Friday, May 27, 2011

Charting Friday

It's only 8:30 am EDT and I'm already behind schedule. Gonna be one of those days.

However, all signs point to a very good day in our precious PMs. Here are some charts for you to peruse as we head into the morning.

First up, the POSX. Uh-oh. I'm glad I'm not long this pig right now.
In the words immortal (paraphrased) words of Hootie and The Blowfish, "gold's the one I love the mo-o-ost but crude's not far behind".

Those two sure look similar again, don't they?

And silver is still working hard to repair all of the technical and psychological damage done over the past 4 weeks. However, I think it was last Friday when I told you it would approach 39.50 by late May and it's right on track for that so I guess we shouldn't be too disappointed.
Lastly, I've read in the comments that there is some concern regarding holding positions over the 3-day weekend. Recent pattern on 3-day weekends has been for a rally on the holiday, only to have The Wicked Witch immediately claw back the gains on Tuesday for a net effect of zero. No reason to expect different action this time around. Be not afraid.

Oh, and here's a link to that Hootie song simply because I know it's stick in your head now.

Have a great Friday!!! TF

Lots of talk about "Linda Green" on ZH and in the comments here. If you haven't yet watched this, please take 15 minutes to do so. Really, really disturbing.


  1. U.S. consumer-spending rise is smallest in three months

    As always thank you Turd


  3. @Pailin

    Transferred from previous thread.

    It seems that we just past 2 astro events, and I am seeing gold reacting strongly to them.

    The swing line seems to suggest a swing high around 31 May to be followed by a swing low around the 8-9 Jun region, what do you think ?

  4. Thanks Turd, good to get your outlook for today's action. I think we're heading higher thru the end of the day.

    FWIW, I really messed up on details yesterday:

    -it wasn't options expiry, it was futures. Duh.

    -3 days ago I called 38.70 for today's 3pm Ag price. Yesterday I "upped" it a buck to 39. That was a typo. Man you'd think I'd relay my own call number correctly.

    No hat involved, no reward, just had (and have) a hunch we'll end the week near 39. In line with your call of just under 40 by June. I just figured I'd say it.

    All of us here work hard to bring our best, so I hate it when I pass along inaccuracies or bad data to this fine group of Turdinistas. Apologies to all.

    Having said that, I'm thinking Ag 38.70 looks withing range... We shall see.

    Good luck all and good hunting!

  5. Mister Turd, what are your targets for this new leg up on Gold and Silver, $1630--$44?, and in what time frame?, thanks a lot

  6. I bought one kilo silver yesterday on the dip. Let's go $39.50 next week.

    Hyperinflation is coming which means devaluation of the dollar, Read this on living through a devaluation.

  7. Gold chart looks like viagra has kicked in!

  8. ewc58

    I picked up a bottle of Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar based on your recommendation. How do you take yours? Good for acid reflux, right?

  9. I love gold. Gold is like being snug and cozy in your mother's arms.

    Silver is like holding a tiger by the tail.

  10. booooooooooo, I want to BFTD....

    Wheres ELMO.....?

    PS @Turd, Thanks for the update.. I sent you an email earlier!

  11. The dollar looks like it's been mixing barbiturates and booze again.

  12. @Camp

    Just read the past couple of posts, don't think Mr Turd has the time for hand holding (hint, your a bit optimistic)

  13. May 27 09:55 Michigan Sentiment
    May 27 10:00 Pending Home Sales

  14. Turd,

    Thank you for addressing the three day weekend, definitely a concern of mine. I’m sure what has many of us concerned is that the May day massacre seemed to have been timed to coincide with a time when several countries were on holiday – even though the U.S. was not on holiday. Not as much need for concern since Monday is a U.S. holiday? Hoping someone here can speak to that specifically.

  15. -Gold is the money of kings
    -Silver is the money of gentlemen
    -Barter is the money of peasants
    -Debt is the money of slaves

  16. It's looking like gold needs to break convincingly above 1530 for silver to break up out of its triangle. This could take another hour or two, I reckon.

    I'm still loaded up on a trading position in EXK, margined to the hilt. Premarket looking good for a run at the 50-DMA. I'll probably pull the margin off the table later today, no matter what happens. A big move today necessitates some weakness early next week, plus there's the whole holiday weekend uncertainty thing. Then again, I may just be talking shit. Who knows?

  17. I am with you Eric. Love the Grey Mare, but Gold is and always will be the Precious :)

  18. @Joeka

    Hey Joe what do ya know?

  19. Eric, from the moment I first held a gold coin, I knew it was special. It was almost instinctive for me.

  20. @ Pailin

    good morning. read your thoughts looks good to me.

  21. @atlee
    Thanks. I hate being the silver permabear of late, but I've got to be me.
    In honor of JoeKa...I present the Pailin Icon :)

  22. Good one, atlee -- but the crop on the portrait is a little off, we're missing Oscar's signature monobrow...

  23. @Eric#1,

    Braggs apple cider vinegar is excellent for acid reflux/heartburn-- you can take a tablespoon or so at night either straight or with some water or even apple juice. Try not to let it get near your teeth as it can affect the enamel and rinse mouth out after. ALso you ca find major things about it at EXCELLENT SITE FOR YOU NAME IT HEALTH ISSUES

  24. Having blogger problems today. not updating or letting me post. Even changed my profile pic to Oscar?!

    think I am looking for a short trade scalp this morning above 38 with stop above the 38.80 still thinking.

  25. terri

    Take it at night? It seems so counterintuitive, since overnight is when I have the most problems...

  26. @ CD
    If I get a moment I will change back and correct

  27. +Eric #1,

    Gold is like the Madonna. Silver is my Wild Girl. Man I like having the 2 around!

    OK, ACV for acid reflux: As I told ya, taking it daily has CURED my seriously awful, painful agita. I have not needed to renew my high dose Prevacid scrip in 6 months.

