Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday Pre-Close

First, please read this again and then fully consider your options. Again, this is from yesterday:

Cartoon Blythe has a pretty good handle on things, too, so we should start to consider the second part of her "message" last week. After allowing silver to pass through the old highs of 38.20, The Witch postulated that the monkeys should stand down and wait for silver to approach the round number, psychological barrier or $40 before attacking again. I'd say she probably is offering very sound advice. A great many themes discussed here suggest you can probably begin to take some profits this afternoon or tomorrow morning.
1) Forty dollars will likely offer short-term resistance.
2) The HUI is rapidly approaching old highs near 600. I have a last of 596.
3) Almost all range breakouts get immediately tested. Meaning gold will likely trade back down soon and test what now should be support above 1445.
4) Documented pattern of Tuesday highs and Wednesday/Thursday raids.

Now don't worry. Ole Turd isn't getting out or getting short. I still hold all of my long-term positions. I'm just saying that if you wish to trade, you might sell a little on the open tomorrow if silver is above 39.50 and pushing 40. Let it reverse and look to buy back in, first near the old highs of 38.20 or even 37 if Blythe rolls out some dirty tricks and is able to get it down that far. Watch the HUI for a dip back near 580.

Predictably, the HUI gapped higher on the open and has since rolled over. After a high of almost 606, its back to 594. The overall stock market has weakened, too. We've seen this countless times before. DO NOT be surprised to see an EE raid on the Globex this afternoon. If history is a guide, an early week push to new highs in both the PMs and the miners is usually met with a late Wednesday/Thursday raid. Now, don't get your panties in a bunch. I don't blame you if you choose to simply look the other way and ride it out because the metals are almost certainly headed even higher as we move through April. However, if you wish to trade, you could sell now (if you haven't already) and look to buy back in tomorrow with a HUI between 570 and 580 and silver between 38.25 and 38.50. Gold will pull back, too. Probably between 1445 and 1450. At that point, I will BTFD.

Full disclosure: I sold my May 38s yesterday and my May 41s today. My only current PM position is June 1500 gold calls, which I am holding and do not intend to sell anytime soon.

More later after we've had a chance to observe the Monkeys in action this afternoon.
Your friend,
Jane Goodall

p.s. Read this:
And, while you're there, read this, too, just for fun:



  1. Damn...second!

    My word verification was....ready....TURDSMEN!

  2. Is this possible? DO we have a little rally going into the COMEX close? Now that would be a FUBM.


  3. Couldn't agree more with you Turd. I plan on gradually buying in starting when we hit the mid 38s.

  4. Hi Turd,
    Thanks for all the great work. What do you think about Martin Armstrong's view that in case gold blasts through $1,500 it could be the end of a phase transition and we would be looking at a low somewhere in 2015?

  5. Test

    Word verification: tries, as in tries to figure out how to use this damn Google account thing. : )

  6. TF....A reference to Jane Goodall and a "panties in a bunch" comment?

  7. Turd,

    You meant 38.80 on the chart in Sharpie, right? Just makin' sure, looks like it

  8. It is: A FUBM in the COMEX buzzsaw

  9. ben.roberts13

    thanks for your concern . . . but seems pretty obvious that I made a typo since turds call is for a pullback to 38.20 and not 28.20. My bad. No need to reference fundamentals for goodness sakes. I'll try to be more careful in the future.

  10. Does anyone out there have an opinion on this...

    I have 1,000 oz phys AG and 20 oz phys AU.

    Sell it all and ride AGQ and UGL thru the end of 2011, selling chunks during the spikes and re purchasing physical on the dips...

    Yea or nea?

  11. Winker, nea. It is likely that you may not be able to get the phys back. There are shortages out there. Paper for trading, physical for holding.


  12. Winker,
    My 2 cents: you want more physical. Keep it. Get more.

  13. Looks like they really tried to paint a red comex close, could not quite get there. This seems strong.

  14. Turd

    Thank you for accounting for the differences in how your followers play the metals market. I really appreciate ths current update where your comments specifically address the concerns and timing issues and interests of traders. You do an amazing job and you just keep getting better and better!

    Thank You

    p.s. we're coming for ya Blythe you bitch!

  15. I think this close was pretty remarkable. It could have been slammed at the close.

    I entered the last half hour in the red, and walked out in the green. Maybe it's a GLOBEX raid to come, or maybe not. But I find today's COMEX close heartening.


  16. I bought GPL at the 52 week high.
    I'm contemplating selling some or all of my position and putting in other places.

    Thoughts is GPL going to come back.... or should I sell it and cause the gods to send it to the moon.....

    Verifcation word retchee as the recent GPL action make me retch ee.....

  17. Winker...I would hold onto that mch physical if it was mine.
    Having the physical I have in hand is a good feeling. But I don't know about selling some to trade paper with.
    Depending on your entry price in Au/Ag you might not see those prices again anytime soon to buy back in.
    Just an opinion, so do what you have to do.
    Personally I wouldn't eventhough it sounds tempting to try and make more $$$ but thats not a given that you will.
    The physical you haver though is a given, it's in your hands.

  18. I am looking into increasing my shares on gold miners after the break yesterday, and am mainly onto four best performers in GDXJ:UXG/NGD/GRS/ANV
    I like UXG more after I read this(especially with the pure silver discovery)

    any comments on UXG or others listed above?

  19. Hey Turd, I know you are spending a lot of money on your new website. Maybe you should wait until Gold hits $1,600 by June 10th?

  20. CONFEDERATION MINERALS LTD--->Symbol CFM-TSX Another tip for the crew

  21. EA,

    As far as CFM goes, you're way late to the game. Where were you when I loaded up my truck back in January.

  22. Silverrun, I bought at .36, this is not late in the game. I threw this out here a LONG time ago..I give the tips and the people here yell at me, just like ya did..

  23. I have been focused almost exclusively on trading silver with SLW options. I want to diversify now a bit and also focus on gold using either ABX or GDX options; June options as a core position and May options for shorter terms swing trading. ABX and CDX charts look like they offer good entry points here but I'd like to hear comments from those more familiar with trading these. I don't know how they react to gold prices or whether I should wait for a further pullback in gold to enter. Any helpful comments are greatly appreciated.

    SSK i think you said you bought GDX today and referenced strong support at 63. What are your thoughts now?

  24. bqwin,
    I have complete confidence in Turd's prediction. In fact, I am willing to declare right now that I am willing to buy 10 ozs of gold from the Turd on that day for $1610.

  25. @ Paul

    Many many moons ago I was taught, "do not confuse brains with a bull mkt". Your in a bull mkt in PMs. Fact is, for the last 9 months or more you could have purchased these PMs at any price and today you have made alot of money. GPL will be fine. There may be others than will move more sooner but GPL will get back in the rotation.

  26. Battle royale on the GDX right now. Just pinned down on $62.65. Every time it goes higher, it gets slammed back down. It's got to give soon.

  27. Looks like a beautiful FUBM forming on the Globex... I think ill keep my June calls on gold and silver and ride this bull into the stable!

  28. bqwin: Believe me, that has crossed my mind more than once since I promised to close up shop and fade away if gold doesn't get there.
    However, countless Turdites have made me promise that I would not close this site, regardless of the price action in gold. So, I've relented and am moving forward with the new site.

  29. It's probably my paranoid imagination at such highs, but that looks like a left shoulder and head painted on that 15 min silver chart, no? in fact the right shoulder seems to be forming right now since since the post. Isn't this one of BM's many tactics - getting the algos to work for her?

