is THE investment of the next 10 years, just as gold was the go-to investment over the last 10 years.

  111. Xaritas - it is bizarre that the world is not helping indeed. I can only assume it is something to do with the Japanese character. But why they didn't start pouring cement a long time ago is beyond me.

  112. Can some of you savvy investors answer me this: Re: UNG (United States Natural Gas Fund). When oil prices surged in 2008, this one went up just like most other oil/nat gas stocks. It is down more than considerably right now. Am thinking of long OTM options on this. Was trying to do some DD and see that their 'top 5 equities held by the fund' are listed as FIGXX, MVRXX, and GSGXX (That's only 3 but who's counting). At any rate, these government equity invested funds are trading at only .01 and .02 ?? WHAT?? ....Does that make sense at all? I obvioulsy don't know as much as I thought I did about how all this works.

    I have seen UNG mentioned here as a potential options play. Does any of this give you pause for concern? Please someone educate me if you can because I don't see how a really good play can be invested in funds of such meager status. ? "/

  113. Holy shit. I go out for lunch with the wife and check my screen. What a beautiful day. Everything's going hoopie. My NG buy is paying off nicely. SLW to the moon. EXK still leading. But look at GPL and MGN. They're up 5%. Great spec plays.

    THis is one of those weeks you shake your head and pat your back. Because, I do this trading alone. Every day. I don't tell anyone but my wife and brother. It's hard to bottle up the bad days and zip it on the good. That's why I love this board.

    Congrats all.


  114. DPH = but nogrog is pirate talk - much more appropriate for these days of pieces of eight.

  115. Off to my alma mater for the weekend.

    Hopefully when I come back everything hasn't hit the fan.

    Enjoy the weekend all.

  116. Jake...I was thinking the same thing but I couldn't bring myself to say it, much less think it and embrace it.
    Don't want to jinx us all with our deserved exuberance.
    This is awesome and I want to take profits now (again) but this could be just a start and it's only the first week of April!

    $50....Ok, I said it.

  117. America_1st, wanted to say thanks for your ammo post about a week ago. I've been deliberating between a Sig and Glock for so long that I forgot I should at least be stacking 9mm rounds. Thanks for that.

    SilverBleve, you're welcome. May not be the best chart out there, but I like it. Lots of cool buttons and tools on it.

  118. Wow, AUNFF is trading 10x volume today and is back down in the low .80s.

    Guess it's time for me to put up or shut up. I'm not recommending this stock, it's very volatile and it's being shorted like crazy. DD as always.

  119. god im so depressed right now

    "I cant possibly see FED more QE-ing after june, almost every fucking one is opposed to it.

    They will do the right thing" said rollercoaster to the mirror

  120. XTY...pieces of eight...very nice.
    I let out a "Argghh Matey" when I saw silly.
    I'm in a great mood like everyone here.

  121. The broad market is starting to decline like I thought earlier and gaining some momentum.
    Oil is almost at $113 like I hoped it would be after it hit mid $110 yesterday.
    We are witnessing a parabolic-like last couple of days.
    The PO$X... a negative parabolic descent.

  122. DPH...

    thanks man! I appreciate the advice. I'd like to get delivery of that 100oz bar, but 40 came so quickly that I do feel I can get a little more "greedy" w/ it and let it ride to whenver 45 or 50 hits, and then ask for delivery of it along w/ my pile of extra clown credits to trade for more shiny stuff.

    Another question for all: What's the consensus on what will happen in June when QE2 ends? If QE3 is not immediately initiated and Berny lets the markets tank for a month or so, do you think this will cause PM's to drop down as well for a real good BTFD opportunity?

    Or would the strength the PM's now have push onware and upward right through a big market dip as a huge FUBM/FUBB?

    I'm thinking it might tank the mining stocks if QE3 is delayed, and so I'm thinking of timing my sell-off of my miners just before QE2 ends. Then hopefully be able to BTFD afterwards.