    I take a tablespoon of ACV mixed with about 4 ounces of any non-acidic juice. It works particularly well in V8 if you like that. Do this every day:

    -when you wake up
    -mid morning
    -mid afternoon

    I'd be shocked if it doesn't work for you too. I'd known that models intake lots of ACV b/c it is also a powerful appetite suppressant (btw I've also dropped about 25 pound since taking it).

    But I only learned about the antacid effect last Fall when listening to a Mel Fabergas Veritas Radio show. He mentioned it had worked a miracle for him. I can now say the same.

    Start taking it asap and your issues will be done for. Get some Enerfood and take that daily too.

    Between the 2, I've never felt as good. Haven't been this weight since the early 90's, that's nice too. Blew my doctor away and shut him up real good! Mostly it's great eating anything I want w/o worrying about agita to follow.

  28. Apparently someone hijacked your handle, if it wasn't you...

    atlee said...

    Hey Joe what do ya know?
    May 27, 2011 9:07 AM

    JoeKA changed his avatar to a green Elmo, and suggested Sesame Street anchors for the lot of the (more) serious traders such as yourself, as Shill already had Kermit. (red - Elmo - down day; Kermit, Oscar - green - gain day)

  29. @atlee

    Actually, that's kind of funny... it looks like a lot of photos I've taken... ;-)

  30. @CD erm... if you look at the previous thread, I was the one who suggested green Elmo...

    But I like JoeKa, so I'll let him have it!


    I might just go for.... oh I'm not saying!

  31. Good Morning,

    Todays gonna be a good day ... i just feel it... Sorry Ncot and Joe fell asleep in the chair last night.

    Woke up to a man in a yellow hat FFS

  32. @atlee
    I'm considering the same thing. But throwing a small short up, near close, if we're near 38.50 or so. As a hedge against my core through to Tuesday.

  33. cd
    I was just kidding. it was me.

  34. The board has gone sesame street live! lol

  35. @Dobocop.. no prob, I've woke up to worse in the past!

    ha, word verification : goism - practicing being a non Jew maybe??

  36. I call Swedish Chef!

    I make his sounds every time i cook...

  37. @EWC58 You lost the weight just by taking the apple cider vinegar? Or were you doing something else also?

  38. Now that I finally can post a few comments...

    Eric #1 stopeed bidding up my gold purchases on ebay, how about a truce? leave the Canadian 5 and 5 dollar sovereigns for me and you can have the rest.

    Ginger- you rock keep it up

    Turd- you rock too,

    Oh ya and i promise to not ask any stupid questions, ive followed long enough and read enough that all questions get anwsered eventually.
    so to all those first time posters
    who ask stupid questions, I cant wait to finally be able toanwser you!!!

  39. @ Shill, not sure what you mean...

  40. HMY up .45 from yesterday's close. Sweet. Now we just need to watch NGD get past the $10 bugaboo.

    I'm looking at JAG this morning. Crazy chart, but if it clears 5.45 and holds, I'm in. Also looking at EGO and NG. Hard to buy these chumps back, but it might be there turn to run.

  41. Shill

    I don't know what you are talking about.

  42. @Erik#1--

    We take it only at night because that is when hubbie has issues but yes some take it several times a day and yes as ewc58 said people do lose weight from it if you are consistent. Like I said, if you go to you will end up keeping it permanently bookmarked. I can attest that our family have tried a ton of the cures on that website and many many have worked for us...just my .02. Also, again heed warning about keeping it away from your teeth...we just throw it back and rinse mouth...some use straw.

  43. If anyone actually wants to read up on a actual bubble that is about to burst that being west coast real estate this little bitty is great..

  44. Dobo

    Uh-oh, I just added a bunch of Sovereigns to my watch list for the weekend! But I have to be really cheap on my bids. Credit card is about maxed out right now, so I'm only buying if they are seriously giving it away. I'm thinking I won't be much of a threat this weekend. :D

  45. @atlee and pailin
    Why are you guys fighting this move? Is this your normal trading style? I wasn't reading comments before the great fleecing of 2011. These charts look great to me.

    I'm assuming you saw my olive branch (and sincere) compliment

  46. todays chart is brought to you by the number 38, the letter S and the color Green!

  47. You kids and your Gold and Silver. LOL!

    1 -1oz Gold coins, 2 - 1oz Silver coins Ha ha ha ha

    Gold looks awesome here, and my SLV calls...Booya!

  48. terri/ewc

    I just knocked back my first teaspoon of ACV in a glass of water.

    OOOhhh, this is going to take some getting used to! But I've tried a lot of nasty concoctions over the years, so I'm determined to give a good effort here.

  49. @Erik#1-

    My hubbie used to make fun of me for suggesting some weird thing for whatever ailed him or our kids...something I almost always discovered at earthclinic and now he just looks at me when he has an issue including gall stones (by the way incredible) and says "time for my wife's voodoo" I am not into voodoo AT ALL...this site is purely about using God's natural remedies.

  50. @Level
    OK I am just wary that again I will say peace bro and then you will go back to being obtuse.
    But OK I try once more. Thanks and good morning.

  51. Looks like Madonna is headed for heaven!

  52. That old Great Panther is strong out of the gate.

  53. Bought in on some TBT yesterday..looks great, will take profits around 10, unless she keeps chugging forward.

  54. terri

    Just the reverse at our house. When my wife has an issue, she asks me what to take for it.

  55. @Atlee
    I'm usually accused of being acute. Thoughts on my question?

  56. sorry traders I will keep health talk to bear the way, THANKS GUYS for really making an effort to direct us to learning sites and also the play by plays of the particular trades... as someone else here spoke of Turd being the sensei master, all of you guys guiding us are senseis. WE APPRECIATE THAT!!

  57. does anyone know how, on netdania or in general, to make daily studies no get all borked when changing time scale? thanks...

    oh, and 'mornin all... :)

  58. @Shill

    I think you are just seeing things...