  30. Free,
    UXG is one of the best miners out there with one of the best mgt. Rob McEwen is phenomenal check out his interviews on kwn. he took Gold Corp from 500m to 5 or 50b. SlW is also tops. With these two miners you can't go wrong.

  31. EA,

    Awesome! We're both in the money on CFM. But right now, I think I'll sell it since it's at a 52 week high, and a pretty high RSI, not to mention riding on the high side of the bollinger bands.

    Best to make some profits now, and buy back in when it drops below $1.

  32. Stephen,

    SLW may be lagging, but it's giving me great flips today. Twice now I've bought near the lows and sold here at 45.97 and 46.03

    I love playing the channels.


  33. buy back in when it drops below $1.
    Just a hint, an (1) individual, I heard, bought 1,000,000 shares ABOVE $1. So that's probably NOT going to happen.

  34. "So, here's my promise to you. Gold will trade at $1600 on or before 6/10/11. If I'm wrong, I'm shutting down this blog and going away, never to be heard from again as I will have proven myself to be of little value. If I'm right...well, let's just say it would be perfectly appropriate for you to hit the "Feed The Turd" button every day for the rest of your life." The Great Turd Ferguson. I still think you are dead on. We are definitely going there by 6/10/11. You should keep your promise. I know I will feed the turd as often as possible.

  35. Here's another TIP for the crew: WESTMINSTER RESOURCES WMR-TSX only .34. Just giving you the tips that certain houses are beginning to push on THEIR RESEARCH.

  36. stephen,
    I just did well with mfn and uxg and I'm thinking about ntm May and perhaps Jan.,but I'm in options grade school.

  37. I just got my Liberty Dollars in from eBay and they are MUCH more interesting looking than the ASE and depending on taste, prettier.

    But for my taste, the Libertad is the prettiest silver bullion coin of all and the Centenario is the most lovely bullion coin period (though you do have a point, Eric, about the $20mn gold ;p


  38. Turd,

    Santa put out an interesting post on a theme he has addressed indirectly for a while now; namely, shorting the long bond. From today's Santa:

    "There is an opportunity for all of us. It is going into a different business. You are going to become Long Bond Bear Inc.

    As long as QE is there you can expect rallies from support but do not fear putting out a short line into near resistance. You will meet all your cash needs for a generation."

    Turd, what is a direct bet against the long bond (besides my mortgage, gold and silver investments)? What is the best instrument to short the long bond? Or is there another vehicle that works in its inverse?


  39. Turd, excellent commentary. Who knows but I smell a rat. Shakeout would seem to be eminent. But because I am convinced I must pace the Watchtower and look for the signs. Thursday is often horrible for metals, most especially if momentum has been up into it on Monday and Tuesday. Blythe has just taken some Metamucil and flaxseed and I beleive she is headed for the JPM restroom, who knows?

  40. @ Catherine -

    What do you think about Martin Armstrong's view that in case gold blasts through $1,500 it could be the end of a phase transition and we would be looking at a low somewhere in 2015?

    hes right

    one day 2015 will seem low for gold (-;

  41. SSK - I agree - that was a heartening close. Gold looks pretty strong - just working its way up - I don't think 1610 is looking in doubt.

    DPH - TURDSMEN? That is unreal.. I thought my BOOMEN was the best, but that is unbeatable.

    I said this before, but I am sticking with GPR - I don't have much and am not down much. The research I did made me pretty confident and I am assuming that this stock will suddenly roar.

    Winker - don't sell the physical. Find another way.

  42. What is the deal with MVG and how best to trade it. It is completely manic-depressive. It will lay low in the tall grasses for weeks and then it smokes some crack and explodes into a gigantic flag pattern.

    Anybody out there ever trade it. I just try and buy a few hundred shares when it is depressed and then put it away in a padded cell. I usually sell too soon when it starts flagging up.

  43. kumanari I couldn't find NTM. But wow MFN has been on fire and up nearly 45% (over 4 points) in 3 weeks of trading. Nice. I prefer to play with stocks with pps over 50 if possible to catch bigger point moves given the way options work (although I made some good money playing REE options when its pps was only 7). BTW REE looks like it could run again and it is similar pps as NFN.

    SSK good call on SLW . . . wish I would have waited to sell at least some of mine but I am going to look to buy in tomorrow. I don't have enough funds to day trade and most often hold overnight to avoid that classification.

  44. Hey Turd, Great news that you are going to keep the website going. You should let the rest of the Turdites know in a post so we can all sleep at night. Keep up the great work!!!

  45. Stephen,
    Yea, MFN has done well the last few weeks. I bought this on a recommendation from Bob Chapman. I held it since last November, and it was flat for the most part. Now it's kicking in.

  46. @ rthaler71
    I find myself in the same boat as you. I'm not in-and-out it, I'm more-and-less it. I originally bought it because Fresnillo tried to buy it on the cheap with a low ball bid a year ago but their tactic didn't work.

  47. kumanari, thanks. I will check out KWN for the interview.

    Filled in my order with 'AG' at -3.5% dip few hours ago. Can't feel happier as it turned into green now and I regained one of my core miners. I was so stressed to miss the big run up by AG during the last few days. I swear I'll never lose my core position even if it's the end of world tomorrow, LOL~

  48. OK, I for one don't get it, Turd anyone please 'splain it to me. No matter how much "free" money one gets from whatever source, is it really possible to keep adding short after short and continuing to lose money every week, month and now years? I mean silver is up huge, the losses must be almost unfathomable.
    What am I missing?

  49. @Winker
    Bird in the hand....
    Do not sell!

  50. ok never mind my prev comment about h/s patterns... i'm getting outside now

    @SSK - interesting words from JSC. one possibility is TBT which is a double short 10year treasury etf.. hope that helps.

  51. "So, here's my promise to you. Gold will trade at $1600 on or before 6/10/11. If I'm wrong, I'm shutting down this blog and going away"

    Perfect. Shut down this blog either way and start the new site!

    I think Gold will get there but if not I want to read the Turd's opinion on why not.

  52. Dave,

    Cheers for TBT. Gonna put it on my watch list. It's up big today.

    Miners are fading here.


  53. SSK,
    Notice the trading range chart of TBT. Wait for below 37 because it will test down there again.

  54. So Portugal are gettinhg a bailout and the EUR is still above 1.43.

    When will that stinky dollar die?

  55. What happened with MVW, EA? Is that one not worth mentioning to people here anymore even though you have insider info and especially when it's a retirement pick? You should be pumping that on a daily basis! Ha ha, you are the trolliest of the trollies and I can respect that fact. At least you are good at something which is more than I can say for "Bubbles".

    I don't recall you linking to that other pick, can you point me to your post where you recommended it before it was doing good...or did you delete that post too the last time you were called out?

    Don't refer to us as "the crew" until you start showing up on a regular basis and contribute more than just recommending picks you own, it's suspect guy. I can pick any stock that is up more than 10% today and come here and recommend it on a day they release something like this, a fucking monkey with mental retardation could do that, and sometimes I wonder.....

    And for a PS-I just looked at CFM.V AND it's pinksheet and it doesn't appear that there has been a single day where it was over $1.00 a share and had volume near 1,000,000. In fact it looks like its best day since it's been over a dollar/share only saw about 200,000 in volume. Even right now it's up 15% and is struggling to reach 400,000 in volume for the day. Link to your man's 1 milly please. Or, let me guess, this "individual" did his buying over a couple of days in smaller amounts?

    Waiting for a response, but odds are you are just going to bitch-out as usual and just resort to name calling and crying about how this is what happens when you try to "help" people out of the goodness of your heart. Bubbles will mysteriously chime in out of nowhere and then you both will disappear for a couple weeks before showing up here again. Rinse, lather & repeat as per the usual while hoping there are new readers and lurkers that will hop on your stock train.

