Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Couple of Nice FUBMs

Just a quick post to give you some number to watch as we head into the Comex close. We are laying the foundation of another leg higher, particularly in gold. Tomorrow and Friday will be very interesting.

And I must say that I think this HUI chart looks very bullish. Very bullish.

More later. TF


  1. $38
    THREE EIGHT!..You can do it!!!!!!!

  2. Wow, that was incredible...If I'm reading it right we had $37.50 exactly at 1:25EST

  3. $38 and $1430 shouldn't take too long at this point in time.

  4. Yes, the action is very encouraging. Given the high probability of a "disappointing" BLSBS report on Friday, the chances of a strong close to the week seem very high, too.

  5. @ a

    Virtually all of the HHO kits I have seen for cars produce hydrogen gas on demand rather then store it. The HHO then provides a much better more efficient burn allowing a higher air/fuel mixture. It is quite possible to achieve a 30% increase in mileage with a good kit. This technology is always suppressed by the oil companies.

  6. are the shit. Congratulations on the ZH post and absolutely everything else you've done here at this site

  7. I hope some of you entered JDN-Toronto at .18 when I posted it here.. Its a screaming buy, an advanced-stage, gold-silver property located 25 kilometers north of Stewart, British Columbia in a region of multiple new discoveries.. Take a look HERE, its an EASY double.

  8. Corporate mergers-&-acquisitions 101

    I am reposting this comment because it dispels a common misconception.

    SSK wrote:

    EXK [Endeavor mining] is your baby, I know, but how can you be so gung-ho in the NEAR term? Bradford Cooke (CEO) rather plainly states that this is a company that wants to buy new mines. They have, according to Mr. Cooke, only 98 million of cash on hand. EXK is going to need a whole lot more capital to acquire anything of real value. Where will the money come from? By selling more stock, of course. I get very scared any time a mining CEO talks acquisitions and then in the same breath touts his company's high stock price.

    Bottom line: They will acquire by dilution. And they will do this soon. Any day now, you will wake up with the takeover/acquisition news and EXK stock down a buck.


    A corporation can acquire a second corporation in several ways. One way is to buy the shares of the "target corporation" by offering cash, and a second way is to offer its own shares in exchange for those shares of the target corporation. A third way, of course, is to offer a combination of cash and stock -- very common, BTW.

    If the shareholders of the target corporation think that the shares of the prospective, acquiring corporation are attractive in the long term, then they will be willing to part with their own shares quite readily.

    Does a stock-for-stock merger dilute the shares of the acquiring corporation? In the short term, perhaps it does, but, if it did so in the long-term in all cases, then corporate mergers would never take place at all. The key, as always, is the quality of the management of the acquiring corporation. A corporate merger can result in a new, third corporation that is worth far more than the two, original corporations separately.

    -- Paul D. Bain

  9. The longer we remain in consolidation, the more screwed they are. Inflation is against them, time is against them. Supply/demand ratio in physical is against them.

    And all the shorting is costing them money - if you print money just to help the trapped shorts, you effectively increase effect of QE. This is why I strongly disagree with some people's comments like "no, you cannot win with them. They have unlimited paper supply". They can be fought with and defeated. Matter of time.


  10. Lindsey Williams prediction of $150-200 Oil by November and Martin Armstrong's idea of $1,700 Gold by first week of June, with correction to $1,500 before the moonshot, is the way I'm playing it - just hold on! jd.

  11. Switchgrass ethanol delivers 540 percent of the energy used to produce it, compared with just roughly 25 percent more energy returned by corn-based ethanol.

    Efficiency is the keyword to our survival.
    And recycling/reuse

  12. @ Scott

    There are alot of website about HHO but here is one to look at:

  13. @scottj88
    for example, youtube "water burns-here is the proof" if the "Fat Aussie Basterd" can do it in his garage, imagine what real engineers like PAUL BREED could do.

  14. AND, our Fearless Leader's mention of opening up domestic oil exploration seems to be laying the table for Williams' scenario. I just can't decide if Williams is being used as a tool or not. As always, we will have to wait and see.

  15. @ Guy Fawkes
    Have you been able to get around the ECU on these newer cars? I still don't have the capital to buy a carbarated car to play around with.

  16. TF-

    It has seemed to me that back on ZH in 2010 (Sept, Oct, Nov etc). and in the early days of this website, the BoS played a very prominent role in your analysis and explanations. Now, BoS seems to play a markedly less prominent role in your analysis. Would it be out of line to ask why? Has something shifted on this, or are there simply different or more prominent macro- forces at work? Just curious, and trying to learn from the master!

    Many, many thanks for what you do -Pining.

  17. @guy Fawkes
    I also lack the computer skills to tell the ECU to back off.Any Thoughts?

  18. Fed should head for the exit, Hoenig says - MarketWatch


  19. Thanks...

    Now a question. Since the price rebounded quickly to the point where the takedown occurred (37.60), ultimately what was the purpose of the taketown? It's as if it never happened.

  20. A little off topic...

    Has anyone noticed that the USA has now exceeded the debt ceiling?

    I am sure someone on CNBS will state that this is bullish for stocks...

  21. I phoned CEF today and spoke with a secretary who didn't understand me or my logic and passed my call to a higher person in the fund's heirarchay. He said with huge emphasis that there are NEVER ANY GUARANTEES, that today is the day that the premium to NAV should be expected to drop and that it was a pleasure to speak with someone who understood trading the NAV premium/discounts of the funds. I don't know for sure but what the hell - the premiums are going to be out at close to night but I sold all my SVRZF and bought CEF (both IRA accounts.) If nothing else, the most recent NAV premiums (if the CEF premium doesn't dive) were 17% for SVRZF and around 8 or 9% for CEF. I hope to get in CEF a lot lower (I got in SVRZF for a slight discount to NAV.)

