Thursday, March 31, 2011

Groundhog Day

What the heck is going on? I went to bed on the night of the 30th and, apparently, I've woken up on the 24th. Frankly, I hope it is the 24th. If it is, I'm going to sell all my PMs and put it all on VCU.

Seriously, though. The Cartel/Fed/CME Complex gave us all they had over the past week. Here we are, one week later, and the prices of silver, gold and crude have completely rebounded. Whodathunk that the half-life of a margin hike is less than the half-life of radioactive iodine? (Got to admit...I didn't know the iodine part a couple of weeks ago. Actually, I wouldn't have thought the margin hike half-life was that short a couple of weeks ago, either.)

At any rate, we're kickin ass and takin names this morning. As per usual, the PMs are being led by crude. Here's the deal, though. It really needs to keep heading higher. If it stops here are rolls over, it will still be within the pennant I drew for you last night. See here:
OK, so here's the updated chart as of this morning. See what I mean?
Alright, now the fun stuff. First, lets look at gold. How many times has Santa mentioned that it would take 3 stabs at 1444 before gold would finally best that level and move forward toward his next "angel" of 1521. Hmmmm, is this stab #3?
And silver just looks great. The FUCME formation has been completed and Turd is happy. Today and tomorrow have the potential to be very fun days in silver.
Lastly, the USDA released their latest planting estimates this morning.
Looks bearish today for corn but bullish for soybeans. If looking to buy corn, I'd wait for the dip to play out and then begin buying. The number of acres planted with corn will surely decrease by the time its all actually "in the ground" six weeks from now.

Have a fun morning. TF

Oh and this worked pretty well. Since it did, we might want to be wary of next week.

And this seems in line with some of the stuff we've been discussing here:

10:55 am EDT UPDATE:
What? Another "Margin Hike Thursday"? We'll see but the "Groundhog Day" theme continues:


  1. Thats a serious battle in silver right now. New highs today?

  2. I live here in Corn country and the cost of fuel is all the discussion at the local cafe.


  3. Hey PVG (pretium) was just halted prior to the open, does any one know what's going on? I know they had a share offering a while back, hope it isn't more!

  4. Scottj at last!
    At last some news.
    Rumping up production and exploration,although still the stock barely moved on the news.
    But very positive news at last!

  5. Take that, Blythe and your little flying monkeys, too!

  6. Impact and Fortuna blazing the trail for me this morning.

  7. thats kick ass volatility gettin a day traders juices flowing. great day for the metals, so much for end of Q1 book squaring.

  8. Third G. Edward Griffin audio, discusses new material. Instant classic:

  9. Anyone any idea what this is all about ?
    as posted on yahoo:
    "Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada - Trading Halt - Pretium Resources Inc. - PVG"

  10. RBY up 14%! Seems there's an amended mineral estimate.

    Finally that little bastard popped! I waited a while for that one. Seemed like it would never happen. I just kept eating s**t on that one.

  11. On a side note for those interested in the ongoing nuclear disaster this is very good:

    Best Chernobyl Documentary 2006 The Battle of Chernobyl

    "To avoid any panic the authorities conceal the seriousness of the situation." ~ Does this sound familiar?

  12. Yes, Titus. Finally!!!
    I've got a friend who swears that thing is a takeover candidate, too.

  13. GPL is coming back to life. Maybe the "unpleasantness" from last week is played out now.

  14. @ George

    Not everyone looks for news, and has been waiting on silvermex for a while. This is the news that I have been waiting for, as the market was clueless on its flagship mine for so long, that hopefully in due time this will clear up confusion (I expect more news releases to follow).


  15. Turd,
    Just a thought on the corn situation. Grain stocks (supply) for March 31, 2011 was down below market estimates. They're calling it bullish news with grains potentially limit up on the open. (even though 2011 acre intentions are up to 92.2 million)


    (and thanks Jai, Eric#1, and others for helping me narrow down my relocation choice)


    Except for an hour here and there at coffee shops, I just got back online from my new abode for the first time in ten days last night, too late and too tired to comment on your previous post.

    But yes, I didn't move from astride an earthquake fault in a tsunami danger zone on the south central California coast, 100 miles south of a nuke plant built right over a fault line, and less than a tank of gas north of a huge concentration of potentially very hungry crazed people (Los Angeles) — just because I liked the name, Silver City — though there is a little bit of that, I must admit. ;-)

    This place, a town of just over 10,000 people,
    is as geologically and politically safe (at least within the USA) as anywhere I know; over a mile in elevation but at a latitude of 32 degrees north creates a very mild four-season climate with a reasonable growing season (though admittedly, water is not super-abundant). In a very desperate scenario I could bugout (with proper preparation and wild food knowledge that is on my list to acquire) by walking north into the Gila Wilderness or, should the USA federal police state become so oppressive as to be intolerable before it either completely unravels or transforms itself into what it was always supposed to be, Mexico is only 78 miles south.

    Though it's been my dream since the late 1970s, setting up a mostly self-sufficient homestead is not possible financially right now (without — not yet! — selling most of my precious metals investments), but I've found a very comfortable three-bedroom apartment just two minutes from downtown via bicycle at $695 per month (at a very tight time of year for rentals) with a very large garage that I can fill with if the sh**-hits-the-fan barter items (toilet paper, cigarettes, 9 mm ammunition.... ;-) ). Seriously though, more than a year's worth of SuperGreen Food just arrived yesterday, and by later today I will also have sufficient rice and beans that I could live for a year just on those three items, perhaps supplemented by some fresh javalina (wild pig) that the neighbors tell me occasionally roam through the neighborhood (I prefer a 100% organic vegan diet normally, but will certainly adjust if necessary).

    Perhaps most importantly — community: I've never experienced a more friendly and supportive place; through little initiative of my own, I've met more neighbors in five days than in ten years in south central California. Saturday I'll be doing a wilderness hike beginning just a few miles north of my apartment organized by a neighbor two doors down.

    Thanks to everyone here who's been buying the dips and all else you do during the ten days that I've been mostly offline. It appears that my precious metals and mining stocks have been plugging along in the proper direction without my being available to watch them from minute to minute. ;-)

  17. hate to buy at 37.9
    i hope BM starts shorting soon

  18. PVG sells 10M units for $10 per share.

  19. wow - a spike of 37.95. Off to the post office - 38 when I get home?

  20. groundhog day fur sure this is my sec attempt to post lol . im BTFD today in exk. thats my plan

  21. Sorry, this is the right G Edward Griffin audio link:

  22. no etf fees like slv in exk and cheaper plus it seems to follow intraday silver price,just an observation for day trading

  23. John!!!

    Congratulations! Sounds awesome. Sounds like you are getting your ducks in a row. Happy for you!