    And for future reference, we're not a crew, we're Turdites and Turdlings, but you'd know that if you posted here instead of trolled. Boom. You just got lawyered you silly little doomer and stock pumper.

  56. Just picked up a roll ($5 face) of nice condition mercury dimes on my lunch break for $117, or should say stole 'em since they're getting around $180 on Apmex. I've all but stopped buying silver now waiting to BTFD but when opportunity knocks I answer...

  57. Thanks everyone for you input on physical vs paper. I will HOLD and buy more.

    Follow up question. I have been looking around to purchase another box of 500 eagles and I am seeing:

    Kitco - 21,670.00 Spot +3.78
    Monex - 21,945.00 spot +4.33
    Gainsville - 21,985.00 spot +4.41

    These prices have spread and shipping included.

    Any advice for the frugal shopper??

  58. Winker,
    Get the least expensive of the three.

  59. Gold is looking marvelous. What is wrong with Yamana? Is it just crazy shorting?

  60. @WINKER

    Tulving has SAEs for $3.49 over spot and Canadian Maples for $2.49 over spot. I personally like the Maples because you get the same amount of silver for more than 2% less than the Eagles.

  61. Thanks Bro. I'm going to research this tonight.

    Got ourselves a little raid at the close. Gold up. SIlver up. Broader market up. This doesn't make sense to me. But I'll take it. I might even flip SLW one more time before close.


  62. Justin,

    re: EA recommending CFM -

    Brilliant. Just brilliant. I was going to call him on the 1million dollar man, but I just didn't want to feed the troll anymore than I did. He would have had much better credibility if he actually had a prior recommendation on CFM.

    Hmm, "I heard some guy bought a million shares.." Gee, where did you hear that? From the toilet bowl the last time you were praying to the porcelain god?

    Rant off..

  63. @ Blorf

    Tulving - 21,535.00 spot +3.49

    Best so far! Can anyone find better? If so, I'm a customer for life!

  64. Gold/Silver ratio in 37:1 and getting smaller each day...


  65. I bought from First Majestic online and the price was great and the service fantastic. Also bought from Great Panther and worked out just fine. I live in Canada but I believe Americans can buy from them too. Just go to their websites - might be worth checking out. I can at least vouch for their reliability.

  66. Dang, as soon as I said gold looked fine....

  67. I can't wait til the day when the Morgue gives up on manipulating silver & gold, we should be looking at $40 in our rear-view mirrors with the beating the dollar is taking today. Cotton is leading the commodities...again. We are either going to be bombarded with t-shirts or trillions of dollars soon judging by it's performance lately.

    PS-We are officially at 36:1 with gold now. :)

  68. SSK,
    Also remember that Treasury interest rates are artificially suppressed by the Fed. If you think Blythe can be nasty with PMs, Ben can get even nastier with interest rates, especially if he senses a slowdown.
    Just a heads up about TBT.

  69. Not that 1460 isn't fine, don't get me wrong.

    You do have to beware the infrequent poster. There are also a couple of reliable doom sayers, although they have dropped off of late. And some Sprott haters, whose names change but whose message is so predicable I could write their posts for them. EA comes in fists flying now - hilarious. Justin - he gets your goat, but you have his number.

  70. Justin, I rounded up!:) My bad?

  71. Is anyone else getting the feeling that tomorrow may be another up day? Pretty shitty correction if this can be considered one.

  72. How long to when Sprott announces a 300 million dollar silver purchase for PSLV? That ought to get Blythe's panties very, very saturated...


  73. Thinning the herd right now. Gotta do it.

  74. SilverRunNW,
    I don't like acknowledging the fact EA even posts here, but there are way too many readers who may have recently stumbled upon Turds blog that might not know about EA and his shenanigans. I don't want Turd losing fans because of a schmuck who is trying to fatten his own trade account and all people remember after they lose money is that they saw the recommendation for the stock on Turds blog.

    Turd is just as much of a stranger to me as he is all of you, but this blog is the best thing to happen to pm's and trading miners and it annoys me when I see someone trying to make money off of us when Turd himself dishes out his posts and knowledge for free. There is a big difference between us talking about our picks and what that guy does.

    It took me all of 2 seconds to know he was up to his games again when he said, "I heard..", seriously, who comes here touting a pick off of supposed rumors?!?! I know us regulars are hip to his ways, it's the newcomers that need the warning. I'm going to call EA out everytime he does this. I should create a standalone page with his entire history of pumping stocks so I can just link to it instead of having to type the same stuff all the time. My fingers are starting to hurt. ;)

  75. Stephen,
    What is pps price per share?
    what is ntm I wrote uxg us gold. I prefer lower price stocks as I have limited funds and can get more % bounce plus I'm new to options. I'm still waiting on my july 17.5 ree to bounce.

  76. AC Doctor,
    To each their own! I go by what is on the left side of the decimal point and always have, just works out easier for me. The run from 37:1 to 36:1 only took 3 trading days, that is smokin' fast!

    I'm hoping for tomorrow being a good day, it feels like this week may have reverted back to being the kind of weeks where Wednesday's are our down days and the rest are either going to be flat or up. Fingers crossed.

  77. Whew!!!! Man, I am so used to having to battle all day long with the monkeys that just sitting back and letting it ride today has been a struggle.
    Well, market's closing...I think I'll set out some fruit trees. Preparing accordingly mean more than buying PMs.

  78. helluva run.....anyone taking profit here cannot be criticized IF you are a trader.

  79. Bro,

    Planted cherries (pie and sweet), apples, plums, peaches, and figs last year. Along with a gazillion blackberries, raspberries, gooseberries and currants. Don't know how much fruit (if any) I'll get this year, but my daughters and I go out and look at the buds every night. I'm hoping my bees jack up the production.

    Have fun digging. It's a bitch doing even a couple holes.


  80. Justin you're probably the worst person on this site, BY FAR. Mad because you missed the boat AGAIN. Sad individual you are..

  81. Had to take some EXk off the table. We ain't gonna see three up 4% days in a row. It's hard to sell your superstar, though.


  82. Pat,

    A couple of theories explain the conundrum... first is that TPTB need PMs to stay down in order for the dollar to look solid. They are willing to spend lots of this free money to keep up the facade on the dollar and do so through their proxy bankers. The second possibility is that while the bankers are losing on their shorts, they are making enough elsewhere (longs) to make the loss palatable. We'd have to see their balance sheet to know for sure, but I am convinced that these traders at the banks don't lose unless there is a reason. Also, the sharp FUBMs at the close of every attack could well be driven by these same bankers buying back a hefty percentage of their shorts that got the algos activated on other traders accounts. IMHO

  83. OK, after using my limited ability to perform DD on Stocks and EFTs recommended here, these are my picks as a first timer outside of SLV & GLD. Investing 50k as follows:

    25% in EXK SLW SVM CDE silver stocks

    25% in GG EGO ABX AUY gold stocks

    25% in SIL & SLV (I know SLV sucks but I already owned 600 shares, sold 500 now 100 left)

    25% in GDXJ & GLD (Yea GLD sucks too but its been good to me so I still own some)

    Here are the ones I passed on:



    A huge THANK YOU to all for the stock leads to check out over the last 2 weeks. Please note my style is to buy and hold, I'll leave the trading to the Pros.

  84. @AC Doctor

    I hope Sprott announces a large shelf filing sale of PSLV ASAP. Current holders would see a major contraction in the currently high premium but I'd jump in with both feet at the new, lower, premium because I ain't no Sprott Hater (merely a low NAV on physical CEFs lover.)