    An interesting thing about VOLUME of SVRZF; I've been asked here about the thinly traded volume of the stock and commented that it is INDEED thinly traded. Well, in point of fact, I sold just a hair over 8000 shares EARLY this am and the volume on the Scottrade and OTC market quotes both show a total volume of 200 shares as of this writing. Therefore I believe that volume figures we get for this stock are meaningless because I had no difficulties whatsoever in selling my shares quickly and at appealing prices.

    I'm a bit concerned since this leaves me way under the silver weight I'd prefer to hold (although it will give me a very nice increase in ounces held of both gold and silver,) so I sold my much smaller holding of GTU and - somewhat reluctantly because I don't totally trust it - bought SILV. I'll be waiting for either Sprott or SVRZF to hold an offering, get their ridiculous premiums down to a sensible level then ditch the SILV and perhaps the CEF as well.

    This is not a recommendation, just what I personally did.


  22. While we are on the topic of alternative energy, I read somewhere that dollar for dollar, one can get more electricity using hydro than solar.

    A stream runs across my property, and I have toyed with the idea of cobbing together some sort of water-wheel generator using an old alternator. Or instead, purchasing a (spendy) ready-made generator to pop in place somewhere along the stream.

    Any pointers or links somebody may be able to provide would be appreciated.


  23. Breaking:

    Treasury Sells $29 Billion In Bonds, Bringing Total Settled US Debt To 14.311 Trillion, MORE THAN THE DEBT CEILING

    Not in technical default yet, but just wait a week or two.....

  24. kiyotei,a,scottj88
    My comments on conservation here:

  25. Not sure if posted yet, but great info...

    San Francisco Mint to strike silver bullion

    Good morning all. Nice FUBM forming up this morning.

    Ginger...Great face!...I always knew you were special.
    Trying a pic again, so this is also a test.


  26. i'm really wondering what way you guys are trading silver ? Are you trading forex paper style with a margin ? is this short term gains or do you hold for long time (days / weeks)

    appreciate some pointers :)

  27. Fed's Hoening just came out and said QE accomodation could possibly be behind recent commodities inflation etc. No kidding!
    I think the Fed is clearly signaling they will end QE2 and are floating it out there consistently.
    They will lay off implementing QE3 until mid August. Just like Sept 1st last year was the day the market took off. It will be mid August this year. Thats my guess.
    They will correct this current market as is widely expected anyway and then use QE3 to take it the next leg higher to 13,500 plus after the correction.
    They control the market and the corrections and they will also provide the liquidity again to pump it up further.

  28. hey paulbain the big ??? is who are they gonna buy . nigel theres no ceiling when skys the limit!!!!

  29. @ Fred

    The initial drop we witnessed was caused as far as it seems by algorithms that sold crude oil off on on about 35% higher than the market expected. This brought gold down (see Turd's previous posts about this), which in turn brought silver down. You will notice that both gold and silver held their support of 1420 and 36.23 well.

    Then, in the face of weakness, Blythe most likely found it a great time to take advantage of lower prices, knocking out a few more stops and putting concern into the market once again. Or maybe it was a few big sellers, or over-leveraged players in the face of the recent run-up... but it caught the market off-guard.

    With that said, a day stalled is better than a big day up. Imagine if you took all the "knockdowns" by blythe (not necessarily this one but others) and added up that price to the current spot price. You can see that if you "erase" $.30-$1.00, you are not allowing the true price to be discovered. Sometimes its not about the current day's progress as what they are expecting to do in the future.

    There are very big days coming in the future and they need to keep precious metals (sound currency) at levels they can manage. Sometimes if you get stuck in the day-to-day perspective, you will miss the bigger picture. Don't lose sight of what is right around the corner.

  30. Don't know why we have a debt ceiling. Silly question, will they just ignore it like passing a budget last year?

  31. 35% higher crude inventories than the market expected **

    wish there was an edit button or that I would edit things before I posted them, I am such a lazy person when it comes to some things.

  32. @stevy,

    Forex scalping, leverage 1:10, broker - oanda

  33. @ a

    You need a VOLO chip FS2-HHO edition

  34. Mammoth....
    Pelton turbines are fantastic, but you will have to check to see what your max drop or head.
    Check out a google search micro hydro power to start. I envy you, as that is the cheapest home generated power, AND a no brainer.

  35. Regarding cef, the closing on the secondary doesn't occur until April 6th, however the volume in the fund has been more than 6x normal so far today. I'm wondering if they are allowed to "short sell" into the market until the closing. If so, it may avoid some premium compression afterwards. I definitely think the premium has a "hat" at 7% until this is complete. Based on the last offering in May 2010, I will be adding once the premium gets to 4.5% - assuming of course, that silver and gold haven't hit Franklin Sanders' targets of $195 and $3,130 first:). jd.

  36. JD......thats the right play.....

  37. Post got lost in space...

    Best solar oven ever, I've owned it for 2 years.Here's my write up and pics..

    Curmudge...glad you got more out of CEF in terms of asked better questions that I did....that's what I was thinking myself later...that this new offering should dip the NAV....
    Currently, however, stalled at 22.23 bid, 23.33 ask and no moving at all!
    GRRRR! should have entered earlier!

  38. @guy faweks @mammoth
    Thanks guy, Mammoth the author Robert Roy said all you need is stream 20-40 gallons minute will power your whole house with a water turbine, you can buy one or if your feeling froggy you can make one using any alternator to get A/C current, really old cars have Genarators instead D/C, also if you have a really slow river next to you, your going to have make a big water wheel for torque, and convert that leverage into High RPM, Good Luck.

  39. Economic Analyst do you think we should go all in on that pick (JDN-Toronto)?

    We have money (about $80k) in our home equity line of credit that we are not using, if it's a for sure easy double we could go all in on that and double our money? We need the money bad cuz the factory where we both work is closing down at the end of June and we'll both be out of work.