    But with PM's I'm wondering if I should save a good chunk of my Bernankies to see if the PM's do take a bit of a dive so that I have some dry powder to jump in at that time.

    Is anyone strategizing this situation or have any other possible scenarios that we all should be contemplating for June?

    Thanks again all!

  123. it seems gold is pretty terrible investment for us europeans, its not moving anywhere? gold is trading where it was trading lst may, its unbelievable.

    what should I do with money?

  124. troller, you can get lots of $$ for it over here now. But I would consider this pause in Euro prices as a blessing. Buy more. Your currency's ride on the global, corkscrew, see-saw is coming.

  125. Recent price action in commodities and the dollar is no longer fun to me despite being very profitable. Instead it is making me extremely apprehensive.

  126. Ginger...My opinion is wait a bit on UNG until oil gets really crazy and/or we get closer to autumn.

    Do a pretend trade in your head, put it on paper and watch and see what might have been. It could just be a dog for awhile.
    Just my opinion and I could be wrong. Maybe devote that capital towards more PM's in the meantime.
    I wish my USO capital was locked in my other PM positions is all I can say at this point.
    I'm not dumping it and it has shown life today but I really wish that capital was devoted to more GG and SLW at the moment.

  127. Atlee: what do you make of Evil's posts?

  128. please check the update I just typed as I wait for my flight

  129. Irene

    Marc Faber is always worth listening to. Long term he's a lot like us, but he's not a one-note. Not afraid to come out and say gold or oil or whatever is ahead of itself sometimes and could be in for a correction.

    To me, that gives him more cred than someone like a James Turk who is always buy buy buy.

  130. Question to all, if I may..

    U.S. citizen here, trading mostly Canadian miners with pink sheet versions of the Canadian stocks. I just enabled global trading on my eTrade account, converted some cash, and bought Impact Silver (IPT.V).

    Any pros/cons of just trading these canadian miners on their "native" exchanges? The exchange rate can either work for or against you, but I sure like the higher volumes and liquidity.

  131. Last ping on the canned bacon. The beautiful thing about it is if you want a lot of bacon, say for fried potatoes or potato salad, you don't need to grease up the whole damn kitchen frying up a pound of bacon. Convenience is tops.

  132. anyone planning to add silver or gold options or futures at the end of the day today to hold over the wknd?

    how about those who think we are due for a pause or even a take-down?

    i'd love to see a show of hands!

  133. Save America...good point about letting it ride some more.

    You are in a great position of strength either way. The only way it gets better is when it's in your hand.
    Holding gold in my hand for the first time was pretty cool. I think you'll agrree when that does happen.

    I want to get a 1000 oz. bar someday just to do it and have it. Your way ahead of the game most people don't even have a clue about.

  134. Save_Am

    One way or another, you need to get some gold. Once you get some, and get that stuff in the palm of your hand, you'll never be the same.

  135. Ginger,
    I'vw written before why I think Natural Gas is a bad investment.
    Unlike oil the U.S. Natural gas market is 100% domestic. We are not set up with the infrastructure to export. At the same time we have seen new technology revitalize the natural gas reserves so they are at all time highs. At the same time the U.S. economy is in the toilet so its not using as much energy as it might. In Short China does not compete to consume U.s. natural gas. In the long term (years) I think many in the U.S. will start using Natural Gas for cars and for generating electricity (Nuke is now dead) I just don't see it following the inflationary path of other commodities becasue other stronger currencies are not bidding to buy NatGas.


    P.S. Mr Lira has a nice piece in the hyper/de flation debate.

  136. Prize Fighter - Some of the best bulk ammo deals I've seen are online at Sportsman's Guide. Their "club membership" is definitely worth the one-time payment, and they're always sending me $10 off or free shipping offers. The free shipping deals are especially nice opportunities to grab cases of ammo.

  137. I own a handful of SLW and PAAS July calls at 45 and 40, respectively. Both are up massively today and overall.

    Should I take any profits? A 70% gain in a day is usually an easy decision, but in this market it just doesn't seem wise to hope for a pullback.