  59. @ Eric #1

    Dr. Richard Shultze's, (an herbalist guy) recipe for the Dark Ages Plague and whatever else ails you. Benefits include higher energy levels, enhanced immune function, better circulation, removes plaque in arteries, etc. I have used this formula for several months and love it. You will too if you like “heat” in your food. Even if you don't it will grow on you (start with a few drops and work your way up to ¼ cup or so daily).

    1 qt Bragg's Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
    1 handful of peeled garlic cloves
    1 handful of white onions, coarsely chopped
    1 handful of peeled, fresh ginger root (less if you don't care for ginger)
    1 handful of horseradish (optional)
    1 handful of the hottest hot peppers you can find (Hhabanero, Serrano, Cayenne, etc)

    Pour the qt of vinegar into the blender. Add all the rest and blend well. Put this mash in to a stainless steel container and let it sit 24 hrs. Strain the pulp out and store the “salad dressing” juice in the Bragg's Vinegar bottle. Use it on salads, cole-slaw, stir-fry, baked potatoes, goulash etc.

  60. @Atlee
    I'm not sure if I caused the last dust up or you did but we're both on the same team. Just looking to make some money, prepare for the future, and punch TPTB in the nuts along the way.

  61. If NGD keeps it above 10, there's not much in the way of 10.50 and a big upside gap to fill. 11 would be the upper end of the channel. I like this set-up a lot.

  62. ok guys I am freaking out...I want to stack more but am I safe to assume that I should maybe wait till hopefully summer doldrums to buy? Also, need best suggestions for gold/low premium. Not a numismatic here.


    Pending home sales slump 11.6% in April

    Pending home sales slump 11.6% in April

    March pending home sales revised lower

    Housing is Nill

  64. Bollinger Band question:
    I use the (20,2)BB which is the default on OptionsXpress. It is showing 1550 as the top of the Band.

    I watched the Ira Epstein clip that someone posted yesterday and his BB had a top of I think 1536 yesterday so I'm guessing 1533 today. He also uses the 18 day MA, which I never use and don't see much value in. 8, 10, 13, 15, 20 yes. 18 no.

    Anyway, anyone use BBs other than the default (20,2)?

  65. NIkki

    I'm a huge garlic fan. I've heard of that garlic/vinegar Black Plague thing before. Interesting stuff. Thx

    That concoction looks like it falls into the category of "whatever doesn't kill us makes us stronger" LOL :)

  66. @SSK - was just thinking the same re: NGD. On the daily chart, estabilish a base at the 25 day MA and the next target is 50 day MA.

  67. Sold TBT nice $300 gain minus commission..On to the next victim.

  68. @Roberto, no but it has been a huge contributor. As I said, ACV really tones down hunger. Not only do I get less hungry less often, I eat less when I do. I get "full" in like 1/2 the amount of food. Amazing. Ya can't gain what ya don't eat! Eat less, lose weight has been my experience :-)

    Forgot to mention that the agita thing is just an offshoot of a much, much important health benefit: ACV excels at de-acidifying one's ph level. This is critical. Most Americans are way into the acid side of the ph spectrum. High acid ph is a disease breeding zone.

    Via test strips, I know that I'm now well into the alkaline side. This is no doubt why I feel so good now. My entire system has been de-acidified. The heartburn relief just comes in tow.

    My move to Superfoods has been the biggest factor. I did it to get real nutrition (especially phyto-nutrients which were sorely lacking in my prior "diet"), while reducing my intake of other foods. Enerfood also alkalizes, as do many superfoods and greenfood supplements.

    Do these things and your overall level of health will increase. Period. It's that simple. Turns out that great outcomes like weight loss and agita relief are just a couple of really nice side effects of doing a few key things "right" for your health. You MUST also get LOTS of fiber. For that, just get this. Great product!

    Not to alarm, but another benefit of getting Spirulina and Chlorella into one's daily diet is their ability to chelate bad stuff & metals from your system. With the unknowns about Fukushima's impact ongoing, you want to do things that prevent any toxin from building up. That is KEY. You'll also want to fill up your thyroid with good iodine so Iodine 131 can't accumulate there. The best and safest source is seaweed/kelp based. Here's what I use daily and I strongly recommend that anyone reading this order it and begin taking it immediately. This is a completely natural iodine source, just take as directed, with food:

    Happy to help if anyone has any q's

  69. terri there is a seller on ebay that lists 10-20 1oz american eagles everyday at $40-50 over spot. If you get ebay bucks and use mrrebates you can purchase these coins UNDER SPOT at the time. The catch is that it is a pre-sale and you have to wait about 2 months for delivery. Other than that Gainesville Coin is selling 1oz gold maples for about 2% over spot. Of course people who buy bullion more often than me will have better prices. I have a local coin dealer that sells at spot but that doesn't help you.

  70. @ Terri

    First thing you should do is not freak out. We are a product of wild times (of which we as individuals are not in control of), and having your emotion clog your better judgement will not help in any constructive manner towards achieving inner peace/comfort.

    As for summer dulldrums, you have to decide for yourself. Whatever you decide, make sure it is your decision, you know why you did it, and be prepared for anything.

    Lotta people are giving summer dulldrum and 08 crash a lot of credence these days... and I am not so convinced that this will occur. We will either have

    1) Summer Dulldrum as Turd has mentioned
    2) Bull market into the end of the keynesian experiment. When I say this... understand that it is up to each self to know/guess how far along we are in this process. Personally, I think that the Federal Reserve Note will be "as good as dead" in late 2012, as a result of inflationary practices to extend and pretend while the population becomes even more dependent on the system to live (think about the people who will be dependent on the gov for food...).

    What it comes down to... what makes you most comfortable. If you have not secured any physical and you are intending to, I would definitely recommend to at least start cost averaging (pick some spots to start accumulating) in case we really are at the end of the dollar (and Euro, Yen) cycle.

  71. terri

    Seems like the best advice I keep hearing on stacking is just keep buying on a regular basis. Sometimes it's higher, sometimes it's lower. Average in.