    What do you think, EA?

  40. Paul Bain,

    In the mining patch, there is no good short term scenario for an acquisition when you own the company on the buying end. I speak to the short term. It doesn't matter if the acquirer takes out a loan, creates new shares out of thin air, or swaps shares at an agreed on number: it's all shitty for the owner of the acquirer stock in the SHORT term. You may like waking up to a 10% loss in your portfolio; i do not.

    Some of the worst case scenarios are acquisitions by a set share ratio. These set the stage for all kinds of conflicted interest. If you've ever had to suffer through the owners of preferred stock shorting the shit out of your stock, you know what I mean.

    I will buy more EXK like a mofo once this buying binge is over.

  41. Leonard, I hope you are not serious

  42. Pining: Its funny you mention that as I was just thinking the same thing this morning. Just a change in vernacular, I guess. The BoS are still with us. You can see their fingerprints everytime we bounce hard off of a support level and UP volume surges at the same time.

  43. Curmudge...

    Finally caught up and saw your plant for a lower NAV...since offer is open til April 6.

    May put in a bit, then see if we get a lower NAV than the 7% you are calculating at the moment and buy the rest...

  44. Leonard I gave this forum MVW at 1.09 it went to $2.60 in a few weeks. Putting in 80k in a penny stock? Probably not. Lets watch JDN over the next few weeks and you can view it at .40 then decide. (sarcasm off)
    Disclosure: I own 80,500 Shares

  45. Many thanks TF- that is what I guessed, but great to hear it confirmed from you.

  46. @ScottJ,

    Not specifically related to what a is talking about but close enough.

    For more things more domestic

  47. @ Scott

    Thanks for the reply.

    As stated, I'm a total newbie to futures and not sure I have the stomach for it. I'm at the wrong end of a steep learning curve. Action like today drives me nuts.

    Along the lines of your comment, I feel like I should just stake out a position and stay with it a few weeks instead of trying to time these wild intraday swings. But then, holding overnight or thru weekends carries it's own set of worries :/

    What to do...

  48. @stevy,

    I also day trade silver using OANDA with leverage of 50:1.

    Book daily account gains of 1-8%.

  49. I will be very careful of reading too much into those short term charts Turd. Just my opinion. They are easily painted and tommorrow is crappy Thursday. We have just had two nice days of money-making heading into it. Risk/reward is not good here, especially with the temptation of a chart that looks bullish and a employment report approaching that marks a traditional low for metals into it. I am very wary at this juncture.

    that said, I loved the lows today, both sets of them. I was never on the canvas but came off the ropes swinging and scored shots to the head and body of B.M., I even got a low rabbitt punch in below the belt and thru in an added knee to the groin. Now she is clutching the ropes and I have taken all of the middle roads and the 1st and 2nd round at opening. But she is not to be trusted in the later rounds like crappy Thursday so I will play defense and wait for her to throw her right hand.

  50. PTI - On the new website home page I'm hoping for an audio intro to include guitar strumming accompanied by the following:

    Turd's World! Turd's World! Silver time! Excellent!

  51. Swifty,
    LOL. ........Maybe I just need a big yellow hat to complete the look.


  52. kiyotei - In spite of the SciAm article, economically producing ethanol from switchgrass is just a fairy tale at this point. If you are disgusted about the subsidies required to produce corn ethanol, you ain't seen nothin yet.

    One of the pilot plants mentioned in the article - Range Biofuels in Soperton GA has closed down without producing a drop of ethanol. Someone took the money and ran.

  53. @Silver Cell

    I must admit, You are very brave person to trade with 50:1 leverage

  54. jdn down 5% thats .01 just saw giant sell candle 800 bucks price went from .20 to .19 lol just kidding

  55. a,

    thanks for the interesting looking reference.

    Mrs Martel and I ditched suburban Detroit 3 years ago for farm life in eastern Canada. Since getting here, Mrs. Martel has started a farmer's market in our town and is currently working on raising grant $$ for a food hub for the region.

    The food hub is to be a web of community gardens in partnership with local food banks, senior centers and local health department. It will include education on nutrition, growing, preserving and preparing locally grown food.

    On topic of energy, have you considered straight vegetable oil (SVO) conversion of diesel engines? No point reinventing the wheel when existing technology can be modified.

  56. Speaking about closed end funds/premiums, phys seems to be in a "sweet spot" - I should know as I've been fading the premium compression and adding the last week:). jd.

  57. OK, Ginger? Love your posts, love your community garden efforts, even love your miner picks. The photo... er, lets just say it is not reflective of the Ginger I have come to 'know' through this blog! I think it is the lack of dentition that does it...

  58. Pining - if I can dare to put thoughts in to TF's head, I think the change is because he knows we all understand that now, and will recognize those BOS moments without him. He can move on to other things now that we understand that incredibly important premise. Like we graduated.

  59. Gold just grinding away below 1425 and not a penny over.
    Like a slow algo sideways fizz is what I picture going on.
    Silver usually seems to fizz sideways but trending gradually lower when this type of algo action is underway.
    Frustrating stuff to watch kind of.

  60. Leonard,

    EA said, "Disclosure: I own 80,500 Shares"

    What he didn't say was . . . that I plan to dump as soon as I suck you into this dog. Just like he did with MVW previously on this board.

    Caveat Emptor Leonard!

  61. Old Swift & a,
    Thx for your comments re: hydro power.

    Cost of a Pelton turbine: $X
    Cost of a home-built generator: $Y

    Cost of giving the big fat middle finger to the Energy suppliers: PRICELESS!