  24. @Michael--that is all the rage here as well. Input costs are the first thing mentioned after Sunday a.m. church service,lol.

    Just a heads up Turd..with all the GMO this and that I can promise you, unless we all get dumped on with rain, most of that crop will be in the ground in four weeks. It seems seeds also know when it's safe to sprout, and worries like seed rot are a thing of the past by in large.

  25. Jamie Dimon, chief executive of JPMorgan Chase, launched a broadside against financial regulation on Wednesday, warning that new capital rules could be “the nail in our coffin for big American banks.”


    I hope you or one of your traders is reading this. I don't give a fuck if you take the whole ship down with you -- the world is better off without JP Morgan.

  26. @torpedo
    I hear have some XAG dry powder.

    Maybe EE is ready to give up. I mean they're not gaining any ground anymore.
    SLA forever!

  27. Brent,
    Yes-old crop stocks will override the big acres intentions. Price has got to ration our limited
    supply. Cattle guy still buying corn. Ethanol
    is logical choice to who cuts back usage first,
    or exports. Anyway, agree with Turd, don't buy today, let the dust settle. May corn should test
    old high 7.44.
    All this just plays out together with PM and oil
    higher, corn tied to energy too.

  28. Anyone know where Turd's stocks list is? I looked all over, I know I'm just missing it!

  29. The crude price is definitely critical and driving things so far but the dump the $USD took over night due to some MOPE regarding Ireland has alot to do with it also.

    There are alot of potential political/global news bombshells out there.
    Watching Fox Business News right now and they are deciphering and reviewing a huge document that they won in a court battle with the Fed. detailing who has gotten how many BILLIONS of help during this whole period of financial chaos and consolidation.
    Seems like some type of bombshell must exist within those documenst that the Fed. tried very hard not to be made public.

    ZH will wade into all the minutae and get the news out.
    I just heard that they just found all these foreign banks were given LOTS(TENS OF BILLIONS) of money at the same time we were getting the shit scared out of us during the meltdown.

  30. Turd,

    I just got out of my very first CORN trade with a 4 figure profit!! Thanks for the right on advice. I'm plugging in a low ball buy order just in case the market over-reacts but I do feel it will go higher in the long term.

  31. Almost $38 again....

  32. @malcol go to feb. a miners key tab

  33. Adieu to SSK??

    old-swift-boat-vet wrote to SSK:
    You are one irritating troll. Ever heard about shutting up if you don't have something positive to say?
    We all have now seen and know you demonstrate a severe lack of maturity and manners.
    Try classing up a bit.

    March 31, 2011 2:32 AM

    It appears that the prior thread of discussion (Tod) came to a consensus regarding participant SSK: ignore him.

    -- Paul D. Bain

  34. John 97205,

    Love NM,Can't say I know Silver c
    City, but north around Santa FE is great. If you get a chance visit, Ojo Calinete mineral springs, fantastic and from there head to Taos. You'll cross the Rio Grande Gorge, really cool.

    Use to go every spring, but got busy and have missed for a few now.

    Maybe next winter

  35. @atlee and torpedo fish (or was it silvercell??)

    Oh to be a fly on the wall of your IM chats today ; )

    Happy Trading!

  36. @malcolm

    He lists all his miners here

  37. Don't count me in that "consensus".

  38. Just added to my cef position at $22.35 - premium should be very close to 4.5%. Hopefully it will maintain between there and 7% and Gold is headed to $1,500 and Silver $45 quickly. jd.

  39. First Majestic at $20.65 and climbing - Wow. This stock has been a great performer.

  40. Scott, George,
    Just saw your posts.. WHOOHOOO on SLX! ...My little GGCRF so needs a boost to get moving. I hope Fiona capitalizes on this news and gets the word out! ...'Bout dang time! :)

    ..Although, actually.. although we're impatient for a good move here... I have been thankful for the buying ops and hope we will be rewarded greatly for our patience! ..Also, doesn't the PP deal/period end coming up in April? ..I read too quickly over on S.House and some seem to think a move may be imminent (whether up or down..who knows?) from that news as well.

    Crossing fingers & toes!

  41. Just finished reading the rest of last night's thread.. ..just wanted to shout out to Chin Music who's post was GREAT and worth re-reading.

  42. Silver futures seem temporarily to be in a rising wedge, I am out and waiting for a real breakout here but of course I could be wrong.

    thanks to Turd for the heads up in Grains. Doing nicely today.

    Will they defend 38 in Silver?

  43. Scottj
    I hope that a new era started for silvermex today.
    I was frustrated with this stock since I bought it by the lack of performance and indifferent website wich felt abandoned ,looked like nobody cared to update it.
    I think from now on things will improve a lot.

    (excuse my inability to express myshelf adequately in english)

  44. Yes, Eric. It sure is nice to see GPL catching a bid, and on volume. It still has some catching up to do, though. It's one of the few miners currently "on sale", IMO. We're still awaiting the release of the short form prospectus with their plans for the proceeds of the new share issuance.

  45. My biggest wish for the new forum is that it contains an "ignore" feature. The "comment" section of this blog is quickly lowering itself to barely a step above a "Yahoo" message board.

    Turd's work is second to none, however. I restricted myself to his commentary for a couple of weeks until Monday, and now I remember why.

    Turd, thanks for what you do!

  46. All this Silver City talk reminds me that there's a song called Silver City by a Texan group called Ghostland Observatory. Great stuff but I'm guessing it's probably a bit too electronic for most of the people here. If that doesn't scare you away, check them out.

  47. Scott. ...OF COURSE on that great news.. ...the sp goes south.

    lol. "/

  48. Brent nailed it on the grains. Much better info than I had!
    All three UP big. CRB charging forward today. Will help PMs, too.

  49. Duke: Good points and its something I'm aware of and watching.

  50. Mister

    I wouldn't worry about the plans. The Plans will be Drill Drill Drill.

  51. Silver just fell out of the rising wedge pattern, time to begin buying again....

  52. ha! What just happened to XAG?

  53. For the sake of humor.. I post the best (IMHO) flame ever I saw online. It's quite old and I don't remember the context in which it was used except that it was in a Usenet newsgroup if you can remember those. but I always chuckle a bit while reading it. In fact to stay humble I often read it aloud to myself in the mirror.