  85. Why trade penny stocks with incredibly low volume? I mean honestly, what a waste of time, gambling on what happens to be in a particular hole in the ground in the middle of BFE.

    Maybe years from now someone will find something there, meanwhile you are the exit strategy for some internet mope who can literally bump the price up if you buy, so he can exit that loser.

    May as well go to Vegas with that sort of get rich quick scheme.

    Buy companies with solid business plans and management. Trade stocks with high volume/swings. If you are day trading may as well use AGQ... no outside variables to worry about other than silver price.

  86. I am still thinking $40 by friday - in fact, I think we might touch it tonight. Gold is beginning to march, 10, 15, 20 dollars - up she goes. Both metals seem to have been unshackled. And today some of my miners began to show signs of life too. Exciting doesn't begin to describe it.

  87. Silverrun: Another pissed and BITTER poster who missed out on my tips. You can tell the kids in their 20 and 30's that post here. Bitter angry and getting more bizarre as days go by...

    EVERYONE who bought when I posted made money to this point. NOT ONE lost a nickle, because they are all up! Its only the BITTER posters who post their ridiculous rants.

  88. Curmudge - absolutely - there is a lot to be said for trading if you have the head for it, and the premiums sure do swing. I get in trouble for the Sprott defense, but there was a bad moment awhile ago when foul language and illogic spammed the blog. Hey - it was you that bought the bowl on ebay? Are you going to melt it?

  89. Lot of activity in silver in the past couple of minutes. It's all over the place. Started running up and then got torn down. Hope it goes down some more so I can buy back my AGQ!

  90. @coatrackbox: I'm with you on this one, daytrading on miners is way beyond my capabilities.

    I put my 401k into GDXJ and SIL (diversification and such) and can't complain.

    I would recommend to get rid off GLD and SLV though (you knew that was coming, right?).


  91. MVW- I came on at $1.09-> it's $2.00! CFM .75 it's ->$1.35. JDN-.18-> its .21. WMR .34--> it's .345
    Justin you're embarrassing the posters here and yourself..

  92. I almost hit the sell button on GPL.. But think I'm happy I didn't.
    This might actually make a steep reverse pretty soon...

    Got this from the Yahoo boards, most of u guys probably already know:

    Great Panther is nearing the close of a $21 million financing announced March 24th at a price of $4.20 Canadian per share with no warrants. We expect to close the financing next week on or about April 12. The US market has a half million share short position in GPL at the moment creating selling pressure.

    Operations at our two mines are progressing as planned and we expect to release a 43-101 compliant resource on our new discovery at San Ignacio soon after the financing closes. Approximately half of the proceeds from the financing are to aggressively advance San Ignacio and will be used for the Environmental Impact Assessment, Engineering Studies, and Preliminary Mine Development.

    All the best,
    Erick (CEO)


    Anyone know the name of the syndicated underwriter(s) whose buying the 5m shares? I believe that's who's shorting the stock. They use the 5m shares as collatoral (even if they don't own the shares yet); short the stock; make a boatload of money; then back off the stock when the closing date nears. Folks like tintin/buba/john_kay_way make money chasing these bought deals. You'll never hear from them again after next week. Syndicate makes money, MM makes money, management can reload with cheap shares. Only loser is the retail investor, in the short term. JMHO


    It is all becoming clear to me now.
    The financing is in place, the NI 43-101 for San Ignacio coming out in a couple of weeks along with mine start up moving ahead.
    This company is on the ball.

  93. "EVERYONE who bought when I posted made money to this point. NOT ONE lost a nickle, because they are all up! Its only the BITTER posters who post their ridiculous rants."

    Patently false. I am proof.

    Does this ring any bells?:

    Economic Analyst said...
    Here's another BAKKEN Field penny stock tip for the crowd .12 Cents:
    March 18, 2011 11:39 AM

    Anyone can find it on this thread:
    I bought 10 minutes after you posted your reco for GX at .12 on this board. In the 2 minutes it took me to log in and place my order I was filled at .135

    At 11:30 am, 9 minutes before your post, GX was trading for .13

    GX closed at .115 today

    Help me understand what you mean by "everybody" and "not one"

  94. Wasn't there some observation that when miners were down on a day where the PMs were slightly up signaled a raid the next day?

  95. Stefan I have some at .13 and .10 am I bitter? Are you a child or a trader? At the end of the day when its MUCH higher will you be feeding me or calling me every name under the sun? It will go higher, now go have a biscuit ypu're making no sense like the other "kids" here.

  96. Xty: I only say that because you seem married to Sprott (who has a fine family of funds but not the ONLY ones that passed my Due Dilligence - for example, Claymore Gold Bullion, which I owned 1 month after they went on sale in the USA, eventually for some reason failed to be "safe gold and silver" for ME [the custodian of their bullion was Household Bank Co. and the fact that their bullion was not insured plus the sub-custodians allowed to infinity] I quickly got out.) There are only the Sprott and CEF familys now that I will buy "safe paper physical" in.

    Yeah, I'm the ebay silver guy. I bought over 50 onces of sterling and it's being made into a necklace and bracelet set as I type. Got so many ebay bucks, I was able to get five 1-ozt Liberty Dollars on eBay for $150 last week.



  97. EA,
    Thanks for coming to my blog and making yourself look like an idiot, again.

    Do you care to answer any of the questions again or are you going to do exactly as I predicted(the same thing you always do) and run your mouth instead of back up your claims. I can recommend almost any silver mining stock and come back in a month and shit talk anyone that didn't buy it. In case you haven't noticed, silver mining stocks are HOT lately, you could pull names out of a fucking hat and get it right.

    If you had any clue about how to research a stock you would have looked to see that whoever your supposed "insider" is, they are full of shit as nobody has placed an order anywhere near 1,000,000 shares on your latest pump and dump.

    Learn how to back up your claims before throwing stones and for God's sake, learn the proper usage of question mark placement!!!!

  98. Justin you're constantly make a fool out of yourself AGAIN. Are you the guy who recommended GPL when it was $5? I didn't sat ANYONE put an order for a million shares. I said someone BOUGHT a million shares. Are you handicapped? Is this a chat site? You post 87 times a day.

  99. Winker,

    ColoradoGold is cheapest,
    spot + 3.64.
    spot+3.21 if you're buying $100K+

  100. Let's try a little humor for a change. I posted this at the end of thread awhile back, which mostly nobody saw.


    Did you know that "race car" spelled backward still spells "race car"?

    And, that "eat" is the only word that, when you take the first letter and move it to the last, it spells its' past tense, "ate"?

    And, have you noticed that if you rearrange the letters in "CFTC Position Limits" and add just a few more letters, it spells: "Get a freaking clue, you money-grabbing, back stabbing, revolution causing, TURD burglering, decaf no-whip non-fat latte drinking, scum sucking pig."

    How weird is that???

  101. This site has turned into a childish chat site with kids underage posting here. TURD can't wait until you turn your new site into a grown-up site. Its getting ridiculous.

  102. EA, I have never recommended a single stock to anyone and I was out of GPL at $4.34 the first time I was in it and out at $4.33 the second time, both with profits. Please tell me you haven't ran out of ammo and are resorting to making up lies, that is just pathetic. I'm done firing back. Game, set and match. Once again, you have been called out and defeated. Thanks for playing, buh-bye now!!!

  103. Repost from earlier today:

    VERY INTERESTING phone conversation I had late yesterday evening. So I had a conversation with my bullion dealer that I have been buying from since 2007. She stated, that as of yesterday JP Morgan is now adising there clients to BUY physical gold and silver and the Morgue was looking around for reputable bullion dealer.