  62. Can we stop this Energy discussion with this:
    Burning Vegetable oil
    Turning a valuable Foodcrop (CORN) into Moonshine (ethanol)

    Drill for Crude.
    Use our huge NG resources as LNG
    De-criminalize Pebble bed reactors

  63. Marcel admit it you're the only sucker that missed the boat on MVW at 1.09. I still own my shares as they are drilling. I will NOT sell because it made a small move down. Caveat Emptor: Marcel is a SNAKE, listen to him and you missed another great buy. Lets talk about JDN in less than a month we'll see how much of a SNAKE you really are..

  64. Yeah Leonard,

    Take a peak at Guardian Exploration (GX:CVE)

    That's another rec from Economic Analyst back on the 18th on this board just as it was spiking

    Not a slam on EA, just a fact

  65. BOS???
    I've been trying to guess and it's probably obvious, but please clue me in.

  66. pick52, nice to see you're following my picks. Lets talk in a months time. We'll see how your 'facts' stand out. just sayin..

  67. I also just took my run-up of profits on EKX off the table and plowed them into CEF. I now have a free ride on the remaining shares. Hurt a bit, but I'm a NAV and GSR trading junkie.

    CEF is my only red (down 1.46% with Ag up .86% so I'm hoping to get a good plunge in CEF's NAV premium.

    We'll see as they will have their web page updted in a few hours.



  68. EA,

    JDN has gone nowhere in the last 3 years. What is the catalyst that will propel it UP now?? Other than your pump and dump, that is.

  69. C'mon EA, no one comes to this site to argue

    I threw play money at GX, I'm down, and I don't care

    I'll look forward to your comments on GX at the end of April. In the meantime, what info can you share with us on your rec as to what is in the offing for the next 30 days?

    As I know you are paying attn here today, I will definitely look fwd to your prompt reply


  70. @torpedo fish

    Alee and I both use OANDA with 50:1 we have Yahoo IM running and compare notes on the real time Silver market.

    It is certainly true that 2 heads are better than one.

    I also do not use a stop loss. The key is to watch the Time of day & HSR. ALSO TRADE LESS THAN IS RATIONAL when using leverage.

    I also use a pyramid ie: 2.5% of account balance for margin on my top pos and increase it further down the price chart.

    Wouldnt have it any other way.

  71. @DarkPurpleHaze
    BOS = Buyers of Size

    See 'Turd's Glossary'

  72. Darth Smoker,

    From the perspective of massive corporate, centrally planned projects, I agree with how you split the list into what will and what won't work.

    The way I see the world, that type of solution is about to go POOF, along with the rest of world as we know it.

    Prior to the green revolution and mechanization of agriculture, it was natural for a farmer to devote as much as 20% of his cropland to producing energy for his tractive power - horses. Growing oil seeds to accomplish energy self sufficiency on a personal scale is a noble endeavor, IMO.

    Though I agree that won't help folks in the city much.

  73. Marcel, since your only posts are to run down other posters without merit, I can only tell the posters here that certain individuals have met the owners of JDN, visited the mines, checked the site, went over the drill results. The Chinese own the company, rumor has it that it will be going on the HONG KONG stock exchange. Lets run me down in a month.

  74. Hey, DUKE!

    PHYS does seem to be pretty much at about half of the yearly average NAV! But, still about 2X the premium of GTU!

    Checking the trading.....All these things...GTU, PHYS, CEF are pretty slow once the early bursts are over....I think EARLY is the key on these...

    And CURMUDGEON....did you mean you bought SIVR? (I think you said SILV)....

  75. EA
    -MVW is now down to 2.0, still a nice gain for anyone who got in early. I stayed out because I didn't trust my own DD on this one (lack of experience with small cap/exploration)

    -Guardian exploration has gone from 0.12 to 0.11 (stayed out because I couldn't find enough information to even do my own DD)

    -JDN sure looks like it has a nice resource value to market cap ratio...I would hope that some of the other junior miner evaluators here would take an honest look at it and give their opinions

    -what do you think of UMG, united mining group?

  76. EA,

    Sorry I missed your siren call on MVW but my dance card was already full with QUALITY miners such as FAU.V, BPM.V and the main course EDR.TO.

    Marcel "The Snake" Martel

    HHHHssssssssss my precious!

  77. EA...I know you're out there...nothing on Guardian?? I'm a shareholder who bought blindly on your rec for fun and I know you post here because you want to help

  78. Marcel - I hope we are cool? Your post to Leonard was spot on. But I hope/think? he was being sarcastic.

  79. I have a bridge for sale. I can only tell the posters here that certain individuals have walked across, looked at the swamp land around it and the rumor is it will soon be listed on the Libyan stock exchange. Any takers?

  80. Ha, yeah xty, that's what I was offense to you Leonard if you are real, but my guess is that Leonard is a regular here havin' some fun

  81. EA and HBT

    from the ONLY recent news on JDN march 4, 20011.

    "The Company plans to conduct a major in-fill drilling program at Silver Coin during the 2011 exploration season. Such activities will both support completion of a prefeasibility study and potentially increase the size and grade of the resource. "

    I'll wait for drill results and PEA. There is a reason this open pit closed. .. not profitable.

    Sorry EA you pulled the same vague "certain individuals" BS with MVW.

  82. man .... I'm just overwhelmed by all the love goin' on today

  83. Good day all - MArco G ( forwarded this article. A good point to keep in mind for all companies with Mexican operations.
    Torex Gold Resources Inc. (the "Company" or "Torex") (TSX: TXG) reported that it has temporarily suspended surface exploration programs, including diamond drilling, at its Morelos Gold Project in Mexico in order to provide the Company sufficient time to implement additional internal and external security measures that will safeguard Company and contractor employees and equipment.

    Corn based ethanol is a disgraceful use of resources. Solar wind and development f alternative fuel sources (WASTE TO ENERGY_ deserves more investment and emphasis. Nuclear energy is insane considering we can emphazise alternatives which won't leave us glowing.