    ... I cannot believe how incredibly stupid you are. I mean rock-hard stupid. Dehydrated-rock-hard stupid. Stupid so stupid that it goes way beyond the stupid we know into a whole different dimension of stupid. You are trans-stupid stupid. Meta-stupid. Stupid collapsed on itself so far that even the neutrons have collapsed. Stupid gotten so dense that no intellect can escape kind of stupid. Singularity stupid. Blazing hot mid-day sun on the warm side of Mercury stupid. You emit more stupid in one second than our entire galaxy emits in a year. Quasar stupid... Nothing in our universe can really be this stupid. Perhaps this is some primordial fragment from the original big bang of stupid. Some pure essence of a stupid so uncontaminated by anything else as to be beyond the laws of physics that we know. I'm sorry. I can't go on. This is an epiphany of stupid for me. After this, you may not hear from me again for a while. I don't have enough strength left to deride your ignorant content and half baked comments about unimportant trivia, or any of the rest of your drivel. You have shown yourself to be an apogenous, bovaristic, coprolalial, dasypygal, excerebro, facinorous, gnathonic, hircine, ityphallic, jumentous, kyphotic, labrose, mephitic, napiform, oligophrenial, papuliferous, quisquilian, rebarbative, saponaceous, thersitical, unguinous, ventripotent, wlatsome, xylocephaloous, yirning zoophyte. I'm sure that any other person can figure it out much more rapidly than you ever will . . . so, I'll give you the meanings of them before your tiny snail-skulled head implodes. It is to say, are you a conceited, obscene, hairy-buttocked, brainless, wicked, toadying, goatish, indecent, stable-smelling, hunchbacked, thicklipped, stinking, turnip-shaped, feeble-minded, pimply, trashy, repellent, smarmy, foul-mouthed, greasy, gluttonous, loathsome, wooden-headed, whining, extremely low form of animal life.

    hehehehee... I'm sorry I had to post that. I know I will hate myself in the morning ;-) Maybe I should send it in an e-mail to the Bernake?

  54. Impressive!

    Hope I live long enough to see a normal pm market.

  55. Harold

    "Normal"?? How will we know it when we see it? There hasn't been one in my lifetime!

  56. Glad I stopped using stops.
    They woulda got me with that one :)

  57. I was just typing a post about whether or not we were still looking for $37.50 and major resistance at a painted double top when I glanced back at the spot chart....damn

    I was sort of confused by yesterday's mention of a massive BM raid at a painted double top near 38 and heading back toward 37.50 vs. today's post about heading through 38.20 toward 39

    Glad we got that out of the way quickly this morning!! Another fantastic's to holding 37.50 and crossing back over 38

  58. @ torpedo fish

    Finally? It happened literally every day this week!

    Who needs an atomic clock to define time? Just define "1 day" as the time between the bottoms of 2 consecutive paper silver waterfalls...

    usually a two stage waterfall. waiting for the second hammering...

  59. Man! I'm seeing 1300 May silver contracts sold in 2 minutes. That's quite a smack.

    It should be interesting to see how silver holds against the profit taking of the last day of the quarter.

  60. Anyone follow Royal Standard Minerals (RYSMF)?
    I'm hearing some good things.

  61. @Ginger

    when you guys are referring to SLX, is that Silvermex Inc. on the Nasdaq or the Market Vectors Steel ETF. Trying to do my own due diligence.

  62. Ginger

    I would go back and reread, except I'd just rather write the whole thread off as a bad dream.........

  63. Iowa Corn up over 5%. Good analysis the other day Turd of its pricing and weather stuff. Thanks for that. Go Hawkeyes!

  64. I've got a stink bid in for 37.02 :)
    I'd be quite happy if I don't get it.

  65. Maybe the CME is planning their regular, Thursday margin hike? ;)

  66. Rhinestone,
    That is Silvermex.. ..SLX on the TSX I believe ...or GGCRF as I trade it in the USA. ...Let us know what you think!

    Yes.. It was rather intense. I checked out early but had to go finish reading ...couldn't resist. I do learn alot from others on those prep threads.. but they always give me a bit of anxiety as well. Chin Music was one of the voices of reason are you and Pining and many others. So, overall, those threads are very helpful!

  67. man... this is getting so predictabel! second stage of the waterfall now completed at 37.45

  68. There are always 2 legs down for some reason..

  69. So you wait and wait for certain news out of Silvermex, and then you finally get it and the stock just lays there. That's why I keep telling anyone who will listen:


  70. Word Ver: bongbaz

    make of it what you will. Sounds like it has possibilities tho

  71. So fun!!! Red light special...again!!!

  72. 2nd leg down in Silver futures now, have we all seen this pattern 100s of times before?

  73. Eric,
    With all due respect, you are wrong! ..SLX isn't just 'lying there'. ....It's moving DOWN!

    ........stay tuned.. ..for myriad reasons..'s gonna head back up. Buying Op, Baby!...BUYING OP! ;)

  74. Eric,

    I was laughing as you wound your down last night and was going to offer you thee following video for a bedtime nod off to soothe your nerves...

    I highly encourage everyone to go back and watch both of these, Parts I and II when you can. These clips include Pentagon press footage of Generals apologizing for this nuclear event on US soil back in 2007, plain as day:

    Part I ---

    Part II ---

    The Kennebunk Warning, Webster Tarpley

  75. Wish I knew when they had about enough of stomping silver down. I've got some fiat burning a hole in my pocket and I wouldn't mind another artificially created buying opportunity.

    In the long run, it really doesn't matter I've learned. But it's nice to get more for less regardless, and if I can time a FUBM I sure don't mind getting in at a point like that.

  76. housing math - that is classic and same as 3 wave up pattern. ABCDleg pattern. A-B first leg, then counter bounce then C-D leg equal in length approximately to A-B. Common wave pattern both up and down in lots of charts.

  77. Ginger,
    I thought it might be that but was wondering the same thing as why it hasn't caught a bid yet today on positive news. Maybe I should move to Cananda. Thanks for the help but I think I will wait to btfd on this one.

  78. Stefan

    gotta run for now, but promise I'll come back and check out those links.

  79. Maybe this is an interesting article about that crude may plunge the coming weeks:

    "No More Storage in Cushing: WTI Will Be $90 in a Month

    The latest inventory report came out on Wednesday, March 30 from the U.S. EIA (Energy Information Administration) showing Cushing stocks at a record 41.9 million barrels (Fig. 1). And guess what? The news is only going to get worse for WTI longs, as the next couple of weeks will bring the total storage at Cushing close to the max capacity of 44 million barrels due to the fact that more traders took delivery on WTI (West Texas Intermediate) on the last CL rollover."