  138. Looking for some advice (atlee?)...

    I bought two BIG blocks of AGQ yesterday, one early, one at close. Bought another big block of CEF this morning after the open.

    Obviously I had a MONSTER day with the AGQ.

    My question: sell the AGQ on the close to avoid any potential problems over the weekend and lock in my profit and let the more stable CEF run or let it all ride over the weekend?

    I have a "sell all at the close" on AGQ now, love your thoughts.

  139. Save America... I copied/pasted and posted something on here a few threads/days ago about your QE question.

    I will try to find and repost unless you find it first.

  140. Seeing quite a fade to my miners. Lost almost have my gains today. Keep watching SLW cough up the gains. Should have been selling, not celebrating!

  141. Is this an EE attack in progress!!!

  142. Makes sense DarkPurple. Sound & sage advice from you and Paul Breed. Paul, I must have missed your earlier remarks and am grateful that you both chimed in here. I need to do much more research but if China becomes the super power I think they will and if the wave of the future is going to be alternative forms of energy..nat gas just may be *one* of the waves of the future. Besides when the US gets totally owned by China and we are all working for them in the years ahead...I'm sure they will figure out a way to import all our natural gas into their economy. "/

    Thanks to both of you for your thoughts on this.

  143. Miners been hit hard since silver closed today. I hope I didn't speak too soon about them keeping up. Perhaps Blythe has decided that if she can't hit silver directly, she'll kill the miners instead.

  144. Fortinbras I suspect we'll see some sell off going into the NYSE close over the next hour. If that's your plan watch the charts closely.

    I'm thinking like you. Stay in the weekend or no? Suspect I won't if spot drops below 40.50 but will decide in the moment.

    Crud. forgot to word verify before going back to the netdania chart. Movement down is underway.

  145. Fortinbras - As a fellow AGQ player (currently 90% of my investable funds - it has been a good day/week), I am letting it ride over the weekend. We could easily give something back on Monday or Asia could easily gap up again, but on the balance I find it hard to come up with a scenario where we give it all back on the open and I'm more afraid of being out of the market.

    Everybody has to make their own call but I'm right there with you!

  146. @ Fort.
    I am buying this close I love the action. good selloff on the close I buy. Proves only time she is effective is now. Only serves to create buying opportunity for believers

  147. sp I'll raise my hand, but I can't hold over the weekend, afraid of the cftc shutdown. Not that they really did anything before. Just seems like the perfect time to hammer, even if its just a short term. When the cats away the mice will play. Admittedly also wishful thinking on my part.

  148. Best video ever for my feeling on today's close, after I went mostly all in on the 5th.

    It will put a huge smile on your face, tell me what you think.

  149. More likely a bunch of people taking profits into the weekend vs. a raid . . .

  150. The price action on the miners in the last 20 minutes seems to suggest someone is front-running a raid. I saw this kinda pattern before several past raid.

    I could be wrong but I recommend everyone be cautious.

  151. I sold out completely at $40.68

    at the time I thought I was nuts selling on a 8 cent swing.

    Gonna ride it out on the sidelines

  152. I'm buying, not selling.


  153. SSK- I sold that GPL at the high this morning. You know the GPL that didn't come with any service records. I was afraid it was going to have a break down. It did.

  154. @Syk

    I'm with you. I'm a cheerleader for silver as much as everyone, but I would prefer that its gains comes from its appreciation as a commodity/money and not from a systemic destruction which would cause tremendous hardship.

  155. Rui thanks! A small amount of profit taking would be great cover to hide the monkeys flight pattern no? As I type, 40.53

  156. Fortinbras. To elaborate on my thoughts if spot is under 40.50 I'll hold becuase that's a fair price relative to the easyish rise today and I'll use the trend and fundamentals as my friend. Above 40.70 I'll sell for sure becuase I'd like the gain in my pocket. In between...will decide in the moment.