    Seems like super low premiums available on Mexican 50 Pesos right now, if you can swing a coin that big all in one shot. Shop around and/or be disciplined on eBay, you can get them for less than 2% over melt.

    If you are really buying in size, it seems Tulving is always cheapest.

  72. I should say people who buy more often than me may know of better prices, not necessarily will.

  73. @HJ

    Sorry missed your post earlier. With that resume of reading I am sure you didn't need my comments to those links. I have been doing the same for the last 2 or so years. I do like the investment process of Smartknowledgeu though. His premise starts with manipulation and then moves on to TA. I also don't day trade but am fascinated by the intelligence of so many professional traders on this blog. Even more so because of their apparent good hearted ways they treat everybody with their sharing of experience. I have never participated in any blog before. That said, big shout out to all the veterans, Atlee,Shill,Jo Ka, Eric#1, Pailin, Kiwi and all the rest. Your knowledge and humor is appreciated.

  74. @level

    ma 18 i've seen used alot by metals traders and commodities traders. i'm using BB 18/2

    btw atlee posted the clip and that guy knows his crap (atlee and ira actually)

    looks like we r running out of sesame characters.....!

  75. It goes without saying, thanks to the the Turd for making this all possible.

  76. With Gold showing such strengths, those silver jitters seem futile.

    the rest of the commodity today...also appears normal.

  77. Looking forward to the chatroom on the new site, gonna make conversation flow even better


    @NCOT: good artists copy, greater artists steal, even greater artists photoshop

    @atlee: you're killing me bro. just killing me. LMFAO

    @Eric: I just came from dinner at a fabulous Punjabi North Indian restaurant. Killer food. But damn, something in that dhal is giving me gingery farts. Ginger!

    @Shill: Sesame Street Live! Of course. All we have to do is follow Turd's advice and eat our Yak and Yogurt.

    Simple as A B C.
    Brought to you by the number 7.
    Because I like 7.

    P.S. Ahhh...I see a symbolic change of the honor guard in my near horizon. T'was a good day, though I got stopped out earlier. But I'm happy for some fiat at least these two weeks.

    word ver: SINGA (pore)!!!

  79. @sp, no one has used the holy grail - Big Bird! maybe Turd should have it...

  80. Physical question:
    Are there any valid concerns about "salted" coins/bars?
    As I recall there was considerable concern about some Engelhard 100oz silver bars having a lead center back in 2000 when silver was $5/oz. No mention when it's $40/oz (not sure that makes sense but whatever).

    Is the US mint more trustworthy than Canada, South Af, china, etc? Are they all 100% trustworthy? Are old gold coins like 50 Pesos and Soverigns more or less trustworthy than newly minted coins?

  81. @JoeKa, the sad thing is that last night, on my phone no less, I downloaded an Elmo pic and tinted it on the iPhone but couldn't upload it to my profile from the phone!!

    When I got up this morning, I thought, "nahhh, thats silly" ...... the rest is recent history!

  82. @SP
    Thanks, I'll give 18MA and BB(18,2) a look. Thanks to Atlee for the clip.

  83. Pailin, Eric, Level...we've gone FULL SESAME retard.
    Gotta love it.

  84. thanks guys for your suggestions...I was quite happy that I purchased 3 kruggarands for spot a week ago $1500/each...but I agree cost averaging is best...something I have not done because I am always trying to catch knives. OC15, can you give me a hint about ebay seller name...I tried searching last week when you mentioned it but to no avail. If I am trying to go low premium should I be sticking with 50 pesos, kruggarand, anything else??


    It all makes sense now.
    I long for the day when things were just...simple.
    Somewhere along the way, we all just got sophisticated.
    And so did our problems.

  86. @ewc58

    Great to see other like minded people here - (not just the AG/AU.)

  87. @ewc58
    Thanks for the ACV post. Just googled. Think I will try for appetite suppression. I am too big fan of eating.

  88. Ok, building WTI position after housing number. About 100.50 now and looking for more lower. MENA looks good for unrest and technicals are good.

    Dr. C all gone now. Will reassess next week.

    Buying and selling gold nimbly; need to do some work on whether to take it home tonight.

    Taking home July Corn, but have a nice buffer of house money now.


  89. And why 7 is the number of the day you may ask?
    Well maybe you aren't but I sure am gonna tells ya.
    Because of the Alligator King and his seven sons.

    Pay attention to what happens at the end.
    There is a nice lesson in there about how I feel we should be relating to each other in a community blog such as this.

    The Alligator King

  90. anyone have the pomo schedule for today?

    btw had to sell gold options at 1535, think we got a little bit overstretched there. hope to get back in at some point today

  91. RE: vinegar

    I never knew it was good for acid reflux (seems counterintuitive since it is an acid) but glad to learn that!

    Vinegar is a very useful substance which has been somewhat forgotten about in recent years. Not only a healthy food supplement, but an effective cleanser and mild disinfectant. Good for cleaning your pet's food and water bowls and put a teaspoonful in their water every now and then as well.

    Also a major ingredient in ketchup and bloody mary mix (my favorite ways to get it).

    In Navy lore it was customary to use ketchup or some other tomato and vinegar substance to shine the ship's bell, thus the task became the traditional responsibility of the cook.

  92. Whoa! Bullish action in the PM's aside, I was looking at some mining stock charts this morning, and some have a look that is alarming.

    Take a look at this Goldcorp chart, noting the declining volume over the past week as it looks to be forming a bear flag that is the right shoulder of a 5 month H&S pattern...

    I suggest studying the individual charts on any miners you might be thinking of picking up carefully before pulling the trigger.

    Just looking at the chart and nothing else GG actually looks like a short here, even though that runs against my grain.

  93. terri

    Austrian 100 Coronas go pretty cheap too, I think.