    Turd and I have had a few emails back and forth regarding this so I cannot take any credit for the following:

    1. JP Morgan opens vault
    2. JPM advises clients to buy physical
    3. Clients deposit/hold physical in new vault
    4. JPM leases client silver to cover shorts around the world

    Makes sense doesnt it? Or maybe should I go and reinforce my tin foil hat ?? Has anyone had similar discussions?


  104. Justin: kid antics. You post 88 times a day. AGAIN this is NOT a chat site. Its for people who like to make money and talk in a civilized manner. Go to YAHOO CHAT, kids are all there. Grow up, its embarrassing, thousands of people read your ridiculous posts

  105. Economic Analyst, speaking of grown-ups... How about starting acting like one instead of wearing your heart on your sleeve, lashing out at people?

    If you consider yourself an adult, act a role model and calm down.

  106. EA
    Why don't you start your own blog where you can "help" others with your penny stock tips? No offense, but I don't think anyone here is interested or would mind if you never gave another tip. I wouldn't buy a penny stock I never heard of from a guy on the internet with stolen money.

  107. Just Fed the Turd...should be enough for a nice steak & Bordeaux or a bunch of Easter candy for the Spawn of Turd.

    Thanks for everything!

  108. I'll give $10,000 dollars to the first person who can give me a link to a comment on Turds blog where I recommended GPL as a buy at $5/share or any price for that matter. I'll give you $20,000 if you can find anywhere on MY OWN BLOG where I recommended ANY stock.

    EA, you should be all over this, according to you this is easy money since you claim I have recommended stocks before. I'll be waiting with check in hand ha ha, I'll even add a couple zeros just for you buddy.

    And FYI, I've been a lurker for the most part over the past week or two. Any regular can back me up on this one. It wasn't until I saw you rearing your fugly little avatar that I started posting again. Even with these posts I still don't come close to the number of posts by regulars here. Even if so, why the hell does it matter to you? It's a comment section for discussion you tool.

    Why don't you go to YOUR doom & gloom blog to tout stocks? I can give you a 100% guarantee that you won't hear a peep out of me there.

  109. Atlee, lovin' your work

    "I wouldn't buy a penny stock I never heard of from a guy on the internet with stolen money."

  110. Once again, sorry Turd. I know EXACTLY how Charlie Sheen feels now in regard to evil, little, no good trolls. They're like Pringles: once you pop, you can't stop!

    Going to click some adds for you, my way of repenting and apologizing for getting sucked in to the shyte again.

  111.'re serious. Heart on sleeves.. Don't lash out at posters who belittle me. Take name calling like sheep from little kid..It's all good!

  112. Atlee are you the another friendly troll of 13 minutes to midnight? If you don't like the tips why are you trolling with questions? Skip the tip post, there are other posts you can know how blogs work don't you?

  113. Did anyone get their SLW dividend?

  114. EA, thanks for the laughs. As far as being a kid, I resemble that remark. I do feel young at heart.

    Now back to our regular programming. Concerning Turd's update, that's a nasty looking drop on low volume that we haven't recovered yet.

  115. We are hesitant to cash out of our 401K's, call it normalcy bias or whatever.

    So I cannot trade our 401K's but we can rebalance them. We can choose from small cap, large cap, mid cap, international, bonds, or a real esteate fund.

    What do we rebalance them into to protect against losing everything in the June/July crash?

  116. @johnboatcat

    Yes re SLW dividend.

  117. Pablo,

    Concerning your 401k, are you able to move your funds to a self directed account within your 401k provider? I was able to do that with my fund. I have a lot more flexibility now, though I cannot trade options or trade global stocks.

  118. Pablo,

    I've also considered cashing out the 401k and buying more physical metals, but I really don't want to take the tax and early withdrawal penalties. At least not yet.

    I mean, you must consider that, since I've been trading on Economic Analysts recommendations, I'm in a tax bracket in the clouds and Uncle Sam/IRS will really get a treat if I cash out this year.

    Oh, man, I'm sorry. That was just wrong.. really wrong..! Getter Dun!!

  119. Pablo

    If you can't or won't get the money out of the 401(k), and you are worried about a summer crash, then just choose the "stable value" or "cash fund' investment option. Every 401(k) plan has one.

    That's what I do with mine, and then that gives me the freedom to be more aggressive with my outside money. It's all one big pot anyway. So what if your 401(k) is the safe allocation part.

  120. EA,
    Name calling...lashing sheep from a kid? I don't even know what you were trying to say to Jimmy, but I am pretty sure you are trying to tell him to not do what you did here or back on March 12, here, the last time a couple of us regulars called you out. Marcel even found that your posts were always randomly followed by other accounts who all had Buffalo Bills email addresses linked to them or something to do with football. Now that is pathetic when you have to role play. Just sayin', maybe you shouldn't throw stones or call the kettle black. 'Nuff said.

    We can put this all behind us and move on if you can just give us some answers to questions we have asked numerous times about your picks. That's all we ask and it is the one thing you refuse to do.

    Clicking more adds for Turd and getting off the PC to go walk the dogs. Funny how two golden retrievers have a higher I.Q. than a supposed "Economic Analyst" whose Coming Depression blog is nothing but one big seed vault advertisement to make money and nothing but a regurgitation of other articles from around the net.

    I think you should answer Atlees question or any questions for that matter. If you are going to be bold enough to come here to give tips and make stock recommendations, don't you think you should back them up when someone asks why they are so good? I didn't create my blog for anyone here, I created it for me, family and friends. You are in no position to be talking trash about other peoples blog when your two of your blogs are filled with stolen articles form others and nothing more than fear mongering.

    You fail at life.

    See everyone who is a regular tomorrow, I have two dogs who are going ape shit because they are listening to keystrokes instead of their paws on pavement chasing tennis balls around the neighborhood. Gotta admit, I'd rather hear the paws too ha ha, later. ;)

  121. hey guys can somebody point me to where i can buy physical gold world wide?

  122. MONEY talks, Justin, your bullshit walks. I made individuals money here, you babbled 89 posts about...are you ready.....ZERO. ZIP. NADA. DRIBBLE. Paws, keystrokes, tennis balls. USELESS. You're an Utter FAILURE, like your useless blog, at least mine is informative. Take a look, you might learn something.

  123. That is correct, we are unable to to get the money out of the 401K at this time or get it into a self-directed fund. Maybe we are going about it wrong and need to talk to a different advisor, I don't know.

    I just know that we don't want to take a 50% haircut when Bennochio stops QE for a few days to let the printers cool down.

  124. Shane, I am in Europe and have bought silver from coin invest direct ( and had no issues. They sell gold too (coins and bullion) and there is no VAT charged on gold.

  125. EA, Justin, etc.

    Enough, Gentlemen, Enough!

    As far as I see it, EA can post all the picks he wants, this is a (relatively) open forum, if he posts the same picks over and over or dominates the postings, then it's going to get really old, and lots of folks will let him know.

    And yep, if someone has opposing information about about EAs picks, then I'd like to hear that too. But I don't need to be rescued from EA, just present your negative information and leave it at that.

    What I'm reading strikes me as a low level flame war, if nobody is adult enough to just walk away from it then I'm pretty sure Turd will make it go away.

  126. Jim Willie's latest on or for those who want to read something other than a peeing contest...yawn.

  127. Pablo

    Didn't we talk at length about yours a while back? Seems your only option was to see if you can take out a 401(k) loan. Failing that, then yeah, just choose the safest option in the plan.

    Not really related, didn't we also talk about doing a teaser rate credit card? What did you decide on that one?