  157. Holding XAG over weekend. Asia may surprise us Sunday overnight.

  158. The couldn't just let it run up to 41...

  159. Turd: Help me understand just what this email means and how it relates to PM's...I am clueless here...from JS Mineset (Jim Sinclaire)

    Dear Friends,

    From the April Edition of the Aden Letter, Dean Harry Schultz says:

    "This is the first time old friend Jim Sinclair has said hyperinflation is "assured"
    - IE, certain, not just possible or likely. Jim says: "The madness will not stop.
    The situation is over the edge. The damage is done. Hyperinflation is assured."
    I'm afraid Jim is right. Governments could have prevented it, but didn't want to
    pay the price. Fiat currencies will pay the price. The US dollar will both waterfall
    and lose its reserve currency status which in turn will ignite rampant inflation.

    Jim adds: "The new reserve currency will be a virtual currency (an average of the
    major currencies). It will be (remotely) tied to gold via a worldwide M3 type liquidity.
    It won't be convertible (will be used between central banks, not you and I). Today's
    existing currencies will continue to be used but valued one to the other. A measure
    will be created similar to the old M3 (which reveals government pumping) but to
    reflect their entire past money creation. Upon initiation, the M3 level and the
    level of gold will be considered as 100 on the virtual index. Contributions of gold
    to BIS or IMF (agent of the virtual reserve currency) to participating currencies
    in the index will have to rise to meet rising liquidity. All situations, like now,
    will resolve themselves via a commodity currency. That is the entire story."

  160. Save America1st...

    How Ben Bernanke Could Crash the Stock Market
    Thursday, April 7, 2011

    There will be no third quantitative easing program.

    The Fed's second quantitative easing program (QE2) is set to expire at the end of June. Investors are widely anticipating that our dear Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke will announce another QE plan and to continue injecting the financial markets with $6 billion to $8 billion every day. But my guess is they'll be disappointed.

    Oh sure, there's a good economic case for QE3. The economic recovery is still on shaky ground. Unemployment remains uncomfortably high. Even with the vast printing of new money, inflation remains stable – unless, of course, you actually count the things that have gone up in price.

    So why not keep the charade going? It's done wonders for the financial markets so far. Stocks are way up. Interest rates are artificially low. And unless you have to eat food or use fuel, there's been no downside.

    Unless you're Ben Bernanke.

    Poor Ben. Here's a man who believes his policies prevented a global depression. He saved the banking industry, kept the U.S. economy afloat, prevented unemployment from reaching record levels, and saved the earth from Martian invaders.

    But he gets no credit for any of it.
    Instead, he's lambasted in front of Congress, ridiculed in the newspapers, humiliated online, and de-friended from just about everybody's Facebook page. The man gets no respect.

    My guess is he's anxious to give people a taste of what things would be like if his QE programs weren't around… at least for a little while.

    No one appreciates the drug dealer until the agonizing moans of the withdrawing heroin addicts drown out the sound of the TV set. "Do whatever it takes to quiet them down!" people shout. "Just get things back to the way they used to be."

    Appreciation for central bankers is likely quite similar.

    We all complain about the devaluation of the dollar, the unending deficit spending, and the lack of fiscal discipline, which are all aided by quantitative easing. So, too, is the run-up in stocks and the low interest rates.

    "Just wait," Bernanke thinks to himself. "Let's see what everybody moans about when QE2 ends."

    We're not going to see a QE3 program until we get a glimpse of what life is like without daily injections from the Fed. Maybe then the pundits will show a little appreciation for the market's drug dealer.

    If you're buying stocks or bonds based on the premise that QE3 is on the way, you may want to rethink that idea. It may make more sense to think about what might happen when there's not an extra $8 billion coming in to prop the markets up every day. Look at what happened last year when QE1 ran out, just before QE2 kicked off.

    We're probably headed for something similar sometime this summer. As we get closer to the end of QE2, it's a good idea to start locking in gains and possibly look to profit from a few short sales.