    What is missing from American policy is big project/infrastructure development like the europeans are thinking.

  84. xty,

    We're cool. That topic of this morning is a real hot button for me as you can tell.

    I was guilty of jumping in without reading Leonard's post, so I don't know if it was sarc or not.

    What I know of JDN is posted above. IMO their grades are marginal and I think the prior operator closed the old pit because of too much overburden to remove for it to be economical to continue.

    Someone with more info can correct me if I'm wrong though.


    Canadians take note

  86. chin,

    we're just patrolling the perimeter is all. Keepin' the riff raff honest. ; -)

  87. Marcel,

    it's cool ... was away for awhile and just stuck my head back in when bullets started flying from every direction ... just noted the mood shift ... LOL

  88. Hey Pining,
    lol.. I was just being silly in response to a post/plea for help by Eric this morning on how to post a profile pic.

    You know though.. I got to feeling VERY guilty over using that poor woman's photo. So..I've deleted it. It is on the web as royalty free photo ..but all I can think is that she's someone's mother.. someone's sister.. someone's wife.. and she does not deserve my using the photo that way. ...Of course, she probably got paid a handsome royalty to give her photo up so ..whatever. I don't know how stuff like that works. I'm a simple person..which is obvious to most. I do have an overactive sense of right and wrong however. .....Even if it does take a moment or two to kick in sometimes. "/

    :) ...I have actually started trying to post a bit less lately because I learn more from reading YOU and others here. ..I learn more from listening than talking..kwim? :]

  89. Marcel - whew - things come out very bluntly sometimes when posting, and it is tough to know when joking is appropriate. Emails can be really bad that way, too. And EA always brings out the worst in everyone, pumping stocks and then getting offended when called on it. But never posts about anything else. And I am sorry to have pushed your buttons this morning - it is a serious and sad business.

    Chin music - a cyber hug your way. People are on edge.

    And I have lost track of the thread, but I think mini hydro on your own stream makes a lot of sense.

  90. Atlee is there potential for serious retirement money???
    If yes,then count me in.

  91. AgA - what a bunch of losers. But they never get convicted. One law for them and another for us. The political process produces the most ludicrous candidates for office - it boggles the mind. But I feel insanely lucky to be a Canadian. One of the best of a bad lot.

  92. Harbl,
    I added UMG to my watchlist. They bear watching in my opinion. US mining companies make me a bit nervous but I'm not sure why...I guess all the chaos our Fed/Gov't are causing right now. I just don't put anything past them for the future of US based mines. Of course, all of that could equally be said of any country's mines. I like Mexico but.. you just never know what the gov't will do in that region either.

    I like the company. Others here much more knowledgeable than me could give you a better thumbs up or down ..and I will be interested to hear as well.

  93. Xty!...... You lost your Bacq!!!

  94. Turd and Pining,

    Not only are the BoS still with us but are we back to the old days of $1.50 steps up in price? Now $37.50. Previously $36.00. Next step up is to $39.00?

    By the way ,Turd , I see that people are impressed that your article was posted on ZH. . I'm waiting for the day that Tyler makes a guest appearance at this blog. :)

  95. CD...
    BOS=Buyers of size, of course. Thank you. That was obvious after the fact.

    What a brain cramp on my part. I sometimes get a little forgetful with all the abbreviations.
    There are a lot of them.

  96. This comment has been removed by the author.

  97. @marcel martel
    Yes, veggi oil will work, That was Rudolph Diesal's intent, I have experianced this in person, google griesal, or veggi diesal workshops you can attend, The guy in charge of the workshop I atteneded was very gracious, and admitted he was not a mechanic or even an engineer. Get the book from the "fryer to the fuel tank". So good to hear your out of Detroit:)

  98. atlee,

    "certain individuals" find your last post hilarious!

  99. by the way a week or so ago someone posted a suggestion about approaching TD Ameritrade about requesting a reduction in trading fees ... I decided to give it a shot ... I did not call as suggested but did it through email within my account ... they responded within hours and asked what pricing I was looking for so I replied $7 ... after review they gave me $8 and said they would be willing to review again in the future ... savings $1.99 per trade ... suggestion PRICELESS

    to whomever it was who suggested it my thanks ... sorry I can't remember who you are ... but who cares it's really all about me :-)

    Ginger ... that pic wasn't really you ?

  100. thanks for responding ginger. if it was in montana (where even most democrats vote for mining and drilling) i'd like it a bit more, but idaho is pretty pro mining as well. I actually just purchased 500 very speculative shares, just before I saw you posted. I think it's something I will likely hold for 1-2 years. I am hoping that shares will at a minimum hold 80% of current value as they are an otherwise very well located and profitable mining services company in the midst of a bunch of mines that need servicing. they also are on the EPA's "good side" as a portion of their annual profits come from some reclamation project that has 400 million of federal funding. god bless QE2.

  101. Ginger,

    no worries ... we all have xty's bacq

  102. chin music,
    you are welcome. glad to hear that even if i can't make anyone here money, at least i can spread the savings.

  103. Chin Music,

    Very nice on the TDAmeritrade. I'm calling them up right now. What about margin rates? Anybody negotiated reduced rates?


  104. Darth unless one of the speculative small fusion concepts work you are exactly correct. The Japanese mess kind of damps any new nukes. (Posted from my phone while eating for meeting.)

  105. Ginger - I went in and tried to add my picture, and somehow managed to change my name and then Safari crashed, which almost never happens I might add, and I still haven't managed to add the dang photo.

  106. Harbl,
    You probably made a really good call. I continue to be surprised at how many good companies there are out there that are 'undiscovered' largely by the investing world. Or at least..there are many like me who aren't quite confident enough to take the plunge but I will be watching it and cheering you on! ..Also, I do believe that some of these miners will make some folks wealthy in the future. ..Hope I own at least one of'em!