    OH, and yes check out for a whole 'nother level of kickbacks, on top of Ebay Bucks and whatever you are getting on your credit card. I'm sad I bought the vast majority of my gold already before I heard about mrrebates. Havent' really signed up there yet because I think I'm about done anyway. But if I was just starting out stacking I would definitely investigate that.

  94. Yoni, I see it like real money and real nutrition go together. We all do enough of this, America will find the strength to recover and move forward again.

    My mission in the second half of life is to flee the Phony and embrace the Real. These 2 areas jumped of the page. Gotta stop consuming the poison all around us, in all its various shapes and forms.

    They're all products of a great deception, illusions that I no longer want any part of. We do have choices, we just need to exercise them.

  95. @sp -

  96. JoeKa - You certainly do set a high benchmark in the Golden Rule department. Thanks for the inspiration man! Cute video.

  97. @JoeKa

    "Alligator King" LOL

    Thanks, pal, that may be a candidate for POD (post of the day)!

  98. @J2

    Technical Patterns, especially H&S, especially in these capped (manipulated) major stocks, need confirmation before declaring doom. Gold is breaking out to all time highs and you are thinking that one of the lowest producing cost of gold, best managed (Rob McEwen), well known/traded gold company will fall victim to a technical pattern (which isn't that well defined)? It is possible, but what about the fact that failed technical patterns often lead to new highs? Wouldn't want to be on the short side when this guy breaks out...

  99. Level
    I haven't seen any silver or gold up close that I was concerned about, other than a pair of fake gold coins that my coin shop guy keeps in his case on purpose just to show people what they look like.

    I feel like I protect myself somewhat by sticking with older, circulated coins. I'm fine if they are a bit on the grungy looking side (within reason). On eBay I shy away from anything that looks too nice, too perfect, too shiny.

  100. tip for options traders

    fridays b4 3 day wknd are subject to significant theta decay particularly starting around noon. i'm mainly talking about near-month (june) options. so if ur goal is to be involved in the wknd move, u r best off buying options at 355pm or so.

    ideally though u r not near month anyways

  101. oldNavy,

    Bang on, it's been used for centuries. Heck, it was one of the reasons ancient Rome had such a high level of overall health, they knew all about it.

    One important thing: to get the health benefits discussed above, it MUST be organic ACV. Bragg is the most well known but not the only brand. It's about 3x as expensive as standard ACV but still cheap, especially for what it does

    The other stuff is good for cooking and all other uses, but doesn't deliver the goods due to processing.

  102. Dr Jerome ... are you around right now?

  103. @upto

    thx a bunch

    been looking for that link for a while! had it bookmarked on my old dead computer...

  104. ScottJ

    FYI, McEwen is not at GG anymore. He founded the company and guided it to greatness, but was chased out by the Board several years ago. That's when he went and started UXG, Minera, etc.

  105. "GFMS said China's investment demand for gold could hit 300 tonnes this year, up from 200 tonnes in 2009. Investment demand for silver stood at around 260 million tonnes in 2010."


  106. This comment has been removed by the author.

  107. oldNavy

    I run a nonprofit animal rescue I'm curious if you have any links bookmarked regarding the health benefits to animals (re vinegar) This is interesting.

  108. Turd, nice calls this week.

    Still going to keep much of my powder dry until next week though. I have a feeling the banksters might be forced to bring out the hatchets again (like we say yesterday) before next Tuesday. If they really wanted to mess with everyone's heads they could knock silver back down to < $36 in short order as everyone heads into the long wknd. Gold's bounce off 1515 seemed too quick for my liking and the idea that it rallies from here to 1550 or higher in a straight line (over the course of just a few days) makes me nervous.

  109. @ Eric

    Touche, thanks for the update.

  110. We just saw Ag 38. .70 to go to hit my target...

    We'll no doubt see the lunchtime raid, what I'm hoping for is a nice move up after 1:30.

  111. @Eric#1
    Thanks a bunch.

    Anyone else? Certainly no good in accumulating physical if what you get is fake. Any conerns anyones heard of? Tips for checking authenticity (short of biting the coin, I don't want to see that shot gun come from under the counter towards me)?

  112. ewc58,

    I could be wrong, but I don't think you're going to find anything real inside a pill.

    Real food contains phytonutrients. Why not plant a garden? At least shop the produce section of you local supermarket.

  113. Here's some miner talk. A breakdown of recent Sprott filings.

  114. @oldNavy

    I use 1/4 cup 9% Vinegar per gallon of water to mop my floors (all tile). Once in a while add an ounce of orange oil. This protects the sealant that was applied to my tiles. Detergents eat it away over time. when finished mopping, don't toss it on your yard or you'll damage your grass. Strong Vinegar and orange oil (minus the water) is a very effective weed killer.

  115. @D.E.
    I'm taking home some July corn too, with some house money for a cushion. I think the risk is to the topside.

  116. Level

    Oh, and I also would be totally comfortable with any of the government mint products, purchased from a reputable dealer. It's just not my favorite area that's all. I like that old historical stuff. Stuff that I can hold in my hand and not worry about smudging it.

  117. @Art: whats a good buy point on JUL Corn? I'm looking at the chart now and am thinkin of throwin in a bid.

  118. Scottj, eric #1, didya see this from Rob?

    Rob McEwen - Once $3,000 Falls Gold will Launch Like a Rocket

    Oh, and here's nice one for all my fellow silverfoil hat wearers out there. Tell me about it SteveO!

    Stephen Leeb - Silver Should Be $150 Today

  119. @J2,
    Goldcorp has been in my core for 20 years.
    Last time added was 2008 lows. I'm staying with
    this one.

  120. Level

    sorry, I wouldn't buy squat from China tho. No trust level there. US, Canada, Austria, Australia, Mexico, South Africa, etc. all good.

  121. looks like they're dragging the Greek situation out as per their playbook...

    each side says they won't cave in, ECB toughen their stance, Greek politicians meet today, apparently not close to any agreement...

    so they'll drag this out until mid-late June, but the politicians will very likely agree, and Greece will be 'saved' until the next bailout by the ECB.