  80. Wow look at the $ today. About ready to test Nov '10 lows, from there down to 2008 levels. And from there? Where she stops nobody knows.

    Ben and Tim must be very proud.

  81. Uhm, Turd, I need URL for "Brent."

    Turd Ferguson wrote:
    Brent nailed it on the grains. Much better info than I had!
    All three UP big. CRB charging forward today. Will help PMs, too.

    March 31, 2011 10:34 AM

    Turd, thank you for this information. I could not find an URL for "Brent" on the front page or on your profile page. Am I missing something? I presume that you did not mean "Brent oil" -- is that correct?

    -- Paul D. Bain

  82. Sounds good bud....they'll hardly make you feel good, but the knowledge is critical if, heaven forbid, we get a worse case event on US soil

  83. paul

    there's a Brent about 15th post from the top this morning. I think that was what TF was referencing.

  84. Paul: "Brent" is a commenter above.

    All, please check the update.

  85. @ Eric#1

    This new's won't catapult the stock, but should clear confusion and spread information on what they are doing. Market may be interpreting it as they are still a negative income-earning company, but my perception is forward-looking and this news helps the sequence progress. They have been in the dark as far as the market is concerned, and am not worried with what I see (yet). There is a lot of dynamics going on with this company, and patience was a virtue I learned earlier (when I was thinking it would pass 1.12 earlier before it retested low 70s in japan equity meltdown...)

    This stock is like Hecla (has former management), has some serious irregular shorting patterns on it. I think one morning I will wake up and this stock will gap up, and if I am wrong, that is okay because I am diversified in other miners. This news is very timely considering the next upleg is days away, so +1 for management there.

    But yes, this sector is subject to a lot of heartbreak.

    You win some you lose some,
    Thanks for your input + warnings


  86. Bonjour Paul. Didn't know that you and swift boat ram this show. Thought Turd did. Anyway, while your feelings were getting hurt and while you were installing cameras around your bomb shelter(s), I've been making some nice coin this morning. Went big with HMY on the dip.

    If you want to play ag look at DBA, MOO, RJA. I'm a big fan of POT. Things like CORN scare me with their small liquidity.

    Thanks For the support Eric. I'm not making friends standing up for common sense amongst the end of the word folks.


  87. Wow! An e-mail just informed me that I'm now an Exclusive APMEX Gold Club Member. Looks like I save $15 on shipping under $10k and over that it's free to ship. :-) Oh well... every little bit helps.

  88. Rhinestone,
    Outside of our own Scottj (who is a veritable WEALTH of information on SLX and many other plays) may want to check out the stockhouse SLX board. Many knowledgeable posters over there who do a great job of batting around the various ideas of what is going on with SLX and the reasons why. Apparently, this stock has attracted more than it's share of those who wish to short it ...that wont' last forever in my opinion ..and I want to be on the right side of this trade I'm holding. Who knows if that's right or not.. but it's my feeling/gut based on my own DD.

    Link to that board in case you want to read/know more before writing it off:

    In particular, pay attention to the posts by mouserman and farshooter ..among many other knowledgeable folks there.

  89. That is the last time I leave you guys in charge of the price of silver! But gold not so bad.

    Eric I understand about nixing a consensus, but Paul is right about the awful behaviour. It really was unpleasant and totally uncalled for. It was amazing how quickly a few comments got the thread so grumpy so fast. There was a sudden blast of the evil side of comment threads and we are usually much above all that.

    So let's all remember to leave our guns at the saloon door, and take off our hats, and treat each other with the kind of respect we are hoping will be around after the banks actually fail. Please. Says mum.

  90. I can see her sitting at her big desk in her big office with a great view of lower Manhattan...laughing her a** off.

  91. Not sure about you all but I'm going long the dollar once it hits the low 70s (in May I'm guessing). I think we will see a reversal then. The euro + yen are a bit too strong right now for my taste. My main position is short fiat via silver but I have done well betting on mean reversions with the dollar. Anybody else like to mess around with currencies?

  92. Geez I got 37.49 on XAG and only added half of dry powder.

    TY Blythe

  93. seems the 2-legged waterfall-sell-off is a silver thing only today. Gold stays high and dry for now!

    if naked shorting of silver is used as a mean of suppressing gold prices, the market may finally getting aware of these dirty tricks.

    I hope JPM built up their short position with lots and lots of contracts, realizes very soon that their dirty tricks don't fool anyone anymore and that they have to bid up the silver price dramatically to cover their shorts and push silver above the 1980's highs!!!

    damnit :p those waterfalls just make me mad, certainly as I'm still holding on to some $37 SLV calls expyring tomorrow

  94. That's right Turd BTFD in corn and soy beans and help starve some poor MF on the other side of the world

    Hope your stockpiled food has the taste of the blood of those less fortunate that you helped starve.

    I guess helping others prepare only applies to fat Americans, eh?

    Thought you were smarter than that, guess not.

  95. WOW!
    This silver volatility is NUTS! Great fun!

  96. Thanks again Ginger. Will check it out.

  97. Paul,
    No, just a first time poster, been reading the blog now for a couple of weeks. Just curious, did I do something wrong?


  98. JOHN97205

    HEY, I'm down the road from you in LAS CRUCES, NM

    Moved here 11 years ago from NJ, where I couldn't breathe anymore!
    High desert, about 4600 feet where I live above the valley....Organ Mountain views from the backyard....we get our seasons, too, but less snow than you.

    Passed through SC when I went to the Gila cliff dwellings on our first run here...City of Rocks!!!!!

    LC is bigger, of has really grown but still a perfect size and still a friendly town!!!

    Visit my blog Open Range Ramblings at

    post a comment (it will be private) and we can chat if you like!
    Maybe we can meet up sometime......Deming...

  99. Sorry for all the posting...I'm overcoffeed

    Last raid before another hugh spike on short covering?? We're going to get another one of those $2 up days again soon, like the second trip from 34 to 36 back on March 16th

  100. SSK

    No prob buddy.

    I value the input from all in Turd Town. Even the ones I know/suspect are gun totin', swift boatin', FOX watchin', bible thumpin', right wing whack jobs. STILL think we got more in common than not. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    Definately time for me to go now! Time for an avalanche of hate comments! hahahahahahaha

  101. DUKE, after much hemming and hawing, I put in a 5% position on CEF at 22.35 (Dummy me, switched my early bid of 22.34 out as it looked "busy")

    If there is a big correction and it moves lower, I'll add another 5% for holding and trade the higher.
    Depending on the action, of course. I do so long for the days of "Buy and hold" LOL!!!!!