    At some point they have to slow down temporarily and then resume. I think PM/Miner equities could take a hit along the way unless the dollar and financial situation gets so bad that the miners can't help but to go up albeit more slowly at times like we see even now.
    Uncharted territory here, and no one can say for sure how this plays out but it will get almost scary at times with uncertainty. My plan is to go in heavy when it seems the scariest right after any drastic pull back when it does happens.

    Which is why I have lots of SDS calls dirt cheap right now.

  161. Some morons profit-taking in an explosive upside move to 50.....that is more of a profit-losing tactic IMO...

  162. Keep in mind that there is a pretty big sell off in the general market. It's not just the miners.

  163. Coatrackbox...
    I think so. they took .30 out. Hasn't that been about the average on the attacks lately? 40.40 is the 23% fib line

  164. Gary Gensler about to be on Fox Business News.
    Get your rotten fruit!

  165. Nice to see some buyers come back in after that bloodletting.

  166. Thanks everyone... Ive decided to deploy a small "drogue chute" of ZSL for the weekend and ride my AGQ for now. Funds still say "up!"

  167. Turd told you she would have to close it below $40 to create any concern. She may try but she really doesnt scare anybody anymore. The jig is up. We keep going higher. BTFD

  168. GDX at the low for the day.

    Just bought more SLW for 46.34.

    I think we get another bummp.


  169. timpa - that sounds a lot like the scenario DPH and I and others have discussed here. But with a new world currency for us plebs too.

  170. This comment has been removed by the author.

  171. HappyInTheWoods I'm with you and it seems like most of the market is too. Looks like strong support now at 40.50, that bloodletting was classic, right down to the 3 leg pattern, stopped right at 40.50 like it hit a wall. Lovin it. As I type, 40.54

  172. It will work its way up. The miners will get going over the next month. Assuming things hang in there that long.

  173. sold a little on wed, a little on thurs, a little right now. Just pulling weeds, so to speak, out of my portfolio. Getting rid of stuff that's been pissing me off. Bad Karma gone. Nothing major.

  174. Now let's see if we can mount a rally off here.

    Come on baby.

    I'm hoping to win back half my money from the takedown.


  175. This comment has been removed by the author.

  176. Regarding guns and ammo. This site will find you the best guns and ammo deals:

    Regarding AGQ. I sold it four times since January. Only to watch it climb shortly thereafter. I'm letting it ride this time.

  177. SSK- Looks like the new owner of that GPL did a tune-up and got her running again!

  178. hmmmm... to add to my First Majestic or not??? Tempting.

  179. Torx1953

    I am looking for a deal on a S&W 686 regular or plus. 4 inch barrel is my preference. Know of any?

  180. Been waiting so long to pull the trigger on something - acted fast - First Majestic just under $24 - then self-doubt - now the bids coming back.

    Oh, Blythe. Run away with me. XOXOXOX - Magis

  181. You guys seing the POSX? Hovering around 75.03

  182. very nice ending of the PoS day,

  183. Troller is right. Majestic took a hit. Michael, I agree that it's a good buy. I've already got a position.
    My two winners so far held their gains:
    XG: +8.7%
    PAAS: +8.4%
    Interesting that these were not affected by the pullback.

  184. EGO is just beautiful today :)

  185. coatrack,

    EGO certainly is. I'm betting EGO, AUY, and NG get their footing back. They've underperformed so long now it's hard to remember that each once led the gold miners.

    They are the best buy for the buck.


  186. atlee,

    No, sorry.

    However, I'm sure you can find it or something else you like at:

    If you are REALLY lucky and your state doesn't restrict person-to-person transfers, you can buy without asking big brother's permission. If not then you MUST use a Federal Firearms Licensee to transfer the weapon.

    April 8, 2011 3:26 PM

  187. U2 "Its a beautiful day"

  188. Have AUY also but not so sure about NG but, don't listen to me I'm a total noobie at this.