    Rinse & repeat no?

  122. New KWN audio interviews w/ Celente AND Embry are available.

    Real nice Friday, metals up, some miners up, our friends checking in with updates...

  123. Latest Downney Intra-day report:


    This mornings high prices was a change as metals keep the upside all thru the night even into the reports. The gold market might be smelling QE3 ------as the US economy ---- looks to be in trouble.

    This weeks price action stayed within the 50% and 61% retrace range all week long. The only exception was the pullback low on Thursday near 1515 (see red arrow furthest to the right). But even then --- price supported right on the Fan lines. Today's push to 1534 is right on the 61% retrace number. ANY CLOSE ABOVE THIS AREA should lead to a swift move towards the 1445-1455 area where the 78% retrace and fan lines are on the chart below.

    Resistance is 1536-1538 for the remainder of the day --- and then 1544-1552 on any push higher from here. Support is the 1519-1523 area. A CLOSE ABOVE 1533 WOULD SUGGEST one more push higher next week before the short term strong trends revert back to the weaker cycles.

    In summary --- price is within the 50 and 61% retrace at 1520-1533 --- any close above 1533 favors higher into next week. There is now minor support today at 1526 also going into the close. As long as we close above 1515 ----the trend remains up.


    While the July silver contract remains well below the prior session's highs in the early Friday US trade action, the bull's are happy with the overall price action this week. In fact, the silver market at times yesterday, was trading as much as $4.50 above this week's initial lows. At least in the early action today, weakness in the Dollar and generally positive price action within the metals complex gives the bulls in silver early confidence. Silver did seem to weaken initially in the wake of soft US data yesterday, but eventually the fear of slowing seemed to foster gains in silver prices because the data undermined the Greenback. In other words, silver is to a degree not discounting its industrial demand focus and the trade seems to be tracking off of safe haven or move to quality factors. With a long weekend ahead, we were surprised to see high prices this morning rather than later in the day. As of this updte reports have not affected silver.
    Some traders are expecting to see technical short covering of silver today, but we should see a big wind down after the Europe close. VOLUME will be light --- so while raids are possible --- there should be low activity this afternoon.

    This weeks silver range was in the 23% and 38% retrace levels. The peak at 38.88 was within 20 cents of the 38% level ---and even the big Thursday drop to 36.30 was a pullback to the 23% retrace. The ARROWS on the chart shows the upcoming RESISTANCE POINTS for silver on the short term. It looks like 39.00-39.20 is the next area where the 38% and the FAN line crosses and the upper dotted trend line where the 50% retrace is at the 41.06 area. In summary --- as long as price remains above yesterday's' lows on a closing basis --- the trend is up. A CLOSE ABOVE 38 today would add to the bullish outlook. Short term trend changes are due week 1 june ---- we'll cover it on the website updates.

    Volume will be very thin after Europe closes ----- hopefully there will be no raids ---- but it sure would be a good time for the boys to try a takedown.

  124. Just sold my HMY purchased yesterday at 13.02 for 13.59. Now that was easy money. Still holding several thousand shares.

    NGD is slowly but surely cracking 10.10. Next up, 10.50.

    What are people buying now? I need some ideas/set-ups.

  125. Whew! I been busy last night and today. Some blog fatigue setting in. Time to take a break, mow the lawn, etc.

    Pondering whether to buy some DUST sometime today to hedge my miners over this scary weekend.

  126. @eric#1,

    Thanks for that mining ideas link. I see Sprott trimmed his stake in one you have touted here. Claude Resources.

    Also was interesting to me to see him adding to Yamana. AUY was one of my holdings pre 2008 crash. I ditched it due to chronic under performance. Maybe time for another look?

  127. @OldNavy
    Thanks for the suggestion - Googled it, found lots of info.
    No need to reply / post links. Appreciate the lead sir!

  128. Lazy, you are wrong there.

    Most of these items aren't in pill form. You mix them with water or juices and drink them. Powdered form means high and immediate absorbtion too. Way higher than pills. Read the ingredients of Enerfood, Green Max, or any other quality, 100% organic product. The list of the good things in there is staggering.

    You are right in thinking about fresh greens, they definitely need to be part of the overall solution. Thing is, one would be busy eating them day and night to get the variety and the concentrations of nutrients one gets with these supplements. And I know I can't grow many of the key items like Spirulina and Chlorella myself, nor get them at the organic Farmers Market.

    Hope that helps mate.

  129. I'm not thinking of shorting Goldcorp, or suggest anyone bail out on it. I know it is a quality company that pays a dividend. Just commenting on the appearance of the chart

    In these manipulated markets, the under performance of the mining sector has defied logic for the past few years, so anything is possible with it. Even if that H&S confirms and completes, the target is only down to about $38 - $40. I don't think it will happen unless the EE gets lucky, but I would be a buyer if it did.

  130. The Ubika Gold 50 - An Index of promising junior gold exploration companies: weekly performance report issued

  131. SSK,

    I've been touting South American (Silver SAC.TO/SOHAF) I like it as a buy and hold.

    Volume and volatility on the TSX are sufficient for you to be able to use for a trade if that's what you want. I don't follow it on the OTC in US, so can't comment there.

  132. SSK:
    Take a look at Gammon Gold GRS.

  133. Art,
    Thanks for all the commentary you post here on the ag markets. You've probably forgotten more than I'll ever learn about them, but with world demand as it is, and the weather as wierd as it has been this year, there is bound to be some wild swings to play.

    Also interested in relationship between corn markets and cattle markets. Not playing in futures here, but just bought first Scottish Highland steer to raise on grass and hormone free. Who knows, maybe a herd (or a fold, as they say) in the making.

  134. @Shill

    I was trading TBT a lot a week ago, but took a loss on my last long pos. and started to buy UBT instead, it's been brilliant.