  102. Kiwi needs an air-sick bag.....first time I've had low buy orders and high sell orders in at the same time, and have no idea which I'll hit first.

  103. Wheeeeee!!! Another dip please mommy Blythe dearest!
    Purty puhleaze...

  104. Bring it on.... Bazooka is loaded

  105. Bubble alert! Kellogs cornflakes is in a huge bubble about to burst! :)

    in 1979 12 oz of kellogs cornflakes cost $0.59, now $3.79, more than a 500% increase.

    in 1980 1 oz. of silver cost $50, now it cost only $37, more than 25% decrease.

    Since silver is in such a gigantic bubble, an with kellogs prices about tenfold more overvalued than silver, those prices wil fall dramatically as the bubble bursts.

    The reason for the incredible high keloogs prices is obviously all the speculators in the cornflakes market. Those evil bastards!

    *sarcasm off* :)

  106. Yep Insight, my timing sucks - that's why I gave up on attempting to trade the unknown and focus on the known. Gold/Silver trend is up (fact) and the premium on cef was relatively cheap (fact based on history)- I've made a lot more money and slept a whole lot better practicing K.I.S.S.! Good Luck!!!jd.

  107. Man... Gold looks hot to trot today. I hope Turd's call of 1444 is on the money.

  108. Do my eyes deceive me? Is Gold actually up more than Silver for a change?

  109. XAU just broke out of Triple Bottom pattern.

  110. Bearish for Corn? Limit up across the board!

  111. Is that all you got Blythe???
    PM's are growing stronger everyday. Time to join the party mr. diamond

  112. Yeah - this is interesting. Gold just didn't go, and silver is coming right back up. I think gold might be about to burst.

  113. Man, this price action is so. much. fun.

    Silver really does feel coiled and ready to erupt again

  114. Gotta say this is quite an impressive FUBM/FUCME/FUEE/FUCARTEL forming.

    Half life of shennanigans is getting shorter and shorter.

    Can't you hear me knocking!

  115. PMs are looking very robust! Gold and silver both seem to shrug off the raids. Let's see if that holds into the close.

  116. C'mon Blythe, if you can't beat em, JOIN em!

    Just go LONG and end your misery!

  117. Check out the latest chart I posted.

  118. glinskym: As correctly pointed out above, the planting intentions were bearish but the amount of corn "on hand" reported was extremely bullish.
    I, The Turd, had incomplete info.

  119. This is as I imagine future history books to look like... like it is and always has been: captain hindsights getting it all wrong:

    *chapter 15 of modern history part 1: the big crisis of the 21st century*

    In the beginning of the 21st century, specualing on commodity prices has become very easy because of the internet. A lot of people speculated that prices of food and precious metals would go up. (This wass possible because of the so-called "free market system", as explained in chapter 10.) Therefore, they did. This is the reason for the inflation that came afterwards. Because if prices rise, money buys less things.

    This was the reason that central banks (back than nations had each their own central bank) had to help people by means of quantitative easing. This is much the same as the methods that solved the crisis of beginning of the 20th century (read chapter 12 "The Keynesian solution"). Because of the quantitative easing, the people had more money to buy things. But also the speculators had more money to keep on speculating.

    In 2013, the evil speculators where finally punished. Their gold was taken by the governments. Also the gold mines became government property, so they belong to every citizen of the country.

    To help prevent such a crisis again by stock speculation (20th century) or commodity speculation (21st century), the central banks of the world merged so to one a one world central bank, as we know it today. In this way, things can be regulated much better. Also, because of central planning by the world government, individuals cannot speculate anymore.

    Therefore, such a crisis can never happen again.

  120. You, The Turd, are forgiven.
    Here. Have a banana courtesy of flying monkeys.

  121. Who really with any DD trusts USD (POSX)?

    Its a shame. Believe me I'm no genius and its clear as day, that the dollar is dead. Fiat is dead. It's a slow calculated decline of all currency.

    New ZH article on it

  122. kiyotei,
    That hilarious rant about stupidity is very similar to the chewing out Dimon gave Blythe for shorting silver against the Turd!

  123. Goudzilver,

    You left out the best part of the story, The chapter on what happened when they forgot to confinscate the guns first.

  124. Bro D: I'm glad you found it humorous.

    I'm squinting a bit to see the monkeys in your profile pic. Could I see a larger version of it? If you have it posted somewhere online, post a link. If not you could e-mail it to me.

    Thanks very much in advance. I really admire it.

  125. Brent what you did was be right.

  126. ferretflat!!!!
    hahahaha I laughed so hard an antler came out my nose :-)

  127. Re: Something To Chew On

    I count 7 raids since March 24th. I don't remember seeing that many in one week's time. Ever. Do you? Please remind me if I have forgotten

    40 would be long gone by now

    And we're down about .50 total after all that raiding? Not to mention it would have almost been impossible to trade the 38.18 top tick, so we're, for all intents and purposes, higher than where we started back on the 24th and the raids

    What a week! So amped! Couldn't have hung in there nearly as strongly without TF and everyone here. Thank you

    FUBM. That is all.

  128. Kiyotei...

    Got my APMEX "Platinum" email this morning. ;)

  129. Fortinbras: SWEET. What's that getcha?

  130. €70bn total including previous bailout. What is that ... €10,000 per person?

    Go Precious.

  131. I got an email from Apmex welcoming tho their platinum club. and I have not bought bars from them in a few years!

  132. $10 shipping on orders under $10k, free (as usual) above that, up to $25k on credit card, first in queue on orders... I think some other little things. The credit card change is nice... More FF miles! ;)

  133. In case anyone cares:

    "It's my pleasure to inform you that you have qualified for an APMEX Platinum Club Membership.

    Your new membership status immediately entitles you to the following benefits:

    $10 shipping on orders under $10,000
    Free shipping on orders over $10,000
    "Front-of-line" shipping - your order will be processed 1st
    Credit card orders of up to $25,000 accepted
    No credit card information required at checkout
    Stay tuned: more benefits, offers and promotions will be announced soon
    And as always you have access to these great APMEX features:

    Ability to place orders 24/7 on our web site
    Access to daily commentaries and weekly market recaps
    Access to instructional and product related videos

    Ability to set Alert Me notifications when we are out of stock of a particular item
    Access to the APMEX blog
    Ability to download free mobile applications for smartphones
    Thank you for your loyalty and continued patronage.