  128. Yes, kiwi, Turd can make it go away very quickly if he chooses.
    I'll put up with the catfights for a while but I will NOT let anyone hijack threads with petty arguments.

  129. Love your site Turd. But in case you have not noticed this place has become a place where to post and pump stocks for the purpose of leaving many bag holders. If I were you I would discourage posting of any stocks and deleting who does. Its quite evident there are groups of people acting together talking some real losers as winners. What good metal stock loses value as silver and gold keep hitting all time highs? Only the ones of pump and dump schemes if you ask me.

  130. Yeah we checked out the loan option and that is not available. We are still undecided on the credit card. Trying to figure out if we will be able to pay off a monster box within 17 months.

  131. Pablo , try Euro pacific capital. I can self direct globally and they have phys gold and ira gold.

    Mahalo for the Willie tip it's gettin sticky up in hea.
    Justin many people have respect for you here please keep it that way. No one looks good covered in mud and blood.

  132. Everyone should read Jim Willie's latest masterpiece 8^)

  133. @max

    I actually like the fact that many people here are discussing PM stocks. Me thinks it's pretty easy to notice the pumpers. Simply ignore them.
    On the other hand you get loads of highly informative info related to PM stocks.


    Don't speculate with money you don't own man!

  134. @TF re: bqwin's comment

    Au @1600 by June 10 would be great, but that Turd's bottom call back in late Jan is what, to me, deserves our utmost respect and justifies in itself that new web site...


  135. For those looking to BTFD, maybe need to realise that many others are also looking to do the same. That means the dip won't be as deep as you want, and the train will leave the station again soon whether you are on board or not.

  136. A snippet from Jim Willie:

    "A bigger fool than the Deflation Knuckleheads is the US Fed Chairman Bernanke. He is a myopic professor who wrote a fine piece of revisionist history of the Great Depression, who now presides over a global monetary systemic collapse. Gold is reacting, but Silver reacts even more. As long as the insolvent big US banks remain in operation and are not liquidated, as long as toxic paper repositories rest under the US Govt roof, as long as the US Govt deficits remain well above $1 trillion annually, as long as Quantitative Easing legitimizes the debt monetization without checks, the GOLD PRICE WILL RISE INDEFINITELY. It is that simple."

    What a beautiful statement!

  137. Guy: Jim nails it! And yes, it really is that simple.
    He's also a closet Turdite, which I think is pretty cool.

  138. Snippet from Ted Butler's latest piece:

    "I’m still of the opinion that this silver predicament snuck up on JPMorgan after they acquired Bear Stearns. Maybe they had some assurances from the Treasury Dept or the Fed as to liabilities when first assuming the COMEX short position, but those assurances or guarantees expired as JPM came to play the silver market after the takeover. To me, both JPM and the CME are arrogant about competitors and other market participants and it is this sense of self-importance that has led to the silver predicament they are in. Instead of genuinely attempting to resolve the silver manipulation, they looked down on anyone suggesting anything was wrong. After repeatedly denying that a problem may exist, it is very hard to admit you were wrong. If you are arrogant to boot, it becomes impossible. I sometimes try to speculate about what each is thinking, but I quickly conclude it doesn’t matter. That’s because, regardless of the motivation, there are still only two ways to close out a short position, deliver or buy back."


    The above article goes to show how messed up our relationship with Saudi Arabia actually is.

    I don't think we can actually rely on SA to consider our oil needs a priority any longer.

    Couldn't come at a more pivotal time considering the MENA situation.

    Big things are going on behind the scene, thats for sure. I can't see crude going down in price anytime soon in any meaningful way.
    And Obama knows it, firsthand.
    More like the back of the Saudi's hand. Read on.

  140. Turd;

    You have to step in on the Justin / EA thing.

    Blog Thread - thy name is petty. Consider your fine site hi-jacked

    Justin should know better, EA is beyond help.

  141. Okay,

    I never managed to BTFD because when I sold yesterday it was already at what turned out to be the 24 hr. low. So, are we still thinking there is going to be a end-of-week sell-off or should I just buy back the SLW and EXK at a loss and get back in?

    Word ver = doughies as in "I want to be - in the money"!

    I may love the guy, but this is absolutely the last time I listen to my husband about selling.;)

  142. I think TF has addressed "the situation".
    He's on top of it and I think they have called a truce by just stopping....we all hope.

  143. Turdle GG... any chance of getting the link or entire Butler comment?

  144. Pablo...just a thought about the monster box.

    If you decide to borrow money (hopefully super low rates) and you get in a predicament down the road with payments, you could always sell (gasp!) a eagle or two if your in a bind. No problem unloading them almost anywhere I'm sure at this point. And if you run imto payment problems in the future silver might just possibly be (ok, probably will be) going for a higher price at that point.

    Having said that, I personally wouldn't borrow money unless it was from myself via 401k or very small home equity loan or selling some personal posessions that you really don't need etc.
    It's a really tough call and I can understand your desire to want more physical anyway possible asap.

    We all share that same desire.
    Be careful and good luck:-)

  145. DarkPurpleHaze,
    It costs $34.95 per month and is worth it. I won't do the wrong thing by Ted by copying and pasting all his work here.
    His website is

  146. DarkPurple

    If my memory is correct, Pablo had an 18 month, 0% offer in his hands. I told him at the time, this was not for everybody, but.... tempting!! I think the idea was to buy physical on the card, lighten up on 401(k) contributions, and use those bucks to pay the credit card. Apparently he's still on the fence about it, which I totally understand.

  147. Pablo,
    If you certain or mostly certain you can pay back the money, then get the monster box. You're going to need it.

  148. Ok, thanks. I understand.
    Thought maybe you got in elsewhere. Usually I see his stuff online at or else where. I'll check his site out.

  149. Turdle: would you please email me at your convenience? Thx

  150. YES THEY SHOULD !!!

    An awesome piece of incredible global economic analysis. A definitive response to the deflationist camps absurd arguments. I repost the link to the incredible article, an absolute must read.

  151. The problem with Ted Butler lies in the fact that he is, or has been under the delusion that the CFTC was and/or is a rational honorable government watchdog. He does not seem to understand that JPM, the Crimex, and the CFTC are all Siamese triplicates rotten to the core criminal enterprises run by the worst criminals on the planet. I would not dignify any of these rotten bastards by writing to them or pleading with them to do the right thing. Its like asking an Italian mobster to give up crime and become a moral rational common law abiding citizen. IMPOSSIBLE !!!

  152. ben,
    another perspective would be that it is dangerous to make assertions that are not supported by facts. In any event, the best that the little guys like us can do is follow the price trend, which is in our favour.

  153. I second what ben.roberts13 said about Ted Butler. For some reason he bought into the myth that Gary Gensler was going to do the right thing and turn things around. Good one. Another useless "regulator" with neither a clue nor a desire to obtain one. Or could be he fully understands and just doesn't care. The latter is probably more likely but the result is the same.

  154. Shallow raids thus far. jpig must be having trouble getting radiated silver into the new pig pen US vault from Japan office. Anyone seen the cftc paid bankster pimps in bio suits? Surely the regulators need something to do.

  155. Yesterday sold 2/3 of Tinka for a Break Even position.
    Anybody remember Bre-x? I lost a lot of money and nearly a marriage.
    Not that TINKA is scam, but discretion is the better part of valor.

  156. Just stumbled upon the site...
    Very nice to sift through what's really going on, not the fluff from CNBS...
    For the most part I'm sitting on the side lines here... though I did grab 5K worth of physical silver @ 30$/oz. Not much of an investor... Thought it may be better than $ sitting in a stale account. I dare turn more paper into PM? Looking at it as a form of savings...