    I was buying at 83.52 and selling at 84.42 for a few days, now I try to buy at 84.10 and sell at 84.99

    One of these days I will go back to buying TBT on the dip, but I think the economy sucks, so lower rates are here to stay for at least a few weeks more, lol.

  135. ewc, yes it does help.

    Supplements just aren't for me, glad they've helped you though.

  136. D E,

    Props to you on the acquisition of Highland Cattle! They will provide some fine textured, tasty meat raised on grass.

  137. Oh damn, time flyes by so fast. My trading windows closed so i'm stuck with paper through the weekend. I feel confident about an upswing though :)

  138. humahuaca, agreed my firend. It was a small position and a gamble that put a little back in :) grab it while one can.

  139. Anyone pay attention to the 'commodity currencies' AUD and CAD?

    I follow commodities more as a guage of how to play CAD usually. I don't have a good feel for the commodities themselves. Obviously you need a much bigger position in the currency than you do in commodities, but there are leveraged plays as well.

    Anyway, what has me wondering is that CAD, after roaring up non stop for 3 years, from about 88 cents to 1.05, has now started to fall, and even with th POSX getting crushed, and with rumours the BoC might raise rates next week, CAD barley moved up.

    That's great for me, as I am still well short CAD, but it makes me wonder if the commodities trade is waning?

    Just a thought. It could just be that CAD moved so far, so fast, it needs a correction.

  140. @Tesla

    Just saw your posts. Glad to be of help!

  141. Lazy and zzz28,

    THanks for the leads. I'll give them a look over.

    I'm too quick to sell, I think. Missed today's CDE pop after selling yesterday. Ditto for RVM.

  142. @JoeKa,
    From Tuesday post:
    "Todays 7.31 trade is right at the first fib retracement off the last rally(6.59 to 7.75). This should hold, but if it doesn't, 7.17 is the 50% retracement, and would be the next downside target."

    I got long again at 7.34. Not sure we see that again today. Target looks to be the 7.75-7.80 recent high, with $8 likely before long.

    You just don't know what the weather forecast will do over the 3 day weekend.

  143. I lost patience. Closed at 38.10 Bought at 37.00
    I'm scared of Monday morning.

  144. humahuaca

    CAD on its way 1.10, just resting right now. Usually tracks WTI.

  145. @Shill

    I just sold my UBT at 84.92, $400 gain so beat ya!

    I might take a small flyer long TBT here, but probably just wait and see if I can't get UBT back closer to 84.

    Try it Shill, it's a lot easier than silver, lol.

  146. @NCOT: just thought of another Trading Rule for my personal Golden Rule List. So this would be #11...but only after some mastery of #5-#10.

    #11: There is no LAST trade. There is only the NEXT trade.

    Feel like I'm giving birth to a new trading baby. I appoint atlee and Pailin as NCOT's godpapa's.

    Ok I hear the sound of trumpets.
    Change of honor guard.

    I wish everyone a happy Memorial Day break.
    For the Brits, er...I wish you...fabulous Duchess Catherine Day!?

    'night fellas.

  147. Thanks Art. Goodnight buddy.

  148. @Eric#1 .

    sorry, I wouldn't buy squat from China tho. No trust level there. US, Canada, Austria, Australia, Mexico, South Africa, etc. all good.


    No need to bite a coin - a cheap pair of Digital Calipers and Gram scale from Harbor Freight and you can google the dimensions ( thickness and diameter)
    of most gold and silver in circulation.

    Re: China - the problem is that China is not stupid they will counterfeit the most popular and reputable (ASE, Maples, etc.. they are even counterfeiting old Morgan Silver dollars and acid bath and they look worn - to make people think that they are legit old coins.

    China can and probably will one day release counterfeit 100 & 50 oz bars that meet spec, using a antimony/ tin/ lead alloy - that everything will pass muster - but unless you are going to melt it down you will likely never know or care.

    The safest silver is US Junk silver pre-64 up to half dollars(90% ) and 40% US minted coins. The exception is the Peace and Morgan dollars. It also has the lowest premium other than CAD silver coins.

    Look at the Premium on Fractional Gold - give it time the Premium will be on Frac Silver. Silver at $150 and a 1964 dime will cost you $20.(with prem).

    Just watch out for anything on ebay that is 100mil silver on it. ( but don't buy any silver on ebay from sellers in China). Use commonsense on e-bay - to good to be true or to good of probably is.

  149. So... who thinks Ag will go higher today, or are we now just drifting down into the weekend?

    Pailin, atlee?

  150. Silver pinned down pretty good here, but can't help thinking this is going to be scary when major resistance at $38 gives way.

  151. @LazyL

    Thanks, 1.10 has long been my target too. I was well long CAD up to 1.04, and only started to short around 1.0350.

    I feel very queasy short CAD, for sure. I have closed half my position, but it's still a big position.

    I just hate to cover it all here if we are going to get a correction to par, it's a high 5 figure difference to me.

  152. Anyone thinking about puts on Gold right now, remember EE always caps at 1%

  153. WoW

    An amazing 5 green days this week (assuming the best for this afternoon.)

    I just sold half of my holdiings; I can buy back next Thursday if they are lower or just wait until the do get lower.


  154. Thanks JoeKa.. I believe I already practice that rule!

    Have a good one, our spread betting co's still run on the holidays so my money can still be lost, won or protected!

    Thanks again mate :)

  155. @ Joeka
    goodnioght buddy

    @ Old navy

    Just drifting. I been sitting here thinking real hard. I think if I could get a selloff this afternoon, doesnt have to be too deep but something, I would probably take a small long position home. Be sure that is nothing that can really hurt. Only the far east is open Monday and they might take this through 39. If it gets knocked down again on Tuesday, so what?

  156. Just listened to Gerald Celante on a KWN podcast someone put up. Thanks.

    Love the guy's passion. Even if only half of the chaos of societal breakdown he predicts comes about, it'll be rough.