  134. APMEX Platinum Club Membership.

    Your new membership status immediately entitles you to the following benefits:

    * $10 shipping on orders under $10,000
    * Free shipping on orders over $10,000
    * "Front-of-line" shipping - your order will be processed 1st
    * Credit card orders of up to $25,000 accepted
    * No credit card information required at checkout
    * Stay tuned: more benefits, offers and promotions will be announced soon

  135. kiyotei,
    I looked up some images in Bing under "flying monkeys" and this one was an immediate hit. You should see a larger version on the first screen of images.
    Or I think you can double-click the icon and see a bigger picture.

  136. Hey SSK in the last thread you said you were selling this morning,how did that go?... now you claim youve made some nice coin? Wow this blog is worse than yahoo message boards. You must be some kid. Adios.

    PS - Turd will come back to read these comments once the ignore feature is available.

  137. Been busy lately, haven't had much time to keep up with Turd's world and all you fine ladies and gents. Hope everyone is having a good day, only had time to browse quickly as I scrolled down here to the bottom. Dollar looks like shyte and we touched $38 again today, good enough for me!

    Fear not these little daily waterfalls. Silver is up +1.6% for the week. 9.6% for the month. 21.9% for the quarter. 70.8% in 6 months. 114% since this time last year.

    Blythe and those monkeys can do whatever they want. It's only a matter of time before people wise up and silver/miners all start taking off.
    Be patient and try to not let these daily waterfalls upset you, they are just proof that Blythe is running around scared shitless and out of options other than to keep giving us sales.

    PS- My "mystery miner" I added last Friday as a long-term hold is up 34% this morning due to the assay results released this morning that I had a good feeling about, which is why I took it off my watch list and added it to my portfolio last week. That bet paid off nicely so far and I am not even considering cashing out right now. I don't even care what my other two silver miners are doing today, they can take the day off and get some rest for all I care. ;)

    TGI almost F, looks like we might end the week above $38!

  138. kiyotei,
    Loved your rant. Made me lol. Copied to save. ..I could think of a few people in the gov to send it to for sure.

  139. Man I suck! I'm only a gold member ;-)

    Bro D: - Thanks! Why didn't I think of that? I thought you were the designer of it - but its a beauty none-the-less.

  140. @Duke

    I was staying away from the comments for a while myself for the same reasons. However, it appears our stalwart corps of sane people has moved back into the center of the conversation and I am glad. Welcome back, John97205. Will you be changing your zip code now?

    A thought for all, which I have expressed before, is this. Preparing accordingly should not just mean survival. It is important to batten the ship down to survive the storm, of course, but then what?

    As I said, I have been in countries where the currency has failed. It's not the end of the story. Those countries still exist today, but things are different (some better, some worse). Think about it. The Weimar collapse resulted in Hitler and the Third Reich, Argentine inflation spurred a disastrous war followed by a change of government, failure of the British pound brought about the Thatcher government and a turn to fiscal conservatism. Our own last brush with this in the '70's was courageously stopped by Paul Volcker and high interest rates (not gonna happen this time). What's it going to be this time for the USA? Unless you plan to move to another country, self interest as well as patriotism dictates that you have to become engaged in the political process somehow. Otherwise you leave it by default to "somebody".

    I am NOT suggesting for one minute that we engage in a political discussion on this board. I would not want that and I do not think Turd would allow it. However, we must as individuals be thinking beyond the storm to what this country will be after that. This is a thoughtful, informed group of people on this board. Remember the old saying: The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good [people] to do nothing. Besides, how long can we realistically remain hermits?

    John and Martel and others, I am not saying you were wrong to move to a safer place. I am looking for a mountain getaway for my family, too. But at the end of the day, 95% of the population will not be able to do that. Another solution must eventually emerge. I think we all need to be a part of that and maybe we should be working on it NOW.

    I'm just sayin'... :)

    ScottJ88 - thanks for reminding us that Ron Paul is the present day William Jennings Bryan. For my part, I will remind us that the way we fund our government has evolved along the same timeline as the FED, the expansion of our national debt and the devaluation of our money and plays a key role in the mess that has been created. There are alternatives. Check out and see what you think.

    Just sayin'...

    Okay. I'm off the soapbox now.

  141. Close in fighting all morning. Blythe on the ropes. I have been throwing some good body shots, short punches and some below the belt stuff when the ref isn't looking. She is reeling but always dangerous. I see she is winded. But nothing but respect for her. Its been a good week and we are heading into the later rounds now. Is she rope-a-doping with me? No matter. One left hook to the head should settle that issue. Everybody has read and followed Santa so tension is high in the 1440 area. We see this afternoon.

  142. Hyperbolic or Parabolic? For anyone that hasn’t seen this from James Turk:

  143. How do I stack up against Eric's list:
    1. gun totin' - guilty
    2. swift boatin' - if kayaks count
    3. FOX watchin' - the channel or the animal?
    4. bible thumpin' - Rasta Zen has no book
    5. right wing whack jobs - independent with a touch of green party and a yearning for the return of the Rhinocerous Party (hat tip to Canada!)

  144. Was it ever resolved how the time stamp was changed to Eastern?

  145. Maxi pad,

    Last night I wrote:

    "Tomorrow, I intend to make a killing on the stock market selling gold and silver stocks. Life is good. And I have a wine cellar to make it through TSHTF."

    I sell gold and silver stocks all day long. It's my thing. Dip and flip. If you do not sell, you do realize a gain. That doesn't mean I short all day (although sometimes I do.) I did sell some EXK this morning in the 9.90's. Booked a nice profit from yesterday (in at $9.44). And I did buy and sell some HMY this morning for a nice little chunk of coin. In hindsight, I should have sold a lot more. Particularly SLW at 44.89. And I missed another opportunity to unload more HL (I hate HL).

    These raids suck. But they do present nice buying opps.

    I'm looking for setups as we speak. Might just flip HMY all day long.

    That's what I do. I SELL stocks.


    I keep a long core portfolio and play the field. That means I buy and I sell. One cannot book

  146. Marcel, You need to study up before you post crap....

    "Hope your stockpiled food has the taste of the blood of those less fortunate that you helped starve.

    I guess helping others prepare only applies to fat Americans, eh?

    Thought you were smarter than that, guess not. "

    Sky high food prices are a result of US govt printing gobs of money. Food and other commodities are denominated in dollars. Turd is an analyst and forecaster. The market will find its equilibrium whether Turd is here or not. He helps people prepare and his blog is open to anyone. His actions do nothing to "stave people on the other side of the world".....Get a clue!

  147. Stefan

    just a guess that TF has the abilty to set the time zone to whatever he desires ... since all trading references are to NY time he may have decided to change the time stamp to reflect that.