    Chin Music,
    No ..that wasn't me. ..I fear some days I don't even look that put together! ;) ....LoL about xty's bacq. Cute!

  107. Testes,

    good ... glad you saw that ... this puppy has a long way to run and you are a valuable asset ... don't think you are not ... thanks again

  108. xty,

    did you try what I posted to Eric in the last thread about uploading the pic ?

  109. @darth smoker
    I'll let you guys get back to buisness, I just thought the GREAT and POWERFUL TURD wouldn't mind if I posted some other FACTS regarding the EE. All those technologies won't work because of all the market regulations that are put on them, If I tried to borrow money to build somthing cool, that would help take done the EE, the bank would say take a hike, our investors would not like the sound of that, because if energy was drastically cheaper we all would be sittin around enjoying some fat stogies and French Domaine instead of blowing stuff up in the middle east.

    Thanks again Turd I'll definitely be feeding you after I cash in on the physical.

  110. Turdle GG - the size of the steps does seem to be growing. Sure limped into the close, though. But we keep ratcheting on up.

    Chin music - harhar - good one. I have a funny last name. My husband's cousin married a woman named Ilene - I kid you not.

    Pick - you made EA vanish. I find a few honest questions works wonders in these situations.

  111. I wish those nice FUBMs were just a little higher - but I remain very optimistic.

  112. Hey, what gives? We're supposed to be taking out flying monkeys (very well done today, I might add), and find some taking shots at one another. Let's keep our eyes on the charts and the real enemy.

  113. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  114. Chin,

    Off the phone with TDAmeritrade. Reduced trade fees from 10 to $8. AND they cut my margin rate in half. From 7.4% to 4%. THis will save me thousands and thousands of dollars. Shit. Should have done this years ago.

    Call your broker. If you trade with regularity, they will bend over backwards to keep you.


  115. Surely we don't have quislings here?!

  116. @paul Breed
    You are an engineer that is awesome, I am an up and coming chemist, I'll flash my paper to you guys once I get it. Until then your just goin to have to take my word for it. As an Engineer you should admit Nuclear tech is inefficient as we can see what Japan is going through.When things break and especially MELTDOWN, I think it is safe to call it INEFFICIENT.

  117. Bro. D - I have been sharing the love. Marcel and I made up and the sun is shining. Good afternoon to you.

  118. Cramer is telling people to buy physical, this is scary. It may be a huge sell signal.

  119. SK,

    that's great ... give all the credit to M.H. Testes ... he suggested it a week or so ago ... there you go MHT ... another feather in your cap

  120. Don't worry Xty, he'll be back. Actually, I'm not one to think that it's fair to discount EA yet...Justin had what seemed a pretty big beef with him, even though MVW was a winner. There is no denying that stock moved up. On the other hand, EA only seems to make 2 types of is a tout and the other is a personal attack. Never a link to an article or friendly comment for anyone else, etc.

    Unfortunately, when he was attacking Justin he also had the advantage of being right about MVM. I never got why Justin was so pissed or what he was expecting out a stock posted on a comment board by an anonymous poster..the thing doubled. GX is down so far, but no one should be angry about that yet, either. No one expects Jr miners to go up every day. There is thin news and he did rec at the 52 week high of .17, which is damn funny, but in fairness its my opinion that it still needs some time.

    To Justin and Atlee's subsequent points though, there's nothing credible or legit about EA not being able to give a shred of discernable info on his touts


    Your name rattles around my numb skull as being pronounced "EX-tee" that right?

  121. Mark,

    While Cramer's comments can usually be taken as a contrary indicator, maybe there's something else going on. Maybe he's just making ONE good call to get back a little credibility, so he can pump and dump the rest of the trades he recommends.

  122. Testes, SSK, Chin et al,

    Did the same with my broker...called them and they cut my commission by 20% within half an hour. I think I average around 130 trades per quarter, so anyone out there with that type of trading volume or above should have no problem w any broker giving you the same reducion on your trading fees

  123. @Mark

    Man.. what a messed up system. When the pundits start saying it's time to buy, that's usually the sheer sign to sell.

  124. xty,
    I hadn't noticed you were in that mix. If some got on your wrong side, THEY are definitely on the wrong side. Glad things were straightened out.

  125. = another FRAUD

  126. What's going on with the time stamp? 4:34 PM???
    My clock says 1:40

  127. Nothing byt lucky fools and useful idiots.

  128. @pick54 - nice.

    Pick, SSK, and Chin. Since I put you all onto the commission savings, would you please consider donating some money to lifesaversystems, a company that is providing water filters to Japan quake and tsunami victims, and is also trying to raise 20Billion to provide free filters to provide safe drinking water to the entire third world?

    see a cool video about the lifesaver water filter here:

    and donate here:

    thanks for considering it.

  129. Pick,

    I just checked my last quarter, Jan-Mar, and I did 30 trades ... I don't do alot of in and out ... I just started doing options and those are never in the near month but 3 or more out ... TD Amer reduced all my fee's across the board ... supply and demand rules ... many online brokers trying to keep market share looks to me

  130. Bro. D - thanks - I try to be even-handed, but I can get cranky too.

    Pick - ex-tee, or ex-ee, either way. Short form my dad used for Christy - X for Christ, + y. So there really shouldn't be a t in there. My hubby says it is short for Christ, why? a joke I found funny the first time.

  131. word verification - farine. Look for wheat to rise.

  132. I was just looking at gold & silver charts -- for the last 6 months gold has actually been the more volatile of the two metals, very interesting. I think the resources of the EE may have turned more to gold recently & they perhaps have given up somewhat on silver?