    I do agree with a lot of what he says when he talks about a false flag terror event occurring as soon as this summer. Congress has renewed the Patriot Act and the EE will need an event of some sort to quell the restless masses as more and more see through the facade and their efforts to prop up a dying monetary system. Also, it'll be the perfect excuse to continue QE as a staged event will hammer markets worldwide.

  157. @DE,
    Thanks. Just trying to give back more than I take. I don't know anything about cattle, but good for you on the steer.

    I understand cattle guys still have a margin at 7.80 corn. So who cuts back on usage? Prob exports or ethanol.

  158. @ Art

    good stuff buddy. Keep up the grain commentary. I enjoy and appreciate your thoughts.

  159. @Yoni

    Thanks for the reply. Solid stuff.

  160. I'm afraid you're exactly right, bbdgoco. On each count you mention. Celente's no fool, he's from upstate NY. Me too. They don't call it the Empire State for nothing.

    Love your avatar. Makes my day.

    Was too optimistic in my projection for 40 - but keep stacking 'cause "the trend is your friend..."

    Ol' Michael

  161. While Gold is pushed up to 1537, Silver is suppressed at i seeing things....

  162. Sigh... (Mini?)Raid on.

  163. Gold trumps silver once again. Will silver make it through the COMEX close still green?

  164. looks like monkeys are desperate today

  165. lets see if we can get 3 waves down and buy there.

  166. silver is getting hit now...

  167. Sold some because we were at the top of the (18,2)BB. Giving Ira some love. Pullback a little for daddy.

  168. FUBM coming shortly when the EE stops making silver cheaper for everyone.


  169. @SSK, got over an hour til comex close, plenty of time to go back up to 38....

    there, bouncing already!

    I make 37.50 to low for that raid!

  170. @Eric#Y

    JFYI, UGL hasn't been tracking Au at 2x very well; more like 1.5 or so.



  171. 37.40 was botton of recent channel so that was good spot for bounce. see if it holds. I am thinking this is just mini stuff and a good buy is 37

  172. lets see if it goes to 37.50 again...

  173. @ atlee... sorry my bad 37.40 it is

  174. Hmm...if they're doing this now, I would not be surprised to see a attack over the three day weekend....

  175. Low volume, who can resist. Imagine what happens if Gold got weak too for no reason.
    That's right...blood all over the dance floor...again.
    Stay safe all.

  176. Hey there Clint :-)

    I put up Celente. As a fellow 50+ year old Italian American from da Bronx, I feel like he's my long lost older brother.

    Wish I worked for the guy. I'm going to call him and see if he wants to go shooting with me.
    We both love handguns, and love being liscensed gun owners in the Peoples Republic of New York.

    Very important that as many of us as possible continue to exercise our 2nd Amendment rights.
    While they still exist. Afterall, the 4th is already gone. Along with Habeus Corpus, the heart of the Magna Carta. The trend is not good and Big Sis sounds just plain Nuts.

    Get 'em. Get plenty of ammo. Seal 'em. Bury them for when needed. Cause it sure looks like we're gonna need 'em.

    "Tis better to have and not need, than to need and not have"

    Nowhere is this more true than with:

    Guns & Ammo

    Gonna trust this "admin" to get things right? I didn't think so. Get busy, 2011 only gets crazier from here.

  177. Tesla - Bragg's ACV is very good for animals. Her book has a lot about how to use it. What you are getting from ACV is potassium. Our soil is depleted of potassium so none in our daily food intake. Bananas you say? One teaspoon of ACV has the potassium of 8 bananas. Horses chew their stalls trying to get the potassium salts in the wood. Get her book.

    Erick#1 - The recipe for this is on the bottle or the cover of her book one. Take a gallon of hot water and mix in some raw honey. Dissolve the honey. Add ACV to taste. Put in the refer and use that as your drinking water supply. After a while you will not bother with the honey anymore. You will grow to like the taste. Remember it is just bad cider after all. Great for cramps. Also use as a salad dressing with olive oil. Marinade for pork.

  178. screw it, i am shorting the euro here. Not a big position, just buying some EUO at 17.42.

  179. @atlee & other daily chart/tech navigators:

    Appreciate all of your insights...they've been very helpful in navigating these choppy waters! Are there levels you see as potential entry points today? (I'm long July40 calls, but have a bunch of FRN grunts that missed the boat at $34.)
    Thanks to the whole community - you've been a tremendous resource since I found the Turd 4 months ago. Found him right when he released his now-deleted (?) personal video and could tell that I'd found a guy who knew his crap. Have been a daily dingle-berry ever since.



    PS - Anyone know why Google is screwing-up postings....and how to fix? (Some of question may be answered by the time I get this to post!)

  180. Been doing other stuff, but just saw the blood on the chart. Waiting to buy at 37, maybe lower based on strength of move. I'll only buy if it feels like a flip to get back out of by day's end. 37.6 is a tease only for folks that don't read this blog.

    CME played with margins last night, but not gold/silver. Maybe today/tonight/Tuesday for us? That would provide some nice cover for a deeper dip. Pay me no mind...I may just be reading too many spy novels :)

  181. @JNG, I think 2 things, so far.. this isnt much of a fall compared to daily drops and rises and especially as there hasnt been much of a drop today all day.

    2. depending on how much it drops now, might give cause for concern (or not) how much it will drop over the holiday..

    Does anyone think we'll really see as much as a 10% drop again?

  182. HUx

    Yes, this could be a problem. But I'm not so sure DXD gets the full 2X either, so maybe the theory on the pair trade may still be ok.

    Do you think maybe the 1x approach might track more accurately? GLD+DOG?

  183. @JNG
    This looks normal to me so far. If we take another big leg down below 37 I would call it mainpulation.

    Gold is only $2.50 off the lid after all. I'm looking to buy this dip, I hope we get a bit more.

  184. I'm being patient!

    low 37's then I might open a small long depending on the speed its moving.. otherwise I'll buy at 37 or below.

    If it goes as low as 37 or under, cant see us finishing green let alone above 38...