  157. Just read some of that Jim Willie article. Good stuff. Never been to that site before.

    I also started reading another article he had about QE2 and a Gold Standard.
    In it he states that most analysts believe Fort Knox has no gold.
    I won't argue that, as I have no idea and I shudder to think the U.S. Govt. sold or piddled all that gold away.
    I can't even imagine if they don't have the gold, where it might be and do they have any way to get it back if thats the case?

    Anyone have any thoughts on whats up with Fort Knox or where or how the gold has been sold and why?

    I've heard the suspicions before and all I can say is that if we all thought the housing/credit bubble busting and this QE aftermath is bad, could you imagine what a punch to the American publics gut it would be if that were true?

    I'm not naive by any stretch, but there is a little part of me that does not want to believe it possible.
    Any theories?

    BTW...can't halp but notice the PM's starting to dip a little in the Asian maret like TF touched upon.

  158. I know most people say they click the ads to help Turd but i really want to advise NOT to do it. It will just get Turd banned from adsense - the blog does well enough in the SERPS to make money from adsense.

    It's sometimes a good idea to turn google ads off to social traffic so they just show from people coming from the search engine. Anyway - better to feed the turd than click the ads

  159. I just officially joined the SLA.
    And bought six keisers.

  160. Winker, I was at a similar crossroads myself very recently! I thought of posting that same question to this board but I knew what the response would be, sit on the physical, but I came to the opposite conclusion as those who have responded to you, the question is how much physical is ENOUGH? I mean, sure wshtf its good to have around, but you and I both have been fortunate enough to accumulate hoards much larger than we will realistically need. I mean, I don't want to DIE sitting on this stuff, sure I love it, I've been a coin collector since I was a kid. And you and I both could slowly sell our physical and not have to work or have any other source of income for 5 years or more evan at current prices. wtshtf it will be even more valuable.

    I'm imagining that TV show 'hoarders' or whatever its called, see what I mean?

    I'm not greedy, I just wanted to diversify, and I sold a little physical so I could have some fun at the casino. Is that so bad? As a coin collector, I can't tell how many stories I've heard of some grandpa hoarding and saving his whole life so he could get a big pile of coin, never actually enjoying the profits just so he can hoard more and more, well guess what always happens, soon as he croaks, and I mean AS SOON AS he croaks, grandkids throw the whole collection at the first coin shop they can find, never even looking at what is there, coin shop gives them some fiat so they can waste the cash on their hearts desires, and the money is gone as quickly as it was gained. Same thing with grandmas silverware. Thats sure not going to happen to me.

    Anyway, my question for the board is now thus:

    How much physical is enough?

    Sure the paper ponzi is a sham and a rigged casino, but if you can buy real silver in the 'future' at much lower than you can today, why not? Sure if the world ends, the world ends and we will all have bigger problems than what to speculate on, but aside from that I can wait till 2015 to get my 5000oz bar, especially if its below what I would have paid to buy it today. The tipping point in my decision was backwardation, well that and Ted Butler.

    whoa verification word 'rapper'!!!! lol

  161. Liverdiefree,

    The silver price was $26.50 when Turd started his blog in November. The regulators have still not fixed anything. My ongoing interest in gold and silver is not predicated on the regulators "getting religion" anytime soon.

    Yes, Ted Butler's enthusiasm about Gensler has not been vindicated yet, but don't write him off just for that. In my professional and investing endeavours I've always found it profitable to listen to my elders (but only the survivors).

  162. Jim Willie said this:

    "At least one Silver substitute is already well over $1000 in price"

    Does anyone know what he's referring to?

  163. Jim W. likes silver over gold for the upside potential. He mentions that gold isn't rising very well, but I think he doesn't give the 1440 level the credit it deserves. That was the maginot line, the battle of the bulge, normandy beach. Now that we have two closings above it, look out....above.

  164. DarkPurpleHaze,

    Logic and years of studying the history of International banking via the Rothschild banking dynasty would lead me to be fairly certain that there is no gold in Ft. Knox, or anywhere else held by the U.S. government. It is or was, in my opinion, in the hands of the Rothschild international bankers and has over the years been used to suppress the precious metals in order to make "the fiat fraud" the international monetary system. This for the purpose of creating the necessary all powerful global central bank, in order to bring about the "New World Order".

  165. Turdle-

    Maybe someone is passing off forgeries of silver coated gold?.... ;-)


    The way I look at it is when you are trading, it's not really the entry point that's important, it's the differential between buy and sell. Buying on the dip is great, but mostly I see it as a way to spring-load an instant starting profit, not to get in under your last selling point. As long as you aren't buying on the toppiest top, you will still make good coin.

  166. Turdle GG

    I don't write Butler off at all. For as bright and knowledgeable as he appears, the Gensler blind spot came as a shock to me. If you meant not to write Gensler off then I respectfully disagree but time will tell.

    I acknowledge that my elders may have more experience and knowledge but having a few years under my belt, there are a lot more "youngers" than elders and it can be hard to tell which is which.

  167. Tomorrow the ECB will raise rates for the first time... this will create a small sell-off until ppl (once again) find out that they have made a mistake, since a raise in interest rates only means that there IS in fact INFLATION.

    NIA (I know... they're not too famous here), sent an email that I quote:
    "In our opinion, the Federal Reserve raising the Fed Funds Rate would actually be very bullish for gold and silver prices, because it will serve as an admission that even the Fed believes inflation is becoming a major problem and beginning to spiral out of control. Historically, the best performing time period for precious metals has been when the Fed begins to raise artificially low rates."

    So we're gonna se this twice. First the ECB tomorrow and then the Fed eventually

    Verification Word: "supectse"

  168. raul V: good stuff, careful you don't make yourself too conspicuous

  169. LiveFreeor Die: Butler is the source, the beginning as best we can reckon

  170. I am not writing off Ted Butler. He has done an enormous amount of good work over the years and is a pioneer in exposing the fraudster banksters PM suppression scheme. We owe him a great debt of gratitude for this.

    I am just pointing out his failure to recognize the fact that the banks own the government and therefore the CFTC. While we were hoping that just maybe this Goldman Gensler might do something right, our hopes were in vain considering the above mentioned fact. They are all criminals and we should always keep this in mind when looking at their attempts to seem legitimate with "dog and pony shows" like the recent and ongoing CFTC hearings on position limits.

  171. Can anyone speculate what effect a government shutdown would have on the price of silver? Could there a potential buying opportunity coming Friday or early next week by it causing a dip in prices? Would a shut down create concern causing a mini PM buying rush or will it be viewed as an opportunity to sell by easing concerns about adding to the national debt? I would guess the dollar would benefit during a shutdown, am I correct?

  172. Raising rates will speed the bankruptcies of Ireland, Greece, Spain, Portugal. This will increase need for more money printing (bailouts). It's all a sham. The ECB can't raise rates in any meaningful sense because they will have to print even more money for more bailouts.

    I'll believe the heroin junkie who announces he is quitting cold turkey after he's been clean for a few months.

  173. Acc. to Willie, the gold in Ft. Knox was leased out by Ruben/Clinton. See Bill Still's docu. "The Money Masters"

  174. ROFL Jake

    I just wanted to point out that those news might actually coincide with Turds technical analysis. I wanna BTFD and make myself a lil' extra cash (plus buying another 1 oz. maple coin)

  175. From Adrian Douglas...

    "In analyzing the Annual reports of the major bullion banks I made some astonishing discoveries. For most of these banks their bullion banking business is entirely hidden from the accounting. In the text there is almost no mention of gold, silver, bullion, or precious metals. In fact it is impossible to know that these banks are even in the bullion banking business let alone know anything about their trades, assets and liabilities. The only exception is Scotia Mocatta (see below). The bullion banking business is completely obscured from view in the annual reports. We know from our discussion that there should be revenues of $1.2 trillion annually be reported which would make the activity the largest activity in any of the banks, yet instead it is entirely missing! How could such trading and references to it be almost entirely absent from these reports?"