  133. looks like the time stamp switched to eastern time

  134. This comment has been removed by the author.

  135. Testes - Certainly. I'll donate half of what I saved. Thanks for the link.

    Chin - Good call. I didn't mean to imply less than 130 trades and no dice

    Xty - I'm goin with X-tee!

    Thanks all

  136. I'm just going to hide out, mind my own business, and not say word until our peeps here get a little happy hour going and mellow out a little bit!

  137. MHT,

    will look into and give it consideration my friend ... I don't just throw money into something even if it is a good cause (and that would be) ... many donation setup's are scams ... ie after 9/11 Billy Jeff Clinton and H.W.Bushwack on TV wanting donations (or was it after Haiti quake) no matter they probably did both ... not that I think you're scamming

  138. Curmudg--

    Ok, I did have one thing.

    I've bought quite a few of my sovereigns on eBay over the last couple years. i know you are an eBay pro. Just set your max bid no more than melt plus 4%, including shipping and you'll snag one sooner or later.

    I usually find the biggest list with a search for "british gold coin". Watch for Half Sovereigns. Those are only half size. Watch for new shiny looking copies, trinkets, etc.

    Melt is .2354

  139. Eric,
    I know of several people who intentionally file for extensions when filing taxes. They say they can avoid an audit that way. Is that true?

  140. Curmudg

    Also I never bid on the foreign ones, in italics. I did one time and really got screwed on the exchange rates with paypal. They didn't even buy me dinner either.

  141. Off topic:

    The New World order is being inserted subliminally. And if you listen to these clowns you can see why CNN (along with 99% of television media) is a joke.

    Just in case you ever need proof that news is fixed... Just imagine what they can do with technology these days... they create their own story.

    I loved reading Harvey Organ saying that he doesn't watch television and turns to the internet for news. :)

  142. Bro.D

    I've always felt just the opposite. I'd rather have mine come flying in right about now along with 50 million other ones at the same time. They have no time to look at them.

    If it comes in around August or something, then some staffer with nothing better to do might just take a look to kill time. Just my opinion, FWIW.

  143. BTW,

    if you know you are getting refunds, then no need even for an extension. All late penalties are based on taxes owed. If refund, kick back and take your time. File whenever you feel like it. Assuming you are not in a rush to get the $$, of course.

  144. Pretty good silver article by Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report that came out today:

  145. Consolidation for gold in the $1410-$1430 range just under all time nominal highs, and for silver in the $36.80-$37.80 range just under multi-decade highs is strongly bullish, even if silver couldn't retake $38 today. No worries, we're building a strong base towards a move to $45-$50 in silver and $1700-$1850 in gold by November.

  146. Thanks, Eric, for confirming what I thought.

    Word verification: ingshra (sharing?) Hmmmm.

  147. @ Silverdoctors

    I am wondering how you, along with many people in the precious metals community, say numbers of $1700+ gold with $45-$50 in silver.

    Approximately a 300$ gain in gold will only result in a 10$ move in silver? Over the past 3 months silver has netted 10 dollars positive while gold is even. I don't think silver will move in a 30:1 ratio with this upcoming bull... instead it will shoot towards the larger 16:1 trend before continuing onwards into its new role in the world. Silver is in shortage, gold is not. I am thinking something more of the lines of silver being $80-$120 (this could even be conservative) by the time gold gets to the values you talking about.

    Remember, the market still has to go through a physical shortage on silver.....

    Someone correct me if I am wrong....

  148. Scott - I think your math is sound. If/when gold breaks out, silver will rise much more quickly than 30:1.

  149. I have a picture! My dog, Mouse, wearing a Sens jersey.

  150. I know some of you were wanting my rundown on Revett Minerals of Scottj fame. It's up on my blog for those interested.


  151. @ Xty

    First, I used no math in my previous comment, only arithmetic and some simple algebra using historical ratios (which I expect to act as short term targets for the market to discover true price). Math is something that is very very very scary, that deals not with numbers, but with abstract theory and logic that goes in circles. It's kinda a thing I have to say... as I always point this out to people :)

    Indeed, suggesting silver to be 50$ while gold is 1700$ is silly. That is saying it will be in a 34:1 ratio with gold, while currently it is approximately 38:1. Either there is some fundamental thing I don't see or my conclusion that silver will be much higher than most people expect will occur. My personal guess is that silver finishes 2011 near/around $140.

    For me, this whole keynesian experiment is upon us now... and the game will change (federal reserve note extinction) by the end of 2012....

    When I get stressed I remember this is all just a figment of our imagination, and life is surely great if people find so much good within such a bad system... imagine what could be in a system that isn't centered around the ego & interest of a few.

    Ron Paul 2012 (or before please)

  152. Fred:

    You mentioned you're a newbie to futures. My advice would be to wait until gold closes above $1444, then buy. As far as I can tell, that will be the "sure" signal the gold and silver are done with their trading range.

    Silver in a trading range is the #1 thing which cuts me to pieces. My #1 weakness.

    Just a suggestion. Keep your own counsel.

  153. I am a fan of due diligenceless-serious retirement money just around the corner kind of stock picking but I am coming to your blog Yukon Cornelius.

  154. Xty

    I see you were able to upload pic and you were having trouble earlier. Eric was having the same problem and both of you are using Apple computers. What did you do ?

  155. To Chin Music...

    Hey Chin, just wondering if you had a chance to check out my link to Rush To Judgment (JFK).

    I'm interested in your honest take on it... I've had quite a range of feedback in the past. Hope you don't mind adding a quick post on the subject... I'll keep an eye out for it.


  156. xty,
    is that mouse wearing a hockey jersey?

    Love it!

  157. TF,

    Thanks for sailing us through another day.