    Speaking of NY ... opening day in baseball is today and my Tigers are going to kick some Yankee ass ... big bronx cheer out to all you stinking Yankee fans :-)

    Ginger ... thanks for the kind words earlier ... just remember ... He will never leave you nor forsake you

  148. Brent wrote:

    No, just a first time poster, been reading the blog now for a couple of weeks.

    Just curious, did I do something wrong?


    March 31, 2011 11:04 AM

    Brent, no, you did nothing wrong. I was confused, hence my question to the Turd.

    -- Paul D. Bain

  149. Marcel for all you know some of us are helping globally and locally either with $$ earned from trading or with time made available from needing to work less.

    No individual here or even group here will make a perceptible dent on world pricing of food or even PM's and Oil. If that were possible the price of silver would be over $50 already. There are larger forces at play as dicussed frequently.

    I do understand where you're coming from and wish you can find an attitude that is more open and peaceable.

  150. Chin,

    You're probably right

    Fire up Tiges!! I'm from Saginaw, lifelong fan who was at Tiger Stadium in 84 when we swept KC in Game 3 of the ALCS

    Got to assume you're a Wings fan, too?

  151. Great Panther

    Assuming there is no exercise of the Over-Allotment Option the Company expects to receive $19,605,000 in net

    proceeds after deducting the Underwriters’ Fee and the estimated expenses of the Offering, together totalling


    If the Over-Allotment Option is exercised in full, the Company expects to receive $22,581,750 in net proceeds after

    deducting the Underwriters’ Fee and the estimated expenses of the Offering. Any proceeds from exercise of the

    Over-Allotment Option and the exercise of Underwriters’ Warrants will be added to unallocated working capital.

    The Company currently intends to use the net proceeds from the Offering as set forth in the following table:

    Principal Purpose Amount

    Environmental Impact Assessment & permitting, Engineering

    Studies and preliminary mine development on San Ignacio

    Property, Guanajuato Mine, Mexico

    $ 9,150,000

    Potential Acquisition(s) $ 5,000,000

    Unallocated working capital $ 5,455,000

    Total: $19,605,000

    Although the Company intends to use the net proceeds from the Offering as set forth above, the actual amount that

    the Company spends in connection with each intended use of the net proceeds may vary significantly from the

    amounts specified above, and will depend on a number of factors, including those referenced under “Risk Factors”.

    2) GPL IR was very prompt and helpful in email responses. I'm not a huge investor so it's nice that they take the time. Email included Forwarded reply from Foy regarding the sale of shares, related to his investment company. He noted his personal holdings have increased slightly.

    Good things happening with South American Silver SOHAF:


  152. Gold appears to have flatlined. Quick give Dr. Turd the defib paddles and let's get this puppy above 1444!!!

  153. Steve Moore Sr. economic writer WSJ

    Says " if we were to have another crisis we could not bail ourselves out. Our vaults are full of IOU's."

    On fox news just now. But everything is okay because americans are saving more now.

  154. @Stefan+Chin

    Go Tigers! And I'm not only a Wings fan, I'm even a LIONS fan! (just don't ask me to bet on them).

  155. Gainesville not shipping silver maple tubes until May 5th. MAY 5TH! A month backlog? Wow.

    Austrian Phils shipping April 15th.

    ASE's shipping 7-10 days

    Premiums about the same as last week across the board.

  156. Are we allowed to ask stupid charting questions on here?

    I'm trying to pick a few things up on my own, but there is such an impressive and unique amount of collective knowledge between us all here in Turdtown that I am a little embarassed to ask

  157. i put all my savings in silver last year but trying to work out how this silver scalping works.

    So far i know this:
    - scalp silver and gold
    - broker OANDA
    - margin 1:10 or 1:50

    Is there any other directions and advice about how to do this? How much do you hold silver for - is just for a few pips ?

  158. Five points shy of Trader Dan's resistance line for the HUI. 580 has not been kind up until now. As we retest, I will error toward caution. However, if we break through with conviction, I will buy like a survivalist at the gun show.

    Hope that didn't offend any birthers, end of times folks, or any other members of The Crazy.


  159. Stefan,

    In this order

    1. Tigers
    2. Lions (and have suffered long enough)
    3. Wings

    Do not like pro basketball but college hoops ok from time to time.

    I used to work for Delta Truss in Saginaw. I was an on the road salesman so I was never there except for meetings. Lived in the Sterling Heights area and worked the I-69 strip from M-53 to I-75 then down I-75 to Sterling Heights.

    Not far from you now as I am in Harbor Beach in the Thumb. Small town ... nice people.

  160. Hell Yes Malthusiasm!!!

    Who couldn't love the Lions last year covering 12-4 ATS! I have no fear The Roar will, at last, be restored...LOLOL

    And I love your screenname, man. Genius

    I'm considering a moniker move over to Epoch o' Lips

  161. Re: Fukushima

    I know the mainstream media attention span is short and has moved on to the news story du jour but this one is Not over by a long way.

    "If it goes to a full-scale evacuation of all personnel, it means that firefighters are no longer putting water onto the cores. That's the only thing preventing a full-scale meltdown at three reactor sites. Once they evacuate, then we past the point of no return. Meltdowns are inevitable at three reactor sites, leading to a tragedy far beyond that of Chernobyl, creating permanent dead zones in Japan."

  162. Stefan,

    there are no stupid questions ... just stupid not to ask

  163. Aw man, Chin...we have a lot in common. Did some recon in Sarnia recently, a VERY convenient drive from the Thumb, if you catch my drift. Can't think of a better set-up you've got out there, actually

  164. Red Wings have the BEST logo in the WWW of sports bar none. Lived in Toledo for a few years and the midwest has heart. M GO BLUE!

  165. SSk sure... I love you internet traders. Give up while your ahead we will slaughter you and get our money back ten fold.

  166. Looks like the premium on phys may have bottomed this morning at about 3.30% after sliding for a few days - I hope so since my last add was at 3.80%. Now Gold just needs to get over the hump - hoping it happens once the festering s&p overcomes this fake/orchestrated resistance at 1330/31.jd.

  167. @Stefan ~ Taoist wisdom of the day:
    "Better to be wrong at the top of your lungs so that someone can correct you immediately than to be quiet and be wrong forever." - Anonymous

  168. Interesting how many MI connections there are here. I find that wherever I go. I live in the southeast now, but grew up in southeastern Michigan. Still got some loyalties to the Tigers, Lions and Wolverines, too.

  169. Turd I have a question: Your reference in in comments this morning regarding pattern recognition between 3 months ago and now . . . shouldn't we be worried about tomorrow as well as next week since today is the 31st ???