  176. Darth Smoker

    Oh yeah, I remember Bre-X!!! I still have the little index card I kept on my miners at the time, with market cap and various notes and ounce calculations on it. I remember a phone conversation I had with one of the guys from Bre-X, he was talking it up pretty good. This was still when it was like a $5 stock. I didn't buy it. Felt like it had already run a lot and was pretty promotional. Then of course, you know what happened next.

    The numbers got bigger and bigger and the stock went absolutely ballistic. At first I kicked myself for not buying it, but still felt like it was too late to buy. Did it go to something like $200 a share? I remember when Freeport ALMOST bought the thing, but when they started doing DD, that's when the scam was exposed. Then that one guy who knew what was up was tossed out of a helicopter, and the rest is history.

    No, I got lucky avoiding Bre-X. I lost my shirt on Vengold instead. Remember that one? No outright fraud, just a pretty classic pump and dump with much anticipated buy lousy drill holes. Didn't lose enough to risk a marriage, but it hurt like hell just the same, and taught me some lessons that still serve me well today.

  177. Liverdiefree,
    I meant don't write Ted off. Yes, only time will tell. Of course, I too am not optimistic that Gensler will do the right thing, but I live in (futile?) hope.

    I am also of the age where there are more youngsters around me than elders, and that situation is obviously a trend that will continue!

    On another note, something just happened somewhere to cause AUD/USD to spike, and gold and silver followed.

    I appreciate the points you made. Let's look at it this way: any honest move made by the regulators now will be an unexpected bonus!

  178. Turtle! Rodium! Rhodium - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Rhodium's typical historical price is about $1000/troy oz, but in recent years, ... The economic slowdown of the 3rd quarter of 2008 pushed rhodium prices ...

  179. Read jim willie and would certainly not call that a masterpiece. For making reasoned arguments, he managed to throw in deflationists are morons about twenty times. Long and meandering, not very engaging. FOFOA's response to ackerman was a better read. I can only assume there is backlash to FOFOA because he doesn't see silver sharing the same role as gold after the hyperinflation.

  180. ben-roberts13 wrote: "I am just pointing out his failure to recognize the fact that the banks own the government and therefore the CFTC."

    It may be helpful to recall the situation evolved to this point. It hasn't always been as it is. There once was a day when one could rely on the integrity of the person he was looking at.

    Butler may well have had this as a blind spot in his analysis. Try to forgive him if this is so.

  181. @SilverBlev

    Only you can answer the question ... how much physical is enough?

    I have 40% of my assets in physical. I am still buying physical but the spouse is making more noise with each purchase. Her idea of security is money in the bank (even with our IRAs, 401k, annuities, etc). No amount of information can convince her that fiat in the bank is a BAD thing.

    Trouble is, I have worked hard for 42 years and don't want it all pissed away in inflating fiat.

    So, the question much physical is enough?

  182. Harvey O says new vulture gathering of cftc on position limits 4/12/11. Only thing which relates is the sinking of the Titanic 4/15/12. If the unsinkable banksters/paid pimps in collusion, take only 1 more year to implode, I'll add 30 pieces of silver, as all fraudster liars sink to hell.

  183. Torx1953 wrote: " much physical is enough?"

    That which you can personally carry, plus that which you can afford to pay others to do so in your service.

    Stay close to your kids.

  184. On Fort Knox, I really don't dwell on it. I figure whatever is there has been already sold several times over. The amount of paper gold in the world ("somebody owes you some gold") is an easy multiple of whatever is or was ever supposed to be at Fort Knox.

  185. Afrum,

    It's so good to have you back,, You were mentioned dozens of time while you were gone and left us without warning. Please don't go away and not tell us next time. WE were praying that nothing bad happened to you,, You have a following in your own right and most of us missed your awesome rants,, and information too. Carry on faithful friend.

  186. Eric#1: Further, one can reasonably, and beyond the objection of any current standard, compute the entirety of the gold extant in the universe. Do the math from there and you'll know the leverage number.

    Some say 100 to 1. Anything over 12 to 1 is the threshold of insanity. From there, one can divine the depth and breadth of the delusion.

  187. No coincidence vultures gather the 12th in the most manipulated week of the month for position limits; OEX. Surprised the ilk crony capitalist via pig men fraudster insiders are still positioning for this cftc 3 ring carnival bark. Numerous years of intellectual masturbation straightening deck chairs on the Titanic!! Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  188. Vincent - that is astonishing. I think I had heard/read something about that before and dismissed it as impossible It ties in to the question of whether there is any gold in Fort Knox, etc. I think this has a lot to do with the price suppression of gold - and when I tighten my silver beanie I add that I think this is part of a plan to introduce a new One world Currency ostensibly backed by gold, which will be introduced after a global bank holiday.

    Wally - you speculated that the dollar might benefit from a shut down. But might it not tank, as the world sees the US govt unable to pay its bills? It never occurred to me it might be good for the dollar. I suppose in that it saves them money, but I think it will be bad news. I certainly hope the govt shutting down isn't used as an excuse for a bank holiday but if there is one it should be very bullish for gold and silver.

    Ah. Bre-X - that guy getting tossed from the helicopter was unreal - the stuff of fiction and a tale of caution for us all. The Justin/EA battle likewise - earlier on in the blog it was very common for people to emphasize the importance of not trusting to strangers on the net and to to DD but as we have gotten more friendly the temptation to skip that step may be strong, especially as Justin points out, to a newbie investor who finds the site and thinks the whole thing is a piece of cake. I learned my lessons in tech stocks let me tell you. Actually don't - you can guess the main gist and the details are boring.

    Justin - dogs hold the answer, and they keep trying to tell us to get outside and play with sticks, and they are usually right.

  189. Great video by Mike Maloney
    Talks about his top

  190. The anger in Jim Willie's piece is tangible.

    Think for just a minute about the handful of professionals all members of this community turn to for advice, opinion, guidance, and truth. Could'nt possibly name them all, but every time you head to a site, think about them.
    Intelligent individuals who have invested incredible amounts of time and effort, and have probably sacrificed business and personal relationships along the way.
    There must be a fair amount of satisfaction in knowing that their efforts and words are followed so closely by so many more these days.
    Voices in the background for so long are now taking center stage.
    I, for one, have been inspired, and because of these voices (you included Big Guy) my family has joined the awakening.
    I take great comfort knowing that we will be more prepared than most.
    Thanks to all participants in this fantastic experiment. I've learned so much.
    P.S. Celebrated my birthday with a few more shiny ones, including my first 2- 2 oz rounds.
    They kick ass. All hail the Silver Bullet Bitchez!!

  191. I'm also tempted of taking profits. Everytime I think about it though I relize what good is a bunch of fiat crap. The savers have been punished to long. My savings have done nothing but devalue.

  192. It doesn't really matter whether the gold in Ft. Knox is loaned out or not. We won't hesitate to default on the contract if we need to. Same reason Germany and other European countries who store their gold in NYC will get hosed. They'll get paid out in Bennie Bucks when push comes to shove. "Sorry, we're keeping it".

    At the end of the day that is why you should take possession of your gold investments. You will not be at the mercy of "fractional reserve" gold banks that loan out more than they have or will not deliver when you need it.