    Calm and steady Capitan TF

  158. SRV,

    Yes, sorry I did not post back to you concerning that travesty of justice. I was not shocked by what I saw for I long ago came to the conclusion that TPTB had definitely conspired to the assination. All the witnesses were extremely credible and it was shocking how many were eliminated. One has to take pause when you consider the amount of cooperation that goes into pulling that off. Oswald was a patsy as he stated IMO. As I said last time this was discussed JFK was our last true President. Thank you for alerting me to the video as it was another piece to a history I experienced as an 11 year old.

    I remember when it happened that the nation truly went into mourning and our leaders have slid downward ever since. Perhaps Ron Paul can get something done but I'm not hanging my hat on it for they would probably kill him too.

  159. I'm glad this messageboard doesn't disintegrate into what I read on ZH sometimes.
    ZH has great current articles obviously, but the posted comments seem to mostly always turn into a instant, angry sarcasm wordgame, Tourette's syndrome like silliness. (just like that phrasology I just used)
    It's almost entertaining reading some of the weird venom. Mostly it's just crap and totally irrelevant.
    Just saying.

    Anyone read the ZH article about Obama signing a secret order to arm the rebels directly?

    "No boots on the ground"....who's he kidding?
    We'll be guarding oil facilities quicker then the ink will dry on that executive order

  160. If you do not subscribe to Ted Butler's newsletter then you are missing out on very valuable information/analysis. Here's a snippet from his latest newsletter, to whet your appetite:

    "Now, let’s further convert the 100 to 150 million ounces of silver available for investment annually from current production (mine plus recycling) into a monthly total of 10 to 12 million ounces. The world has 10 to 12 million ounces of silver available for investment each month from current production. One last step; let’s convert it from ounces to dollars, by multiplying by the current price, $37 as this is written. Rounded up, the world’s investors have less than $450 million worth of silver available for purchase each month from current total production. That’s the supply of silver available to the world’s investors monthly.

    The only reasonable way to quantify if $450 million worth of silver is too much or too little for the world investment community to absorb monthly, is to compare it to something else. The closest and natural comparison for silver is always gold; which has been the case for hundreds, if not thousands of years. So let’s quickly do the same investment supply calculations for gold that I just did for silver. Of total current production (mine plus recycling) of 100 to 110 million ounces a year, there are about 50 million ounces of gold available for investment annually. That breaks down to more than 4 million ounces a month of gold that must absorbed by investors in order for the price of gold to be maintained at current levels. In dollar terms, at current prices, that works out to more than $5.6 billion of gold per month. All things being equal, if investors don’t buy $5.6 billion worth of gold each month, the price would tend to soften. More than $5.6 billion coming in from investors monthly and the gold price should rise."

  161. @Kiyotei: Here's a second vote of confidence for the Sun brand solar oven. It's better than I had hoped for and has given me an excuse to buy various sizes of cast iron dutch ovens at secondhand stores.

    You mentioned Temecula a couple of days ago. I'm 10 miles north of you but I hit the farmers market in Temecula's Old Town most Saturdays. If the big ugly guy with the white beard is wearing suspenders, it's probably me so say hello.

    BTW, a gap in coastal mountain range allows ocean-moderated climate to extend into the De Luz area just west of you so one area to check out for your future plans.

  162. Pat,
    are you still out there? Any views on TRE lately?

  163. g-own_home

    Hey, you are using cast iron in the Sun Oven?
    Never tried it. Use the enamel pot that came with it for my sweet potatoes and also a blue glass Anchor-Hocking casserole when I want to see what's going on with my pasta casseroles. Works fine.

    Cast iron....what are you doing with it?

  164. Just looked and CEF's premium is at 5.3%.

    Duke, getting with range of you 4.5%. Maybe another down day will do it...I guess you have have to act during the smackdown because by the next day, it might be up again...

  165. The coast of Libya is starting to look like a viable U.S. Naval Fleet installation if you ask me.
    Plenty of the sweetest crude around and strategically positioned.
    Saudi Arabia may not be as reliable and we are hedging our oil bets. Plus keeping an eye on Al Qaeda, Egypt the MENA etc. from there.
    Lots of fuel for the fleet if you allow yourself to think of the ulterior motive. We are watching Obama trying to be sneaky and everyone is on top of it.
    At least with Bush you knew where he stood and he just went for it, right or wrong. He telegraphed most of his intentions on purpose.
    Not defending the man or decisions overall, but he did not mess around and other countries knew they might face military wrath with him as Prez.

  166. Very adorable lil pup you got there xty!

  167. Anyone have any thoughts on this stock? It is not a miner, and I am not endorsing it. I was linked it and found it very interesting, as there are indeed companies that will rise in times of despair.

    Up 68% today and 400% on the week on this news (not pumping, and not in this stock, just for discussion):

    Maybe somebody here has some sort of input? If not let the comment fade into the distance.

    I feel like the first marijuana company to make it big in the United States will come in the next couple of years too, just a thought. But the end of prohibition may damage companies such as this, (if there is legitimacy). I know the major cigarette companies already have their products ready, quick to saturate the market once we can decriminalize a plant that doesn't kill, and criminalize medicines that do kill.

    If nothing else this shows that we (especially me) should keep an open mind to possible things that will succeed in the future we are envisioning. That and I need to prepare better.

  168. I've begun a new thread. Should be lots of fun.

  169. @Insight:

    Using cast iron for everything from baked beans to cornbread. Going with old 100% metal versions to stay away from heating up the colored plastic handles used on most of the new ones. Do stick with the enameled pot for acidic things like tomatoes so the black coating on the cast iron doesn't have to be renewed. Came across the Sun oven when they were running a special for readers of George Ure's website. For dehydrating, I'll be trapping hot air off some south-facing galvanized and running it up into a sheet metal box and out the top. Not happy so far with commercial models circulating moist air rather than getting rid of it.