  170. Marcel,

    There will be plenty of thin americans soon enough, and yes I will help them first. Who would you wager will be helping me when I am thin? The folks in other countries about to be starved out by today's corn and wheat price? We can't all be saved.

    Besides, if you would pay attention, corn in silver oz denominations is priced quite well. The denomination of corn that look frightening are the currency denominations. Will your food have the taste of blood for (in your mind)devaluing and profiting off of dollar futures by trading in Silver?

    Your food will have the taste of regret if you're buying it with fiat accumulated today, maybe a hint of your own blood too, but certainly your neighbor's blood.

    The blood of those foreign starving is on the hands of their local farmers who export, or themselves and their gov't for not being self-sufficient. The worldwide agriculture base is a lot bigger than consumer-level investors. Would you have us also not stock up on food knowing that our own ability to buy food may reach critical in the next few years? Should we feel guilty for our increased demand in filling our cupboards is causing a ripple in Croplesstan?

    All of human behavior is speculative investment, from overloading credit cards to which home you buy, which car you buy, to saving a few billion in bullion. Investing in food, to make money for food for you and others is pretty basic group survival. I highly suggest "The Ant and the Grasshopper" as your next book. The ants don't starve the grasshopper.

  171. Alright, got two, here goes...

    1.) How long does a cup have to be a cup before it can legitimately become a cup and handle?

    2.) Same for a Megaphone Top. How long does it have to be that to be considered, finally, to be that

    Is it fair to say you can conclude one on a 30 min chart, for instance? Because on the 30 min chart it looks like it is at least possible for one to form (discounting the fundos for just a sec here, sorry)

  172. No one will ever guess what the UPS man brought me :). One hint it's made of GOLD!

  173. KC,
    You beat me to the reply to Marcel. Well said.

    Price discovery is an important part of rationing
    a commodity in limited supply. Price of corn going higher to discourage someone from using it,
    in order to stretch our supply until harvest.
    I hope it's ethanol industry that cuts back, leaving more corn for food, but higher oil prices
    are keeping ethanol profitable.

  174. kiyotei

    it is a catchy logo ... like the heart UofM showed against Duke in NCAA tourney ... geez, it feels like we hijacked Turds blog and made it a sports blog .... LOL

  175. Marcel has revealed himself to be a condescending, holier then thou (fill in blank).

    Or were you kidding and showing sarcasm, again?
    Just like yesterday's hoof in mouth back tracking syndrome.

    Friggin' Troglodite, grow up and fall off your high horse into a pile of your self righteous, utopia. You talk about community blah, blah, blah but always have time to slam someone on here in this community when you here any food related talk you find evil from the sounds of it.

    Fat Americans? You struck a nerve. Happy?

    I wouldn't display a total lack of class by attacking an entire nation because you feel so superior for what reason only you might know. I won't hammer Canadians because of one angry, Tourettes like demeanor.

    Your clueless, classless and arrogant and beneath a troll, hence trogoldite.

    Turd, are you going to allow a blatant attack on yourself for giving FREE advice to all of us while a Trog trashes you on your own blog?
    Freedom of speech I guess. Lack of class by a Trog, you bet.

    MM...are you going to give food away for free when it might be in short supply?
    Didn't think so. Hypocrite

  176. I'm watching the dollar also.
    ZH story is the real...Euro 50% of the pie?
    My question is
    Is there any relevant info to be derived from the last time we had these lows, or are we so far away from reality at this point that there's just no way to interpret?

    coloredsky...I'm right there with you...just keep on keepin on. A little bit at a time.
    Scott.. kudos to you...You're the bright future all of us parents hope for

  177. @ Stefan

    Seriously, what is this? Are you a 9/11 Trufer? I've watched half the film and feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone.

  178. I got a survey from APMEX a while ago about my feelings on their ridiculous Christmas ornament specials. I told them that the only promotion that would increase my purchases there was some sort of loyalty program. I usually buy from Gainesville, so I guess I didn't qualify with APMEX, but competition is a good thing and hopefully this starts a trend. I guess I will nudge Gainesville with an email.

    On the other hand, my order with my local friendly dealer, NWT Mint, tells me that I'm still delayed yet another month in early April.

  179. Art,

    You are not wrong, but ethanol would not be profitable even at these oil prices if it were not heavily subsidized by hiding incentives in our corrupt, convoluted tax structure. Just sayin'...

  180. Stephen: Yes. Just wait till you hear what The Wicked Witch has to say.

  181. @oldNavy - I didn't follow up on your last link but just curious if you are a flat tax guy?

  182. HA Kiyotei!

    Thanks for the quote

    I loved your reply to Eric's list earlier, definitely got a gut laugh from it

    oldNavy -- I fly the green and white but was happy to see the Wolverines hoops improving again this year. Some impressive showings throughout the season...used to go to games at Crisler at least twice a year as a kid, plus the Big House, of course

    In order to avoid getting off on a Michigan sports hijacking of this board, which I'm sure we all could go on for 'bout that silver and gold? HA

    I'm so thankful to have found this community, everyone

  183. Stefan, Chin...I'm a U.P. Tigers & Red Wings fan. Watching Fox Sports Detroit right now. Go Tigers!!!

  184. Stephen, you, my friend, have the question of the day:

    "Turd I have a question:Your reference in comments this morning regarding pattern recognition between 3 months ago and now . . . shouldn't we be worried about tomorrow as well as next week since today is the 31st ???"

    Thought crossed my mind too . . . .

  185. CurbYM,

    Nice part of the state ... spent a few mini vactions at the Double JJ north of you ... nice golf course there

  186. SSK: Note my response to Stephen.


  187. I'm a little confused... was there a margin hike today?

  188. DarkPurpleHaze - Marcel hasn't revealed his citizenship. Living in Canada but maybe not Canadian so I'm glad you held back on the slam.


    Back to regular programming. Looks like we won't break 38 before Comex close....I'm hoping we will before NYSX close.

  189. I am not suggesting we are out of the woods by any stretch, but I count at least 6 and as many as 9 clear EE raids over the last 6 trading days in a row (depending on how you look at it and define 'raid', obviously).

    This intensity of effort, and the resulting see-saw battle back and forth, has been rather unnerving and probably contributes to putting people on edge. It has been a trying and strange period.

    I think rthaler has it right- after all that ammunition expended and little to show for it, the EE is tiring and on the ropes. Just my 2cents, but I am hoping for another .75 to 1.25 higher in silver before the close on Friday. And yes, I am invested accordingly. Good trading, friends!

  190. @Chin.. Yeah, I like to call it "the non-dystopian city in Michigan". =)